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    This is a fairly typical Dick Francis novel In this case, the loner, withdrawn protagonist is a pilot, Matt Shore, who once flew for BOAC but who is now reduced to flying puddle jumper charters It s not initially clear why this is the case Like a lot of Francis s heros, Shore has also recently been divorced and is very gun shy regarding women, although inevitably a beautiful and desirable woman will soon be practically dropped into his lap.Matt flies a party of four to a race meet and only a minute or so after they land, the plane explodes It s a narrow escape, and luckily no one is hurt But several other incidents follow and it appears that someone may be targeting a prominent jockey who frequently flies with Matt As usual, there s a dark sinister force lurking in the background pursuing a foul agenda irrespective of the cost in lives or in property damage Matt will have to sort all of this out and tame his own demons as well if he hopes to bring the mystery and his own personal circumstances in for a happy landing Anyone who enjoys Francis s work could spend a pleasant evening with this book.

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    A great rollicking yarn Matt Shore a loner, divorced and a pilot working as a taxi pilot for wealthy people between race courses in England He gets in embroiled in a thriller with first a near miss with a bomb and then a rescue of a sabotaged plane Which the lovely Nancy is flying Easy to read and a good plot with an absentminded, kindly Duke and his nephew The reason behind the bomb and sabotage is a fraud Good characters and escapism.

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    I genuinely found this one a bit hard to follow Due to some stylistic quirks sentence fragments galore , a tendency to bury plot points in boring dialogue, or just because I wasn t really paying attention Eh, probably a combo platter.I can tell you that emotionally wounded pilot protagonist dude was super gay for uber famous but still down to earth racing jockey dude So that was nice.

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    It is than thirty years since I last read this story and it is great that it is now available to read on a Kindle I welcomed the chance to re acquaint myself with the story and found it as intriguing now as it was all those years ago.Matt Shore has had a chequered career as a pilot through no real fault of his own He is a very experienced and capable pilot and his latest role, taxiing people, is somewhat beneath his skills However, those skills are going to be tested to the full in this intriguing mystery Whilst taking some racegoers home, he notices something feels untoward and makes an emergency landing When the plane explodes within minutes of them leaving it that s the start of an investigation where it is unclear just when and how the bomb was put on board the plane or who was the target As he continues flying race goers the mystery deepens, friendships are made and dangers are faced It is a fast paced story with flying and racing at its heart The characters are well developed there s even the possibility of a romance as well I enjoyed re reading this story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading suspense filled mystery stories set around the 1970s.I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read this latest version of it.

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    3 Stars Life is not going well for Matt Shore He s just into his new job with Derrydown Sky Taxi piloting trainers, owners and jockeys to horse racing meets around England when his plane, the company s new Cherokee Six, explodes on the tarmac It was only his We d better land precaution in mid flight, the levers were sluggish, that saved his life and passengers including Colin Ross, the nation s leading jockey Matt s been dropping in job level now he s broke and being harassed by almost everyone the Board of Trade air transport regulators, his ex wife, his unsympathetic employer, and the competition Polyplane But no one seems to be investigating these terrifying incidents, so he takes it on Maybe he ll see Nancy often Dick Francis writing style demands you pay attention to every conversation if you want to have some idea of the plot Do that and you ll find it a nice little story January 2018

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    Typical Dick Francis thriller He makes it very easy to root for the main character the quiet underdog hero who gets caught in some illegal ruthless heist and to sincerely hope he will get the girl in the end.Fast paced and interesting in the flying taxi details, for me it suffers a little due to the rather obvious and insufficiently convincing bad guy But as far as I m concerned, Francis could pick any boring subject and still make it an etntertaining ride I seem to remember one book with an accountant as the hero.

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    The ending of this book was a cruel way to treat readers It s extremely open ended, which isn t really Francis normal style.

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    I would have sworn that the reader for this audio book was Cary Grant, but it was Simon Jones Whoever he is, I thank him for reading without emoting or trying to do voices and accents, just reading clearly and well and letting the story carry us along.This is an oddity in the Francis canon a mystery almost without a murder, and with very little actual racing Not so much a whodunit as who s up to what, here, and where is all this leading The main character, again a divorced drifter who refuses so he thinks to get involved again in other people s lives, is an air taxi pilot who just happens to work in the racing triangle of England The book gets off to a very slow start, but progressively speeds up to the final get me out of this finish, only to chop off in the middle of Our Hero s famous final scene.Dick Francis was in the RAF during WW2, but Mary was the one who got her pilot s licence and ran an air taxi for a time And this book certainly has of a ro mance aspect there is no sex, and no one is overtly crazy, except the jockeys who ignore major injuries in order to keep riding I did find my mind wandering when they packed in all the technical details during the midair rescue But never mind It was well read and entertained me during the dire tasks of housekeeping, which is what I wanted anyway.

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    Read this back in June and neglected to log it I have a soft spot for aviation stories, and when they re combined with a mystery Even better But I came away from this one torn over how to rate it, because it has good points and bad points The mystery suspense element is cleverly crafted, the material on aviation and horse racing flawlessly integrated into the plot and Francis creates some well drawn characters that the reader comes to care strongly about But there was just a lot profanity and vulgarity than I care to read in a book I was also very vexed with a certain ambiguity in the last few pages, which seems as if it could have indicated either an absolutely perfect ending or one that would have made me throw the book across the room.

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    A good story , slightly old fashioned style but very enjoyable

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download Rat Race, read online Rat Race, kindle ebook Rat Race, Rat Race f7de508631d1 Hired To Fly Four Racing Buffs To The Track, Pilot Matt Shore Expects It Will Be The Kind Of Job He Likes Quick And Easy Until, That Is, He S Forced To Make An Emergency Landing Just Minutes Before The Plane Explodes Luckily, No One Is Hurt, But It Isn T Long Before Matt Realizes That He S Caught Up In The Rat Race Of Violent Criminals Who Are Dead Set On Putting Anyone Who Stands In Their Way On The Wrong Side Of The Odds