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summary No Prisoners (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), series No Prisoners (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), book No Prisoners (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), pdf No Prisoners (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), No Prisoners (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) 14885a7c46 The Clone Wars Rage On As Insurgent Separatists Fight Furiously To Wrest Control Of The Galaxy From The Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Cunningly Manipulates Both Sides For His Own Sinister Purposes Torrent Company S Captain Rex Agrees To Temporarily Relieve Anakin Skywalker Of Ahsoka, His Ubiquitous And Insatiably Curious Padawan, By Bringing Her Along On A Routine Three Day Shakedown Cruise Aboard Captain Gilad Pellaeon S Newly Refitted Assault Ship But The Training Run Becomes An Active And Dangerous Rescue Mission When Republic Undercover Agent Hallena Devis Goes Missing In The Middle Of A Separatist InvasionDispatched To A Distant World To Aid A Local Dictator Facing A Revolution, Hallena Finds Herself Surrounded By Angry Freedom Fighters And Questioning The Republic S Methods And Motives Summoned To Rescue The Missing Operative Who Is Also His Secret Love, Pellaeon Sworn To Protect The Republic Over All Is Torn Between Duty And Desire And Ahsoka, Sent In With Rex And Six Untested Clone Troopers To Extract Hallena, Encounters A New And Different Jedi Philosophy, Which Shakes The Foundation Of Her Upbringing To The Core As Danger And Intrigue Intensify, The Loyalties And Convictions Of All Involved Will Be Tested

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    One of the best Star Wars books I ve read and I ve read 79 Traviss gets right inside people and makes them live and you care about them.Paradoxically, this story is so far out of the main stream of the SW universe that it s almost general science fiction Though it has a few of the Big Names, they don t contribute much to the plot Yes, it could have been complicated and it could have been longer, but for the thoughtful reader it provides plenty to think about which is something few other SW books do.

