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explained Pattern Recognition, review Pattern Recognition, trailer Pattern Recognition, box office Pattern Recognition, analysis Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition 0540 Cayce Pollard Is An Expensive, Spookily Intuitive Market Research Consultant In London On A Job, She Is Offered A Secret Assignment To Investigate Some Intriguing Snippets Of Video That Have Been Appearing On The Internet An Entire Subculture Of People Is Obsessed With These Bits Of Footage, And Anybody Who Can Create That Kind Of Brand Loyalty Would Be A Gold Mine For Cayce S Client But When Her Borrowed Apartment Is Burgled And Her Computer Hacked, She Realizes There S To This Project Than She Had ExpectedStill, Cayce Is Her Father S Daughter, And The Danger Makes Her Stubborn Win Pollard, Ex Security Expert, Probably Ex CIA, Took A Taxi In The Direction Of The World Trade Center On SeptemberOne Year Ago, And Is Presumed Dead Win Taught Cayce A Bit About The Way Agents Work She Is Still Numb At His Loss, And, As Much For Him As For Any Other Reason, She Refuses To Give Up This Newly Weird Job, Which Will Take Her To Tokyo And On To Russia With Help And Betrayal From Equally Unlikely Quarters, Cayce Will Follow The Trail Of The Mysterious Film To Its Source, And In The Process Will Learn Something About Her Father S Life And Death explained Pattern Recognition, review Pattern Recognition, trailer Pattern Recognition, box office Pattern Recognition, analysis Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition 0540 Cayce Pollard Is An Expensive, Spookily Intuitive Market Research Consultant In London On A Job, She Is Offered A Secret Assignment To Investigate Some Intriguing Snippets Of Video That Have Been Appearing On The Internet An Entire Subculture Of People Is Obsessed With These Bits Of Footage, And Anybody Who Can Create That Kind Of Brand Loyalty Would Be A Gold Mine For Cayce S Client But When Her Borrowed Apartment Is Burgled And Her Computer Hacked, She Realizes There S To This Project Than She Had ExpectedStill, Cayce Is Her Father S Daughter, And The Danger Makes Her Stubborn Win Pollard, Ex Security Expert, Probably Ex CIA, Took A Taxi In The Direction Of The World Trade Center On SeptemberOne Year Ago, And Is Presumed Dead Win Taught Cayce A Bit About The Way Agents Work She Is Still Numb At His Loss, And, As Much For Him As For Any Other Reason, She Refuses To Give Up This Newly Weird Job, Which Will Take Her To Tokyo And On To Russia With Help And Betrayal From Equally Unlikely Quarters, Cayce Will Follow The Trail Of The Mysterious Film To Its Source, And In The Process Will Learn Something About Her Father S Life And Death

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 367 pages
  • Pattern Recognition
  • William Gibson
  • English
  • 03 June 2017
  • 9780425198681

About the Author: William Gibson

See this thread for information.William Ford Gibson is an American Canadian writer who has been called the father of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction, having coined the term cyberspace in 1982 and popularized it in his first novel, Neuromancer 1984 , which has sold than 6.5 million copies worldwide.While his early writing took the form of short stories, Gibson has since written nine critically acclaimed novels one in collaboration , contributed articles to several major publications, and has collaborated extensively with performance artists, filmmakers and musicians His thought has been cited as an influence on science fiction authors, academia, cyberculture, and technology William Gibson 2007, October 17 In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Retrieved 20 30, October 19, 2007, from

