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10 thoughts on “Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12)

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    Another good entry into the Marcus Didius Falco series In this entry Falco investigates the death of a book publisher as well as some bankers The lovely Helena continues to act as his second in command and helps resolve the case This series is a lot of fun, highly recommended.

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    In another mystery relating to the art world, Falco explores the trade in scrolls and plays.Expect less plot twists that usual, though Felix get emotional as it s his poetry on the line We get a behind the scenes look at the sweatshops of scribes copying scrolls, gruesome murders naturally , and a ground level but critical look at the stratified Roman society Since the publisher was also a financier, we get a look at Rome s banking industry.Be aware that while it s not necessary to read the books in order, it certainly helps certainly so far into the series Assaph Mehr, author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome, Murder Mysteries, and Urban Fantasy.

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    What I want to know, is, where s the wedding Falco spent 9 books trying to elevate himself to the middle social rank specifically so that he could marry the senator s daughter Now he s wearing his gold ring, and Helena Justina is expecting again, but there s not the first mention of a wedding Humph.Anyway, this is another entertaining Falco book This time he s investigating the murder of a book publisher banker, which means the reader gets to hear a little about the Ancient Roman incarnations of those industries I imagine the author had some fun with this there s a strenuous disclaimer at the beginning The scroll shop of Aurelius Chrysippus in the Clivus Publicius bears no relation to my publishers who are models of editorial judgment, prompt payment, fair dealing, strong marketing, and lunch buying I ve never really bought into the idea of Falco as a poet it doesn t seem to fit his character So I m glad that, despite the ground covered in this book, his poetry isn t given much attention than usual.While there s nothing particularly outstanding about this series entry, I always enjoy the books that are set in Rome, not least because we get to spend some time with Falco s friend Lucius Petronius Longus and with Falco s indomitable family.This is a rather slow moving series twelve books have covered only about 4 years of Falco s life There are eight further books already published, and I m trying not to peek ahead for spoilers.

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    Falco s on form in this outing, grappling with financiers, patrons of the arts and writers the first two being the same chap Davis reminds me that contempt for banker predates the collapse of 2008 as she brings her sharp wit to bear on an, at times, decidedly anachronistic tale of a wise cracking hard boiled loner Falco, a little bit V I Warshawski, than a little Sam Spade and for this outing a dash of Poirot, is dragooned by his old friend and now vigile aka, police Petronius Longus, to take on an investigation of the patron of the arts Aurelius Chrysippus banker, publisher and pompous ass In doing so he is drawn into the murky world of banking and the murkier world of publishing all the while grappling with the close to impossible to see through world of his family with their tensions, pretentions and yearnings To top it off, there is than one murder, a couple of fairly ferocious beatings and a prime role of an adventure story in the Greek style..There is plenty of cap doffing to other practitioners of the genre, a good dose of knowledge of Roman history and society and plenty of opportunity for sardonic chuckles Falco continues to entertain.

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    Originally published on my blog here in August 2001.Recent novels in Davis Falco series have tended to select a particular area of Roman life on which to concentrate One Virgin Too Many, for example, has several plot strands concerned with religious ritual In this novel, it is the literary establishment which she satirises This makes for one of the funniest novels in the series, as Davis works jokes about the clich s of today s publishing world, critics and writers, into her first century setting.It has already been established that Falco has aspirations as a poet, and at the start of the novel he has been persuaded to join a friend in a public reading This brings him to the notice of a banker who runs a scriptorium a sweatshop of slaves copying manuscripts as a sideline When this man is eventually murdered, Falco investigates This is an intricately plotted mystery as well as a humorous historical novel combining the two this successfully is a considerable achievement Ode to a Banker is one of the best novels in the series.

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    In a hot summer Marcus Didius Falco, private informer and former unrecognized poet gives a reading for family and friends and also a greek patron who offers Falco to publish his works The feeling of trimph soon fades and Falco not only find himself sobered but also involved in a quite brutal murder The series continues to entertain Falco is, as always, annoying and funny likewise, his relationship to his loved ones is a source for lots of banter but also quite touching moments and the mystery is a solid one with an ending which reminds me a lot of one of Hercule Poirots gathering of suspects.

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    La Davis ama intrecciare problematiche moderne o senza tempo con il solido background della sua Antica Roma e anche questo romanzo nella serie di Marco Didio Falco non fa eccezione.Editoria, editori a pagamento, speculazioni finanziarie, banche senza la minima etica e tanto altro fanno da contorno a questo delitto tanto complicato quanto dalla soluzione semplice e lineare.L ironia e il sarcasmo della Davis sono sempre perfetti e accompagnano piacevolmente tutto il romanzo, imperdibile per ogni appassionato delle sorti di Marco Didio, investigatore Sarebbe un romanzo imperdibile anche per tutti gli altri, ma magari allora meglio che inizino dal primo volume della serie, giusto per non perdersi le altre perle della saga.

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    One of Davis best offerings in the Falco series One To A Banker combines all elements that mystery fans would definitely love a sensational murder, numerous suspects that all seem to be involved in some manner or another and a snarky, world weary detective who reveals the true culprit of the murder in a manner not unlike Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot An exciting mystery that offers the usual, fascinating wealth of information about the Roman world, woven subtly into the plot in a way that would not distract readers new to Roman history.

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    There were things I liked about this number in the series Petronius getting on with it, the puppy, the scriptorium and details around the publishing and writing world were great but the unrelenting hatred for Anacrites seems forced after so much has happened Also the court room drama really wasn t my thing But in all, very good.

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    The usual sarcastic Falco wit The usual snarky commentary on Roman society The usual lovely, sensible Helena Everything was there that I ve come to expect in a Falco mystery and it s why I ll always be looking to read .

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summary pdf Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12), summary chapter 2 Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12), sparknotes Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12), Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12) 914244e In The Long, Hot Roman Summer Of AD, Marcus Didius Falco, Private Informer And Spare Time Poet, Gives A Reading For His Family And Friends Things Get Out Of Hand As Usual The Event Is Taken Over By Aurelius Chrysippus, A Wealthy Greek Banker And Patron To A Group Of Struggling Writers, Who Offers To Publish Falco S Work A Golden Opportunity That Rapidly Palls A Visit To The Chrysippusscriptorium Implicates Him In A Gruesome Literary Murder So When Petronius Longus, The Over Worked Vigiles Enquiry Chief, Commissions Him To Investigate, Falco Is Forced To Accept

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Ode to a banker (Marcus Didius Falco, #12)
  • Lindsey Davis
  • English
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9780446679060

About the Author: Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis, historical novelist, was born in Birmingham, England in 1949 Having taken a degree in English literature at Oxford University Lady Margaret Hall , she became a civil servant She left the civil service after 13 years, and when a romantic novel she had written was runner up for the 1985 Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize, she decided to become a writer, writing at first romanti