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    The choice is always with us, demanding to be made with every action we take, even in peacetime Anakin has sent Ahsoka with Captain Rex as the two observe the testing of a new ship, the Leveller, commanded by Gilad Pellaeon But things go awry when Hallena Devis, a Republic spy and Pellaeon s lover, is captured on Fath.I Liked There is quite a bit to like about this little novel One of the things that really stood out to me was the characters I enjoyed seeing our old friends, Gil Pellaeon and Callista Masana I really liked how Traviss added a love interest for Pellaeon and a black woman to boot , but she really outdoes herself with Callista, a character I ve never been particularly fond of Traviss does Callista justice and, than that, alludes to Callista s future bonding with the Eye of Palpatine and losing her ability to touch the Force Very adept and neatly done as if on purpose Traviss also is than capable of writing Rex of course, she really can t err in writing from a clone Mando and even, surprisingly, Anakin Even Ahsoka is far less annoying than I ve seen her.Traviss gets a chance to fix the issue of Jedi marrying and having relationships, as first revealed in Children of the Jedi when Callista reveals she dated Geith I actually don t mind the concept of Jedi than just those at the Temple, though I continually wonder how the Lost Twenty fits into that picture not that Altis was specified as a Lost Twenty Altis Jedi sect is interesting, and I would love to learn about them Though I can t imagine one guy, not that old, has trained thousands of students Is he meaning thousands of Force sensitives or thousands of beings in general Also, kudos to Traviss for having Pellaeon make Ahsoka dress in decent clothes I honestly have no idea why the Jedi allow her to dress so scantily as no one except Aalya, another sex object, does What happened to the Jedi robes When could apprentices choose what to wear Traviss forte has always been writing action and military combat also clones and Mandos Here, she does a superb job of detailing life on a starship something gravely missing from most Star Wars EU , a hostage situation, and even a spook mission It s obvious she s knowledgeable and has a firm grasp on what she s talking about and if not, she does excellent research, as with the battle wounds.I was impressed with the conclusions Several people are given the choice to think and ponder over the questions they were posed or to ignore them Some, like Rex, realize that pondering over the questions doesn t do anything but weigh you down Others, like Anakin, want to refuse to acknowledge there is a problem And still others, such as Hallena, are seeking out the truth I Didn t Like This is certainly not the worse that Traviss has written, but I felt it was a little less than perfect, starting with the characters.From the onset, I was a little shocked at the portrayal of Captain Gilad Pellaeon It s not that he s portrayed as hugely out of character like an idiot or corrupt or something along those lines I just felt that he was off, like a jolly, good English sea captain who occasionally bucks protocol he doesn t like such as being on a first name basis with Rex , while adhering to others proper uniforms on officers, such as Ahsoka I guess this comes off as a shock since I recently finished Zahn s Hand of Thrawn Duology in which Pellaeon plays a large part and comes off as very formal, very by the book, very proper And yes, I understand that Pellaeon is younger here, but I still have a hard time picturing him changing so drastically from cheerio captain to skeptical, hesitant, questioning captain in Heir to the Empire.I was also never fond of Hallena I m sorry, she just felt too incompetent, too hesitant, too questioning She goes to JanFathal, utterly fails, and needs to be rescued, causing two clones to lose their lives and for everyone, most of whom barely know the guys, to angst about it constantly One could argue that was the whole point, that she accomplished nothing and caused the death of these two men, but I had a hard time buying she was such a good agent, given how quickly she was apprehended and how disillusioned she was so quickly And her conclusionugh, how clich.My second biggest complaint is that Traviss, once again, has to make a big argument out of something Here, as elsewhere, she makes sure to put a load on the comments about how clones are humans, how they are