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  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages
  • Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1)
  • Kevin Waltman
  • English
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9781935955641

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    Next , written by Kevin Waltman shows why in Indiana, basketball is the next thing closest to religion This especially pertains to Inner City black kids that don t have anything other than basketball, like the main character of this book, Derrick Bowen The lightning quick and very athletic freshman has a lot of confidence about his game Some may even call it a little bit of cockiness The book goes deeper than just basketball, it shows what the sport means to these kids, and the main character is faced with the biggest decision that has occurred to him so far in his life Derrick Bowen has athleticism than anyone than anybody in Marion East High School, and maybe even in the whole state in Indiana But he s held back by his head coach for most of the book The coach is a old style coach with a lot of knowledge for the game, and is too stubborn to put him in the starting lineup for most of the season Meanwhile, during a game with one of Indianapolis top private school, Hamilton Academy, Derrick was highly recognized by their coach because of his hard work and athleticism This lead to them heavily recruiting him, and what was early nicknamed the biggest decision of his life so far Hamilton Academy had Division 1 athletes in and out of their school for many years, while Marion East hasn t ever had much Derrick s parents were calm about the decision and let Derrick choose for himself and made him decide what was overall the best choice for him Derrick realized that being loyal to his own school was much important than looks from recruiters from big time colleges Which overall benefits him when they match up against Hamilton Academy in the Regional Finals and beats them to advance onto the State Finals I would highly recommend this book to any type of person who is interested in a non fiction book I especially liked this book because it s very relatable, not that I m an Inner City kid, but because I m an athlete so it s very easy to read this book.

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    Probably only a 3 for me, but gotta be a 4 for the teen thing Even readers who don t know everything about basketball can follow this lovingly rendered prose that captures the action of high school hoops Even I, who has perhaps never even watched a complete game of the sport in person or on the tube, can visualize the action and even, sort of, understand the plays and tempo of the game I suspect that those who are the real audience for this novel those that love the sport as fans or players will not mind the nearly 300 pages of Derrick Bowen s freshman year at Marion High in inner city Indianapolis They may even line up for D Bow s next three years of high school in the sequels projected to follow his kicks and moves.This appears to be the kind of book that is made for reluctant readers, eager to follow D Bow through his season dueling Nick, a well established senior, for the starting point guard spot managing to keep his academic minded parents and his former high school standout player Uncle Kid happy and figuring out whether Nick s girl Jasmine has eyes for the new guy Like many skilled athletes, Derrick has to fight his ego and develop real confidence instead and to realize that all five on the floor matter, not just the guy who can slam like nobody s business, make for a winning team.When Marion East doesn t immediately take the season by storm, Derrick is open to suggestions that the private, white school up north with all the advantages might just be where he needs to go to get the wins at State that can get him looks from the best colleges and to the NBA someday His best friend Wes and his little brother Jayson help round out the crowd of people in addition to coaches and family and teammates that seem to care what D Bow does and decides about his future in basketball Meanwhile, practices and games keep the sports segments coming to enliven the respectable narrative that accompanies it.While this is not the kind of book I would pick up for myself, I m glad I have found another title to recommend to the sports hungry students who think they can t find anything in the library their teachers have dragged them to that could possibly satisfy This one they would and should read I ll have to try out this theory with the next b ball kid who comes my way.