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    2018 re read.I wrote the below review in March 2015, obviously still not really sure what I had just read When reading for pleasure and a lot of the time truth be told I am a simple man who ll go after a laugh if there s one to be had and I did then But I knew I liked the book and I also knew there was to the book than I realized.As readers, we must acknowledge our mortality and in so doing I am conscious of this fact when I consider re reading a book There s only so much time and there are hundreds of thousands of books that I WON T read, only a few thousand I will read Lord willing and creek don t rise So making the extravagant decision to read a book a SECOND time is reserved for those that are special in some way.I have read hundreds of books and remember most of them, some than others obviously But there are some that I think about long after reading and Pattern Recognition was one As time passed, I knew that I would need to go back to re visit Yes, NEED When a writer plants a seed in your mind and years later you are still coming to grips with the fruit it bore, there is an intellectual, instinctive need to explore further Gibson had struck a chord in me and what that was continued to nag away, demanding a scrutinizing study.As the writer of Neuromancer, Gibson astounded with his prophetic heralding of the internet and all of the cultural implications that brought about Here was a writer with his fingers on the pulse of our age, who could glimpse what came next in a way few others could In the Blue Ant series, began with Pattern Recognition first published in February 2003, Gibson explored the months following 9 11 and again acting as a barometer for our atmosphere, cast a reflective surface before our collective countenance.When I deployed to Iraq in 2005, we had a briefing by an Army Colonel who described our mission and he said something that still sticks with me He said the war on terror was largely a war of information The terrorists were doing horrible things and then disseminating the information about those acts to cause further damage The destruction in New York and Washington, and all the other acts against civilization, were the focal point, and like ripples in a pond, the concentric circles spread the harm out further and further.Gibson has here described a post 9 11 world where the protagonist has a hyper sensitivity to advertising She is psychologically allergic to logo branding and is a canary in the coalmine for global trends Add to this losing her intelligence community father to the New York attacks and we have a metaphor for our new age Gibson goes one step further perhaps what he had been planning to write prior to the attacks and emphasizes the vacuum created by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the post Cold War age The global power brokers and players sometimes just changed uniforms and kept playing the games.I missed a lot in my first reading but the demand for a re visit was so rewarding Gibson has given us a WEALTH of literary gold This is a great book 2015 reviewStylish.That s what I am as I read Pattern Recognition by William Gibson It is a very stylish novel Cool jazz plays in the cool and stylish caf as I sit outside drinking a latte From my perfectly coiffed hair to the form fitting jacket and slim pants to the stylish Italian shoes on my stylish feet, I am cool A Daniel Craig pout forms on my lips as I nod to the Most Interesting Man in the World sitting across from me He is sipping a Dos Equis and chatting with two models sitting on either side of him All of us, we are all stylish and cool.I turn page after stylish page but slowly my IMDB handsome brow creases, I frown What The Most Interesting Man in the World s gut sags in the The models sprout tattoos and one belches hell My pants legs flare out and my perfectly coiffed doo melts to middle aged scalp am I reading What are we doing Where is this going What in the hell is this book about William, I am a Southern United States middle aged guy If I stand up straight, I might not drag my knuckles across the floor when I walk I need swords, laser blasters, and automatic gunfire or my attention wanes Hell, man, you re from South Carolina and lived in Virginia, you ve seen me in the line at Piggly Wiggly you had a bag of almonds and mineral water and I had a 12 pack of PBR and potato chips.You gotta make it easy for me But actually, I did like it, liked it a lot.Gibson s writing is fresh and vibrant and as cool as the other side of the pillow Fans of his archetypal Neuromancer will pick up what he s throwing down in this post Cold War, post 911, corporate espionage, jet setting thriller set in London, New York, Tokyo and Russia To readers who are swimming in the same atavistic gene pool as I am just give it some time, he ll get there and when he does, this will be revealed as tightly woven, extraordinarily entertaining post cyberpunk literature of the highest order.BTW, the way to read William Gibson or Neal Stephenson or China Mieville is with an E book reader so that you can easily select a word for dictionary and thesaurus explanation Vocabulary expanding.

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    Interesting enough, but nothing special It is a nice sort of time capsule of the early 2000s, technologically speaking.

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    It ll happen one day, you ll see William Gibson WILL right an ending that resembles something other then a last ditch attempt from a man desperate not to default on his contract It will not stink of a man who has just watched the sunrise with a headful of Jack Daniels No it will be thematically fufilling, and tie up and enrich the man threads that have wound through the novel like a tapestry Giving these rich themes, imagery, and characters the proper glory rather then merely tarnishing everthin It ll happen one day I m telling you Sigh, but not this time.

