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files Reconnaissance , read online Reconnaissance , free Reconnaissance , free Reconnaissance , Reconnaissance 0e742eb5f Nova Williams Has Lost Her One Shot At Lieutenant Hood And At Love Lieutenant Crophaven Has Promoted Her Rival, Andromeda, All Because Her Lifemate, Sirius, Sacrificed Their Mission To Win Back Andromeda S Love While Sneaking Out To Prove Andromeda Is A Fake, Nova Finds An Alien Ship Hovering Over Their Colony Lieutenant Crophaven Assigns Her To A Reconnaissance Mission, Giving Her A Second Chance To Redeem Herself Sirius Must Fly Her And A Research Team To The Vessel To Decide If They Are A Threat Thrown Together With The Lifemate That Betrayed Her, She Battles With Her Own Jealousy While Her Team Battles For Their Lives Can She Forgive Sirius In Order To Save Her Team And Warn Her Colony

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    Just when I thought this series was going to have a hard time topping the book oneBAM Reconnaisance by brilliant author Aubrie Dionne does it Picking up the story of Andromeda and the colonization of Paradise 21, Nova Williams, Andromeda s over achieving nemesis, is still stinging from Andromeda s successes and how Sirius, Nova s chosen lifemate, is till trying to win back Annie s love When Nova finds a hovering alien ship, she is put in charge of a reconnaissance mission that may either save her pride or destroy her completely When Sirius deviates from orders, the mission and its members are put in grave peril, injured and lost in a field of poisonous flowers Guess who saves her Yep, Andromeda and Corvus But they aren t safe yet, they are trapped and attacked by monstrously ugly and intelligent alien life forms who are harvesting others as a food source Is this to be their demise Will Nova never have the man she has secretly loved for years Again, I applaud Aubrie Dionne for her gift with words Horrific monsters were fully painted in my mind, can you say EEEEWWWWWWW the eery spaceship with danger lurking at every corner, whoa Reconnaissance is another fast paced, smooth flowing and creative coming of age story for another of the colonists Again, the characters are real teens dealing with things far beyond what they should have to and shining bright in the end My thanks to the author for providing me with this review copy

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    This was SO good I hope there will be another in the series

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    I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.From what I ve read, this book picks up where the first book left off To me, this book can be read as a standalone The author did a great job in giving a story separate from that one but also giving info where needed to keep the reader up to speed with prior happenings Will I go back and read the first one Yes, because enough of that story is given, without giving too much, that it struck my interest immediately.The characters that the author created have spunk Nova, who the book is about, is stubborn as a mule, but as the story going on you feel her insecurities, jealousy, disappointment plus her hopes, dreams and possibilities She s a creature of habit that learns quickly that she is part of her own undoing through her actions and words.The love story is one that many of us have dealt with ourselves Being in love with someone who loves someone else Through the dangers that have them together, the couple learns to put that aside and be able to trust one another, count on each other, and work together to get out of the danger and finish the mission.This book is YA science fiction at its best You are grabbed by the story from the very start, you connect with the characters, you experience the horrors of the alien race and feel like you are right there in the story itself Science fiction is not an easy genre to write, it s very easy to go off course of the story with too much information, too much fantasy infused details, etc, but this author has nailed it I recommend this to any lover of science fiction, be it hard scifi or mainstream or campy like Starship Troopers which I have seen times than should be humanly allowed and feel that this would also be a good read for anyone adventuring into the scifi genre for the first time.

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    Nova Williams craves a lieutenant making mission, but this one mission threatens her entire world in Aubrie Dionne s Reconnaissance.The second book in the Paradise Reclaimed series, Reconnaissance picks up where Colonization left off, but with the new main character, Nova Williams A hard working, no nonsense young woman, Nova strives to be the perfect expedition leader, but everything that can go wrong will for her I love how Dionne chose Nova to tell the story and how the reader experiences Nova s growth Sirius, Nova s chosen lifemate, makes the perfect match to Nova s sarcastic wit The vicious, intelligent, and creepy alien arachnids are a formidable force against the team members.The fast paced plot works perfectly for YA science fiction, and Dionne creates wonderful budding romance between Nova and Sirius The nightmarish aliens add a delightful touch of horror Dionne held back no punches as she tormented her characters and created this wonderful science fiction planet of Paradise 21.Aubrie Dionne s Paradise Reclaimed series gets better with each book I highly recommend Reconnaissance

