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pdf Oh, the Places You'll Go!, ebook Oh, the Places You'll Go!, epub Oh, the Places You'll Go!, doc Oh, the Places You'll Go!, e-pub Oh, the Places You'll Go!, Oh, the Places You'll Go! 4d7d0f70bd2 For Out Starting Upstarts Of All Ages, Here Is A Wonderfully Wise And Blessedly Brief Graduation Speech From The One And Only Dr Seuss In His Inimitable, Humorous Verse And Pictures, He Addresses The Great Balancing Act Life Itself, And The Ups And Downs It Presents While Encouraging Us To Find The Success That Lies Within Us And Will You Succeed Yes You Will IndeedAnd Percent GuaranteedA Modern Classic, Oh, The Places You Ll Gowas First Published One Year Before Dr Seuss S Death At The Age Of Eighty Seven In A Mere Fifty Six Pages, Dr, Seuss Managed To Impart A Lifetime Of Wisdom It Is The Perfect Send Off For Children Starting Out In The Maze Of Life, Be They Nursery School Grads Or Newly Minted PhD S Everyone Will Find It Inspired Good Fun

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    Once upon a time,I called a friend of mine,Asked him hesitatinglyI want to read him a poem,If with him, it s fine He tells me why not, Go on, go on I ll listen to you until myEnergy is gone Exuberent I was, As I beganBut with excitement came The fright What if I start stuttering What if I don t do it right What if I don t do my best What if I shake, the whole day and night But once he put allhis attention on me.I recited the poem,As a human and not a zombie He listened to me first,With full concentration and trust,His laughter prevented me to slump,And my nervousness started to rust On and on I went, And stopped not until it was done.He says I made him emotional,He hasn t listened such recital,No from none.Oh The jump I jumped When the smile he smiled Oh The paradise then I got When the laugh he laughed No other day in The history of history, had been like thisWhen he tells me I see A panoramic future with you, Miss Oh such perennial felicity As felicity can be Oh The places I went Oh The places I ll go with him and see Next day he calls and tells meHe can t wait any I ask him if he s okay If his favorite team didn t well score He says he wants meto read the poem againThat he couldn t stop smilingBe it highway or on the lane I remind him that IJust yesterday, read the poem But he won t listenGoing on saying Please after my name.And that was the day my friends The day I got to know that Archit is naughtier than naughty More than Archit Jr who s yet to come on this planet So I say goodbye Folks,This is how the story goesI ll go, read him next poemsuntil he makes me speechless with a rose Previous Review One must read Oh, The places You ll Go, I was in computer lab and had to do some programs, we were not allowed to do anything else except programming But when the teacher was out of sight, I opened Oh, The places you ll go and at that very moment, I tell you I d been to so many places I mentally hugged myself again and again and felt happy to come across such art.PS In the new review, that patient friend spoken about is my husband 3

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    It s opener therein the wide open air.Out there things can happenand frequently doto people as brainyand footsy as you.And then things start to happen,don t worry Don t stew.Just go right along.You ll start happening too Dr Seuss I had never read this book from cover to cover, but I was familiar with it from quotes used in speeches and publications The dean of our college read us a passage to close the graduation ceremony, and even then I did not appreciate how appropriate that passage was for someone entering the real world I had forgotten about this book until just recently when I came across a copy and began to read to pass the time Upon finishing, I was surprised and deeply touched at how simple yet sincere the book s message was While the book is cute and very appropriate for children, I think it takes an adult to understand and sympathize with the message The book talks about our journey through life, with all its disappointments and happiness, its unpredictability and uncertainty As someone who was recently faced with difficult personal and professional choices that veered from plans established years before, I especially took much of this book to heart.I will return to this book again and again in the future It s a book that reminds you life is hard and can be lonely, but that despite the difficulties, we can all persevere The words are simple and upbeat, but behind the colorful images is an unflinching optimism that inspires.

