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    873 Les Mis rables, Victor Hugo 1998 1966 2006 1310 1331 1349 1647 1363 1370 1382 9640004189 1384 1387 9789640004180 1388 1390 1391 1392 1386 19 1393 9789643519568 1362 1368 1380 962 1389 9789642200474 1380 1 2 3 4 1390 1395 9786007228982 1393 9786005947434 1388 1389 1392 1395 1342 335 1362 335 1345 480 340 1368 1385 208 9643415155 112 1395 1395 136 1395 399 129 1395 140 47 1368 248 1370 184 1362 237 1368 384 1382 64 1362 177 1370 1

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    Para j est a ser 5 e, posso assegurar, n o tive vontade de saltar nenhum cap tulo s o v rios os que n o t m a ver com a ac o principal ou de ler em diagonal N o vou j atribuir classifica o porque a divis o em dois volumes, desta edi o, absolutamente artificial em termos da hist ria que narra F lo ei quando terminar a leitura do segundo volume Para j deixo um excerto que considero representativo n o s da beleza da escrita como tamb m do que, para j , me parece ser a ess ncia daquilo que o autor pretende retratar e explorar neste romance Os olhos do esp rito n o podem encontrar nada mais deslumbrante nem nada mais tenebroso do que o que encontra no homem n o podem fixar se em algo que seja mais tem vel, mais complicado, mais misterioso e mais infinito H um espet culo maior do que o mar o c u h um espet culo maior do que o c u o interior da alma.Escrever o poema da consci ncia humana, nem que fosse a respeito de um nico homem, nem que seja a respeito do mais nfimo dos homens, seria fundir todas as epopeias numa epopeia superior e definitiva A consci ncia o caos das quimeras, das ambi es e das inten es, a fornalha dos sonhos, o antro das ideias de que nos envergonhamos o pandem nio dos sofismas, o campo de batalha das paix es Em certos momentos, experimentem olhar para a face l vida de um ser humano que est a refletir, olhem mais al m, observem lhe a alma e contemplem na nessa obscuridade Sob o sil ncio exterior, desenrolam se a combates de gigantes como em Homero, batalhas de drag es e hidras e revoadas de fantasmas como em Milton e espirais vision rias como em Dante Que coisa sombria este infinito que cada homem arrasta consigo e pelo qual regula com desespero as vontades do c rebro e as a es da vida p.203 204 Actualiza o ap s leitura do segundo volumeResenha completa aqui

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    Que final t o anticlim tico para este volume5 estrelas para o monsenhor Myriel que me fez lembrar o maravilhoso abade Faria , Fantine que me fez chorar , Jean Valjean por n o se tornar nunca um Edmundo Dant s , Cosette, Fauchelevent por se manter fiel ao senhor Madeleine , Marius e George Pontmercy, e Javert que tenho amado odiar Pr ximo.

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    Victor Hugo uma das grandes influ ncias de Leo Tolstoi, sempre tive vontade de ler os miser veis, n o s por ter adorado o musical e a hist ria mas tamb m por saber que este livro teve grande influ ncia sobre um dos meus escritores favoritos Esta hist ria uma epopeia, uma viagem ao passado, n o ao passado dos privilegiados mas ao dos miser veis A defini o de miser veis n o pertence s ao povo, todo o ser humano est acorrentado pelas suas pr prias limita es Todos somos v timas de n s pr prios e de uma sociedade que s beneficia os que t m a sorte de corresponder aos requesitos espec ficos do seu tempo As personagens que seguimos nesta primeira metade do livro s o incr veis Come a tudo com Jean Valjean que sofre uma mudan a gigantesca na sua moralidade Fantine que representa o decl nio da pureza, nada est a seu favor Javert um vil o gigante, as descri es dele, dos seus valores chegam a meter medo Os Th nardiers s o seres repugnantes, a maneira como eles tratam a Cosette indiscritivel S o todos personagens memor veis que desafiaram o teste do tempo e venceram Concluindo, mal posso esperar para pegar no pr ximo volume Recomendo imenso, mesmo com as grandes digress es sobre a religi o, sobre a cidade de Paris, os grandes artistas franceses Estou a aprender imenso, n o s sobre a natureza humana, mas sobre um s culo t o longe mas ao mesmo tempo t o perto do meu Sem d vida que este se vai tornar num dos meus livros favoritos.

