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    I knew it would happenYep, I love Hank again This time, he was sweet, loving and so patient with Roxie, I have no idea what I was thinking the last time I listened Loved all the good bits, cried in all the bad bits.Great to catch up with my Rock Chick family.and I saw Luke Time for another trip around the block with the Rock ChicksI feel kind of let down with this re read listen of Hank and Roxie s story To be honest, it was Hank that left me dissatisfied I feel like we don t really get to know him He s always off at work fighting bad guys or telling Roxie off Now, take this with a grain of salt The last time I read this one, Hank was the light of my life and his dedication and devotion had me swooning.Do you know what I think the problem is I m having Luke Stark withdrawals Getting a little glimpse of him, when he s gruff, hot, smart, hot, bossy, hot and funnyand HOT, just makes me want to skip the next block and head straight to Revenge I may also be willing to head straight to Revenge because I don t want to see Luke meet with Renegade.Re reads listenings of the Rock Chicks is serious work You have to be with the one you love and, well, Luke will always be my one true Hot Bunch MAN.I love the Rock Chicks and there is no way in bloody HELL I m changing my rating It was only a slight dissatisfaction with Hank, next time I see him, I ll love him again Another Rock Chick audio devoured.I laughed, I cried on the trainavoiding eye contact with fellow passengers and I loved every minute of it Is it freaky that my two favourite parts are 1 When she is at her worst and needs saving view spoiler That it s Vance who saves her may have something to do with it He s all hot, intense and thoughtful hide spoiler

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    3.5 Whisky STARSIn complete contrast to the prior book where I loved hero and didn t care for heroine, this one is the complete opposite I truly liked the heroine, Roxie and found the hero, Hank Nightingale drawing similar emotions to Mitch The Lawman for me Hank sadly was just okay, meh, in this story Hey it happens You were here to see your uncle until you stepped into Fortnum s and saw me and I saw you You know it and I kow it You want me to convince you I m prepared to do that Yowza Roxie, Tex s niece is very relatable, funny and didn t over do her freak outs Thankfully, she wasn t hard of hearing Pardon Excuse me She has her own friends, a great family and killer fashion style She just has one problem an ex that refuses to be an ex She has been trapped in a relationship that she has countless times tried to flee I found the whole Billy the ex s story line interesting and exciting Roxie s family was fabulous, she was lovable and overall she made Hank s story worth the read My life began when I met you

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    Belonging to me doesn t mean I ll make you do anything, it just means I consider you mine for as long as this lasts It means I protect you, it means I take care of you For another man, it might mean something different Don t confuse me with another man Hank 3I have to say I totally forgot just how swoony Hank is 3 I loved every bit of this book and it just went up in my fav book list, cause seriously, it was amazing 3Btw, Roxie s parents were epic OMG I loved every scene with them DQuote from her dad Son, let me tell you something Even if you don t care, pretend you do Honestly, it s the best way to go, Dad, the voice of experience, decided to wade in She talks about toss pillows You don t care about toss pillows You don t even know what toss pillows are Pretend that toss pillows are your highest priority in life.

