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quotes Managing Magic , litcharts Managing Magic , symbolism Managing Magic , summary shmoop Managing Magic , Managing Magic df3c3ff9 Many Think The Government Is About To Disclose What It Knows About UFOs Many Think The Government Is Doing Everything In Its Power To Keep The UFO Reality A Secret The Truth Is Those Who Control The UFO Secret Are Doing Neither The Secret Keepers Are Gradually Disclosing This Information, Via An Acclimatization Process, Based On Advice Given By Military Think Tanks That Have Looked At The Issue Through The Extraordinary Accounts In This Book, The Reader Will Learn How Long The Disclosure Effort Has Been Going On And How This Secrecy Plan Has Been Carried Out Get A Revelation Of The Magicians In Charge Of This Secrecy Find Out Who The Messiahs Are, The Ones Chosen To Carry Out The Disclosure Message Learn The Reasons That Led United States Presidents To Keep The UFO Information Secret Discover What WikiLeaks Has Revealed About UFOs Learn Of The Latest Disclosure Effort By Rocker Tom DeLonge Become Aware Of A US President That Was Abducted Understand The Story Of Trump The Aliens Gain Insight On Trump S UFO Briefing Learn About The Eight Possible Disclosure Efforts Being Run At The Present Time Including The Disclosure Of A Portal

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    This is another fascinating and informative book with well documented research There are some startling revelations in this book along with statements made by highly respected individuals This is a must read for anyone interested in this important subject My only niggle is that it needed to be copy edited a little better, hence 4 stars instead of 5 Highly recommended.

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    A lot of pieces of the UFO chessboard have been in motion the last few years, and it hasn t been easy to make sense of what s going on Grant Cameron does an admirable job of putting recent events into perspective, and lays out a framework for understanding the gradual disclosure process that appears to be underway I think Cameron is probably on the right track, and I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to make sense of the current Tom DeLonge period of UFO disclosure, and how it fits into the historical context Definitely worth a read.

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    Awesome Read Grant Cameron opens the doors to behind the scenes secrets that your average ufo enthusiasts have never seen Tracing and shedding light on the influences in the American government that have affected the secrecy of disclosure for decades, Cameron dazzles the reader with a carefully researched and lived tale of the reasons our government wants disclosure, but have such a hot potato, they continually try to bring us to the truth bite by bite instead of overwhelming us with the whole pie Brilliant

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    Very informative I have much interest in the subject due to my desire to grow spiritually and I have found many connections to the ET presence and UFO phenomena I feel that a high number of Americans feel distrustful of government and that a big part of that stems from issues like secret programs It is important for people to be informed in order to make their own judgments With so much information and disinformation out there it is difficult to sort and leaves many too frustrated to delve into this subject at all, but this book does a good job of presenting information that should be available to the public I hope for the success of Dr Greer s programs and look forward to disclosure in the future Only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 was the typographical errors.

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    An interesting hypothesis, but unsubstantiated.From the beginning it was apparent that the book was poorly written or edited Too many times paragraphs were repeated and syntax didn t make sense It was an interesting read, but the last chapter was a screed against President Trump The author is entitled to his political opinion but it should be given in the context of the contents of his book You will find it entertaining but tedious at times.

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    A lot of people gave this low stars because of the poor editing and some other errors throughout the book and while those are definitely prevalent, you can t deny this information is interesting I like to call this book the ramblings of a passionate man He is so involved in the UFO community, whether you believe any of it or not, it is all fascinating If you have an interest about the UFO community, theories, and even government conspiracies this book is for you.

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    Alternate view to conspiracy theoriesInteresting Arguments make a lot of sense and presents a plausible scenario for what is happening and why a well meaning leader of a well run government will never stand on a podium and say there are little green men But if they exist a desensitization process is likely.

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    One of THE best UFO UAP authors of our time Very well researched and thought out Consciousness is key, I agree From my own experiences, I KNOW this to be true.One small gripe is that, even I could have done a better job of editing this book It is on kindle unlimited after all, so I cannot complain to much, but that is why I took off one .

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    Some interesting ideas and perhaps a few revelations, and certainly not a bad book But it was not very cohesive and has need of a good copy editing I loved how up to date it was, but it was fascinating that events it predicted in 2017 have not apparently come to pass.

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    A good explanation of the current affairs involving UFOS.It was, it is, maybe it will always be a game.The truth, nobody knows.

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