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    That s better I was starting to feel like we should go shoe shopping or something Being a girl is not a bad thing No He took his hand out of his pocket and put his arm around her shoulders, hugging her close If I could be half the girl you are, I d be wow, I have no idea where I was going with that, and it just turned out uncomfortable, all of a sudden Jackass You like being a girl that s good I like being a guy that s also good Next you ll be all Me, Tarzan, you, Jane i love this quote hilarious.

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    11 8 11update I finished the book 8 24 11 update at bottom Do you know what I love about these books They come out about every six months That s a pretty short time considering how long you have to wait for SOME books.another thing I love about these books there SSSOOOO many of them I mean this is the eleventh book Seriously And they NEVER get boring, even though it s pretty much just the same things happening in every book, it s SSSOOO exciting And for once I seriously love the protagonist A lot of time authors make their main characters really hard to like, but I love claire She s different DUpdate 11 8 11 So, this time I finished the book I actually finished it a couple days ago, but it s taken me a little while to get around to writing the review I actually have a couple books I need to reviewSo, this book was different I can t exactly put my finger on it, it wasn t the writing It was like the mood It was different Everyone knows I love these books, but now I m honestly just REEEALLY curious Because, here I am putting my finger on that mood I was feeling, it was like hopelessness They kind of had hope at the end, but throughout the book the feeling I kept getting was that everything was sort of coming to an end.Which isn t true, there are going to be fifteen books apparently So, I m just curious.Um, so, the characters are all there still Everyones the same, they ve got new problems though And, there really wasn t a clif hanger like a lot of people seemed to be wondering, you just really don t know what s going on by the end of the book.So, I ve read all the books up to this one and I haven t been dissapointed yet Expect in the one where they go to dallas or wherever they were heading, that one was signifantly boring than the others Anyway, I m looking forward to the next four books, not that i m looknig forward to the waiting

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    I m honestly scrambling to find something other than I FREAKING LOVED IT to post right now, but I m coming up somewhat empty Rachel Caine s 11th book in the Morganville Vampire series is everything a fangirl could dream of Last Breath was filled with drama, romance, action, mystery, and a lot of suspense After eleven books, you pretty much know what you re getting into with these books or so I thought Caine again kept me on my toes by showing us not only Claire s point of view, but also Eve and Amelie While I found Eve s scenes all right, it was the insight into Amelie s head that I simply adored It was great to hear her inner monologue as she worked things out She is a character I never quite know where to stand with, and now I feel like I know and love her a little bit .When this series debuted, I thought Caine was a genius She gave a whole new spin on vampires and vampire lore that I hadn t encountered yet That her characters were loveable and multi dimensional was an added bonus In this book she adds another layer to the vampire legend and why Morganville itself was created in the middle of the desert I was always curious as to why vampires chose to live under the hot, Texas sky and this explains it marvelously This book is a fun ride all the way around I cracked it open as soon as I tore it out of the envelope in the mail and didn t stop until I was done four hours later Yes, it s that good Fans of the Morganville Vampire series will love this book If you haven t picked up any of these books, run don t walk to your nearest bookstore I promise you won t be sorry.

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    First I simply tought Last breath What the hell does that means And then I was like OMG, will they turn Claire into a vamp or something And then, I started wondering Wait Eve and Michael Marriage Fangs Accidents Holy cow I mean, what ifMarriage Eve Michael Eve s Last Breath Damn, why do I need to find out what happens so badly

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    Whoa Way to revitalize a series, Ms Caine You ve definitely woken me up.

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    Gelatinous vampire goo Gelatinous vampire goo I can t get over it This is sowrong I m hoping this new enemy is part of Caine s endgame We ve had 11 books and perhaps she s running out of ideas even though the final book, 15 is due out in November 2013 It certainly feels like the end run The Villains A type of ultimate vampire, the Draug have a seductive call like sirens, need water to survive and breed, can reduce themselves to vampire goo which if you get any on you, will suck the blood life out of you They can remain invisible to the naked eye and easily traps their prey, human or vampire, storing them in water until they re dead On top of this, these guys are hard to kill Due to past encounters, Morganville s vampires are so scared they plan to abandon the town and run Of all things, I did not expect them to run from something they d spent decades building I understand a new foe was needed after the long awaited and much required death of Bishop but I did believe they d learned to stand and fight rather than to submit to fear and flee I was severely disappointed by Amelie s response Amelie Oliver view spoiler A kiss between them was to be expected though hide spoiler

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    WTH did I just read

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    I really don t know why I read this crap.These books are like those movies where you just go to switch your brain off and have a good time Except the difference for Last Breath is that you switch your brain off and have one heck of a bore a thon.Even the action scenes have gotten boring.OK, that s not entirely true since I was into it while I was reading those sequences, but even so there was this get on with it feeling all over it After eleven books you kinda figure out no one s gonna die so you got no one to root for The peril factor drops below zero and then you re waiting to get past the action kinda like this.But the action s just the build up to the drama stuff That s how lame this is In normal books the action constitutes as the juicy stuff In Morganville this is the other way around, because everything s topsy turvy and upside down and inside out Wouldn t expect anything less from the brilliantly ingenious mind of Rachel Caine.Ms Caine, I DON T GIVE A SHIT IF IT S YOUR JOB If you re going to be paid almost a million dollars source for writing crap, get your head screwed on right and write something with a little meaning.Then again, we re up to book eleven And still reading crap.I m only holding out for Myrnin and Claire to get together, but obviously that s not going to happen, not now or anywhere in the future view spoiler Plus, they still haven t kissed I swear Rachel Caine knows most of her readers have hopped onto the M C ship and she s only held on to so many of us because she knows we ll ditch her books as soon as M C admit they got feelings for each other But like I said, now that Shane s proposed that possibility has dropped below zero Jesus Christ, marriage They re both under twenty, right But their entire relationship is so f ed up at this stage that it s not even remotely shocking and I m resigned to just take things as they come along hide spoiler