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    5 Whisky Stars When you fuck up, you have to admit it, deal with it, and move on That is Roxie s motto And thats what she s trying to do After dealing with a loser boyfriend for the last seven years, Roxie is ready to start over So she s going to Denver temporarily to get away She wants to meet her Uncle Tex, so what better place to go She goes to Tex s place of employment and she sees something you just don t see every day A plethora of hot men It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have a coffee at Fortnum s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelievably, fucking gorgeous Among all the hot men, there is one that catches her eye right away He has whisky colored eyes Hank Nightingale Hank is Lee Nightingale s brother and a police officer Once he see s Roxie, he s done He knows he s gotta have her with all her trouble, Roxie doesn t think she is good for Hank Hank knows better He wants to help Roxie deal with her problems Once she s with Hank, she is his wether she wants to be or not I m protecting what s mine I m not yours, I said You re welcome to think that but it doesn t change the fact that you are Poor Roxie goes through the ringer Between her stalker ex boyfriend being after her, kidnappings, shoot outs, car chases, there is never a dull moment Through all this, Roxie just wants to be done with her ex, and get away from all the awesome people she has met in Denver She doesn t feel like she s any good for them with all the trouble she s brought around Especially Hank She could never be good enough for Hank She tries to end things with him MANY times, but these badass hotties don t take no for an answer Hank just has to have a few conversations with her and it s all good You re not breakin up with me, he said I am I told him You re not Hank, I am Sunshine, you are not You can t tell me I m not breaking up with you when I m breaking up with you I think I just did Hank just has to convince Roxie that she her past mistakes don t dictate her future And he wants a future with her As much as she tries to deny it, there is nothing Roxie would love than a future with Hank Roxie was the funniest heroine I just adored her and her high maintenance self She made me laugh times than I could count And she was pretty damn cute Then there is Hank I loved what little bit of Hank we got in the first two books, and I love him even now His protective nature and sweet, sexy self Mmmm There were SO many parts of this book I just loved There were some touching moments First meet with Uncle Tex, She s the One , and Roxie s speech at the end I can t even tell you how many lol funny parts there were but some that are sticking out The haunted house OMG I almost peed myself reading about that it s so me , Poor Hank getting mom bombed, and pretty much ANY scene with Roxie s parents They were a hoot I just loved the Sunshine Whisky pet names It made me melt a bit Hank and Roxie has some hot chemistry I loved erasing the day We also get to really meet another member of Lee s boys Luke Luke Luke Stark Need I say I think I m in love with that one Oh these Rock Chick books just get better and better The first two were good, but this one was just fabulous Loved Hank, loved Roxie, loved the story Full of humor, fun, sex, love, suspense and alpha males than you will know what to do with I m serious I love my husband, but Kristen Ashley makes me want to go to Denver and scoop up one of these guys A fabulous series I m looking forward to continuing

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    Re read Review August 23 25, 2013What a great story I enjoyed it even during my re read, picking up on things I d missed before, intriguing insights into Hank that explain why so many people worship at his altar Y all need to move over and make room for me at said altar, too Roxie s growin on me, but still not my favorite Rock Chick That said, she is Tex s niece so that gets her some big time brownie points Aside from a laugh out loud haunted house scene, meeting Roxie s loopy parents, and all the hilarity that is Tex, my favorite part of Rock Chick Redemption is the kick ass segue into the next book, Rock Chick Renegade, Jules and Vance s story Yummmmm Bumping this from 4.5 to a full 5 stars Original Review Every time I read a Kristen Ashley book I think, this is my favorite and then I move on to the next book and end up thinking, this is my favorite and so it goes What I ve come to realize is that I ll really never be able to pick a favorite because each book offers something different than the others, and I find that that s what makes me love each one of the books the same much as the others.And now that I ve totally confused you, I ll just say I love Hank and Roxie, but for me, Tex really stole the show I love that man and can t get enough of his shee it If you re a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads 4.5 5

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    I love this series It s fun, full of action packed silliness, alpha males, and romance Lee.Eddie.Hank.Vance Luke.Mace It s a good thing Fortnum s is a fictional place, if not I m pretty sure we would have a riot on our hands, all these men in one place sigh a girl can dream It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have a coffee at Fortnum s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelievably, fucking gorgeous Roxie is crazy ol Tex s niece, and when she rolls into town, chaos isn t too far behind Lee s brother, Hank Whisky catches her eye and she catches his Although Roxie tries to resist, as they all do, Hank is determined Hank claims Roxie and does everything he can to protect her I m protecting what s mine I m not yours, I said You re welcome to think that but it doesn t change the fact that you are I enjoyed Roxie and Whisky s story, but this series just gets better I ve read all out of order starting with 1 jumping to 5,6,7,4,2 now 3 Every now and then, you have to walk on the wildside Luke, however is still my number one 3

