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txt Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, text ebook Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, adobe reader Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, chapter 2 Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters 3ad935 Following His Bestselling Abduction, Pulitzer Winner Harvard Professor John E Mack, MD Demonstrates How Alien Abduction Phenomena Demand A New Way Of Examining The Nature Of Reality Our Place In The Cosmos Mack Shook The World When He Published In Abduction The Results Of His Research Involving Clients Who Reported They D Had Encounters With Alien Life Forms In Passport To The Cosmos, Mack, Who Has Done Additional Research With Abductees In The USA Around The World, Asserts That This Phenomenon Is Part Of A New Era In Consciousness, A Time In Which We Must Be Willing To Embrace The Idea That Alien Visitation Is Real On Some Level The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Is A Cosmic Wake Up Call That We Live In A World Filled With Spirits Beings Who Can Cross The Barrier We Ve Made Between The Material Immaterial Worlds Drawing On Traditiona Of Non Western Indigenous Cultures, Which Readily Accept A Multidimensional Cosmos, He Shows That By Broadening Definitions Of What Is Real We Can Begin To Explore A Phenomenon That Has Deep Lasting Implications By Sharing The Encounters Of Experiencers, He Illuminates A Phenomenon That S Changed The Worldviews Of Those Who Ve Experienced It Time Again, Experiencers From All Cultures Say Their Lives Have Been Altered By Their Encounters With Aliens In Ways Both Traumatic Transformative This Transformation Seems To Be An Intrinsic Part Of The Phenomenon, Which Is Marked By A Variety Of Elements That Go Beyond The Physical Manifestation Of Alien Visitation Passport To The Cosmos Solidifies His Reputation As An Authoritative Pioneer Of The Science Of Human Experience

About the Author: John E. Mack

American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School He was a Pulitzer Prize winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.

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    I have read several books on the the UFO and abduction phenomenon, but John E Mack brings than a credible insight to this subject I am inquisitive and open minded, but have to say was slightly cynical of the the abduction subject, and in hindsight certainly ignorant of it prior to buying this book It took me longer than it should to read this excellent book as after each paragraph I found myself cross referencing my own reading and beliefs The book is very well structured with a subtle pace that has your mind drawing on your own wider understanding of life experiences and spirituality into this phenomenon without suffocating you in sensationalism You begin to realise this subject is so much than cranks and attention seekers looking for a fix The book is as deep as you you want to interpret it, personally I found it remarkably, and totally unexpectedly, pulling together other issues I have read about on science, astrophysics, spirituality, the afterlife, near death experiences, and other issues such as those raised in Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival John E Mack has a gentle and articulate delivery yet remains unbiased as a research paper should, and brings a gravitas to this body of work and a genuine credibility that has in one way transformed, but another reinforced my personal world view A great and intellectual work on this often overlooked subject indeed, and one I urge you to read as it may resonate with you like you never expected s the pity that one of the most credible voices on the matter is no longer with us This is a book that I would recommend as 1 on a reading list surrounding the entire ufo subject, but also the last one too Every time you come back to it and re read a section you will reveal another layer of knowledge and enlightenment whether by design genius or coincidence our good fortune This is a seminal piece, and dare I say it, it may well have helped changed my outlook on life itself.

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    I ve read Mack s alien abduction books in order, this being the second, and saw the Christopher Walken film based on the Strieber s Communion The authority of the author is, in both cases, impressive than the content of the books A tenured faculty member of the Harvard Medical School and a Pulitzer Prize winner, Mack is undoubtedly intelligent His exposition of cases of supposed alien abduction indicates, further, that he is a compassionately client centered therapist His treatment of this whole business remains, however, unsatisfying One would hope for some light being thrown on the subject Instead, one gets some hopeful speculation on the order of grasping at straws.

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    Passport to the Cosmos is a book that needs to be read before it is judged It has a very important message that needs to be considered and thought through The continuity of so many people across the world and in all walks of life, saying very similar things from their experiences and being transformed in their understanding of our world and the creative universal force is something to behold John E Mack, MD is an intelligent respected researcher who looks at all sides and leaves you to make up your own conclusions from the accounts by the people who have had these life changing experiences The last part of the book is defining and very insightful in my opinion Anyone who takes this book on with an open mind will get the very important spiritual message that is a theme throughout the book Well done John Mack.

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    In this book Mack chooses a slightly broader approach to study and understand the main characteristics and ultimate purpose of the alien abduction phenomenon Mack structures the book around thematic chapters which delve deeper and deeper into the metaphysical and cosmic as the book reads on While Abduction dealt with the wider topics of Earth s ecological destruction and the expansion of human consciousness, Passport goes further to examine the connection between the abduction experiences, alien beings, the human soul and the universal energy of the cosmos.The main focus of this book is to provide a different narrative perspective for the phenomenon by sharing and analyzing the life stories and experiences of two Native American and one South African man Mack often contrasts the Western materialist scientific worldview of which he himself is born out of and the spiritualism of indigenous peoples to show how differently humans around the world can interpret the phenomenon.Mack goes on to analyze the experiences and the resulting ontological shock his term for the worldview shattering his clients report which brings about an expansion of conciousness and thus irreversibly changes the lives of the experiencers As a result, the experiencers start leading much ecologically sustainable lives, become tolerant and understanding of other people and generally feel much spiritually aware of themselves as human beings He argues that this is the main purpose of the phenomenon to make us think about the bigger issues our race is facing and act on it to make a positive impact for the planet.Overall, I strongly recommend reading this book as it presents compelling testimonies by credible eyewitnesses and gives important insight into the abduction phenomenon experienced by many thousands of people all over this planet The late John E Mack has done a great service for the field by writing this book full of intelligent analysis, compassion and heart.

