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summary Nanny and Me , series Nanny and Me , book Nanny and Me , pdf Nanny and Me , Nanny and Me 1f09737593 Florence Ann Romano Believes That Having A Nanny Is Commonplace Than Ever, And To That End Socially Acceptable There Are A Multitude Of Books That Educate Parents On How To Hire The Right Nanny What To Look For What Not To Do Etc But, She Wanted To Write Something For The Most Important Person In This Equation The Child Being Cared For By Your Parents To Being Cared For By A Virtual Stranger Can Be A Very Unnerving Experience For Young Children Florence Ann Wanted To Write A Book That Helped The Child Understand This Transition Show Them That Someone, Other Than Their Parents Can Love Them Care For Them Be Invested In Their Future Keep Them Safe And Provide Glorious Memories And FunShe Always Had The Book Written On Her Heart, So The Words And Storyline Came Very Easily To Her Florence Ann Simply Searched Her Memory For The Most Treasured Moments She Shared With All Of Her Kids She Wanted Those Moments To Be Fun, Educational, Sweet And Loving Not Only Does Your Nanny Take Care Of You, But She Educates You Helps Cultivate Your Personality Teaches You Life Lessons Etc

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    This copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher A lovely story about being cared for by a nanny when both your mum dad have to go to work My son was a little confused by nanny being a young lady like the mum in the story, as he s used to nanny being used to refer to a grandmother But he does do similar things with his Nan when the need arises, so he could still relate well to the story.

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    This fine book with its wonderful illustrations is unique because it is written through the eyes of a child In some families mom stays home to look after the children and dad goes out into the work force In others, mom goes out to work and dad stays home to be the resident parent But in many, many families, both mom and dad are employed outside of their home and they opt to leave their children in the capable hands of a trained and responsible nanny Nanny then picks up where mom and dad leave off She steps into the child s world caring, feeding, playing, and nurturing those children as if the little ones were her very own She takes her job very seriously and realizes her worth to the family as a substitute parent Her heart bonds with the little ones and together they enjoy their day When the exhausted parents both arrive back from their busy work day they have happy hearts knowing that their children had the best of care in the hands of a loving and trusted nanny The illustrations are beautiful, detailed and the colour pallet is calming They document the day in the life of the nanny and her charges and they compliment the storyline perfectly If your child has a nanny or if your family is thinking of getting one this is the book to reinforce how rich and rewarding this reality can be.

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    This is a story about a child and her relationship with her nanny.The illustrations are wonderful.The story is very sweet I can see it being a perfect gift for a child with a nanny The only criticism I have is the opening few pages It states that Some Mommies stay home and play while daddies go to work. Other daddies stay home and play while mommies go to work I really do not like those statements for several reasons Stay at home parents do work hard It isn t about staying home and playing I can also imagine, from a child s perspective, wondering why their mommy or daddy doesn t want to stay home and play.Overall, it is a nice book I teach kindergarten, and I will be putting it into my classroom library.I received a copy via the Goodreads First Reads program.

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    This gorgeously illustrated children s book explains that children are loved by their caretakers and their parents even though their parents must work and can t spend as much time as they might want with their children It also points out that no matter how your family is shaped it is good because it is yours I think that this is an awesome story that is easily related to by children as it is told from a child s point of view and told very well I would love to read books by this author as well as share them with all the children I love This amazing children s book is written at an early grade school level and is appropriate for reading to with younger children

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    I recieved this from Netgalley in return of an honest review A very sweet little book about nannies and children s relationship with a nanny I believe this book is fit for the American readers, who have an all day nanny In Denmark we do not have the same system, so I really couldn t relate much to the stories.I am sure this book will help a young child, who does not yet understand why they need to be left alone with a stranger It will maybe help them realize that their nanny is not a scary person, but a person who is there to take care of them.

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    Such a lovely book A wonderful book for any family library What an original idea, to prepare a child for their mom and dad to go back to work This is very relevant for so many families No matter what you call your care giver, this is a must read for your child

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    This beautifully illustrated book shows children with their nanny having fun and being cared for by her It shows the love of the nanny for the children that she cares for It is a very sweet story I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

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    Such a great story for children who have working parents The story and illustrations make this a gem on the bookshelf Makes a great gift as well

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    I loved the book I have two granddaughters and they loved it Experiences in the book so meaningful to them Wonderful illustrations

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    The illustrations are beautiful and it fills a need in terms of explaining to children what having a nanny will be like.

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