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    Everytime it comes to writing a review for these books, I find myself sounding like a broken record But then again every time it s worth the repeat These books are highly addictive and purely entertaining It kills boredom and cures readers block It s nevah dull and it s always filled with the most delicious intrigue, not to mention sizzling sexy chemistry How is it possible that these books just gets better and better Eleven books in and I m still having an absoute blast in this world In fact, I think this might be my favorite one I love them all mind you, but I loved loved loved the new threat lurking in Morganville Magnus How awesomely unique is he The entire draug concept is nothing short of brilliance Great move for Caine to bring in something actually worse then Bishop We also got a lot of great moments between Shane and Claire I think it s safe to say that Caine totally made up for it after Bite Club Shane and Claire seems close, strong, united in this book compared to all the rest and oh GAWD the emotions My throat felt so tight during a few scenes, really really choking me up.Last Breath would have been the second to last novel, but I m so thrilled that Caine is extending this to three books, bring it to number fifteen I could slightly see where she was going with the next bookif it were to be the last, but I think that with the new danger in Morganville the story line has room to be stretched and that s fine by me You d think that after all these books we would all be ready to just let them go, but oh hell no, all it does is make me crave the next installment that much quicker I don t know how she does it, but just when you think everything been done in Morganville we get something entire new and unexpected I should have known better being in a Rachel Caine book, and yet, the color of happy shock is still splattered on my face Dame she s good I freaking adore all of these characters Shane, Claire, Myrnin, Michael and Eve Each and every single one of them keep bringing in the crazy as hell fun that I ve come to expect from them But we see a different side to some of these characters in this one The intense and raw emotions that are usually hidden, surfaces in a moment when everything is at it s worst and some of the suspected unspoken revelations start to come out Myrnin and Michael, I m looking at you Shane and Claire have reached a new level of yum Not only were some of their moments sweet as sin or comically amusing, but you actually feel the extent of how they feel about one another It took my breath away.All in all, this was another Morganville win I love the new plot arc and I m so looking forward to seeing how Caine will play this out in Black Dawn Oh and one thing A shout out to that ending What an amazing moment for Shane and Claire fans la sigh Gimme Gimme More

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    Holy floating Moses That was insane every story s tragic somewhere along the way You just have to know where to stop telling the story to make a happy ending I cannot agree with that Rachel Caine sure has a way of creating a roll a coaster of a ride for her Morganville fans She puts us through an ongoing adventure of turbulent ups and downs with crazy twists, insane events and fierce action that doesn t quit Call me crazy, but I don t want this wild ride to end.In Last Breath Morganville is at the precipice of an apocalypse The vampires are facing an enemy that has defeated them time and time again throughout history Vampires are disappearing and the Glass House residents along with the rest of Morganville face an unknown danger like never before No one is safe and humans and vampires must ban together to save their town.Wow This installment had one of the most tragic moments in all of the books combined I didn t know if I was going to be able to get past Chapter 11 with my heart intact GAWD That scared the bloody vampires out of me My brain was in a clusterfuck as I was frantically anticipating how Caine was going to fix the madness that was happening AGGG What a tumultuous scene that goes down as Morganville s finest moments yet It s no surprise that I absolutely love.love.love this cast of characters Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have a chemistry and bond that really carries this book to a new level of awesomeness Is it crazy that I worry like hell over them Well I do I think that s called truly vested I love Claire for her quiet strength, I adore Shane for his reckless loyalty that just won t quit, Eve tugs at my heart with her raw power and Michael pulls my emotions in all sorts of directions with his fierce determination to keep his friends together and safe.There were a couple of reveals in this book that had me shouting I.KNEW.IT I don t want to spoil anything, but it has to do with Michael and his initial feelings for another character close to him I called that at least 7 books ago happy dance Just because I was right, not because I want anything to come of it Also, there was a scene where Claire has to make a choice that will affect her relationship with Myrnin and Shane I expelled a sigh of relief and I guess I could claim I knew what she d choose, but it was nice to see it confirmed in this book Oh and that last scene Woah Did Caine have to stop there I want Overall, there was not one moment that didn t grab my attention and have me biting my nails in anticipation This book was intense, wild, crazy and true Morganville style addicting Next one please Favorite Quotes Do you think I want to visit Crazy McTeeth in his liar of insanity Claire A very faint curve of a smile touched his lips, and his eyes shown, not with happiness, she realized, but with tears You got in my head, you really did And my heart And I m sorry So please, stop following your usual extremely useless agenda of jabbering questions and put the needle in your arm

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