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    3 1 2 stars I wondered if I would enjoy Reconnaissance because it s about Nova, a character I really didn t like in the first book, Colonization but I did end up enjoying it We get a different perspective on who Nova is and the reasons behind some of her behavior She makes some nice changes by the end as well The aspect of the book that I liked the most was meeting the creepy crawly aliens Sometimes they seemed intelligent, which of course was a good thing that added danger and tension to the story But sometimes they seemed rather stupid which resulted in the characters getting out of situations way too easily I have the same complaints about this book that I had with the other one Why are 17 year olds being trusted with important missions Where are all the adults that should be doing those things

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    I was given a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Nova Williams is a selfish person who wants everything and everyone for herself She is jealous of Andromeda Barliss, Commander Barliss great granddaughter When they first arrived on Paradise 21 Andromeda saved the lives of everyone on the ship by informing them of the poisonous pods on the planet Ghost aliens told Andromeda about the pods and how they destroyed their race Nova wanted to be the one to save the colony and make Lieutenant, but Andromeda got the position Nova is so jealous that she leaves a wedding party and the ship She can t stand to be around anyone no longer She hates Andromeda and she can t stand the fact that her lifemate Sirius is always looking at Andromeda like a sick puppy dog Nova only cares about herself but now she wants Sirius to look at her like that To her Sirius is the best catch on the whole ship Nova just wants to be the best to have the best She has some Problem within herself that she needs to deal with Some deep hurt, pain in heart who or what caused this she doesn t even know.At first Nova did seem selfish wanting everything and everyone for herself But she wasn t exactly being selfish she just wanted her life to be better Her family had a hard time dealing with their problems Nova was not going tell anyone about her problems so she just lashed out at everyone But she was different with her family When she was with them you could tell she really did care about others and not only herself She just wanted what everyone else wanted a better life I m beginning to think that maybe Nova has a heart after all.Yes, I knew Nova had a heart in there somewhere She was afraid of letting anyone in, she thought if she let them in the only thing that would happen is she would be hurt She was afraid that everyone would she stomp her heart until there was nothing left if she let them in, let anyone know who she really was So she tried to make them think she didn t care about anyone but herself When I first started reading Reconnaissance I didn t think I would like Nova she just seemed so selfish But the I read I realized that she was just afraid that she wouldn t be good enough, that no one would ever like her.I loved reading Colonization, I loved Andromeda s story and she save their colony from the pods and I was very excited to have the chance to read Nova s story Colonization was the first book that I read by Aubrie Dionne after reading I knew I had to read of her work I had to know about Paradise 21 and all the other spaceships I now have all of the New Dawn books and plan on reading all of them I have read Paradise 21 and loved it too If you have not read Aubrie s work then you are missing an adventure of a lifetime because she is a brilliant writer.

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    This is a book I won in the Goodreads Giveaways Hopefully I phrased that right I am in no way being paid to review this Just graced with a good read Which I m than happy to review I have since finished the book I also stand by my review It can almost be a standalone book in the way that it was written I m enjoying watching as her writing matures It s not coming across as childish or repetitive So I recommend this book for anyone looking for a good new scifi novel that s young adult in nature.I m almost done with this book and so far It s amazing The characters are fairly well developed, and I m sure they will grow even if she decides to add another book Or even make it into an entire series, at least that s what I can tell just from this book which I haven t finished yet, I m almost there though For not having read the first book, this could almost stand on its own She mentions the first book a few times, but its not completely reliant on it.Nova is brave and has her faults, which as she discovers didn t help things with her life mate Sirius Who she had pushed away with her attitude, then again he hadn t tried very hard to get to know her, to push past her bravado to find out who she really was or what was going on in her life However, that changes once they board the alien s ship and they start facing danger Once that happens, she loosens up and tells him things In fact, later in the book, he tells her if things were different, he d have chosen her.This is a book about changing, growing, and facing things you wouldn t want to normally You don t get to choose who you marry, they re chosen for you for the good of the human race and their genes You don t get to choose what job you will work, your grades in school will mandate that Overall, its an interesting read and I ll be sure to check out the first book and any subsequent books I may update this once I ve finished it, until then Enjoy a good book

