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summary One Winter with a Baron (The Heart of a Duke, #12) , series One Winter with a Baron (The Heart of a Duke, #12) , book One Winter with a Baron (The Heart of a Duke, #12) , pdf One Winter with a Baron (The Heart of a Duke, #12) , One Winter with a Baron (The Heart of a Duke, #12) e7748a066a A Clever Spinster Content With Her Spinster Lifestyle, Miss Sybil Cunning Wants To Prove That A Future As An Unmarried Woman Is The Only Life For Her As A Bluestocking Who Values Hard, Empirical Data, Sybil Needs Help With Her Research Nolan Pratt, Baron Webb, One Of Society S Most Scandalous Rakes, Is The Perfect Gentleman To Help Her After All, He Inspires Fear In Proper Mothers And Desire Within Their Daughters A Notorious Rake Society May Be Aware Of Nolan Pratt, Baron S Webb S Wicked Ways, But What He Has Carefully Hidden Is His Miserable Handling Of His Family S Finances When Sybil Presents Him The Opportunity To Earn Much Needed Funds, He Can T Refuse A Winter To Remember However, What Begins As A Business Arrangement Becomes Something And With Every Meeting, Sybil Slips Inside His Heart Can This Clever Woman Look Beneath The Veneer Of A Coldhearted Rake To See The Man Nolan Truly Is

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    Short is an understatement Cute, fluffy and easy read Full review to come.

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    If you read one book this year, do yourself a favor and make it this book Its no secret that I am a huge fan of Christi Caldwell She writes in a way that pull her readers right into the book and makes us feel as if you are an interloper in the world of couple on the page It truly is a magical experience There are not enough words to describe the beauty and magic that is Nolan and Sybil s story They are two seemingly polar opposite who from all outside appearance are completely content with their lot in life Nolan as a reputed rake and Sybil as a blue stocking spinster But as the old adage says, appearances can be deceiving Both Sybil and Nolan find it easy to hid behind masks and walls then deal with the pain of their past Sybil, tired of being on the sidelines of life decides that she wants to experience the thrills of life before she settles into her spinster life She purposes an offer to Nolan, that he can t refuse As Nolan begins to show Sybil what life is outside her books, neither are prepared for the emotions and longing they bring out in each other The time they spend with each oghdf, the they learn the burden of pain and hurt they each carry Each excursion, talk and experience cracks the carefully built walls around their heart, until they both begin to see what neither every dreamed of, a true and real love.

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    This is a charming story The characters are all interesting and the romance sweet Well worth the read.

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    Not good Sickly sweet and silly They go ga ga right away.Premise and characters had promise, but unfortunately, didn t deliver.

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    It may be the bottle of wine that I drank, but this made me tear up Totally up my alley in a lot of way, minus groveling as there was no need for it I love watching a transactional relationship between a spinster bluestocking and a rake turn into something This was sweet Going on the BBW shelf, but only has a couple of references to the h being plump A wee bit of angst around feelings and duty but not enough to land on the angst shelf.

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    I enjoyed this book It was a sweet clean romance Very unique and clever Can t wait to read of this series.

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    Miss Sybil Cunning was tired of being the loyal and obedient daughter At the age of 27, not only was Sybil firmly on the shelf no matter how many seasons her mother enforces , but she was a bluestocking too But Sybil craves something , just one time before she retires to the country, to live in freedom from the restrictions that a marriage would demand and there was only one person that could help her with thatBarron Nolan Webb.Barron Nolan Webb was in a purgatory of his own makingat least that what he thought When Nolan s man of affairs had mismanaged the families money to brink of bankruptcy, Noland blamed himself for trusting his father man But when Sybil Cunning arrived at his home offering to pay him 1000 to help her experience life, beyond what she reads in books So of course, what could a almost penniless rake do, but accept her offer.But from their very first meeting, Sybil haunted Nolan he craved her and actually wanted her companionship But Nolan feels he is too flawed to be the man that Sybil needs, but when her family finds out that they have been meeting, will Nolan be able to walk away from the women he loves.Christi Caldwell ALWAYS manages to rip my heart out with her books, but I think One Winter with a Baron has devastated me than most I LOVED the characters so much, especially the sisters Josephine and Arial, so smart and sassy and yet so young I hope they become friends When it comes to Nolan and Sybil, seriously, what is not to love I love Sybil s spirited nature, but also her studious and unsure side I love Nolan s ability to see past Sybil s surface and see the striking women she is inside The writing and plot as always, are magnificent Every book I read or re read of this author is simply a little bit of heaven that I can escape to Her books are simply a delight to read I give One Winter with a Baron 5 stars

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    This one was okay it had its moments I think novellas are tough when the characters don t already know each other because the story has to develop so quickly Unfortunately for this one, I think that s why I found it lacking There were still some sweet moments and I didn t dislike it it s just not as memorable as other Caldwell books for me.

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    I absolutely loved this sweet clean story with such wonderful characters that were trying to live their life pretending to be happy under circumstances that beyond their control.At nine twenty Miss Sybil Holly Cunning is the daughter of a viscount a self proclaimed spinster bluestocking She has just finished her 10th season last one she will have to attend as she can now stay at the families country estate But before her family retires to the country, she wishes to find a rake pay him to show her how to have fun take chances not sexual but the types of things a proper lade would not do or visit.Nolan Pratt, Baron Webb is just the man for the job It has been rud that he is to the point of being destitute has sold many personal family items will not have money for his sister s come out He has the reputation in society of being a rake or rogue with women taking money they offer him in exchange for pleasure , gambling drinking.This is a definite case of polar opposites but you tend to feel for both of them yearn for them to find happiness, which just does not seem plausible I highly recommend this book it was short so can be read in an afternoon but Christi always finds a way to pull you in to her stories live vicariously through her characters.

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    Sybil is a bluestocking with a plan Researching fun For that, she needs a rogue who can satisfy her curiosity and put her mind at ease that her books and solitude are all she needs to be happy Nolan is desperate to make everything right with his family s fortune after his man of affairs is found to have lost all of his money When Sybil offers him 1000 pounds to show her fun for 2 weeks, he s intrigued Interesting novella, with erotic ices, kisses, and the drama of discovery Fun little read KU

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