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pdf Killing Me Softly, ebook Killing Me Softly, epub Killing Me Softly, doc Killing Me Softly, e-pub Killing Me Softly, Killing Me Softly dcb23498177 Now That You Ve Read GONE GIRLAlice Loudon Has It All A Devoted Boyfriend, A Marvelous Circle Of Friends, A Challenging Job As A Research Scientist Then One Morning, On Her Way To Work, She Exchanges A Lingering Look With A Devastatingly Attractive Man Adam Tallis Is The Essence Of Every Female Fantasy A Daring Mountain Climber Who Has Been Hailed As A Hero As A Lover, He Is Passionate Than Alice S Wildest Imaginings Soon There Isn T Anything Or Anyone She Wouldn T Give Up To Stay By His Side Soon All She Has Is Adam, And Life With This Stranger Will Take Her To New Heights Of Madnessand Fear

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    Opening Line He knew he was going to die Killing Me Softly is a love story but not in the typical sense it s obsessive, all consuming, violent, intense, desperate and ultimately terrifying And oh my god is it good I literally could not put this down If I could compare this book to anything I would say that initially it reminded me of a combination of 9 weeks and that Richard Gere Diane Lane movie from a few years ago Unfaithful based on the passion, intensity and utter randomness of our couples first encounter Of course it then unravels into a tense psychological thriller which much in a car wreck sort of way you can t take your eyes off of Throughout I had a feeling of, this just can t end well.I should mention that despite the fact that the blurb on the jacket describes this book as erotic all the sex scenes are off page it s still sexy as hell in an alarming sort of way And I ll admit to being very uncomfortable in sections, shaking my head at our heroine s decisions and basic lack of self what the hell are you thinking girl I also doubted myself, doubted Alice and Adam and was left utterly raw and heartbroken by the end Just the kind of reading experience I love.Alice Loudon has it all a comfortable life, a stable nice live in boyfriend, a good job, clever friends, and then one day while walking down a London street on her lunch hour she sees him, standing there, staring, as if waiting for her The attraction is immediate it s unexplainable, like a lightning bolt that neither of them can turn away from He is Adam Tallis and without speaking a word she follows this complete stranger to his apartment where she proceeds to let him take her clothes off and engages in the most intense love making she has ever known In fact with Adam she needs a new word for sex He envelopes her, obliterates her, he is unlike any man she has ever known, and within days she is lost to him.Abandoning everything and I mean that literally Alice leaves her boyfriend and moves in, within months they re married Nothing matters except him and them and her world becomes very small She barely recognizes herself in the mirror any as Adam begins to possess every aspect of her being He worships her, desires her, loves her in an all consuming way and there isn t room for anyone or anything else Alice s world shrinks to being just Adam the stranger she fell in love with on a street.Adam Her enigmatic husband, world renowned mountain climber, guide and reluctant hero after his last expedition in the Himalayas left half of their group dead Adam comes with a whole circle of mysterious and exotic friends and it s when Klaus decides to write a book about the tragedy of the Chungawat expedition that Alice opens her eyes Reality creeps in, jealousy and doubt takes hold and the tension level rises How well does she really know this man Told entirely from the first person we witness Alice s inner turmoil, doubts and fears as curiosity about her husband s past and former lovers becomes in of itself an obsession What a ghastly farce it all was Our whole marriage was built on desire and deception 359jb5

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    A stand alone novel by the writing team that work under the name Nicci French I enjoy reading the successful Frieda Klein series so have been tempted to read from the writing duo This book falls short of the other books I have read but nevertheless gripped me and made me want to read .At times the book was very good but sadly it drifted at other moments and for the first time since reading their combined work I felt that it was actually written by two authors rather than the seamless style I am used to.The novel is about the obsessive love affair of Alice and Adam that leads to passion and mistrust Alice is already in a relationship with her live in boyfriend Jake when she meets Adam and very quickly an intense relationship begins that will cause a lot of hurt and mistrust Very quickly Alice s life changes as she falls in love with Adam and he appears to worship her to the point of obsession.Once Alice leaves Jake to move in with Adam her life changes forever and serious doubts appear about his past, she is living with a stranger a man she hardly knows.I really did have mixed feelings about this book, I did enjoy it and couldn t put it down but overall felt it lacked reality and the writing style was not as polished as I have got to expect from Nicci French.

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    Maybe I m just jaded, but I expect MORE from my mysteries MORE MORE MORE Predictable, predictable, predictable.Beach read, definitely.The first 60% of the book just made me mad Alice has a good, healthy, strong relationship with Jake, but as all we weak women are, she s lured out of it by the promise of a roll in the hay with studly Adam ThereI just summed up in one sentence what it took the author 60% of the book to say.The book only gets interesting and mildly so at that in the final 40% of the book Most avid mystery readers will at least guess at the ending and there s just too much graphic sex and salacious swearing for the propriety of the book Look, I recognize that the topic of the book is largely the perverse sex life of studly Adam, but reallyno one speaks like that ESPECIALLY if they re dark and mysterious And, if anyone did, women would laugh in his face It just doesn t work that way, and it s ridiculous to even fantasize that it would.There were other dropped storylines for instance Alice is learning to speak French, but there is no reason, and the French is never explained Any first year French student will understand the language used, but anyone who has not had exposure will not What was the point, Ms French Why bother Alice doesn t find any clues in French Is it just because you are Ms French, Ms French Is that clever I say, Non C est ne pas Predictable and boring, says the MOP Book ReviewHaving said all of thatD, this book is headed your way You re going to love it HA