being used by the bad Jedi lead by cold, cruel, heartless Yodayada, yada, yada Been there, done that, got the shirt As if that weren t bad enough, she also makes sure to really debate the whole attachment issue, sometimes awkwardly inserting it into conversation just so the Jedi philosophy of non attachment can be assailed such as when Ahsoka and the clones talk about sex, in the most forced, uncomfortable conversation ever, or Callista and Ahsoka talk about relationships just before a big battle I don t have a problem with discussing clones humanity or attachment, but let s not go overboard and Traviss has said than enough about the clone humanity thing, in my opinion and please, let s be a wee bit subtle I mean, this is a really cool issue, one that would be very interesting, but honestly, Traviss drives it into the dirt everyone notices the tension between Altis Jedi and Ahsoka, everyone wants to ask about details, Ahsoka spends 90% of the book gawking at Callista as if she has a second head, etc and makes it boring Although, I will admit, I liked how Altis and Anakin spoke about it at the end.Then there was the whole thing about Pellaeon and Devis secret relationship As I read that, I just wonderedwhy Why couldn t they come out and admit their relationship Why was it forbidden at nearly the same level as Anakin and Padme s I know, Anakin and Padme s was weird particularly in the movie, when Padme, who should have had zero restrictions, protests it though the book does clarify this , but the excuse about the Republic wanting squeaky clean officers is just stupid The Republic needs officers, and they aren t going to get all picky on who they happen to be dating, especially if it means the difference between winning and losing And I really didn t sense much chemistry between the two They felt very stiff and formal, even when off duty Traviss had to tell us they were in love I would never have gotten it from the way they acted towards or around each other particularly not with the way that the book ends, which does nothing to cement their true love to each other.It is rare for me to be confused over Traviss writing or what is going on, but in this book, I encountered that feeling frequently I was constantly rereading sentences, trying to figure out what the characters were joking about or referring to Also, there were several battle sequences such as Pellaeon rescuing Anakin that were badly described and lost me completely.I had read somewhere how sexist this book was, and I am going to have to second that Callista gets slapped on her rear in public as a supposed display of affection Traviss, if you want to show that Geith and Callista are in love, why not have them hold hands or kiss each other s cheek Hallena is considered a commodore solely because she s Pellaeon s squeeze and not because she is an esteemed Republic agent Hallena also speaks about giving up her job and joining Pellaeon on his ship nowhere does Pellaeon offer to make the same sacrifice nor do they both agree to give up their jobs for something else And Padme does the good house wife thing in making coffee, packing bags, and dishing gossip Ugh.Another minor complaint I have is going to sound very strange Normally, I love it when authors bring a bit of realism to Star Wars family life, divorce, outings at the park, you get the drill Here, when Traviss does it, it almost feels over board From Padme wearing a beauty mask to making coffee oops, I mean caf to arguing with a teenager over her clothing choices to likening a revolt to a bargain sale at a mall, it just feels out of place or maybe a bit tooobvious.Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence Pellaeon goes out of character and swears, using kriff.Geith and Callista are lovers Geith whacks Callista on the rear in a supposedly affectionate pat in public Pellaeon and Hallena are lovers as well.Hallena is captured as she is rescued, at least two clones die.Overall If I could think of one word to describe this book, it would probably be disappointing It s certainly not horrible, but I felt it was lacking, that it didn t live up to Traviss other works particularly her novelization of the Clone Wars movie Traviss writes some characters brilliantly and shows her expertise in military battles, but she flounders by relying too hard heavy handed messages that just ruins the pacing and flow And with a price tag of 16 dollars at most places for a mere 257 pages, it s hard to justify a purchase.

