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txt Orphaned Hearts , text ebook Orphaned Hearts , adobe reader Orphaned Hearts , chapter 2 Orphaned Hearts , Orphaned Hearts 6d7c4d Pastor David Langley Understands Six Year Old Caleb Holsheyer What It Feels Like To Be Damaged And Alone His Family Killed In A Fire, And His Body Severely Burned, David Grew Up In An Orphanage, Ridiculed And Shunned He Couldn T Let That Be Caleb S Fate When Adoption Plans Fall Through, David Is Desperate To Find Caleb A New Home But In The Midst Of The Great Depression, Most Families Are Barely Getting By No One Seems Willing To Take On The Responsibility Of An Extra Mouth, Especially One Belonging To A Crippled Child Except For Sadie Miller, The Town Spinster In Sadie, David Sees The Answer To Caleb S Needs But Child Welfare Doesn T Agree, And Demands Other Arrangements Be Found, Or The Boy Be Returned To The Orphanage David And Sadie Team Up, Determined To Find A Home For An Orphaned Child, But While Searching, Might They Find A Family Instead

About the Author: Shawna K. Williams

Shawna K Williams grew up without giving any consideration to becoming a writer It wasn t until after the age of thirty when a combination of events including a peculiar dream which eventually inspired her first two novels persuaded her to pursue this calling Her books have been praised for their honesty of portrayal and message of Grace Shawna s hope is that through her work she can tou

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    Can there be any poignant starting place for love than the mutual caring of a disadvantaged child Shawna K Williams provides a vivid and emotional tale of falling love despite our scars, overcoming the odds, and the power of family in her novella, Orphaned Hearts.Brother David Langley is a church minister who fears he s about to have to send an orphaned boy, Caleb, into the arms of the unknown because the care of a foster family has fallen through Being a physically and emotionally scarred orphan himself, David takes on Caleb s life, and problems, as his own, wanting to help the boy find security and a loving, stable home Sadie Miller is a member of his church who possesses many layers than what she, and many in the town, might see in her outward appearance Sadie is a humble, lovely unmarried woman She s growing, she fears, into life as a spinster, especially since her father has passed away and she is now, well and truly, alone As the means to keep Caleb from being forced to return to the orphanage, Sadie agrees to take care of him until a permanent home can be found The search brings the three of them together, and, by God s grace, builds the family unit all three of them so long to embrace, and share The story becomes not only a romance, but an authentic exploration of the life of depression era orphans, and the attitudes with which they were forced to contend Innocents left unprotected by the presence of a mother and father were often thrown into a harsh world not of their choosing In many instances they were taken advantage of looked upon as potential workers rather than family members when churches and charitable institutions would attempt to place them in either foster care or permanent homes In even worse cases, as the story portrays, there was criminal negligence as false adoptions took place, sending children into horrible conditions and unlawful work experiences Williams writes in a tender, fluid manner that draws the reader in Her depiction of David, Sadie and Caleb becoming a family against the backdrop of Depression era America is real and touching She further demonstrates how the power of love can thwart the way in which society casts blind judgments over uncomfortable situations such as physical handicaps and the stigma of being labeled She paints a vivid picture of life in a mining town with lovely turns of phrase and details that place the reader in the midst of the scene.I enjoyed the loving journey provided by Orphaned Hearts and I look forward to from Shawna K Williams.The author provided a complimentary copy of Orphaned Hearts in exchange for my honest review.

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    The Best Gifts Come in Small PackagesIt is the season of giving I received a most delightful gift in reading Orphaned Hearts by Shawna Williams This novella, only eighty seven pages long, is full of gifts There is the gift of the setting the holiday season of the early 1930 s, in the small town of Brady Hill.The main characters, David and Sadie, are gifts as they show us the things that matter love, faith, compassion and kindness They will rise above their own issues to help others, especially the children of the orphanage in nearby Fort Smith There is the gift of Caleb, the orphan who will steal your heart the moment you meet him Only six, he has experienced tragedy than any child ever should But the little boy, who loves to run and climb trees and play ball, is still inside and with the love of David, Sadie and the entire town of Brady Hill, Caleb becomes the six year old child he was meant to be Lessons learned or those we are reminded of is another gift of Orphaned Hearts This book shows us that no matter the issue, no matter the damage, physical or emotional, all people are created equal and should be treated as such It shows us that we need to reach out to others who need our help we cannot ignore those who are in need And it shows us that faith in God and obedience to Him will bring us through everything we face.On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, I rank Orphaned Hearts as a twenty Buy this book and in the midst of the Christmas rush, take an afternoon, sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea or cocoa and enjoy this book It will be the best Christmas gift you can give yourself.

