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files Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1) , read online Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1) , free Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1) , free Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1) , Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1) 1fe96a994 We Never Would Have Come Here If We D KnownTwo Hundred Years Ago, The Great Ark Horizon Alpha Escaped A Doomed Earth And Went Searching For A New Home The Passengers Landed On Teu Ceti E Expecting Paradise, But Instead They Discovered A Planet Stuck In Its Own Version Of The Cretaceous Period The Humans One Defense Against The Dinosaurs Ravaging The Planet Is An Electric Fence, Built From The Remains Of The Shuttles That Brought Them ThereBut Eden Base Has Only Days Of Power LeftWith Most Of The Adult Men Dead, Rookie Soldier Caleb Wilde And His Unit Of Teenage Boys Leave The Electric Fences Of Eden In Search Of A Reactor Core Lost Deep In The JungleThe Last Remnant Of The Human Race Waits Behind The Electric Fence For Their Return The Dinosaurs Wait, Too For The Electricity To Die And The Feast To Begin

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    HANG ON WHILE I GLARE AT MY FELLOW REVIEWERS4.56 STARSWHATHOWWHAT BOOK DID YOU READBECAUSE IT WASN T THIS ONEI read this book, despite my reservations, because it had such good reviews I honestly wish I could get the time back It promises a riveting action sci fi with a little bit of dinosaur horror thrown in, but this is the bad kind of YA that leaves out details because YA readers are too young stupid to understand them.There are no dinosaurs in this book, and the narrator feels the need to point that out to you as soon as possible The only creature that remotely resembles a dinosaur is the one on the cover, which is called a T Rex because that s the easiest way to describe it I ll give them that I had high hopes when it was introduced in a scene designed to draw attention to its longer, functional arms and heat based vision Those hopes were dashed by the end of the book, mostly because that scene is the only direct confrontation the characters have with the T Rex The others only serve to remind the reader that it exists, building up for a final confrontation that view spoiler the first person narrator doesn t witness, and therefore is not described to us hide spoiler

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    My review This book was fantastic Normally, I don t like sci fi with dinosaurs in the book The one book that I read that used them as antagonists went WAY overboard and killed my enthusiasm for reading any books of the same.Well, I am happy to say that this book has righted the wrongs of the other book From the beginning, when Caleb tells about what happened to Earth, the 2 centuries of traveling throughout space and the accident that fragmented the population of the spaceship on to the new planet Teu Ceti and the frightening discovery that the new settlers made, drew you right into the story.Very vividly written, the author makes you feel the excitement dread of Caleb going on his first mission, then the terror of the crash and the exhaustion of trekking cross country to Eden base and losing unit members to the dinosaurs I actually had nightmares about the descriptions of the T Rex seriously, I did and the other dinosaurs.I will say that I loved the 2 read them 2 twists in the story One, I should have seen coming from a mile away, I am really good at guessing things like that, but I didn t The other one, near the end of the book, well to be honest, it made me want to cry Very poignant.How many stars will I give Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden 5Why It was a very well written, descriptive, nail biting sci fi space opera book that kept you glued to it for the entire book And it makes you want Will I reread it YesWill I recommend it to family and friends YesAge range Teens on up It is a very clean book no sex.actually nothing to that effect at all but a ton of violence and death by dinosaur Some of the death scenes are very descriptive. links For a limited time, Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden will be.99 on the links below So go snap it up Kindle UnlimitedKindleAlso, please head on over to the Future House Publishing blog You can enter to win an autographed copy of Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden.Disclaimer I received Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden by D.W Vogel from Future House Publishing for free All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

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    Never a dull moment Action packed from start to finish It s like Jurassic Park in space Felt like it ended well Can t wait for the next installment

