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    Impulse buy with my son at Kepler s Books Turned out to be marked down to 1, though I found it in the science section.I bought this book over the objection of the female members of my household, though my daughter flipped her position after she built a crossbow and a Viking style catapult.My son was beside himself with joy of course, and we stayed up late Friday turning a mechanical pencil into a BB shooter and making a little paper clip gun out of an old wooden clothes pin I found in the basement The paper clip shooter can be modified to shoot flaming matches, but I had to draw the line somewhere.But here s the thing and here s why this book is genius This book is really a stealth physics book with a little bit of history mixed in Of course with that unfortunate title it s clearly targeted at hipster office drones, but I m far too clever to fall for that Though if I still worked in an office, I would most certainly have an array of catapults on my desk So here s what the kids learned this weekend Simple machines useful and fun Converting potential energy into kinetic energy very fun Making and testing prototypes fun Modifying a design and retesting interesting and fun Finding alternate uses for ordinary household objects fun Pinching one s fingers in a clothespin spring not fun and generally leading to tears.Then we built some siege weapons two catapults , which led to a discussion about ancient warfare in general and Alexander the Great s siege on Tyre specifically I found some diagrams of the machines used on Tyre in a history book and talked about how Alexander s engineers swung the balance of sieges toward the siegers and away from siegees Then I talked about how the necessities of war have lead to many technological advances from the Roman Army to World War II I m pretty sure they tuned out 90% of my babbling, but maybe some of it lodged in their brainsMy son slept with the catapult he made out of less than 10 cents worth of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon on his pillow last night Take that, Legos

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    Very cool how to book for making little launchers and other weapons out of office supplies Well done, with some projects that actually could do some serious damage.

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    I ve been reading an excellent fantasy story elsewhere involving siege warfare It reminded me of this book that I ve used previously in children s science technology workshops You can make all manner of models of old fashioned siege weapons, as well as catapults, etc., using stationery equipment, or lolly sticks and elastic bands, etc I remember that the trebuchet with a domestic battery as the counterweight was surprisingly effective and instructive There s a strong temptation to scale it up.Marvellous diversion for a bored adult on a wet afternoon, or even curious kids with supervision.There are advanced ping pong ball guns towards the end of the book involving barbecue lighters and solvent containing hairspray as a propellant, which I ve scaled up and made Those are definitely an adult projects Fun but be careful with some.

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    Amazing Small Projects Am going to definitely Try some of these

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    I checked this out thinking cubicle warfare I suppose this would be a cool book for someone else, just not me Why would I try to do this in the office Just make a slingshot from your fingers and a rubber band If I wanted to make a projectile weapon, I don t need this book My mind can come up with just as plausible devices with office materials On the other hand if you have time to kill and just want to goof off, I guess this is for you With all this effort I d rather build a potato gun, or a larger trebuchet or catapult It would be cool to build a functioning crossbow, but a mini one made of kitchen office stuff For what purpose If I just want to launch an item at a co worker I mean some of the stuff described here is downright dangerous

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    Great as a gift for kids or people who want to build and create awesome stuff to pass the time Brings out your creativity and imagination.

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    Middle School Booktalk Does anyone in the room have an ordinary pencil on their person or in their backpacks How about Rubber Bands Paper Clips good at least someone s prepared How about pens Now, to the untrained eye, these may seem like your innocent, everyday implements of writing and attachment But To the MiniWeapons expert, these are the building blocks of your arsenal.In MiniWeapons of Mass Destruction you will find instructions on how to construct everything from your basic clicky pen, laser guided, spitball shooter, to the intricate paper clip and D cell battery trebuchet My favorite chapter in this book is the section on catapults.I m going to need two volunteers for this next part booktalker is briefly overwhelmed by the hands shooting in the air Choose volunteers, get out catapults Each of you need to choose a loader The shooters choose a loader for their catapult, then the booktalker holds up Marshmallows Now these may look like jet puffed marshmallows, but they are, in fact, your missiles Hold up target this works best if you put the target in the middle of the crowd so that everyone in the room is pelted with marshmallows in the contest chaos And this may look like a piece of cardboard sloppily taped on to Tupperware, but it is actually your enemy We have here before us team Flavored and Team Original Whichever team can catapult the most of their flavor of missile into the target in 60 seconds will win lollipops for their team Go

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    My son Adam found this in the science section at our local independent bookstore, and I said, This could be a dangerous book in your hands Adam has an obsession with wanting to blow things up and dismantle electronics We split the cost, and my husband had a blast building this stuff using items in our junk drawer I found the book absolutely ingenious The author is a professional toy designer and also wrote Cubical Warfare, another must read In the words of writer, William Gurstelle, One must assert dominion over the desktop Between the instructions provided in Austin s book and access to your office supply cabinet, you need tolerate no threat to the security of your cubicle By Adam This is my new favorite book These mini weapons really work My friends love them and have paid me money to make them the Simple Cross bow and Concealing Book I love the Penny Bomb I did extra chores to get mega supplies giant bag of rubber bands, paper caps, etc , and now I have all I need to create these mini weapons in a matter of minutes See of my reviews at ChildressInk.com.Kim Childress, Book Editor, Girls Life Magazine

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    Well written,Good instructions that are easy to follow, many of these projects are things that I remember making as a child out of crazy stuff around the house and around the grade school.I did have fun reading the book and looking at the plans in it, the person that had the most fun with it was my 10 year old who got me to make most of these projects with her.Mind you some of these things are a little dangerous then perhaps little people should be playing with but it is still fun.Just remember a little blood never killed anyone, and apply pressure to the site if there is then a little blood.

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    One word AWESOME These are easy to build and effective weapons for your office warfare Or just some fun target shooting much preferred.One bit of warning, make sure to have safety glasses for all involved The ammo on some of these contain things like sharpened pencils, toothpicks, BBs, beans, erasers, pins well you get the idea A mother s worst nightmare And yet I still let my boys build some of them with strict instruction to only shoot the targets and no people We will see how long that lasts.

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summary pdf Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction , summary chapter 2 Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction , sparknotes Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction , Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction fa14624 PopularMechanics Selection For One Of The Best DIY And Home Improvement Books Of We Ve Come A Long Way From The Peashooter Era With The Advent Of Modern Household Products And Office Supplies Binder Clips, Clothespins, Rubber Bands, Ballpoint Pens, Toothpicks, Paper Clips, Plastic Utensils, And Of Course Matches And Barbeque Lighters Troublemakers Of All Stripes Have The Components Needed To Build An Impressive, If Somewhat Miniaturized, Arsenal Toy Designer John Austin Provides Detailed, Step By Step Instructions For Each Project, Including Materials And Ammo Lists, Clear Diagrams, And Construction Tips, For Mayhem Loving MacGyvers The Devices Include Catapults, Slingshots, Minibombs, Darts, And Combustion Shooters Build A Tiny Trebuchet From Paper Clips And A D Cell Battery Wrap A Penny In A String Of Paper Caps To Create A Surprisingly Impressive Bomb Several Of The Projects Even Include Variations Where Combatants Mount Laser Pointer Sights To Their Shooters To Increase Their Accuracy Finally, Once You Ve Built Your Armory, The Author Provides Plans For A Top Secret Concealing Book To Hide Your Stash, As Well As Targets For Shooting Practice Never Let Your Personal Space Go Undefended Again

  • Paperback
  • 241 pages
  • Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • John Austin
  • English
  • 24 November 2018
  • 9781556529535

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