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    This book surprised me It was not what I expected To be honest, the book s description on the back cover doesn t give too much details on what it s about and when I first began to read it, I asked myself Why did I pick this one up Maybe it was because I got it on clearance for a buck the local bookshop Nonetheless, I am happy I picked this one up It turned out to be suspenseful and a good read Here is what this book is about since the book description lacks some knowledge.Alice meets Adam randomly on the street one day and they soon very soon actually embark on a passionate love affair Alice is already in a relationship with a man named Jake but this does not stop her from pursuing something with Adam Eventually in a week s time she leaves Jake and her life behind Adam is a mystery, his past is very secretive other than the fact that he is a mountain climber Soon their sex lives begin to get violent This is where I would say goodbye Adam Alice thinks that it s not a bad thing, maybe he is just into some Kinky stuff She meets a woman who claims to be his ex and shows her welding scars to her and tells her Adam did that to her At this point in the book even weirder things begin to occur Notes are randomly left at Alice Adam s home.There were several times that I thought to myself Come on now as I was reading this This whole story is something that can happen in real life I m sorry but whoever this has happened to is just plain dumb To leave a serious committed relationship that you are in for some random man with 3 toes for sex, and get chocked out while you re having sex, and get notes threatening that your being stalked, well your just a plain stupid woman for staying I was a bit annoyed with Alice for her irresponsible life decisions and I thought she was getting what she deserved Adam right from the beginning seemed like a macho possessive man I wasn t buying his whole lustful mannerisms one bit The ending did surprise me though

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    So thrillers, romance, erotic, suspense with cheating not really my thing Who knew

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    Man can I give this book a 3.5..LOL anyways I really did enjoy this book as it is subtitled as A Novel of Obsession and that is exactly what she was, obsessed, like to the extreme..Okay so the book starts out with an ordinary woman just like any one of us in a great relationship with a guy who is comfortable with her, and wants to marry her she has a great circle of college friends and a great job as a scientific researcher for a female contraceptive..everything a thirty something woman could want then one day as she is crossing the street she locks eyes with a beautiful mysterious stranger..Yeah he s hot and she is intrigued but forgets him as she goes to work, however when she leaves work he is still there and without even giving her his name she follows him to his borrowed residence and has mind blowing sex..Okay so with just that intro I was alittle lost on relating to her, who does this, she doesnt even know anything about him, where she is going or anything but follows this crazy quiet dude anywhere it was creepy..So like I said she follows him, begins this crazy affair where she lies to everyone, alienates herself from her friends and eventually breaks it off with her boyfriend and then get this, she marries the dude she knows nothing about..and yup he s crazy..He is ultra secretive, gets into kinky masochistic sex and becomes obsessesed with her, while she is finally wising up and investigating him as well..She delves into his past with an almost unhealthy fixation and finds everything she wanted to, and ..Like I said I enjoyed this book and felt the writing was superb, alive and expressive and I cant wait to read from this author interesting side note found out this author was a husband and wife tag team writing duo, how amazing however as noted the plot was silly and kinda unbelievable, what woman would do anything she did, no intelligent self respecting female I know but hey thats why I read, to find out what I dont know and see what others do..Love it

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    Alice locks eyes with a beautiful man in the street and her life is overturned Leaving her comfortable home, her friends, her boyfriend, she immerses herself completely into this new love But Adam is than he seems and his refusal to discuss his past holds secrets than Alice can imagineThis is an intelligent read which probes the boundaries between overwhelming true love and obsession between submission and victimisation and between consensual sex and something much darker.The idea of the One great love has become such a cliche and yet is still an ideal which underpins so much of contemporary culture This book takes that idea and pushes it to its logical extremes, exposing the dark underside where both romantic and erotic love shade into madness and violence.There are elements of this book which don t quite hold together but overall this is a compulsive read, written in a deceptively easy to read style Excellent, and the you think about it the frightening it becomes.

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    I m sorry to say that I thought this book was truly awful I found it neither gripping nor thrilling Irritating and unbelievable were probably better adjectives Alice was so naive I wanted to smack her and the bad guy was so obviously sinister, anyone who didn t notice it must have had their head buried in the sand I didn t find the conclusion particularly convincing either It s the first Nicci French I have read and I have a feeling it might be the last.Sorry all, but it was just not for me.

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    Chilling I love the way the book starts and then backtracks Doesn t always work but it does here The authors show how deep obsession can go, how the victim can be pulled in without even realising it s happening, and even when they do, it s still difficult to believe what s going on Adam is a damaged individual So kind and caring, so vile and manipulative Well drawn characters all round I ve read this book twice psychological suspense novels don t come better than this Not a romance

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    Okay, this book is like a lifetime movie meets Showtime Another one of my guilty pleasures This is a curl yourself in a blanket and never get up book It s a bad car accident You re surprised you re so interested and a little disappointed in yourself, but you can t peel yourself away

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