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    I am an excellent reader, as I know many of my friends on goodreads are, but I don t think there s enough appreciation of reading as a skill in our world We take it for granted, those of us who are literate, and because it is the base of the things that we learn, we tend to ignore those who excel Of course, many of those who read well are told they analyze things too much or that they dig too deep by those who might be solid readers, but probably don t have serious reading chops I think of it this way the critics of analysis are the Sunday co ed softball players who enjoy the game, like to escape for a few hours of exercise and fun, and like to hit the occasional home run or catch a tricky pop fly And there s nothing wrong with that But for all the thousands of recreational ball players, there are a handful of professional ball players, whose skills are ever so much better and whose skills stretch from Single A to the Big Leagues They are the ones who get from a hit, or a perfectly executed throw they re the ones who will stretch a double into a triple they re the ones who will take a fastball in the back rather than bail out of the box And as readers go, they re the ones who make the connections, who read the patterns that most people don t They re the ones who analyze too much.My reading of Pattern Recognition puts me in the category of the pro ball players I loved the book on its own merits, and I know that I was able to read the merits in a way that others won t be able to access Many will, of course, and they will love what they ve found, but there s plenty there for those who won t And there is certainly nothing wrong with whatever reading those recreational players come up with.Why do I feel this way How can I say these things Because I didn t just read this book, I created it as I turned every page I was part of the process I wasn t just reading someone else s finished process I was the final important element of the patterns William Gibson was laying out for connection The book needed me, and those like me, to be complete Every time this book is read by a talented reader, it is being written.So there s no point in really talking about the book s particulars I m not going to summarize the plot or point out specific moments of prose brilliance I am not going to discuss the connections in the book I am not going to talk about how personal this was to read Just read it yourself Make your own connections Become part of the process of Pattern Recognition and let yourself analyze it, let yourself dig deep And if you can t do those things, you should still read it because I m guessing it s good enough for every level of play.

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    I loved Pattern Recognition nearly as much as Neuromancer and felt the two novels had a lot of similarities Even though it is classified as general fiction, the novel has a strong SF feel to it The highly technological societies New York and the mirror world of London where things are similar but a little different and the efficient, individualistic, widely traveled and rootless characters make Pattern Recognition feel dark and surreal and like SF.Boone Chu was an interesting character and I was disappointed he was not developed further same with Bigend These are very minor flaws that don t take away from this excellent book.The story is an interesting look at the culture of marketing view spoiler Did Cayce s recovery at the end suggest that the current stress on marketing brand names and symbols is not so bad, or did she just surrender to the inevitable, that brand names and marketing are here to stay For someone supposedly allergic to brands, Cayce was certainly attached to her Rickson s jacket hide spoiler

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    I love the way that William Gibson writes women Gibson usually has both male and female protagonists in his books, who may or may not even see one another during the course of the story the almost but never quite is something he comes back to again and again Regardless, his female characters are always as strong and capable as the men and often so Cayce Pollard is a wonderful character, and I think that Gibson deftly avoided all the usual pitfalls of men writing female characters For instance, in this book there is no male character of even approximately equal importance to Cayce And I like that She seeks help from time to time, but ultimately, Cayce stands on her own The book is nota love story Well, not in anything like the traditional sense.The plot of the book revolves around Cayce s attempts to track down the origin of mysterious video clips that have surfaced on the internet The disjointed, nonsequential footage is almost always of a couple, walking, talking, kissing No one knows who the couple is, where the footage is being shot, when it was shot, what sequence the clips are supposed to be viewed in, etc The first clip footage was simply discovered uploaded to a video site several years before, and an underground following has tracked down and collected all of the subsequently released clips Fans make their own compilations, putting the videos in the order they think they go Cayce is a member of one of these online fandoms, but her day job is as a consultant to advertising firms she is able to know somehow whether certain advertising approaches will be successful, which happens because the ones that are successful are able to tap into culture in a particular way that Cayce is aware of and sensitive to One of these firms becomes interested in tracking down the origin of the footage as a way of discovering just how it is that something can become an underground sensation, and puts Cayce on the job I can t really say any without ruining the story But there are Gibson s usual array of fascinating secondary characters who manage to seem both completely human and completely unique And there are strong existential themes throughout what is it that comes of always experiencing emotion and touch at one remove through the camera What is the ultimate effect on the photographer, and what is the effect on the audience This book is an anthem of both unity and alienation.

