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pdf Kael Jai , ebook Kael Jai , epub Kael Jai , doc Kael Jai , e-pub Kael Jai , Kael Jai 59246f6caaf His Name Is Kael Jai He D Been Cast Out From His Own World After Losing A Long Battle Against The Madman Named Jindom, Thrown To Earth Through A Portal, Abandoned To Fend For Himself, Alone And Alienated From His People Alienated Alien That S What He Was Considered In This World An Alien An Unknown It Was Hard To Think Of Himself As Alien, Or Even Different But To These People On This Planet, He Was An Anomaly, Something To Be Feared, Perhaps Even Dissected The Priejsthaed Had Sent Him To Earth For His Own Protection They Thought He Would Be Safe There They Were Wrong Jindom Had Discovered His Location And Now Kael Jai Must Not Only Fight For His Life But Also Find A Way To Restore Peace On His Home World Of Trinoor And Save Earth From The Powerful War Machines Sent There To Kill Him

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    Among the rubble you sometimes find a gem like this Eva was working her flower stand in New York, minding her own business, when suddenly a monster robot appeared and a beautiful godlike man fought and destroyed the terrible thing, then this handsome warrior drags her off with him saying she had been imprinted, whatever that meant Now what was she to do Well, maybe by taking this perfect specimen to her friend s apartment, she could keep him awhile But now things really get weird This handsome fella is an alien, and he has a priest bodyguard tagging along, and he s also some kind of king or ruler on his world.The first half of the book takes place on Earth, as Kael Jai and his bodyguard, Sylph, stop robots and warriors sent by the evil ruler, Jindom to find him Then, with the help of another priest bringing needed technology, they decide to return to their home world to battle the evil ruler once and for all As they step into the portal, Eva dives in behind them, and ends up on their world in time for a battle royal Lately I ve been finding rubbish in the science fiction field, and really expected nothing from this book, but I was really surprised Among the rubble you sometimes find a gem like this Well written, smooth, and entertaining The characters pull you into the story, then the plot captivates you, and before you know it, you re hooked and can t let go I love finding great entertainment like this Highly recommended.

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    Great book It gave me the feeling of movies like the new Thor series This should be made into a movie in my opinion It is a good beginning for a series and the characters are rich and believable There s some interesting stuff on the website as well Even a sample.

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    This was a spur of the moment buy, prior to a trip to the VA in Sioux Falls I finished it in three days because of health, but it kept my mind alert and calm Now I cannot wait to get in the series.

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    Good readAlien outcast banished to earth He needs to get home but he is unable Then they come for him and try to kill him While he fought with his assassin he inadvertently endangered a human Good read.

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    FreshAlthough first contacts have been well represented in SciFi, to me this feels fresh and modern Definitely has piqued my interest.

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