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    I had some difficulties with this book, including with the writer s methodology and the conclusions that he drew from his investigations In the introduction, he states that there isn t objectively verifiable evidence to prove the occurrence of the events described in the book Yet, it appears he is drawing conclusions from the individuals testimonials about the broader meaning of their experiences and the nature of reality I think it would have been better to simply recount experiences, and let the reader draw his or her own conclusions about what those experiences might mean Otherwise, there doesn t seem to be a way to bridge the gap between subjective experience and objective reality I found it disconcerting when Mack states that he doesn t know to what extent the experiences occur in physical reality versus in the subjective experience of the experiencer, but then he states he doesn t think that matters so much I disagree I think it does matter a lot What else is to distinguish a collective experience which we name reality with a subjective experience, which may be altogether different from what others experience

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    Passport to the Cosmos is a must read for anyone interested in the alien abduction phenomenon, altered state contacts and interdimmensional encounters Macks approach to the subject is refreshing and dynamic He approaches the material through the lens of personal transformation, instead of static data In a world where we very quickly divide things into good or bad, this book reveals how embracing the unknown and tearing down ones long held belief systems a sometimes painful process can lead to transcendent awakenings and illuminate who we truly are as individuals and as humans.

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    Initially, the author s academic and seemingly critical approach to the subject of alien abduction irritated me It appeared to me that the most important factor for him was the presentation of material evidence of the existence of these aliens and the veracity of the experiencers accounts in the sense that it could be proven that these abductions had actually taken place on the physical plane in some way or another, which of course is hardly possible It was as though what mattered most was what his peers thought The author was new to me, since I hadn t read his previous book Abduction.Later in the book Mack convinced me of his belief in the various accounts of the abductees he d worked with, owing to the depth of their experiences, perhaps particularly their emotional response to them, even though these may not actually have occurred or be occurring on the physical plane which in fact is of no significance my comment.As opposed to Dolores Cannon, for instance, who presents us with the experiences of individual abductees and the like, one at a time, by interviewing them under deep regression, Mack gifts us with an overview of the various aspects of abductee experiences, collating and comparing the individual experiences.This is the first book I ve read in which the author availed himself herself of an academic, professional and ontological approach to the subject, and I ended by deeply appreciating his modus operandi.We re offered the information that these experiences, though often physically invasive, occasionally to the point of torture, and thus terrifying, have as a potential end result great spiritual development, in fact total transformation Actually, as far as I understand, it is precisely owing to the terrifying nature of the abductees experiences that their total belief system and world view are shattered , transformation practically being forced upon them.New to me was the implication that despite the negative factors of these experiences, the true meaning or aim of the aliens behaviour towards us is their desire to provide us with advanced knowledge and to aid us in raising our vibration consciousness so we better can survive the challenging times ahead culminating in the earth changes at the end of 2012 The matter is somewhat unclear, but it appears that the aliens come not only to help us but to help themselves Some abductees report that the aliens may have breeding problems and need humans for their long term survival hence their use of us to create hybrids to replenish their stock These hybrids are highly developed than us, while having emotional qualities which the aliens seem to lack, Others report that we humans, who are in the process of destroying our own planet may need a new planet to live on, and it might be easier for these hybrids to exist in another world And the aliens themselves may stand in need of a new planet This book presents information about beings vastly developed than ourselves, and many experiencers have attained remarkable, altered states, a higher vibration and virtual Samadhi like states, They feel that they have been blasted into a total transformative experience.It is as though the terrifying the experience, the greater the capacity for personal growth, a very deep heart opening and an incredible love for people , this being what Whitley Strieber experienced Reptilian beings can be particularly frightening, and one woman responded by bombarding the beings with love energy They began to shriek , ran and backed off through the wall In short, the vile actions of these beings can provoke us into resorting to the power of love, the greatest force in the universe, and thus regaining contact with the Source This is what engenders true healing.Some abductees are aware that these negative beings reflect dark sides of their own nature, and it seems to me that it may not be everyone or anyone who is likely to experience abduction, but precisely those who have lacked a connection to Source, have not initially believed in the existence of aliens, and have in some way had a need to be ripped from reality in order to establish or re establish this connection.In the final end it is as though the whole point of the abduction experience, at least as regards the individual abductee, is to be provoked to return to Source Some experience that they have always known the aliens, that they in fact have a deep, inner connection In personal relationships with aliens, a deep love can arise, much deeper than is possible in human relationships.There is much talk of Home, another word for Source, and the incredible love to be experienced there.This book goes deeply into the spiritual experiences of the abductees and has given me an insight into the etiology of the phenomenon that I could not have imagined I knew nothing of the spiritual side of the matter before This is an important work which has expanded my world view, thus contributing to my own personal development I strongly recommend that you read it.

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    Put aside your inner sceptic for a moment and explore the possibilitiesThe book presents an interesting, if difficult to accept, take on alien abduction phenomenon Exploring it as of a psychological rather than material matterWell worth the read for those with an open mind

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    Highly recommended for anyone interested in the alien phenomena and or spirituality.

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    Just miss Mack What you don,t know can hurt you.

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