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    Okay so when I started this ebook, Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden, I could not put it down I had never read a book by Vogul before but now I m going to make sure to put her on my list of great authors Horizon Alpha is about where human civilization went after the planet Earth was destroyed After spending 12 years in space, their ship, Horizon Alpha, crashes onto a planet called Tau Ceti At first everyone is filled with great joy over finally being able to live on the ground with fresh air But what ends up living on this planet with them Dinosaurs The story follows Caleb Wilde who is part of the army group with the little human civilization that is left trying to make Ceti their home On his first mission out to find a power supply, things end up going very wrong when dinosaurs attack their tank Now Caleb and the other survivors of the attack on the tank must find their way back home without being eaten by the dinosaurs I ve never read a story quite like this before I had never even heard of stories about dinosaurs in space so that s what intrigued me the most about this book when I was offered the chance to read it for free in exchange for my honest review This story is full of suspense I couldn t help but read it as fast as I could, dying to know if Caleb and the others would survive It s truly a dinosaur thriller that those who love the Jurassic Park World series will definitely enjoy I received a copy of Horizon Alpha Predators of Eden from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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    Predators of Eden is a pleasant thrill ride of a YA sci fi novel featuring a young man who comes of age in a brutal crucible as he tries to save not only himself but his fledgling colony on a remote world filled with dinosaurs Caleb Wilde is a fifteen year old who gears up for his first mission on the planet Eden He s excited to finally be counted as viable member of a squad Much like his older brother Josh Except Josh rolled out into the jungle one day and never came back Before long their routine mission will become a life and death flight from hundreds of predators.Usually I m not much of a fan of these coming of age tales, but Caleb really struck a chord in me His youthful enthusiasm is at first infectious Then as his innocence quickly slips away in the face of death and danger, we all shed a tear seeing what he has already lost and all that he still fights for On one hand it s the fate of what could be the last of the human race On the other, it s the fate of one family Just one family One mother One sister And one remaining son just trying to keep it together long enough to get home with a power core needed to protect themselves from roving engines of destruction I couldn t recommend this for either adults or kids It took me back to the love I found discovering John Carter and Tarzan for the first time.

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    I grew up on Sci Fi novels, but as I grew older, I turned to mysteries But everything come full circle and I m finding myself being drawn back to my childhood love I m glad that I am, but not so much as overjoyed that I found this novel by D.W Vogel Wow What a fun read I d describe it as Lost in Space meets Jurassic Park Space travelers marooned on a planet filled with deadly dinosaurs A young boy trying to prove himself It s flat out exciting Vogel has an effortless writing style and tight plotting keep this novel rolling along at a fast pace Future House publishes books that are family friendly so this is a novel that can be enjoyed by any age I plan to send this to my granddaughter a huge fan of dinosaurs, tho maybe not so much after reading this book , to enjoy this summer All I can say is, don t miss this gem of an adventure

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    Jurassic Park meets the TV series The 100 Alpha Horizon was one of four arc ships carrying the fate of humanity in search of a new hospitable planet after Earth was sentenced to a catastrophic astrological event However, starting anew on an unknown world proves to be difficult than originally projected when Alpha Horizon is met with one distaster after another only to be faced with creatures that rival some of Earth s fiercest prehistoric predators.With Earth gone humanity must find a way to persevere Right from the prolog I was drawn in and could not put the book down Get ready for nonstop action and suspense in this futuristic scifi adventure.I have received this title at a discount in exchange for sharing my opinions.

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    I don t usually read MG YA, or even Scifi for that matter, but I found this story to be quite fun Here s the thing I LOVE dinosaurs I mean, these aren t actual Earth dinos, but those are details, and I loved them anyway.Alright, so onto the story itself I enjoyed the main character s Caleb growth throughout the story It s done so naturally and with such great flow that by the end, I could look back on how Caleb was at the beginning, and realize just how much he s matured Not only physically, but emotionally as well.I got attached to a lot of characters, view spoiler which was a mistake hide spoiler