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    4.5 StarsAnother winner from Kristen Ashley You just can t help but fall in LOVE with those Nightingale boys I ve been looking forward to Hank s book since the beginning of this series and I was not dissapointed I squeed, snorted, snickered and laughed my way through it a perfect, fun action romance read Hank Nightingale is basically the ultimate swoooony good guy he s a gorgeous, loving, straight arrow, always in control cop with insane loyalty to his family and a huge heart It was fun to see him come undone by this girl who just walked into his life He meets Roxie when she comes into town to meet her uncle Tex who we met as a delightful side character ex con turned artisan coffee creator in the first 2 books of the series who works at the coffee shop bookstore run by Indy the heroine from book 1 There, she runs into all the uber Alpha boys from Nightingale Investigations It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have coffee at Fornum s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelievably, fucking gorgeous but she finds inexplicably drawn to Hank Its love at first sight for both of them Problem is, she s in a bit of trouble trying to ditch her loser criminal ex boyfriend Lucky for her, Hanks is a cop and is than happy to help her out and take her out to dinner, woo her into his bed, protect her, claim her as his woman and other utterly swoon worthy things that only a true Alpha can do best P I m having dinner with Hank but only because he s persuasive I bet Its just dinner Nothing Dinner may be just dinner in Chicago but it ain t in Denver These boys don t fuck around Indy was livin with Lee after bout a day Jet was with Eddie from my count, after less than a week The way Hank s lookin at you, I m guessin less than 48 hours And of course, it wouldn t be a proper KA book without its fair share of car chases, kidnapping s , hostage situations, shootouts, and crazy ex s, now would it lolI seriously loved Hank I loved how insanely sweet, thoughtful, caring and perceptive he was He saw right through the emotional front that Roxie put up and into her heart and wouldn t give up until she believed in them too I love how he saw how much her previous relationship made her wary to put her heart out on the line again and he was willing to made every effort to show that he was worth it.Roxie was also a great heroine She had a fun voice and was stubborn and sassy enough to stand up for herself, but soft and lovable enough to be able to have some seriously heart melting moments with Hank.I loved that by this third book, you really feel like you KNOW all these characters personally you get all their inside jokes and little gestures, and it just totally maximises the fun I just loved the huge network of characters and all their inter relations heard Ally say, I m gonna talk to Lee The minute they find that asshole, I want my turn with him in the holding room Ally, said Indy Sugar, I m talking to Marcus to night Daisy broke in He s gotta step his shit up Ain t gonna be no holding room for Billy fucking Flynn, not if I have anything to say about it The dialogue in this book was awesome so many laugh out loud moments Also, we are introduced to new side characters namely Luke Stark, the seriously HOT member of Nightingale Investigations who until now was recovering from a gunshot wound I seriously cannot wait until his book He is h.o.t And nobody writes family scenes like Ms Ashley I swear in all her books, the families just make me grin like an idiot Son, let me tell you something Even if you don t care, pretend you do Honestly, it s the best way to go, Dad, the voice of experience, decided to wade in She talks about toss pillows You don t care about toss pillows You don t even know what toss pillows are Pretend that toss pillows are your highest priority in life Really, if you just want a fun read full of Alpha males, swoony romance, and lots of action packed craziness, this is a great series to start This is crazy You re crazy Denver s crazy All you boys skipped right over the last century, didn t you I think even the last million years You re cavemen I m so looking forward to from this series I ve really turned into quite the KA book addict Here s how I see Hank and Roxie For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Based on just the romance between Roxie and Hank, this would have been a one star story for me What saved it is all of the side characters, as usual, and the awesomeness that is Roxie s parents.Plus Luke Gimme, gimme, gimmeOkay, so what s my problem It was too much Too fast Too pushy Too creepily alpha y.See, there is a formula for these books Boy alpha decides he wants girl, drags her back to his place, holds her captive while she tries to escape him, forces her to accept a relationship with him.That worked out fine in the first book because Indy and Lee had known each other all of their lives and she had been in love with him forever It was cute that he was being all forceful about the fact that it was time for them to get together They knew each other better than anyone else, moving fast was fine.Eddie and Jet were a little too fast, but they had a mutual attraction for about a month before things got intense.But, this Hank and Roxie romance It was just too much Too much He meets her, asks her out on a date for the next night and she says no He grabs her and kisses her, without her consent He then tells her that they ARE going on a date and that, as a cop, he will track her down if she tries to escape said date Then Then, he takes her out on a date and refuses to take her home afterwards but informs her that she will be sleeping with him at his house She says no several times, but he forces himself on her But, all this is okay because she enjoyed the sex and he s hot Hmmm I m not so sure I like this message She explicitly told this guy no over and over again, but he continued pursuing her, to the point of having non consensual sex and not allowing her to leave his house after this sex either, all while threatening her if she tried to get away.Let s say for a minute, that she was serious, and meant the words that came out of her mouth She said no to the date, asked to be taken home after being bullied into the date, said no to the sex, tried to leave by calling a cab after the sex, and tried to not see him again or have any kind of relationship with him These are the facts and the words that she used His choosing to ignore them was the equivalent of date rape But, that s okay, because she was attracted to him and enjoyed herself What if she wasn t Put these actions on a man whom she wasn t interested in, and you have clear date rape But, why If a woman says no , is it really up to the man to decide whether he thinks she means it or not I don t think they should be the ones deciding this I think no means no no matter what If he doesn t like her answer, too bad It s not his choice to take away her choices.Okay, off my soapbox I will take the book as a work of fiction and understand that these alpha guys are just this book series formula If I can put that aside, I appreciate the cast of characters and the funny situations they find themselves in.But, I m taking a break to read Dark Lover with Karly and Jess anyway There s no over bearing alpha male in that book at all.