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    New York resident Cayce Pollard is a marketing consultant who instinctively knows what the public will find cool Cayce is also a follower of a website called Fetish Footage Forum FFF where mysterious film clips periodically published online are discussed and analyzed by large numbers of people around the world As the story opens in August, 2002 Cayce is in London, having been hired by the Blue Ant company to evaluate a proposed new shoe logo.At a meeting with Hubertus Bigend Blue Ant s boss, and Dorotea Benedetti representative of the logo s designer, Cayce nixes the proposed logo She also senses huge antagonism from Dorotea, a woman she s just met Soon afterward someone breaks into the London apartment where Cayce is staying, making her feel nervous and paranoid These unexplained occurrences remind Cayce of her missing father, Win Pollard, an intelligence agent who disappeared on September 11, 2001, when planes flew into the World Trade Center Cayce and her mother have done all they can to find Win, with no success After Cayce okays a second proposed shoe logo, Hubertus hires her to find the makers of the inscrutable film footage on FFF He apparently has a scheme to use the film clips to make money Cayce reluctantly agrees to work with Hubertus, and during her search for the filmmaker Cayce meets an array of interesting people and travels between London, Japan and Russia Everywhere she goes, however, Cayce senses she s being followed, which seems to be proven when she s attacked in the street The book is chock full of engaging characters, starting with Cayce who s allergic to logos and cuts the labels off all her clothing and possessions Other interesting characters include several FFF analysts, fetishists of old technology, a computer whiz who s supposed to help Cayce find the filmmaker, and .I enjoyed the book which essentially reads like a thriller, as Cayce rushes here and there to discover something that unknown and hostile others also want to know All this leads to an exciting and believable climax Very good book, highly recommended.You can follow my reviews at

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    This was my first William Gibson book, and I thought it was beautifully written, quite a literary novel I liked the characters, and I liked the idea of Cayce being sensitive to trends and brands, and having a logo allergy I m now contemplating scratching the logos off of everything I own.Plot wise, this isn t the most exciting book I ve ever read I was never bored, but the pacing was sedate, to say the least The tone of the book was cool and deliberate even the single fight scene followed by a chase seemed to move in slow motion Still, it was a very readable, intriguing story, and I ll continue with the trilogy.The weakest point of the novel for me was the mysterious footage that drives the plot I was never drawn into the characters fascination with it.

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    As goodreads is , I am taking my reviews off goodreads Nonetheless, I hope by providing links along with this ongoing message about why should not be part of our lives, this message is kept alive I include some text from the beginning of each review because goodreads has been removing my reviews from places they can be seen and apparently this may make it less likely for them to do this Read my lips, go on Whilst a semblance of free speech exists on goodreads FUCK It is so obvious why it is bad And yet it is hard to wake up in the morning without seeing its encroachment into of the world As it happens, this is an apt introduction to this particular book.Mentioned one day by my friend Margaret, I happened to spot a copy in an English bookshop cafe in Grenoble just a couple of days later May I describe it as a bookseller must Hard cover in good nick, dust jacket, 5Euros Bargain.I have to say it rather depressed me, reading this It described a world I don t live in and would not want to The obsession with brand which bizarrely meant not that this girl eschewed brand in her own life, but that every bit of her life consists of the high snob factor of brand Brand nonetheless I found it completely mysterious that although labelling made her break out in spots and panic and so on an allergy to the notion nonetheless she lives in Starbucks I thought we were going to have an explanation of that at one point, when a character actually asked her what gives, but no She just stares at him and they move on Well, they might have, but I couldn t Starbucks gives me the willies and I don t vomit on sight of Michelin Man, the childhood start of her issues So why was she immune She has a well paying job as a consequence of her weirdness, telling companies whether or not a proposed logo makes her chunder Nice work if you can get it.Here for the rest.http alittleteaalittlechat.wordpres