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    All my life I ve had a outstandingly risible optimism My Mom started me young she gave me the ole Seuss spirit Nevva say die, boys Growing up, whenever authority and would be authority would turn up the heat under my feet, I danced An easy victim, I had faith that somehow everything would turn out in the end Sometimes the happy ending was just too embarrassed to show up in person in my life.I just kept on plodding.Oh, the places you ll go And you ll find em alright, those places Not all of them pleasant by ANY stretch of the imagination But you ll make it through the storm and you ll SHINE, kid They re forecasting rain Well, the Kingdom of Oz is just over that rainbow see it When you tumble down through the roaring floodDown, down into the fearsome sluiceJust boogie on down cause the Lord, He Loves ya Ditto says doughty old Dr Seuss Oh, the Places you ll goYou know, these days I m into Emily Colson s incredible story of how she endured so many painful years of parenting a severely handicapped, hopelessly autistic son, Max.How did she cope She realized, one landmark day, that in spite of all his tormented flaws, she deeply, hopelessly LOVED that lost little bundle of Sheer Joy That was the day she discovered his and her Humanness But you know what her REALLY big insight was It came later on Suddenly she knew she was PROUD of this mixed up little kid So proud, in fact, that she wanted to take him and her absolute doting love for him PUBLIC Who CARES what the bullies say or do Love is REAL.Cause we re ALL hopeless in our waysAnd we re ALL LOVABLE in our broken humanity, to the Big Guy up There OH, THE PLACES YOU LL GO Not being perfect Not being socially acceptable in your allotted role Not being fixable No.Being Human.Being just our Lost, Lovable, Flawed SelvesAnd that s why the He LOVES Us For Ourselves.And that s how she, and I, always know EVERYTHING will be OK in the end.Oh, the PLACES WE VE BEEN IN SPITE OF the Grinch, the Oobleck, even that nefarious Cat in the Hat We DID it, kid ALL BY OURSELVES.

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    A gift on my high school graduation something I will always treasure It answers all of life s questions for a young one trying to decide their future As a children s book, the rhyming and cartoon like at helps keep focused attention But it s the words that are so simple, yet so evocative in their minds Certain stanzas stay with you People quote it both in fun and in sincerity when thinking about what to do.It s books like this that help children figure out that reading is not just educational, it s fun I don t have children, but I ve read it to a few younger cousins and some kids I babysat from time to time The expressions on their face make it worth it.Give it a shot as an adult if you never did as a child.

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    This is my All Time Number One Favorite children s book.Period.I ve read it to my kids so many times over the years that you d think I d be immune to it by now.But I m not.I still get all EMOTIONAL when I read it Which, normally, would make me run in the opposite direction.But OH THE PLACES YOU LL GO Yo ll be on your way up You ll be seeing great sights You ll join the high flierswho soar to great heights.Yep That s exactly what I want for my young uns Wherever you fly, you ll be best of the best.Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.Except when you don t.Because, sometimes, you won t.Noooo Now they re stuck in a LURCH Which is pretty frickin scary for a parent Nobody wants their babies to get stuck in a LURCH, because those inevitably lead to SLUMPS And un slumping yourself is not easily done.It takes a while to un slump, and in the meantime they could end up in The Waiting Place Waiting for the fish to biteor waiting for wind to fly a kiteor waiting around for Friday nightor waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jakeor a pot to boil, or a Better Breakor a string of pearls, or a pair of pantsor a wig with curls, or Another Chance.Everyone is just waiting.Thankfully, according to Seuss they ll somehow escape the Waiting Place Fame You ll be famous as famous can be, with the whole wide world watching you win on TV.Yes They ll be ok Except when they don t.Because, sometimes, they won t.I m afraid that some times you ll play lonely games too.Games you can t win cause you ll play against you.All alone Whether you like it or not,Alone will be somethingyou ll be quite a lot.At this point, I m usually bleary eyed, in case you were curious.And exactly what is this guy a Dr. of, anyway He s certainly not Dr Feelgood But on you will gothough the weather be foul.On you will go though your enemies prowl.On you will go though the Hakken Krak howl.Onward up manya frightening creek,though your arms may get soreand your sneakers may leak.Holy Shit What if I m not there to help them through all of this They ve got sore arms and leaky sneakers, for God s sake Mommy s coming, sweetheart You ll get mixed up, of course, as you already know.You ll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go.So be sure when you step.Step with care and great tactand remember that Life sa Great Balancing ActI m slinging snot everywhere by the time I get to this part Seriously, Seuss You re killing me And will you succeed Yes You will, indeed 98 and 3 4 percent guaranteed KID, YOU LL MOVE MOUNTAINS I m usually nothing a puddle of sniveling Mom goo, as my voice cracks on the last line And whatever unfortunate kid I happen to be reading to is simultaneously trying to comfort me, while also trying to escape my vice like grip I, um, love you too, Mom oof Mom, seriously, I ll be fine cough Mom, you can let go now wheeze Momyou re choking me gurgle Yes Yes I swear, I ll call you every day when I get older