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    Well this was something.This book is a manifesto detailing the flaws of the Clone Wars era Jedi Order The vehicle by which this is done is the Altisian Jedi, a splinter group of heretics who are everyone s favorite Mary Sue Jedi Order They allow and encourage love and relationships They accept anyone for training, no matter how old they are They wander the galaxy on a giant ship, seeking only to help the oppressed and downtrodden with no reference to politics Their leader is a strict non authoritarian, who only gives advice, never orders They teach strange and unusual Force techniques that not even the Jedi at the Temple have mastered They accept even non Force sensitives into their community Wow, it s almost like they re whispers perfect The two main sticking points the manifesto has against the orthodox Jedi Order are 1 Their anti attachment teachings2 Their willingness to fight a war with clone cough SLAVE cough soldiersWhich is fair These ARE the main sticking points for literally almost everyone about the Jedi Order We desperately need to see them examined and interrogated in universe I very much appreciate this manifesto for doing that Honestly, I wish it had gone a lot farther than it did.Unfortunately, there was some kind of plot attempted that really took away from the main point A Republic spy got trapped on some planet, and a random assortment of people worked together to get her out Captain Pellaeon featured, as the spy was in fact his lady love, which was interesting The vital thrust of the whole story is the interactions between the Altisian Jedi and Ahsoka and Anakin, though, and the greater clash of worldviews, so the chapters dealing with Random Spy Woman and the communist revolution on Bad Planet 50032 did not hold much interest for me.Ahsoka s culture shock and questioning of the Jedi Code she s always been taught was very important, as was the conversation she had with Rex at the end, about the exploitation of the clones It was interesting to see Anakin confront the idea of married Jedi in another Order, but honestly they didn t get to go nearly half as deep as they should have Altis just gave Anakin a quick briefing on how to consider whether attachment is right for you It very clearly and obviously WASN T right for Anakin, but he quickly buried the whole conversation with a deft of course it is, and it s so unfair that everyone else is making me lie about it This is in character, but VERY frustrating I literally cannot express to you how much I desperately wish Obi Wan had been included in this book I think his name is mentioned maybe once Anakin is never going to be the guy who has in depth theological discussions, but Obi Wan TOTALLY WOULD HAVE He s probably STUDIED THE ALTISIAN JEDI in particular, since Altis apparently knew Qui Gon, and could probably break down in DETAILED ANALYSIS the pros and cons of each approach to attachment Like really We re going to walk away after saying attachment is good and doesn t lead to the Dark Side and not even delve any deeper It s an absolute travesty that this of all books is the one that decided to ignore Obi Wan s existence.Another travesty the fact that we didn t get to see the Altisian Jedi philosophy in action Really, letting go is a fact of life Everyone has to do it The Jedi Order does it preemptively, but the Altisian Jedi and every other person who s ever loved another mortal still have to do it when someone they care about dies An ordinary person s grief or anger at bereavement is often devastating to them The whole point of non attachment is that a Jedi, going through the same experience, is both far powerful and far vulnerable That makes them a massive danger to others, if they lose control The Altisian Jedi will have to confront this, when spouses or children die in their community, when couples break up or do each other wrongs.Altis references his dead wife, so we know he s done it BUT Ki Adi Mundi, who is made much of in this book as a hypocritical exception to the non attachment rule, also lost his whole family in the Clone Wars He navigated this as well What we desperately need, to really interrogate the Jedi Order s stance on this, is to see this happening ourselves We have seen what happens when it goes wrong in the saga of Anakin Skywalker aka ALL OF STAR WARS We have seen how the Jedi Order s prescribed non attachment works Obi Wan Kenobi has shown us time and time again We have not in the prequel era seen a Jedi wholeheartedly commit his her life to loving someone, and then respond healthily when that person is taken from them That is the crux of the whole debate I genuinely CANNOT believe that this book, somehow, failed to show that It was set up perfectly, with Callista and her fiance if one of them had died, that would have been a real test for everyone to see, including Anakin and Ahsoka We don t even need the fiance for plot reasons, since Callista has to be free to meld with a ship and fall in love with Luke Skywalker decades later But no The punch was pulled Come on Honestly Anyone can write and almost everyone has written 250 pages of anti Jedi Order meta Show the alternative Really examine it If you re paid by Lucasfilm to literally write the manifesto, go big or go home Imagine the narrative contrast this could have provided What a waste.Other highlights Ahsoka came off as REALLY young in this Given how often Teth was mentioned, this can t be set too long after the Battle of Christophsis, and she s still in the miniskirt days Her lack of confidence compared to the self assured leader she eventually becomes is evident, especially when Pellaeon MAKES HER CHANGE CLOTHES She s embarrassed, and tries to argue with him like he s some kind of authority figure when, as a commander, she LITERALLY OUTRANKS HIM By like a lot Insane I d like to see Pellaeon tell Aayla Secura to put some clothes on If you ever get kicked out of the Order, come find us, is a very bold thing to say And it does make one consider a lot of AU concepts I have to wonder if any of it would have really helped Anakin, though, since the main problem is that he can t handle his attachment in the first place Padme s skincare routine moisturizing face mask We stan Anakin hears Altis s name and thinks back to fond memories of Qui Gon, when he spoke at length about Altis and, apparently, Dooku Okay And when the HELL was this Qui Gon knew Anakin for literally days before he died I guarantee he was not sitting next to the nine year old he d just bought on the flight back from Tatooine, discoursing about various dissident views on Jedi theology Are we meant to assume that Anakin has been having these discussions with Qui Gon s Force ghost That s not out of the realm of possibility, but just include Obi Wan Kenobi That s who ACTUALLY has these memories of detailed discussions with Qui Gon That s whose perspective you actually need It was nice to see everyone s outsider POV reactions to the Jedi The almost universal leeriness they provoke is delightful I am so confused about the chain of command in all of this Anakin sends Rex and Ahsoka over to Pellaeon s ship just to get them out of the way so he can visit Padme Can you do that in the military Just be like oh hey, I hear you re docked for upgrades, can I bring my lads over When they consider rescuing Random Spy Woman, it s Intel that tells them to do it Does the military take orders from the CIA Can they, even if they want to Rex is the one who gets sent down with his squad, even though he s NOT ACTUALLY PART OF PELLAEON S FORCE The Altisian Jedi are brought onboard and added to the rescue mission, even though in military terms they are literally random civilians, associated with nothing and no one I kind of get the feeling, honestly, that everyone in universe is just as confused as I am What happened to the good old days of just firing broadsides until one side ran out of ships Oh, that was way back last month HA Clone humor I really enjoyed how prominent Rex was in this whole book Seeing him grapple with the injustice of the clones existence was especially important, but I love seeing him in action How he is in charge even when he s technically not, and always so in tune with the dynamic of his team plus the way he deals with Ahsoka I love him.