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    The book I have been reading is the book title Next by Kevin Waltman and the book is a kid name Derrick Bowen and he is a 6foot 3 inches freshman at Marion East The book takes place in Indianapolis where basketball is supreme In the state The other main characters are uncle kid how is a bitter ex basketball star at Marion high, Nick Starks how is a senior his the all star of the team and plays the same position as Derrick the point grade, his father is a part time security guard, a girl named Jasmine who Derrick likes but, It is Nick s girlfriend and Derrick s best friend The quote that I like the most is call me little man, now NEXT 11 When Derrick said this in the first chapter when he was playing basketball in the park with his uncle kid The reason he said that is because of there a guy in his 20 s and he lockdowns Derrick When Derrick gets his hands on the ball then he said The last thing Brownlee sees before I throw it down is a nice up close look at my LeBron, right about at the level of his silly goatee What the means is he basically just got dunked on The main reason this book is mainly about his talents that its plot of it is for Derrick Bowen to get the starting point guard spot for Nick Starks how is a senior at Marion East High Derrick what s to make staring, but Derrick s coach Bolden know s he has the talent to go pro but need to work on his game So he does, every day he has a practice he says after to work on his jump shot but his coach still doesn t but him at stared point guard even though Bolden knows it but does not put his in the starred line up There was a time in the book when the coach put Derrick in the game but he places him in the 3 spot which is the small forward spot, Derrick knows how to play it but, he loves to have the ball at all time What I don t like is he try to improve his game and we still don t start One day he thinks about going to the school that wants his talents and he thought I look around my room at all those ALL Stars hanging on my walls That s who it s supposed to be someday page 118 This is one of my favorite quote in the book because one of the all stars on his wall was Derrick Rose state in the text What I find funny in part 2 of the book that jasmine and tell why to Derrick why there are hang out in the car before jasmine takes him home She basically tells him that she broke up with him because when they would lose a basketball game he would be so angry and hit her one time The funny part was Derrick was not really listening and when she notices that he was not listening to her, she instantly was mad Derrick said he was to really sorry and thought he should kiss her and do Jasmine instantly moves him and yell at him to get out, that part of the book made me smile My least favorite character in the book would be Derrick s uncle kid The reason why is because in the book he seems like a bad person to hang out with In chapter 1 in the book, it states A black Lexus with tinted windows rolling toward the court real slow Derrick was on the basketball court with Uncle kid Then it said in the book My uncle runs his tongue across his teeth like he tastes something bad and then says, to nobody in particular, Gotta go page 25 My favorite character in the book would be Derrick Bowen The reason why is because he is the person in the book how never gave up to get the starting spot and never move schools when he could have started as a freshman and didn t have to deal with coach Bolen any The writing style the author uses is the best, the reason I think this way is because, the author makes the story take places in the inner city of Indiana, and if I rate this book it would be an eight out of ten If you love the sport of basketball I would recommend the book NEXT by Kevin Waltman.

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    I recommend everyone to read this book if they want a joyful crazy sports experience.This book has it all basketball, friendship,relationship, drama, and some tough decision making.This book is about a kid named Derrick who loves basketball and goes to Marion East highschool He is a 15 year old kid who s 6 2 and trying to get a starting point guard spot The onlyproblem is the starting spot is taken by a senior named Nick He also has this coach namedcoach Bolden who is a really good coach but is tough on Derrick because he knows he haspotential Derek s uncle also known as Uncle Kid was an all time scorer at Marion East butend up coming short of the NBA Derrick also has a little brother named Jayson who is hisnumber one supporter He also has a best friend named Wes who doesn t play basketball buthe s in band, so he attends everyone of his games They are both really close to each other butthey kind of drift apart once Wes meets this girl named Iesha During the first few games theyhave Derrick coming off the bench, but eventually made him start at the 4 position with Nickrunning point, which is Derricks position Since he is starting at the 4 he has to face all thereally tall and strong kids Their rivals Hamilton high school on the other side of town, are a richpreppy school who beats them every year They have all the best players and have askedDerrick to play with them and has also offered his dad a job, they also try to bribe him withbuying him anything Derrick asked them for shoes to give Wes Wes has been asking his dadfor these shoes but his dad never came and gave him them This act of kindness makes themstronger of friends It s a very tough decision for Derrick to choose to go to Hamilton or to stay atMarion East but I think he makes the right decision for staying with Marion East During theseason he also became close friends with Nick s ex girlfriend which causes some stuff betweenthem but they work it out They eventually find chemistry and become really good teammates.They struggled during the season but eventually won until their biggest game of the seasonwhere they face their rivals and the school that tried to get Derrick to transfer Since Derrick wasplaying the 4 position he had to guard the best guy in the state He had to guard Vasco who wasmuch taller than him and stronger It was a close game, the lead was going back and forth.Hamilton was losing at fourth until the last position where the shot mattered, it seemed to hangin the air forever, but when it falls it finds bottom Waltman 284 This book is a series of 4, allthe books go throughout his high school basketball career and the challenges he faces with it Ireally enjoyed reading this book because the way the Arthur wrote it made you feel like youwere Derrick I also like the way he put the other characters in the book, describing their role inDerrick s life He also did a good job on explaining everyone of Derrick s game he never skippedone or made you feel like you missed anything He would make sure to put every detail Derrickwould do during his games, I liked that because it made you want to know what he was going todo next I think the theme of this book is to never give up and to keep trying to get better I thinkthat is the theme because when Derrick wasn t starting he never gave up he tried his hardestduring games and finally cracked the starting lineup He also was struggling with his shot butthat didn t stop him he took extra shots every day after practiced and continued to get better Allthat work he put in started to show when he started expanding his range and hitting jump shots.

