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    Terrible, absolutely terrible The plot had promise, but huge gaps in the story and timeline did little to improve the crappiness I think the author tries to write like Tom Clancy s what if style, but he just really sucked.

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    This was my first Patrick Robinson book and I wasn t sure I d like it because it had to do with submarines and other things I don t normally read about Oh was I wrong this book had me hooked from the beginning Robinson takes you through the story and thankfully explains the workings of our Navy s nuclear submarines which fascinated me and introduces everyone to the hard nosed Admiral Arnold Morgan my new favorite man I could not put this book down and am actually going to read it again in the future I never thought I d be entranced and enthralled to learn about submarines, rescue missions and other aspects of the Navy don t want to spoil the book here I absolutely LOVE this book

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    I enjoyed this book Well developed characters with good back story on a few Good technical descriptions without being too dense in that regard.

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    Primero dos precisiones antes de la cr tica Estoy leyendo el libro en ingl s para perfeccionar el mismo y son un fan acerrimo de Tom Clancy.Dicho esto, la novela me ha dejado sentimientos encontrados Y digo esto porque la verdad es que el autor, bien asesorado tiene momentos en los que la acci n militar despunta, pero la verdad es que no acaba de transmitir una sensaci n de tensi n en el libro Y en mi humilde opini n creo que es porque a la trama en s le falta chicha Es decir, si algo tiene Clamcy es que va montando toda la trama para que al final todo estalle en el aire en un final pico P nico nuclear, el libro no la pel cula, es un claro ejemplo de como llevar a todos a un cl max brutal En cambio en este libro todo se va sucediendo y no acabas de sentir esa tensi n Como he dicho, he utilizado el libro para perfeccionar el ingl s y evidentemente eso hace que perjudique mi compresi n de toda la atm sfera del libro.Por otra parte, el libro est centrado en la esfera militar y eso para m nos deja muchos cabos sueltos Una vez m s volviendo a mi autor favorito Estados Unidos no se puede entender sin la esfera militar y pol tica y en este libro el presidente de Estados Unidos parece m s un chico de los recados que el m ximo mandatario del pa s m s poderoso del mundo Hay muchos actores del libro que se limitan a aparecer de forma puntual y podr an tener m s desarrollo tanto ellos como las acciones que podr an emprender En fin, a este libro le faltan unas 400 p ginas m s para ser redondo Y ya por ltimo, la trama en s , simplemente no me la creo, no voy a hacer m s spoiler.Como punto positivo, se nota que hay un militar con experiencia en el libro asesorando, pero me hubiera gustado que esos conocimientos hubieran estado m s presentes Mejorable.

