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summary Kit and Kitty in Love , series Kit and Kitty in Love , book Kit and Kitty in Love , pdf Kit and Kitty in Love , Kit and Kitty in Love 6f7234f360 Kit Kitty Is A Picture Book For Adults That Contains Some Mature, Yet Positive Sexual Content Looking For Something Really Special For The Love Of Your Life Tell Your Sweetheart You Are Completely And Madly In Love, Just Like Kit And Kitty They Are Never Too Busy Or Proud To Express That They Are Heads Over Tails In Love With Each Other Vividly Imagined And Hand Painted By WC Fielstra, Kit And Kitty In Love Is An Ode To Love, To Fill Any Romantic Occasion With Passion Who Are Kit And Kitty They Are An Anthropomorphic Fox And Vixen Couple A Matched Set Of Romantic Fools Who Cannot Get Enough Of Each Other Each Scene In The Book Depicts A Tender Moment Of Mutual Heartfelt Connection Kit Is Always Soft, Caring, And Tender, Trying To Satisfy The Every Need Of His Adoring Mate Kitty Is His Persistent, Playful, Wanting, And Willing Partner They Are In An All Too Perfect Relationship, With Only A Little Pain And Almost No Pride When They Kiss In The Rain, Linger In Bed, Or Splash In The Tub, They Are Saying, I Really Love You And I Love You Unconditionally Why Wait Go Ahead And Express That You Are Heads Over Tails In Love

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    Kit and Kitty in Love by W.C FielstraKit and Kitty are an anthropomorphic fox and vixen couple playing out the steps from love at first site to living happily ever after Of course in the interim, they can t keep their paws off each other The story does show tender moments, as well as intimate encounters, that lead to a mutual heartfelt connection Hide this darling little lovefest from the kiddies, Mom and Dad, because this book is in NO WAY appropriate for children Kit and Kitty in Love by W.C Fielstra might make a sweet and sensual surprise for the love of your life, afterall it will relay to your sweetheart that your madly madly in love with them, but it might also relay that you re into some kinky bedroom games as well Furries play The Furries are a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics This includes having sex while in animal costumes and pretending to be animals People who are associated with Furries culture refer to themselves as part of the Furry Fandom Community These Furries are known to gather on the Internet and at conventions.I personally don t mind Furries They don t bother me and I don t bother them They have a HUGE Convention here in Pittsburgh every year I don t like, however fetish books being made to look like children s books with bright colors, Disney drawn characters, and catchy titles that grab kid s attention It s not appropriate.Understand that I Hate Giving Books Bad Reviews Especially when the author, W.C Fielstra, has been gracious enough to send me a copy of their book for free Full disclosure, when I applied for the book I thought it was for kids and intended it for my grandson, Gauge Good thing I screen everything before it goes to the kids I do have to thank both GoodReads and W.C Fielstra for sending me a copy of Kit and Kitty in Love at no cost after winning it on First Reads, but I will say I NEVER would have bought this book on my own.Putting this one in the donation no wait giveaway no wait well, it ll make good kindling in an apocalypse if I can t figure it out I m NOT recommending this book unless you re a Furry or you need to level a table Review provided by DJ Harris aka DJ6ual

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    In compliance with FTC guidelines I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.This book is an adorable ode to blooming love The pictures were drawn in a old fashioned cartoon style hearkening to the days of childhood Most of the pictures are of a romantic nature A few of the pictures are of an adult nature and I felt were to risky for a child even though it looks like a children s book.This is a book I would suggest for sharing with a lover for a romantic occasion.

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    This is a gorgeously illustrated and romantically written ode to love My children saw it on my nook and asked me to read it to them my 6 year old daughter loved the drawings I think it is a grown up picture book and I absolutely adored it I received this copy for free from a link provided by the author It would be perfect to take along on a romantic picnic with some wine and cheese.

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    I won a free copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway. Rating 3.5 stars Kit Kitty In Love is a very cute and fun book On the outside, this book may pass for a children s picture book, however the content is definitely for adults The illustrations in this story are bright and colourful, and communicate love in a playful way If the content wasn t as mature, I could definitely see this as a book for kids Overall, Kit Kitty In Love is a fun adult picture book that provides light and quick entertainment.

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    Oh what a delightful book This would book would make a wonderful gift to an intimate friendor lover The illustrations are so colorful, full of life, and truly share the optimism of a couple in love Reminiscent of early cartoons, this could be a picture book for a child, but the subtext is without question adult I think all of us can relate to these characters and their experiences on these pageswell done W.C Fielstra I can t wait to share this with my Kit.

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    To be honest, I m not sure if I would have read this book if I hadn t won it but I m glad I did I m not a big fan of cartoons, but this is not your average children s book It s not for kids at all This story is very sweet and reminds me of my first and very much current love.

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    I enjoyed the book and the fox and drawing were really great.i won the book through goodeads.it is a nice gift to give to someone for valentines day.

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