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    Next is an Extremely awesome book I encourage everyone to read this book or at least give it a chance You wont regret it It starts out with Derrick D Bow Bowen just entering high school He is determined to be the best player on the team and wants to be the first freshman to do it Marion East High School loses a lot and every year they get wiped out by every other team But when Derrick enters the team he really is the best player He leads the team to second place in their regional tournament as a freshman Read this book to learn about D Bow s Basketball career and his romance with The former best basketball player Nick Starks Ex Girlfriend Jasmine.

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    This was okay My middle school boys both read it and loved it, and it s based in Indianapolis so I thought I d give it a try You would have to really like basketball to like this Half the book is like listening to the play by play of a basketball game on the radio I didn t love all the details I can understand why a basketball loving teenager would enjoy it though.I don t plan to read any in the series, but just to note my boys told me there is some inappropriate stuff as the books go on The main character has a girlfriend, etc.

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    This is basically a bunch of play by plays for the games Very little plot off of the basketball court.

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    Endlessly creative sports writing, but short on character and story.

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    This was my first book I have read from Kevin Waltman, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the book Next The purpose of Next was to clearly entertain the reader It was clear from the point of view being first person Having the book be in a first person point of view made it so much entertaining and dramatic, it made the reader feel like you were the main character Derrick Bowen Since the character is around my age I can relate to him very well I can feel his emotions from the way the author wrote the book and him being my age I know the stress from the parallel plot of him trying to get a starting position on his high school basketball team and wanting to be in a relationship with his crush, Jasmine These parallel plots will give the reader anticipation that puts the reader in the narrator s shoes and a want to know what will happen next I also thought Waltman was courageous in putting another conflict in the book by seeing if Derrick would want to move to a new school to help his family out Having many plots going on at once always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    The Theme is very hard to find in the book because the reader get so wrapped up in the plot The theme is stay true to where you are from When Derrick was offered to go to a new school, which would have given both his uncle and his dad a job and it was in a safer school The school would have also helped Derrick be spotted by colleges which would help his future Throughout the entire book, when the plot was added in, you were asking if he was going to go to Hamilton the new school This is explained When Derrick said I made my decision, Coach Campbell 247 Derrick was walking back home after a game when his Uncle stops him to talk As they are talking Coach Campbell comes up and is asking him why he asked for shoes and then told Coach Treat he decided to stay Before this Derrick must have realized that he should stay for his friends and family.

    Since the book was written to entertain and is narrated through the eyes of Derrick, it is easy to tell that the book is a narration A way the reader can tell this is with this quote I turn to watch Moose go to work, but am shocked to see Nick ignore him completely Instead, he waves Devin down from the top of the key and then dribbles over to my side He waves Royce down to the opposite baseline, though it takes a second for Bedford to obey Finally, with everyone flattened out, he motions for me to come to the perimeter At last, I see what he is doing 204 The way I can tell that this is a narration is because he explains what happens in the game from his point of view This way the reader feels as if he or she is the one playing the game I loved how effectively the author used this style to make the reader feel as if they are Derrick Bowen Another example of this would be Unbelievable I m the one busting ass every day after practice, and this is how I get rewarded 137 Derrick is upset that he is not in the starting 5 of the next game I have to say when I read that, I felt Derrick s anger With Derrick s anger before the game it makes the reader wonder how he will react on the court.