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    On one hand, it s a pretty standard dinosaurs eat people book that have well, it s wrong to suggest Jurassic Park popularized it because for as long as dinosaurs have been known to have existed, people having been dreaming up ways to get eaten by them in fiction It doesn t take long after the book became widely available that people started writing up stories about lost lands where dinosaurs roamed and than a few people tended to end up on the menu Sure, in this one there s a sci fi twist to the whole proceedings but ultimately, whether they re dinosaurs or just creatures on another planet that happen to look suspiciously like dinosaurs is merely a question of semantics, the function is the same.But on the other hand, the world depicted in this book actually made me want The idea of humans being stranded on a planet that essentially wants them dead and how they survive through it all is well, it s a very fascinating story How do they keep out of danger, how do they feed themselves, how do they build, how do they continue to live in a depressing, oppressing environment What hope do you cling to Unfortunately the book doesn t spend much time actually exploring these questions, instead focusing on the story of a young boy who must grow up really fast when a mission outside the comfort and safety of their settlement goes horribly wrong as they tend to do in stories like this It s too bad the main character then is about as likable as a plank of wood He s young and stupid and you can tell really easily cause his inner monolog narrates the entire story He comes across as incredibly whiny and entitled, always only thinking about how he wishes people treated him like a real man and not like the boy that he, quite frankly, is If I had a better grasp of the person he was and the people surrounding him, his inner thoughts might actually have been a bit compelling but we re thrust so quickly into the action and virtually no time after the main chunk of the story is spent exploring how this affected him it s hard to argue he grew at all.If anything, he devolved as a person, becoming less of an interesting character as he seemed to mature into a standard soldier who gets off when people listen to him The fact that the sole woman in the story given any sort of role ends up being his second despite being older and knowledgable about everything except shooting a gun thus making her a liability makes me wonder about what the author s personal ideology is.However, it would be lying if I said I didn t enjoy big parts of the book Politics aside, the book is filled with interesting action pieces that makes it at least slightly difficult to put down With the short length of 208 pages, there isn t much breathing room, though, so action scenes tend to lead into of the same and once the dino dying begins, the book seems rather eager to get rid of superfluous characters This is not uncommon in books like these, I d know, but some of the characters dying is handled with such a lack of fanfare or details that it feels almost by the book, if you don t mind the pun.I know gruesome deaths aren t always necessary but when you re writing a story about people on a horribly dangerous and deadly planet, it s sort of expected and almost required It s one thing to die but dying horribly, screaming and kicking to the end, well, that s a completely different matter The lack of details and the rapidness of the deaths could ve worked if the sense of hopelessness had been played up , suggesting that people were just so used to seeing people die horribly that it became mundane Oh no, my friend is being ripped apart by lizards oh well There s hints of it but it s nowhere near explored enough in my opinion.Kind of a running theme here, it seems.Further, I really wish the author hadn t chosen to call things by Earth names because while it helps to give you a vague idea, it also made me think only of those things that they related to on Earth If you call things a Wolf then I m gonna picture a wolf Sure, the book tells you it s a reptile or something close to it but I ll still picture them furry and cute than things with scales and snake heads If you call something a Crab , I m only gonna be confused when you suddenly start talking about it as if it s not an actual crustacean If it had been used in a different way, if they used the words to explain things but it was somehow wrong or warped from how I would use it, that d be one thing But the book is so filled with popculture references to NOW, as in the time we live in now, that it s hard to seperate this world from our own 200 years onboard a spaceship, going through numerous generations, and they still talk and act like real life contemporaries.And you can write shit , by the way Writing scat instead of shit or any other curse word doesn t make you look cool or original It s just tedious in the long run I know, I know, works of sci fi these days must invent or repurpose a word to use for swearing, it s the law or something but come on at least go for something chinese or russian or something like Firefly.Urgh, I make it sound like I hated this book but I really didn t I m definitely gonna pick up the sequel But I normally complain that books are too long, that they include too much fluff but here, for once, I just felt it wasn t long enough There wasn t enough fluff included What were they doing back at base while the team was stranded We re told the stakes are high but we re never really shown it Even in books show, don t tell is king and I never really felt the pressure the characters were supposedly under And a huge part of that is that I lack reference.There was so much here that went untold that really needed to be explored, to be written about and I go into the sequel hoping that many of these gaps will be filled Part of me doubt it, the ending pretty much removed any sense of danger that faced the survivors of Horizon and the blurb doesn t suggest much room will be left for getting a feel for the new, blossoming society.Anyway, it s not a bad romp if you re into this sort of thing It s short, well written and exciting in parts Don t go in with too lofty goals and you ll be fine

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    Amazing Dinosaurs are not usually my genre for reading But end of the world or apocalypse I do read This book showed up on a page at the end of a book I was reading and I decided to give it a try After all, it did take place after the end of our world as we knew it I started reading it last night Big mistake I got so into it that I hated to stop, but it was 2 in the morning and I had to get up in a few hours As soon as everything got done that had to be done, I say and started reading again I forgot to eat lunch My daughter called and I rushed her off the phone This book kept me on the edge of my seat all afternoon The action is incredible and you almost find yourself wanting to tell at the characters I would recommend this book to anyone who lives adventure and action in their reading The characters are well defined and I now know what this planet looks like, feels like, and smells like I m no spring chicken here I m a 70 year old grandmother of 4 almost teenagers And I would recommend this book to them also Read it You will thank me.

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