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    Note This is a review of the entire book, all five volumes This is not spoiler free But then, seriously, didn t you already watch the musical Phew Finally finished I started this in March, and it has taken six months to get to the bitter end This was well and truly one of the painful reads I ve done Hugo just goes on and on and on 19 chapters on the battle of Waterloo 8 chapters on the operating procedures of the convent to which Jean Valjean escapes when evading capture by Javert 4 chapters discussing the legitimacy of using slang in a novel And then there are the parts where minor characters get their stories told in excruciating and useless detail the Bishop of Digne, Marius s grandfather, some guy called Mabeuf Gaaack No , no Given the reams that have been written about this book, what is there left to say about it Well, for one thing, the musical does a very decent job of capturing the heart of the story What was not in the musical can safely be missed Nevertheless, there are some episodes that I found truly worth reading that did not make it into the musical So, to spare you the pain of reading the novel, here they are Fantine s lover was a petty nobleman who loved and cruelly dumped her He wasn t even young and handsome, but was middle aged, short, bald, fat, and stupid She had terrible taste There is a heartwrenching chapter where he and his friends tell their lovers that they have a surprise for them They take them out for dinner After dinner, they tell their lovers that they are going to get their surprise and to wait for them The surprise is, of course, that they are being abandoned After confessing his true identity Jean Valjean does not successfully flee to Paris as he does in the movie Instead, he is captured and sent to hard labour at the docks When a sailor on a ship falls off a high mast and hangs on to a rope for dear life, it is Jean Valjean who clambers up the mast to save him After bringing him to safety, he accidentally slips off the mast and falls into the sea He is thought dead, but of course survives the fall to go look for Cosette Jean Valjean and Cosette live in the convent for 10 years The convent is completely closed off to outsiders, which is why the police never think to look for him there Fauchelevent, who works there as a gardener, helps Jean by claiming that Jean is his brother who needs a job However, they have a problem They can t explain to the mother superior how Jean Valjean got into the convent, so they need to smuggle Jean Valjean outside so that he can then be brought in by its front gate to meet the mother superior Fortunately, one of the nuns dies and has to be buried As she asked to be illegally buried under the altar of the church, Fauchelevent helps the convent out by fulfilling her last wish However, they still need to bury something as all deaths are recorded by the city Jean Valjean is smuggled into the empty coffin and, by this means, is taken outside the convent to the cemetery to be buried in her place He is almost buried alive when their plan goes awry, but some quick thinking by Fauchelevent saves his life Marius is a total asshole Unlike the musical, he does not wholeheartedly take up the cause of revolution He s been too busy mooning over Cosette to even know what is going on When he thinks that he s lost Cosette, he decides that he cannot live without her The revolution happily breaks out on the same day In a depressed daze, he wanders to the barricades and decides to join the cause so he can die Later, he chases Jean Valjean away when Jean confesses his past to him Jean Valjean does not go into hiding voluntarily as he does in the musical Prevented from seeing his adopted daughter, Cosette, he dies of a broken heart I m truly impressed that Les Miserables actually got the laws in France changed for the better From Graham Robb s biography of Victor Hugo 1997 One can see here the impact of Les Miserables on the Second Empire The State was trying to clear its name The Emperor and Empress performed some public acts of charity and brought philanthropy back into fashion There was a sudden surge of official interest in penal legislation, the industrial exploitation of women, the care of orphans, and the education of the poor From his rock in the English Channel, Victor Hugo, who can fairly be called the French Dickens than Balzac, had set the parliamentary agenda for 1862.In that regard, it was a little like Uncle Tom s Cabin This achievement definitely earns it its place in the French canon However, I think like Uncle Tom s Cabin, its age definitely shows Overall, I m glad I read it but outside of its historical value the history of the novel, the socio cultural conditions of France in the 19th century I m not sure it s worthwhile ploughing through I definitely didn t enjoy it as much as some of the other canonical works of that period Personally, unless you have some kind of fetish for 19th century works, I d stick to just watching the musical It has much better songs And it ll take less time.

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    Vou reservar os coment rios e a avalia o para o final da leitura do segundo volume.Victor Hugo era dono de uma prosa soberba, assim como de enormes compet ncias na narra o de eventos e desenho de conflitos, nunca nos sentimos enfadados, contudo existem v rios problemas, nomeadamente de estrutura, que quero ver como se desenrolam no resto do livro para compreender melhor as inten es do autor.ATUALIZADOLer a an lise completa em

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