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    The medium is the message Marshall McLuhan We have no future because our present is too volatile We have only risk management The spinning of the given moment s scenarios Pattern recognition Herbertus Bigend, Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition is the story of an eccentric trend spotter, Cayce Pollard, and her mission to find the latest viral videos clips attracting a cult like appeal William Gibson masterfully blends concise and powerful storytelling with present day reality in a strangely compelling tale that ll hook you within the first page What follows is my spoiler free review of the novel and an analysis of its themes and plot devices I decided to include an analysis since there are so many reviews focused on the big picture In this review, you ll find both the macro and the micro view of the novel Story and at Glance PR is not long It s an extremely quick read and features the short sentence structure Gibson is known for utilizing Shotgun sentences fired in rapid succession, their aim, true, on point and efficient Word choice is paramount as the small sentences convey images and ideas far beyond their textual representations The pacing of the novel is as quick as a simple adventure read but PR is so much than that Cayce lives label free, practically allowing things to happen to her instead of taking an active role in her life Pattern Recognition isn t just about the big picture It s about Cayce accepting her past, breaking the bubble of isolation that s surrounded her most of her adult life In a world where adventure awaits around every corner a world of hidden codes, where corporate espionage runs wild Cayce is forced to make tough choices, both during the course of her investigation as well as her personal life.Cayce is deeply involved in the footage sub culture The novel spans multiple countries as she taps her F F F network Fetish Footage Forum in hopes of tracking down the clips creator Cayce is tasked with piecing together the mystery and delivering her findings to Hubertus Bigend, CEO of the advertising and marketing firm Blue Ant a figure that hires the cool hunter Cayce to uncover details about the viral video clip He s the key facilitator in PR, thrusting Cayce into the dangerous world of ancillary characters using marketing and advertising to sway hearts and minds Cayce is teamed up with Boon Chu, a security guru and former failed entrepreneur, to go on a country hopping quest The mission will threaten to upend Cayce s life and force her to take a close look at her chosen profession and way of thinking As you ve no doubt read, 9 11 and apopthenia play a huge role in PR Cayce s own feelings are brought to the foreground as she is forced to deal with her past and connected with the 9 11 attacks uncover secrets in a world of criminals and spies Gibson believes that 9 11 is one of many nodal points in history in which people began making connections and patterns out of seemingly random things such as the it s really like phenomena Cayce notes upon going to a new city Of course apopthenia has existed long before this sad historic event but the post 9 11 climate is the focus of the story and serves as a foundation for an excellent tale But as Cayce s investigation progresses she ll have to answer the big question are her experiences apopthetic and a result of past or are they really connected How 9 11 and an apopthenia bias relates to Cayce s past and her addiction for finding footage is a critical element to the narrative and is explored completely in Pattern Recognition In that sense, Cayce flawlessly designed grows as the novel progresses Changes to her personality and ways of thinking are deep and intrinsic and you will be satisfied If you re concerned with how well apopthenia is explored and if you ll get it, or think it s worth reading about , don t be Gibson does an excellent job of exploring this phenomenon and relating it to the story Protagonist, Structure and Themes Cayce is an extremely interesting character with complex thoughts and actions She s so real that many of her thoughts and actions come across as contradictory to one another But unlike novels that portray characters poorly, this contradiction is intended She s seriously allergic to fashion and labels but is surrounded by them through working freelance for advertising companies She has huge contracts with major companies but prefers to live her own life like a shadow, as little intervention as possible Living in the now, Cayce is disconnected from both her past and unsure of her future.From early on we learn that Cayce is strongly against conventional corporate environments and labels She s a 100%Gibson Rebel, not dissimilar to his cyberpunk characters Cayce takes this eccentricity further by scratching out the brand and designer names on her own clothing Her clothing which the reader may describe as almost stylish in a rebellious way is meant to be anti fashionable, another contradiction Gibson handles well In Cayce s thoughts regarding Andrei Tarkovsky s The Stalker early on in the book , for