    The book Next was a great book and could be considered my favorite bo0k The way Waltman described the games and practices through Derrick s eyes made you feel his emotions I have never read a sports book that made me feel like I was on a roller coaster the entire time One thing that I would change would be the ending I feel like it was a let down Since there were so many plots going at once I was expecting the ending to tie everything together but it just didn t get to that point and it did not give me the closure I was looking for.

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    I believe the author s purpose was to teach kids how to handle adversity The reason I believe it is directed towards kids is because it is about a high schooler, so this helps the main character relate to the kids Many times throughout the story, Derrick Bowen a.k.a D Bow, the main character, has to get back up after being knocked down One of the very first times this happens is when he does not make the starting five over his teammate Nick Starks He handles this adversity by working longer hours with the coaches to make his game better, slowly but surely He also has to handle his dad not making as much money as he used to because he wasn t needed as much Maturely, he handles this by being smarter with his money The theme of this story is that sometimes you have to make the hard decisions The main hard decision Derrick has to make is if he should stay at the high school he is at currently or moving to a much better basketball program high school that also offered his dad a full time job Should he leave his life long friends and help his dad or stay where he is and try to carry his current team to a successful four years Aside from this decision, Derrick also has to decide if he should go after Nick s girlfriend, Jasmine Winters, the prettiest girl in the school that seems like has a crush on Derrick, or stand back and wish that could be him Both of these decisions are pivotal to the rest of the story The story s style that this was written in was a narration It is a narration because the story moves in a chronological order with a plot The genre was a sports fiction novel because it is book about a fictional basketball player The style was very effective because without a series of events, this story would not be nearly as interesting We wouldn t be able to see the grind that Derrick goes through during the season Without the narration, we wouldn t be able to hear his coach tell him, Head straight Head straight Keep your head straight, D That was something that the coaches wanted him to work on which we wouldn t have known without a narration His dad said, They ve offered me a job there, but only if you come along too, which is that vital part of the hard decision which we wouldn t have known about without the sequence of events in the story I really like this book The main reason I liked it was because I enjoy sports stories I liked that I could really relate the main character D Bow I liked the detail the the author put into the story One thing I was not quite fond of was the fact that some things in the story did not have to be a part of the story It felt like the story would drag on when I was reading these parts of the story When the author says, There s a reason we usually hang at my house instead of Wes , and then proceeds to tell me why, it was not very necessary All in all, the story was a very well written story with a good ending that made me want to read the next book in the series.

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characters Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) , audiobook Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) , files book Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) , today Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) , Next (D-Bow High School Hoops, #1) 1fe86 In Indiana, Basketball Is The Next Thing To Religion Especially For Inner City Black Kids Like Derrick Bowen He S A Freshman, Lightning Quick, And He Can Slam The Rock He Wants To Start At Point Guard For Marion High, But Senior Nick Starks Has That Nailed Down Besides, The Coach Is Old School He Thinks D Bow Needs To Work On His Game, His Shot, And His Attitude That Means Bench Time And That S When Hamilton Academy, The Elite School In The Suburbs, Comes Sniffing Around They Want D Bow For The Next Three Years His Mom Wants No Part Of That But His Father Needs A Job, And Uncle Kid, Who Is A Bitter Ex Star At Marion High, Has His Own Plans Yeah, There S A Pretty Girl And A Best Friend In The Mix Plus Plenty Of Basketball Action And Suspense Just Like High School Boys Like To ReadKevin Waltman, A Native Of Indianapolis, Indiana, Was A High School Player And Remains A Huge Basketball Fan Next Is His Third YA Novel His First Two, Both From , Are Nowhere Fast And Learning The Game Kevin Is An Instructor At The University Of Alabama Where He Lives With His Wife Jessica, Their Daughter Calla, And Their Dog Henry

About the Author: Kevin Waltman

Kevin Waltman was born in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and spent his teens and twenties in Indiana time spent mostly around basketball courts and political events He moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2001 to get his MFA in fiction at The University of Alabama There, he met his wife, Jessica Kidd He now lives in Coker, Alabama, with Jessica, their daughter Calla, and their dog Henry He teaches He wri