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    Kilo Class by all means is a very specific military Navy action thriller that catered to that very reader ship group Which leaves about almost all of us a bit alienated by the terms and turn of events that unfold in the story I am not really sure if Robinson was trying to appeal to a wider demographic or bigger scope of readers with this book, because reading through it, I cannot help but to be confused with many things, except if I were a serviceman As of any other books, the first few front pages were dedicated to excepts of great reviews Which were fine, except that many of these seems to include many military influenced related sources You can guess well who will love this book.THE MAIN PLOT The Russians are preparing an order of the remaining seven out of ten Kilo Class nuclear powered submarines to China Three had been delivered and patrolling or docking near the Chinese waters The real intent of the huge placement of order was in the interest of capturing Taiwan, and the territory around it Which also, in effect would weaken or demolish altogether the American presence in the Pacific Of course, the US of A will not succumb to that A Black Operation was ordered to make sure that the remaining seven will never make its way home Now here comes the problem At many instances, the pace and flow of the story intersect between the author s self indulgent comprehension, before returning to a path of general readership depth Robinson seemed to be engrossed in explaining a tale by his own knowledge of naval navigation and military terms at one point while the rest of us pondered what the hell was going on And then, at one point he became nicer and kindly introduced or explained a few terms or facts that helped in the understanding There were a few maps of coastal margin, submarine routes and even a list of central characters that ensured the reader will not be confused I however, did not agree on that 80% of the time, I got a good idea of what s going on 20% of the other time, I just skipped all the other finer details Thankfully, doing so did not affect the understanding of the story very much.It didn t help to know that a US Navy Admiral was approached upon by Robinson to be the military advisory of technical matters I was hoping that maybe a proof reading by someone outside of the circle might improve the book for a general audience I describe Kilo Class as nothing than a skimmed through affair Too many central characters was not a problem Shifting focus was Going back and forth to the perspective of the American, Chinese, Russian side then moving to the smaller events, was brilliant story telling But on whom should we be sympathetic with and which sides are we reclining on There seems to be no emotional elaboration worth noticing And for the rest of the time it was all about the progression of the tale, rather than the characters You will not put yourself in the place of the situation but read the book as if you are a watching a movie Military action thriller author do not make good romance books The biggest issue however, was the idea of USA being too effective and omnipotent Seven Kilo Class, brand new submarines being sunken or destroyed one American sub and a few NAVY SEALS Being able to do so with no detection by either the Russian or the Chinese until it s too late Infiltrating deep enough into enemy territory without being caught, all plans going rather smoothly without much glitch No casualty on the American side Are you kidding me The funny part was that the Russians and the Chinese were depicted as being careful and gulp humane in their approach to declaring a counter attack Robinson crafted the story of how both sides measured the cost and effect of retaliation, the implication of hastily triggering a possible World War III, and global reaction, should an evident military approach was initiated.In contrast the Americans were nothing than a determined bunch who were so sure of their objectives The military heads and The President passing on the Green Light for the attacks so swiftly without an elaborate discussion of repercussions NAVY SEALS who killed civilian characters in order to get a job done without detection And let s not forget in all but one military aggressions depicted in this book the American was the first trigger They fired first, they killed first Not even once in the story that an American was killed by a Russian or a Chinese.I also cannot help but to detect a hint of American favouritism of Robinson s in the detailing of certain events and characters The elaborated macabre history of Russia s forced labour and the violent tendency of a Chinese Navy Command all seemed to suggest that the action is appropriate to the suggested nature That America is the Good Guy doing all peace keeping actions There were many plot holes and what ifs moments that I hoped were discussed greatly a few central figures was explained in the beginning but somewhat disappeared throughout until the very end Taiwanese actions and roles was introduced but again abruptly killed acting as a filler Coincidence of a sighting by one central character that lead to the main plot is just absurdIn the end, I decided on a 3 solid stars for the rating of this book It was too much fiction based on factual idea I am sure that military purist may have enjoyed this book better than I would, but I am also sure than the rest of us would think otherwise.

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    The book jacket described the story as a taut, page turning techno thrillers the highest quality, grounded in fact and ringing with authenticity I don t know if it is quite all that, but I was entertained while reading it It would definitely fall into the techno thriller category, as three countries basically play hide and seek with submarines The author kept the separate story lines he wove together straight while keeping the action moving But for me, it was the action, not the characters that stood out, so will file in my brain candy category.

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    The second in the series of realistic fictional submarine stories This one was better constructed than the first from a story standpoint More complex plot construction, and an intricate weaving of story perspectives It gained momentum as it went along and reached a natural progression Looking forward to continuing the story, hopefully with a few appearances from our favorite couple of characters from the first book.

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    Kilo Class by all means is a very specific military Navy action thriller that catered to that very reader ship group As the title suggests, it s about submarines I listened to the 2.5 hour version instead of the 16.5 hour version and enjoyed it very much I imagine that I obviated all the submarine detail and clutter that obfuscates the plot with minutiae Looking forward to continuing the story.

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    I find this authors writing very interesting He has had to do a lot of research to write with this detail Robinson reminds me of reading a Clancy novel In Kilo Class he explores the current event of the Chinese wanting to control Taiwan and the straits around I t Very good sequel to Nimitz class

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    Accepting the limitations of an abridged edition, I followed the action with interest The action was a major attraction overall, with the exception of a couple of major characters the hero, and anti hero of the story I don t really understand them any better, now that I have read a couple of books they dominate.

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