example, her mindset is described flawlessly as not one of those who think that much will be gained by the analysis of the maker s imagined influences She takes an object in and can see beyond subjective analysis she can sense the inherent meaningfulness of the images themselves and their ability to gain attraction the cool factor, the thing she searches for during her day job the next big thing, critical in trademarking.Cayce is of a sociologist or social psychologist than she realizes Her abilities are tied to her understanding of how people interact and what they desire Cayce may take a passenger s role in the world, allowing things to happen to her instead of taking the reins, but she s a master passenger, foreseeing speed bumps and points of interest along the way.Cayce likes Pilates because it isn t, in the way she thinks of yoga, as meditative In another instance, the Shinx position she s practicing is described as having the following mentality y ou do not get there by thinking about not thinking The importance of the quotes shines through when considering Cayce s take on things of value in present day life She believes such things require no deep meditative thought, they simply are or aren t When Cayce rates a piece of art or marketing design, she doesn t think about the item s meaning, she says Yes or No on intuition, her cool barometer is a mystery even to her Everything Cayce thinks or does is bound to this structure She is, in essence, a neutral or passive observer in all things.Philosophy and or cinema majors will instantly note that Pattern Recognition has a strong element of self reflexivity, a commentary on the media as a whole, a story referring to itself This is obvious because Gibson refers to Cayce s anti art fashion logical thinking mindset and yet he makes this a novel, clearly wanting the reader to think critically or at least acknowledge some deeper ideas Cayce becomes real in the eyes of the reader because her method is flawed, her pre conceived notions of film and art on a meta level actually requires deeper thought and reflection She battles this during the course of PR, growing as a character.The Cayce character plays into the overall theme and story of Pattern Recognition the past can be portrayed in any way, making reality malleable and the future unknowable The modern world in which we live is completely volatile. In one indirect reference to the transient nature of history, Cayce touches a replacement jacket the original had a hole in it the text describes her going to touch the non existent hole only to find, history erased via the substitution of an identical object Pg 194 Finely crafted sentences convey powerful ideas Other ideas expressed bring up interesting questions for the reader what does art mean or say about the subject matter Does it stand by itself, devoid of introspective thought Is video clips part of a greater sequence Is it part of a greater historical commentary What does the text say of our relationship with the media, news, advertising and media Or maybe this deeper analysis is yet another example of apopthenia Gibson jests about this on interviews, clearly giving a nod to Pattern Recognition s overarching themes while letting the novel stand on its own with little revelations beyond what is written Since Pattern Recognition is so well written its ideas expressed so clearly I find all of the answers in the novel to be satisfactory Conclusion The characters of Pattern Recognition are just as complex and interesting as Cayce Pollard From the antique computer guy Voytek Biroshak to Hobbs Baranov, a retired math whiz with connections to the NSA All of them receive considerable depth and seem believable While Gibson s previous work was futuristic, this contemporary work manages to pull off high tech with reality If you re at all interested in the media s influence, marketing, espionage, steganography, codes, and the history of antiquities, you ll love PR.Pattern Recognition is a terrific standalone novel that takes place in a world that mirrors our own Not only does it have an excellent and intriguing story, it has speculative themes that serve as critiques to the instant gratification world in which we live In a world in which anything can go viral, advertising and media outlets really do control all that we see and hear, but are those their associations real What gives them power This novel will get you thinking and entertain you all at the same time.A huge fan of William Gibson s work and all things cyberpunk including the dozens of spin off series and role playing games like CP2020 and SR , I ve got to admit that Pattern Recognition tops anything he s ever written While I m a bigger fan of reading about dystopian, high tech futures than the present, this novel paints such an amazing picture of the world that I can t deny its strength as a classic work fiction Even if you aren t into over analyzing Gibson tales like yours truly , you ll probably love this highly regarded novel It s extremely insightful, smart, fast paced, and easily worth the rating of 5 5.

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