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summary Open Season, series Open Season, book Open Season, pdf Open Season, Open Season 5a643c9642 Be Careful What You Wish For On Her Thirty Fourth Birthday, Daisy Minor Decides To Make Over Her Entire Life The Small Town Librarian Has Had It With Her Boring Clothes, Her Ordinary Looks, And Nearly A Decade Without So Much As A Date It S Time To Get A Life And A Sex Life The Perennial Good Girl, Daisy Transforms Herself Into A Party Girl Extraordinaire Dancing The Night Away At Clubs, Laughing And Flirting With Abandon And She S Declared Open Season For Manhunting But Her Free Spirited Fun Turns To Shattering Danger When She Witnesses Something She Shouldn T And Becomes The Target Of A Killer Now, Before She Can Meet The One Man Who Can Share Her Life, First She May Need Him To Save It Seamlessly Blending Heart Pounding Romance And Breathless Intrigue, Linda Howard Delivers A Stylish And Provocative Novel That Absolutely Defies Readers To Put It Down

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    4 STARSLoved it I love how Linda Howard s books always follow the same formula see below but still end up different and unique.My rating is based on the following success equation S.5P.2C .9M x.7F H.3D Q x 1.5C x 8L , where S is the success of a novel, P is the build and depth of a plotline, C is the richness of the characterization, M is the the amount of badassness hotness of a male character hero , F is the amount of intelligence, independence and strength of the female character heroine , H is the amount of humor banter, D is believability and plausibility of the distress the damsel heroine experiences murder, human trafficking, etc , Q is likeability and quirkiness of a relative friend small town community added together , C is cuteness of children puppies kittens added together , L is the amount of love emotion hotness steaminess NOTE All measures can be scaled from 1 to 10 where 1 means not at all and 10 means extremely. Okay, I totally made this up but it sounded legit to me I did, however, consider the above elements while rating this book This book is very entertaining, hot and engaging The characterization is well done, the hero is off the charts hot and the heroine is likable despite her innocence and old fashionedness.If you re looking for a well written and feel good small town cop romance then this one is definitely for you QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 4 5Writing style 5 5Storyline 3.5 5Hero 4.5 5 Heroine 3.5 5Secondary characters 4 5 Hotness chemistry 4 5 Romance 4 5 Angst 2 5Darkness level 3 5Humor 4 5 Depth of the book 4 5POV multiple, 3rd person Triggers view spoiler murder, sex trafficking hide spoiler

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    I haven t read many Linda Howard books but for the ones that I have I did enjoy then She is certainly a talented author Open Season was such a fun book to read I was hooked right from the get go and just let the story unfold ignoring some of the predictability.The two main characters were fantastic together Daisy Minor was a 34 year old Librarian who was about to find her inner tiger that would finally snag a guy of husband material She was done with being plain Jane and all about becoming the new and improved Daisy But best of all she was funny There were some scene s that had me laughing out loud Whenever she decided to go to the local drug store and buy a party pack box of condoms I couldn t stop laughing And there was a lot to love about Jack He was downright sweet He was the police chief so he was tough and burly too There is also something sexy about a guy who appeared to be enad with said Librarian from day one.The banter between Daisy and Jack was perfect There was always something swirling around Daisy which drove Jack batty but Daisy was determined to find herself a husband Jack found his nerves on edge every time he was around her And I mean this in a good way When something happens that puts Daisy in some danger Jack s protectiveness kicks in to gear There was some mystery and a bit of suspense but this is where I found things predictable It bugged me a bit but I was enjoying everything else about the story that in the end it didn t matter.This one gets thumbs up and I m looking forward to reading from Linda Howard

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    Cute story, granted not very original but it still had a little of everything I very much enjoyed the banter between the 2 main characters.