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    All aboard FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS Congratulations Today is your day, You re off to Great Places You re off and away No wonder this was the last tale by Dr Seuss while he was alive there are two books, published posthumously and I am sure that he is now visting great places This is a charming tale about the journey of each of us in our lives, BUTwhat I really liked was that Dr Seuss don t lie to us.He exposes during the rhythmic narrative, that not everything will be peaches and ice cream in life, that we ll have enjoyable moments in life, BUTalso testing times, we ll have happy events, but also sad crisis, along the journey, not matter if good or bad, if we keep walking forward, we always will be meeting new places, new people, new moments building full and complete lives.What are you still doing here Engage You have places to go

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    Written for children from age 1 to 100 Embrace new adventures and changes in your life

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    Dr Seuss is clearly the true essence of children s books as he writes about life in a playful and lyrical way that children can easily understand Well, Oh, the Places You ll Go is definitely no exception as it is about believing in yourself as you go out into the world Oh, the Places You ll Go is easily a book that every child should read whenever he or she are in a slump Basically, this book is about taking charge of your own life facing difficulties in your life such as loneliness, fear, and confusion, with a straight face and taking on life ahead of you in a lyrical prose that children will easily appreciate Oh my goodness There are so many things that I loved about this book that it would take me all day to list them For one thing, Dr Seuss writing is clearly memorable in this book as he tells children who are on their way to facing life ahead of them on their own to have positive attitudes and face their fears head on I just loved the way that Dr Seuss showed the upside and downside attributes of life all in a lyrical prose as the writing was truly creative and inspirational I never would have thought that I would find a book about the tough trials of life that is so well written and whenever I read this book, I think about the hardships I had to endure during my life, but then I realize that life always has its ups and downs and only you can decide what to make of your life, which is what Dr Seuss has shown in this book Probably my favorite verse in this book was this line I m afraid that some times,You ll play lonely games too.Games you can t win, cause you ll play against you This was a truly powerful verse for me because it is saying that there will be times where you can succeed, but sometimes when you do not believe in yourself, you end up losing the game or not succeeding at all Dr Seuss illustrations are just as creative and surreal in this book as the main character is a young boy who wears a yellow jumpsuit and a yellow hat The world that surrounds the boy is extremely surreal as the hills and the grounds are in multicolored stripes and the creatures that the boy meets along the way are also bizarre, especially of the image of the boy meeting a huge green monster that has black stripes on its body and short yellow bushy tail.All in all, Oh, the Places You ll Go is easily one of Dr Seuss best works ever created and it should be read to any child who graduates from school I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    You have brains in your head You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself any direction you choose I was not expecting a kid s book to be so incredibly profound This picture book follows an unnamed narrator You as they take off on the journey called life This journey takes them through indecision, anxiety, loneliness and failure but also excitement, triumph and happiness.This was a really beautiful story I loved that it wasn t sugar coating things for kids Seuss understood that hard times would happen, and he wanted kids to prepare without being scared the end result is perfectly balanced While I loved it, the four year old I was reading to also loved it The illustrations, rhyming and general excitement keep the story interesting The rhyme scheme flowed very well and the word play was fun I didn t mind reading this one each time small fry asked.Kid Lit Experiment 2018 5

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    How did I ever miss this gem Love Dr Seuss

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