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    Ahsoka, Rex and a bunch of green clone troopers join forces with Captain Pellaeon to rescue a Republic intelligence officer who s also Pellaeon s lover.Although this story is pretty inconsequential to the Star Wars Legends canon, it is nonetheless very readable The introduction of Altis attachment positive Jedi sect gives some interest, and backstory to the character of Callista who was introduced years earlier as a love interest for Luke Skywalker in the ghastly Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly makes a dull one note character a little rounded.As with most of Traviss clone wars novels, there is heavy emphasis on the morality of using cloned soldiers to fight in a war, and this time there is even a brief flash of sympathy for the endless battle droids mown down by the Republic forces without compunction.The characterisation is good, with none of the principals behaving out of step with their established selves, and the short length of the book means that there is no digression into dull plot alleyways A much better read than the previous Clone Wars novel.

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    Generally excellent, even though I get the impression that Traviss really wanted to tell the story of Gil and Hallena, but needed to include Anakin, Rex and Ahsoka to maintain continuity with the TV series The character of Altis and his followers were also very intriguing, I d love to find out about how they spent the War.

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    If fans were ever wondering what happened to Callista Ming Masana, and weren t satisfied with her cameo in Order 66 or are sitting in front of basement computers writing oodles and oodles of self indulgent fanfiction , she s back as one of the supporting characters in the latest Clone Wars installment No Prisoners in which Gilad Pellaeon takes center stage His motives are questioned, his military prowess tested, and worst of all, the judge of his character is none other than himself.Karen Traviss isn t new to the Clone Wars era, nor is she unfamiliar with writing clone troopers or Gilad Pellaeon In No Prisoners Pellaeon is a young Captain, given command of Republic Assault ship Leveler undergoing a refitting for concussion missiles at Kemla Yard Accepting the company of clone officer Captain Rex, who s giving Anakin a break from his Padawan Ahsoka by taking her along with him, the Leveler is hailed by humanitarian relief vessel Wookiee Gunner on an inspection run prompted by the arrival of a Separatist fleet in the Fath system Run by a rogue Jedi sect trained under Jedi Master Djinn Altis, the Wookiee Gunner intercepted a distress call from a Republic Intelligence Agent trapped on nearby JanFathal.Deciding the best course of action, despite not being up to full specs, is to attempt an extraction, a team is assembled of both Altis Jedi and Rex s crew of new clone soldiers to land on JanFathal and rescue potential Separatist prisoner, Hellena Devis When Pellaeon comes clean and admits, after discovering the true identity of the agent, his personal relationship with Devis, it unravels a trail of guilt and self doubt long enough to take us to the end of the novel Since Pellaeon was in middle age when we first met him, his past has been a murky mystery, but apparently was filled with many romantic rendezvous that many in the navy speculate as the thing that will forever keep him back from rising within the ranks of the Republic But we know better.At this point, though, he s a fresh young face willing to do what s right and eager to prove his worth among his men as an equal as well as a leader He s also as curious as everyone else on his ship, and presumably the rest of the galaxy, about understanding the mysterious and mystical Jedi Knights and their even elusive Force From this perspective we don t get Jedi seen through the eyes of other Jedi or characters who are familiar with them and their weird habits and therefore, take them for granted Instead, like everything else Traviss writes, the Jedi are dissected and analyzed very objectively, making for interesting and humorous observations Grappling with odd Jedi behaviors and reactions, Rex and Pellaeon compare them to scent tracking dogs well, an akk is the Star Wars equivalent of a dog in my head , and smoke detectors Jedi don t just have personalities to navigate, they have technical manuals, as one imagines it, to the tricks and talents of each.In case you were wondering what other great things Jedi were capable of, the confused confrontation between Ahsoka of the Yoda school of Jedi and Callista of the Djinn Altis school along with the nosy wonderings of Rex s clones reveal that Jedi can have sex, no strings attached I m sure many curious beings are now flocking the Jedi temple to solicit the experience one can only have with a Jedi feeling the Force.Speaking of Jedi and sex, Traviss finally sheds some light on Callista s affinity for machinery and provides what could be the reason her connection with the Force waned after she reintegrated herself into the body of Cray Mingla at the end of Children of the Jedi The explanation was a little blurry, like all things associated with the Force, but the short of it is something like opening a new set of senses and having them shut off the moment human to machine connection is severed like being in a dimly lit room after being outside on a very clear, sunny day Clearly, Callista s true love was never Geith or Luke, it s mechanical devices You can take that where you will.Pellaeon seems to struggle with finding his conscientious footing in No Prisoners navigating the romantic world, the military world, as well as the completely foreign world of Jedi His conclusions are sound, if for the reader, at least on one front, a little disappointing But we have to remember, Traviss is helping to construct the Pellaeon we meet on board the Chimaera besides Grand Admiral Thrawn, not to mention the book probably had a page limit She also alludes to sober events in Order 66 which were sad, but let s face it we deal No Prisoners has good pacing and funny comparisons It wasn t my favorite, but the Clone Wars series of books hasn t really struck me as phenomenal on the stage of all that is epic We re so saturated now with Clone Wars everything, it s starting to wear on me, but I still managed to find solace in the familiars of No Prisoners and consoled my frustration and apathy with the understanding that each book is a non chronological glimpse into galaxy wide war affecting trillions, even the few outstanding citizens who we happen to know as something of celebrities This is one of the reasons I like the Republic Commando books one main cast of characters with a story arc that now spans not only the war, but the trilogies as well The Clone Wars books appear as scattered and disorganized as the war itself something I appreciate, but am not a fan of it s my disinterest in the minor skirmishes of the Clone Wars and the Anakin Padm relationship that made this book less than amazing.On the bright side, Traviss reminds the reader of Ahsoka s primal Togruta roots It definitely lent an air of something mysterious and alluring to an otherwise boring child Jedi She really appears quite tantalizingly alien, far removed from the humanizing efforts of the CGI Clone Wars cartoon Combined with her squirming discomfort and confusion surrounding the heretical Jedi under Master Altis, her Togruta ness otherwise never really mentioned or made out to be significant made her an enjoyable addition to this book.Fans of the series will enjoy this installment, but I think even if you don t like the Clone Wars, you d appreciate No Prisoners for the Pellaeon and Callista backstory we wouldn t have gotten fictionally otherwise And besides, who knew Luke s father would have met one of his girlfriends before he put on his flashy prosthetics