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    Striving to be better than her genes, Nova Williams pushes herself past her limits She missed out on a grand promotion because her rival stole her glory and Sirius, the man she loves Yet when an alien ship comes to their new planet, Nova heads a team to find out if the visitors are peaceful or not This is her one chance to make everything right, and she isn t going to mess it up Sirius is assigned to be her pilot, and she must learn to work with him no matter her feelings Trapped on the strange ship, Nova is forced to work closely with Sirius as they attempt to save the rest of their team and battle beings that have walked out of nightmares Not only is their survival at stake, but her heart and redemption.This is another superbly written sci fi romance by Aubrie Dionne We start off just after the previous book in the series left us This new world recently colonized by the people on the ship is rich and gorgeous It s called Paradise 21 for a reason, and Aubrie gives us enough colorful details to enchant us After a tantalizing taste of the planet, the reader is thrown into a frightening and strange place within the alien ship It s dark and terrifying, and also fascinating I won t give away the surprise of what the aliens are exactly like, but from the cover you can guess, and you ll never look at a spider the same way again.The characters are what drives this story Nova is a strong and driven young woman I admired her ambition and sympathized with her heartache Sirius is smart, daring, and hot He s in love with another woman I loved the conflict between Nova and Sirius, and I wondered if it could be resolved Aubrie is a master of surprises This is a romance like none other.The first book in this series, COLONIZATION, was my favorite one written by Aubrie By giving me the creepy crawlies and taking hold of my heart, RECONNAISSANCE has taken that spot.

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    You can read an excerpt at my blog, Go Here to read itI really love Aubrie s writing and the sci fi books that she has written I have read her New Dawn series, which actually ties into this one, now its not necessary to read all of them to read this series, but it does help on the history, but like I said, you do not have to.I do recommend you reading the first book in this series however, as this 2nd book starts off right where the first stopped Unlike many of the other books in the previous series, which all were their own story within the same world, usually generations later for the characters.I do not want to spoil anything so will be careful on that.The first book was from Andromeda s point of view, and I liked her a lot She has a rival named Nova, who was paired with Sirius who is Andromeda s best friend and who she has feelings for In this book, it s all told from Nova s point of view, which at first had me like what but it works, you get to learn a lot about Nova, and when you do, you will feel that connection with her I didn t like her in the first book at all, so was surprised I warmed up to her.As usual the writing is top notch, and I highly recommend any books by Aubrie, but really did enjoy this series for sure.I give it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it.I was provided a copy of this from the author, for my honest review.

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    This is Nova Williams story from book one I did not like her in book one she was a complete bitch to Annie and you all know I loved Annie we are able to see and understand why Nova is the way she is she is from a dysfunctional family and she works exceptionally hard for her achievements This still does not excuse her bitchy nasty behavior she grew on me the I read and the bottom line is she is just trying to find love and be loved in equal measures Really and truly who doesn t The colony is under treat and this is Nova s turn to prove herself After discovering an alien vessel She along with her chosen lifemate Sirius who she is in love with but has pushed away and three other embark on a mission to make contact with the ship and find out their purpose for being on their planet their journey is filled with deadly adventure and action Nova love story was on that could be understood by many loving someone that s in love with someone else Nova will discover that love and admiration can be forged in the face of adversity I d wanted him to look at me that way for so long.Too bad it took an alien invasion and us almost getting killed to make it happen Being caught in a life or death situation Nove and Sirius must learn to trust and lean on each other if they are to survive to warn the colony, before its too late.This book was much action packed than number one every single page if over flowing with action and terrifying new challenges.Aubrie did a great job once , the this book is well written and will hold attention until the very last word.

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