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    Daisy needs some protection. This is a review of the audiobook Oh, I had to be bad and get this one I know I only gave the hardcover of this one four stars, but it has some of my favorite themes along with one of my favorite authors, so I splurged and got the audiobook I m so glad I did, as Deborah Hazlett does a great job narrating She handles this fast paced Romantic Suspense with ease and perfect diction, while her pace, volume, and tone do not fluctuate The male voices aren t quite perfect, as her voice isn t deep enough, but such is the case with most female readers Still, she gets the accent and inflection of humor and worry just right ditto on the accents and differentiating them, too.Linda Howard has a habit, sometimes, of getting her characters in the sack too soon for me, anyway Maybe I m turning into a prude in my old age Even so, she turns me around every time The characters are fun together I can so easily picture them.Daisy Minor, small town librarian, and Jack Russo, Chief of Police, make an enjoyable and charming couple though you wouldn t know they are a perfect match at first Daisy decides it is time for a major make over, and she gets in a little too deep with her sexy new look Good thing there is the hunky, protective man with a badge standing by The way it starts, you think it is going to be darker than it is, and certainly the topic of illegal marketing of sexual slavery is no joke And, this is probably why I marked it down the first time through Given that I ve read it several times over, and continue to love it, I just have to increase the rating Despite the topic, there is plenty of humor mixed in with the justice.

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    Tis the Open Season There isn t much to say than what this picture will cover because the word condom was used a couple dozen times in this book There were seventy two condoms purchased in the production of this story. Maybe she needed to warn Chief Russo to keep a close eye on aisle five at Clud s Pharmacy, because judging by the variety offered here, there were some hinky things going on in Hillsoboro. No, hinky was not a typo I swore it was kinky the first time I read it, which would have been even appropriate.You might want me to mention something other than the copious condom usage, perhaps My thoughts about the success of the story itself Open Season was a fun little small town romance I was surprised that the subject of sexual trafficking ended up being shoved to the background, given the seriousness of the prologue In all honesty, I would have preferred the author to have shown about the girls in the story and what they were going through, instead of focusing so much on Daisy s small town adventures.This is my fourth Linda Howard book and while it was an entertaining read, it was not up to par with the last three books I read of hers, which were all on a four to four and a half star level really, they were all fabulous The story itself revolves around a woman discovering that she s ready to find a husband, so she gives herself a makeover and looks for men in all the wrong ways The local sheriff is amused by this and playfully trails her to keep her out of trouble, where as anyone would guess right away sparks eventually fly The suspense element is almost an afterthought, when Daisy ends up witnessing a murder and is dropped into the middle of finding out about an organized sexual slavery trade.But really, I should have just stuck to my game plan of showing off a wall of condom quotes because that s about all I m going to remember from Open Season However, I should leave some element of mystery and not give too much of it away, so I ll only leave you with one excerpt A peculiar expression crossed his face I m not wearing the purple condom, he said, handing it back It s grape What s wrong with blue It would make you lookfrozen Trust me, it isn t frozen She took out a cherry, of a particularly violent shade of red, and shook her head What s wrong with that one Nothing, if you want to look infected He flopped back on the bed and stared imploringly at the ceiling Isn t there a nice pink one in there The bubble gum flavor She rooted around in the box, but couldn t find anything that could possibly be bubble gum flavored I ve been stiffed There s no bubble gum in here Swear out a warrant tomorrow, he said in growing desperation Try the watermelon Sure enough, the watermelon condom was green Daisy gave him an appalled look Gangrene

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    A good mix of suspense, romance and humor.Very likable heroine Decent hero.Overall very enjoyable

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    Small town librarian Daisy Minor wakes up on her thirty fourth birthday and realizes she is tired of her life tired of being boring, tired of her drab clothes and her mousy brown hair, tired of not having a boyfriend She decides it s time for a change So she gives herself a makeover she starts using make up, she buys new clothes, she colors her hair blonde She looks for a home of her own she is still living at home with her mother and her aunt She wants to get married and start a family before it s too late Along the way she meets Jack Russo, chief of police He visited the library she works in once for help with his computer I really enjoyed the banter between these two throughout the book This was a really enjoyable and fun read and it also had some suspense I liked Daisy and Jack, I thought they had great chemistry I liked how Jack liked Daisy even before her makeover he thought she was cute, he liked her old fashioned ways and her openness I also liked Daisy s cute dog Midas A very entertaining romantic suspense