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    This is a delightful book I loved the idea of this book and found it enthralling David has been shunned all his life after being scarred by a fire as a child and thinks no one could love him if they saw his scars Sadie Miller is a spinster coping with her fathers recent death after being his carer for many years When an adoption for Caleb falls through David turns to Sadie for help We see Sadie has a big heart and would make a great mother but shes single The book shows how orphan children were not considered important to many people at one stage and how children with scars or physical issues are often shunned It also shows how there were special people who did love the children and treated them the way they needed to be treated.I loved how Sadie and David did all they could to help Sadie keep Caleb although she was single and how Caleb store their hearts This was a lovely christmas story with alot of special insights I would have loved to read in this book.

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    I have a soft spot in my heart for orphans and stories about orphans, having been adopted myself Shawna Wiliams does a good job of showing the pain of children who feel they are not wanted and who in many cases aren t Juxtaposed against the adults who view children who are different as damaged and whose hearts are closed are the adults, in this case the heroine and the hero who open their hearts and homes to a little boy who just wants a home with a mommy and a daddy It is the universal wish we all have to be loved for who we are, imperfections and all This is a sweet inspirational story.

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    a heart warming story.

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    Orphaned Hearts I enjoy reading good books about children For me, you do not hurt them, but LOVE them God s special ones.I would recommend this book to my cousin, Donna She feels the same way I do about children.

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    David Langley is pastor of a small town church in the middle of the Great Depression, and he has a problem A six year old boy is about to arrive on the train, but the family who promised to adopt him have changed their mind at the last minute As a former orphan himself, David does not want to send the boy back to the orphanage, which leaves him with the problem of what to do with Caleb To complicate matters, Caleb lost an arm in an accident, which makes it harder to find potential adoptive parents This is a problem that David, horribly scarred in the fire that took his family, understands only too well.Sadie Miller, the town spinster, has spent the last few years caring for her ailing father and hoping that Brother Langley will notice her Now her father is dead and, at thirty three, she feels she is too old for the husband and family she always dreamt of When David brings Caleb to her to look after temporarily, she agrees to take him in and soon falls in love with the small damaged child But there is no chance that the orphanage will approve a single woman as an adoptive parent, no matter how well she might be able to provide for the child, and Sadie and David will have to fight just to get the orphanage to approve her as a temporary foster parent I really enjoyed Orphaned Hearts The writing was strong, the characters were likeable and realistic, the plot was excellent, the romance was sweet and while the novel has an underlying Christian theme, it was not overtly preachy It also is the first novel I have read set during the Great Depression of the 1930 s that has managed to not be depressing The only problem was that it is really a novella rather than a full length novel 43,000 words compared to 90,000 for a standard novel , and I would have liked it to be longer Having said that, there was just enough plot for the length of the book, and to make it longer would have been adding words, not story In fairness, I should point out that Shawna and I have been conversing in online discussions for over a year as the modern equivalent of pen pals However, that does not affect my opinion it just means that I should have read her books long before now Orphaned Hearts is published by Desert Breeze Publishing, a relatively new specialist ebook publisher of romance in all its guises Desert Breeze will soon be offering ten of their most popular titles as traditional books Meanwhile, their ebooks are available from www., www.desertbreezepublishing.com and www.smashwords.com Thanks to Shawna Williams and Desert Breeze Publishing for providing a free ebook to review.

