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txt Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds, text ebook Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds, adobe reader Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds, chapter 2 Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds, Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds 11864a Over Two Decades Ago, Eminent Scientist Vallee Wrote A Provocative Book About Alleged UFO Landings, Folklore, And Certain Unexplained Phenomena That Long Out Of Print Book Which Discussed The Most Interesting Reports Of Than , Apparently Reliable Witnessess Has Become An Underground Classic And Is Now Being Reissued

About the Author: Jacques F. Vallée

Excerpted from wikipedia Jacques Fabrice Vall e born September 24, 1939 in Pontoise, Val d Oise, France is a venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, ufologist and former astronomer currently residing in San Francisco, California.In mainstream science, Vall e is notable for co developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and for his work at SRI International in creating ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet Vall e is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects UFOs , first noted for a defense of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the interdimensional hypothesis.

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    Jacques F Vallee was one of the first scientists to closely study UFO phenomenon He goes beyond a simple examination and compares it to the fairy religions and mythologies from the past Passport to Magonia is one of his most well known works.Vallee also mentions, in the new preface that he wrote for the book in the early 90s, of the difficulties that he had compiling the thousands of eyewitness accounts that are included in Passport to Magonia I suppose with the easy connections to the internet that are available now, that I hadn t considered how laborious it would be to gather all of that information together in the time before computers.At the very least, Passport to Magonia can be admired for its thoroughness in the section A Century of UFO Landings It is approximately 150 pages of account after account of UFO encounters The amount of information, types of witnesses and manner of UFO phenomena is truly mind boggling.Some of the standout examples for me are Juan Diego s tilma and the sky anchor that was left behind in 1211 a.d at a church in Cloera, Ireland And, Aleister Crowley s run in with two gnomes or aliens.Vallee cites the book, Magick Without Tears, for the Crowley experience It makes me so curious I may just have to look into it.So many of these accounts are beyond belief, which makes for great reading, but which Vallee reminds the reader, cannot be taken at face value.He reminds us of our inability to understand the accounts even as he seeks to understand them Futility, thy name is Passport to Magonia Readers who enjoy UFO literature will probably enjoy this classic book Vallee doesn t provide the answers, but he has crafted a framework for UFO exploration beyond the usual acceptance or denial of a puzzling and reoccurring phenomena.

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    This is THE book it s a masterpiece in the ufology sub genre in fact that made me fall in love with Vallee and his work in the field of ufological studies and research Always taking an open minded, objective and scholarly approach in his quest and devotion to the scientific study of ufology all qualities, by the way, which have become his trademark, making Vallee indeed one of those rare gems since he was originally trained as a scientist He received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the Sorbonne, followed by his earning his Master of Science in astrophysics from the University of Lille Professionally he started as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in 1961, before he finally moved to the United States in 1962 and began working in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin, at whose MacDonald Observatory he worked on NASA s first project making a detailed informational map of Mars In 1967, Vall e received a Ph.D in computer science from Northwestern University Passport to Magonia is rare in that It combines both mythology and folklore to the subject of UFOs to build not only a fascinating and informative background but also an extremely convincing case one that is both original as well as a well researched thesis and one that s difficult not to if not outright totally agree 100 with his thesis immediately credence to.A HIGHLY recommended as well as enjoyable book a scholarly book that should be required reading for anyone interested in the field of ufology

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    Read this back in grade school as a kid who read lots of flying saucer books starting in third grade or so, this book was one of two I wish I could remember the name of the other that really had an impact on me and shifted me out of the classic metal ships nuts and bolts school of thought by focusing on how much overlap there was between folklore and 20th century UFO reports NOT in a CHARIOTS OF THE GODS mode, but in an actual folkloric sense Fascinating and probably helped me not becoming a UFO crank and instead fostering my interest in forteana, folklore and Anthropology I should re read this.