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    1 15 16 Back to KA goodness with my peeps at BBB B c HANK I love all the Rock Chicks but I can t decide if Indy or Roxie is my favorite Right now I m leaning towards Roxie, but that could be b c I just finished her book She is a NUT She stomps her booted foot when she gets frustrated She constantly goes off on tangents about ridiculous things when she gets stressed She converses with dogs She cracks me up And then there s HANK There is just something about those Nightingale boys Eddie Chavez of Book 2 was pretty meh for me, but Lee or Hank Nightingale And then there are Roxie s parents And Annette The book has the best secondary characters by a friggin mile.

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    Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series 3rd in the series Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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download Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, #3) , read online Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, #3) , kindle ebook Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, #3) , Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, #3) 4d1cc4d0aa0b Roxie S On The Run From A Bad Boyfriend Who Will Not Catch The Hint That It Is O V E R She S In No Mood For Love At First Sight, But When Her Eyes Fall On Hank, It S Trouble From The Get Go Roxie Tries To Hold Hank At Arms Length But Hank Wants To Be A Closer As In, A Lot Closer Roxie S Trouble Catches Up With Her And Hank Wants To Help But Roxie Knows In Her Heart That She S No Good For A White Hat Guy The Problem Is No One Agrees With Her, Especially Her Crazy Hippie Best Friend Annette Or Her Parents The Even Crazier Small Indiana Town Herb And Trish Toss Into The Mix The Gang From Rock Chick And Rock Chick Rescue And Roxie Finds Herself Totally OutnumberedClimb In For Another Rock Chick Wild Ride Through Rock Chick Redemption As The Odds Stack Up Against Roxie, She Has No Choice But To Hold On And Just Ride It Out Through The Kidnappings, Car Chases, Society Parties, A Riot At The Strip Club, Hank Getting Mom Bombed And One Crazy Night At The Haunted HouseDuring All This Hank Works At Convincing Her She Really Wants To Stay And He, Along With The Hot Bunch, Go All Out To Make Her Safe Hank Also Needs To Work On Showing Roxie That Her Past Decisions Don T Mean Her Future Can T Include Something As Downright Delicious As Normal