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    Coyer Summer BashThis is the last of the clon wars trilogy and it had some intersting concepts about jedi and the clone army What starts as a simple retriveal job turns into a fierce battle with clones and seperatists a really fun read.

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    Honestlyout of all the Star Wars The Clone Wars books in this series, this one was definitely the weakest I still liked the book, just not as much as the Wild Space, Stealth, and Siege It just doesn t seem as memorable as the other books in this series I liked how this book developed the other factions of the Jedi Order The action was written very well and kept things from going stale Also the portrayal of the main characters was spot on, which is to be expected given that this series in general has done a great job of doing that Hell, they even bring back certain characters from the EU into thiswhich was really cool to see Additionally the writing in general was well done Environments were described clearly and never once got confusing or out of place I also liked that Jeff Gurner narrated the audiobook like he did with the other installments.he is probably the best audio narrator I have heard in sometime And finally, the pacing was pretty solid as well.However, I do feel that the overall narrative feels off here for some reason The story, while generally enjoyable, didn t really blow me away I find some of the novel really forgettable For example, I forget the name of some of the characters especially the ones made specifically for this book with, the planet that the whole book takes place on, and who the main antagonist was I just feel that this book wasn t as epic as it wanted to be.Final Score I give this book a solid 3.3 5 stars a good but not great entry.

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    No Prisoners is a slight novel It s 257 pages and had the plot been elaborate or with the addition of a twist the book could at least weighed in at 300 pages It s not the page count that bothers me It s that I paid 20 for this trade paperback.Now that that s out of the way, I confess as I read No Prisoners I remembered I how much I enjoy Traviss take on this period and I really like what she s done for The Clone Wars series so far.The introduction of an alternative Jedi school makes for some interesting contrasts that challenge Ahsoka and Anakin s core beliefs Conceiving of Jedi who break the very doctrine that holds Yoda s Order together and keeps Anakin in constant torment.Rex and his Clones are great Traviss interjects her sometimes controversial beliefs about attachment, duty, and Star Wars morality but it never feels forced or preachy It all flows nicely as it raises obvious questions about the war And every serious EU fan should be giddy about the sizable appearance of a young Gilad Pellaeon I would have liked a few scenes with Ahsoka Heck, I would have liked scenes with all of these characters.Despite the unfairly high price for the length, No Prisoners is another sharp, exciting, well told SW tale.

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    Her Clone Wars era books just rock This book has a solid plot kind of ordinary or so it seems Captain Pellaeon is taking his ship, Leveler on a shakedown cruise to get the kinks out Naturally, he doesn t get left alone First, he has Captain Rex and a few of his men not the whole company on board along with Ahsoka Anakin has gone home to get some quality time with Padme and thrust her on Rex Then, a group of Jedi in favor of attachment led by Master Altis that includes Callista and her first lover before Luke The ship has major problems, and Pellaeon s lover is a Republic spy who sends out a distress call Naturally, his ship is closest Hijinks ensue.The best part of this book isn t the action sequences those are fine, but play second to the inner monologue of the main characters Pellaeon, Altis, Rex, Ahsoka, Anakin, Callista, and Pellaeon s lady Traviss distills the Jedi Order s problem down to Yoda s problem with attachment Jedi getting married go to the dark side yet Ki Adi Mundi is allowed to marry because Cereans have a low population Why doesn t he go to the dark side If you find this sort of discussion fascination, you should read the book I loved it.

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