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    This author documents and discusses the UFO alien phenomenon, and fully acknowledges its existence, without succumbing to the temptation to speculate The author makes four major points 1 Modern UFO alien accounts are extremely similar to events recorded throughout human history describing manifestations of gods, angels, demons, fairies, dwarves, giants, monsters, etc The similarities are so striking that most or all of these manifestations appear to have a common origin 2 Science is an approach, not a set of findings, so there is no reason that this topic cannot be scientifically investigated And the best way to study these phenomena is to avoid speculation and to collect and publish available data i.e., eyewitness reports and related physical evidence Also, it is useful to examine the effects that UFO alien experiences have upon those involved as well as those who read about them 3 Humans appear to be incapable of creating a theory that satisfactorily accounts for all of the UFO alien evidence and eyewitness reports Every explanation proposed so far falls short of providing a believable and comprehensive understanding of these phenomena 4 UFO alien phenomena demonstrate properties of both physical reality as well as psychic construction Overall, this book is a major contribution to the field of ufology as well as science in general Skeptics and believers alike will not be disappointed.

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    A must read for any student of the paranormal Vallee takes modern day UFO reports, the airship sightings of the 1890s, fairie lore, etc., and places them in a cultural context Basically, according to Vallee, we are dealing with the same phenomenon however, secondary characteristics of the phenomenon are able to change in a way to be understood by the cultures of different places and time periods.

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    This book is rightfully considered to be a classic within the Fortean field The author, Jacques F Vall e, was a consultant upon Project Blue Book and colleague of J Allen Hynek He is an esteemed professor even today, and one of the most level headed individuals to take on the UFO field This book is the first where he formulates the beginning of a challenge to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Perhaps, this book dares to say, the UFOs and their visiting inhabitants are not in fact from another planet or solar system Perhaps they are something closer to home, and far complicated than they appear to be.The subheading of this book is From Folklore to Flying Saucers and that sums up the contents very well Vall e presents the idea that there is no true difference between the phenomena of angels and demons, fairies and elves, djinn and dwarves and the UFO inhabitants He lays out compelling arguments, comparing and contrasting the stories of those who went to the Otherworld of Magonia and returned and those who were spirited away by flying saucers He compares the humanoids encountered by people throughout the ages, and how familiar they are if only one has an eye for folklore and history Perhaps, after all, they are the same If they are the same thing, what does that mean This book doesn t exactly dwell upon what it would mean for the phenomena to have been the same over millennia, but the mere fact that this book considers it is important enough Throughout Vall e s career he did delve deeper into the idea and I truly look forward to reading about it For a beginning book, however, this is a fascinating one If possible, I recommend getting a later addition of it as the introduction was a great read that truly highlights why this book is important and deserves to still be read.Especially nowadays when the material concept of UFOs has truly overtaken the field and cheapened the interesting and telling psychological and sociological implications of the phenomena.

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    This book is a fascinating read and it well deserves its place in my ufology book collection It is considered to be a classic seminal book on the subject and after reading it, I can see why If I had to choose between this book that was originally published in 1969, or his 1988 book called Dimensions, I would choose the latter The reason being because Dimensions contains much of the material from Magonia and What Magonia does have that Dimensions doesn t is an excellent catalogue of cases contained at the end of the book For me, this is another five star book from one of the most important men in the field of serious ufology.

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    An undoubtedly important book in UFO lore, but no longer a must read It shows a clear link between ancient folklore and modern ufology, but in this modern era of paranormal research that is a near accepted fact While this may be the book that helped shape that view, it now feels like a long read proving something that is already proven The appendix is interesting but has not been updated, not including anything that happened in recent decades Still, a good, though not vital read, but an important book.

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    Definitely a unique book It posits a theory on UFOs that is very interesting, very unique and hit me almost totally out of left field.

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    I read this as a teenager Vallee seems to think that accounts of fairies, gnomes, pixies, etc., are really sightings of aliens Interesting

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