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    William s Orphaned Hearts presents an intriguing contrast between the power of faith and the basic, limiting struggles of humankind It s the Great Depression, and the holidays approach Single Pastor David Langley, himself once an orphan, reaches out to a young Caleb, an orphan in his parish David knows loneliness and he tries to avert the sad life he expects Caleb to struggle into but the authorities will prevent him from doing all he hopes for the boy He knows how much Caleb will desire a home but he doubts himself as able to make a difference, and he struggles even to understand his own feelings Sadie Miller is a townie and a spinster and seems the perfect solution for Caleb She s also a super tough and persistent lady definitely not one to dwell on what could have been Of all the characters, she s the absolute standout, and although she understands both sorrow and loneliness, she never dwells on it, but pursues ideas and life in general with admirable determination She admits hopes about David but David s thoughts seem to bound between the past and hopes for the future In fact, David s sad moments of self reflection and dwelling on the past might be slightly overdone we do revisit the pastor s history to add pathos to many a scene This does slow the plot on occasion, but you will certainly never be tempted to stop reading It is after all, David s tragedy his loss, his remembered loneliness and desire for a home that ties together all the challenges presented in this novel For tragedy is indeed the background for this moving novel past tragedies, current sorrows and un ordinary struggles yet the tone though there is some gentle sadness is not melancholy There is a persistent underlying goodness that gives us hope throughout Love, we feel certain, will surely lead to a kind of triumph Williams handles this emotionally moving story with enormous subtlety Dark though any description might seem, the book itself is uplifting Do read Originally posted at

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    Title ORPANED HEARTSAuthor Shawna K WilliamsPublisher Desert BreezeNovember 2010ISBN 978 1 61252 001 8Genre Inspirational historical romanceDavid Langly is a pastor that understands well the pain of being an orphan Especially a deformed orphan David s body was severely damaged in the house fire that claimed his family, and as a result no one wanted to adopt him, instead, he was ridiculed and called Frankenstein He didn t want the same fate for another child So when he learns about Caleb, a sweet six year old boy who lost his family and his arm in a car accident, David was determined to find the boy a home Sadie Miller is the town spinster She s given her life caring for her sick father, and now that he s gone, she wants to give to someone else When David proposes that she take in Caleb, as a foster mother, Sadie is thrilled She has someone to love, and Caleb s deformity doesn t matter in the least Unfortunately, Child Welfare doesn t agree that a single woman is qualified to be a foster parent and they insist that David return Caleb to the orphanage So David and Sadie try to find an approved home for the poor orphaned boy is it possible they ll find a family instead ORPHANED HEARTS is a very sweet poignant story about three orphans One orphaned as an adult, the other two as children I had my heart s strings tugged by the sad tales that the trio had, and wanted them to find love, acceptance, and a family The story was fairly predictable, and the font was a bit difficult to read I was lucky enough to get a print copy, but it is available on Kindle, that might be easier to read than the print Over all this is a very enjoyable story, set during the Great Depression 122 pages 3.99 on Kindle Print prices unavailable.

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    Another great novel by Shawna K Williams This one is a bit sweeter in overall style, but is just as powerful in regards to the heartfelt message it containsjust like her prior books It s hard for me to pick a favorite because all three were so good What I loved about this story was it had to do with a theme of loving others and seeing them for who they are inside, not what is supposedly wrong with them that people see on the outside I loved watching the characters grow to love each other and how both Sadie and David wanted what was best for the other person The ever growing trust and love slowly developing between Caleb and the adults in his life was beautiful to behold I wanted David to overcome some of his self image worries I was cheering for Sadie all the way I really identified with Sadie and her desire for a family of her own, but not being able to imagine it happening When everything started coming together it was inspiring and heart warming There wasn t any contrived tension or overly dramatic scenes to distract from the power of the story Everything felt natural in it s presentation I have a soft spot for orphan stories, so that made this one all the sweeter to me I loved how the author showed that it was hard for David to even know for sure if his feelings were what love actually felt like, since he d been orphaned at such a young age It s so true that people who haven t felt security and love in their homes growing up struggle with understanding love, not to mention learning how to give and receive love in regards to others This was very well done Orphaned Hearts was sweet and tender, but it was also a story containing substance and powerful truths I really enjoyed it.

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