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    Loved it Couldn t put it down When Linda Howard nails it, she certainly does a spectacular job I think this might have been even better as an audiobook, as the narrator had a great voice for both male and female characters, she captured the humor, and made me believe I was really listening to these characters Daisy and Jack were a great romance H h pair, the suspense was really good but never over the top, the humor was a great surprise their conversations around a party pack of condoms was a crack up , and the heat nice and steamy Not to mention a pitch perfect ending Sigh, this one I ll listen to again again If you are in the mood for a romance suspense that isn t overly dark, has a nice dose of humor, and a very likable H h, this is a must read.

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    4.5 Party Pack Stars Daisy Minor wakes up on her 34th birthday and has an epiphany Daisy decides she wants to meet a man Not just any man, she wants to find a husband and have children before it s to late.Daisy is a small town librarian who leads a pretty boring life She lives with her widowed mother and Aunt in the house she grew up in, hasn t had a date in a very long time, dresses drab, wears no make up, and is basically mousey.and she s a very proper southern lady who s a bit naive.With some help from a friend, Daisy transforms herself from mousey to much desirable woman She finally moves out of her childhood home and begins prowling local bars for that special someone.little does she know she s being used as a pawn by a friend who is looking for someone who is praying on women.Jack Russo is Hillsboro s Chief of Police, he s a former Chicago SWAT officer who spent his boyhood summers with his great aunt in Hillsboro AL When he inherits his Aunt s old Victorian he decided to move from the city for a quieter, slower placed lifestyle When Jack gets a look at the new and improved Daisy, he can t help being attracted to her When he spots her at a bar where women have been targeted, he decides to keep an eye on her He s definitely attracted to Daisy and loves pushing her buttons Daisy winds up causing havoc at the bar and Jack takes it as his opportunity to get closer to her Daisy s definitely attracted to the crass, much too alpha for her taste Yankee, she finds him insufferable yet can t seem to shake him, every time she turns around, Jack is there Unbeknownst to Daisy during one of her bar nights, she witnesses a murder Now someone wants Daisy dead and it s up to Jack to keep her safe..and convince her he s the man for her I loved this book It will keep you laughing or smiling throughout most of the book Definitely another Linda Howard favorite Originally read April 2011

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    Updated for audio 4.5 stars half point lost due to major quibble with the ending, as noted below Good audio Solid narration by Deborah Hazlett I have read this book and now I ve listened to it Unabridged No matter how many times I read it, I always laugh Daisy and Jack are such a kick Plus, an audiobook makes cabinet polishing go faster.This is one of Howard s best even though the make over fashion scenes went on too long Jack Russo, a former SWAT cop from NYC, is the new chief of police in Hillsboro, a small town in Alabama the author s home state Daisy Minor is a naive librarian, sweet 16x2 and never been kissed, finally deciding it s time to live a little Get a makeover, etc.Heartwarming, sexy, and suspenseful A total beach read Best of all funny Laughed out loud in several places Daisy is a trip The scene when she was buying condoms I loved watching her come into her own in the small busy body Southern town I loved her puppy dog, too, and even enjoyed her family Some reviewers question that Daisy is still almost a pure virgin at 34 years old, but I lived in a small town in Alabama for some years and had little trouble believing it.I loved LOVED Jack His bemused and delighted interactions with Daisy Lots of laughs between those two Loved him, so protective and passionate Hot sex scenes I gobbled up the puppy love scenes, too little fuzz butt the galloping golden retriever The mystery itself was only moderately intriguing Not terribly inspired, and everything fell into Jack s capable hands towards the end The crime sex trafficking of young girls and date rape drugs is a downer The backstory of a certain abused and alcoholic wife was depressing I did like finding out where how the top thug was shot Major Quibble I didn t care for the ending at all, when one of the villains knocks on a certain door What in tarnation was that all about What was Howard thinking No way Just wrong.This book reminds me of the Stephanie Plum series.

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