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pdf Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book), ebook Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book), epub Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book), doc Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book), e-pub Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book), Just Me and My Mom (A Golden Look-Look Book) b85290a1c8e Head To The Big City With Little Critter And His Mom In This Adventurous Picture Book Mercer Mayer S Little Critter Is Spending A Special Day With His Mom In This Classic, Funny, And Heartwarming Story Whether The Duo Is At The Museum, The Aquarium, Or The Toy Store, Both Parents And Children Alike Will Relate To Little Critter S Beloved Story A Perfect Gift For Mother S Day Or Any Day

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    Mom takes Little Critter to the Big city Little is just a whirlwind of mess in the big place He loses the tickets on the train and they get kicked out of a nice restaurant Mom is trying her best to make it a good experience, but it s tough as disaster falls on them from everywhere Still, by the end of the day, Mom had a good day being with her kid.This story really is like watching my nephew I mean this is who my nephew is, but his mom is smarter than the mom in this story She would never let the nephew hold the tickets in his hand nope She s knows they would be gone This is an interesting story My brother, I remember now, was also a little like this too It s good to know that little boys like this can grow into really great dads There is hope.The nephew thought this story was hilarious He wants to get to go to the big city like his sister He gave this 4 stars.

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    This is another great young kids series The books are for kids a bit younger than the Berenstain Bear series, but still fantastic to read to or have as your first books that your kids read to you Each book in the Little Critter series generally has some moral to the story, even if you have to look a little bit to find it For me, this particular book reminded me of the need for patience as a parent and how much my kiddos just want to spend time with their parents, not really caring what we do together If you get a chance, check out this book and the series as a whole I highly recommend them.

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    These were a childhood favorite Little Critter s highly relatable innocence shines through in every book This time, he and his mother embark on a special day together visiting a museums, an aquarium, and a lunch out Favorite line, Then we went to the art museum but it was full of weird pictures and I was tired C est vrai Little Critter What kind of animal is he anyway

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    This is such a cute, loving book It is all about a little critter who is spending the day with his mom in the city He just wants to show his mom all these cool things but, the people in charge of the places they go are not thrilled They go to a museum, an aquarium, an art museum, and a fancy restaurant but, things don t go so well at each one All is good in the end though, he still had a lot of fun with his mom I think this book would be especially good to young readers They are able to relate to the story, and they are able to use pictures to find out what is going on in the story, if they are not quite at that reading level I loved this book, and the illustrations make it that much better

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    This is cute story about a kids day spent entirely with his mom They do all sorts of things together that kids in my classroom might be able to relate to if they have done them as well It also has good illustrations that really put the story into perspective.

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    Grade interest level PreK 2ndReading level 460LGenre Comedy, picture bookMain characters Little Critter and his momSetting the bus, the city, a department storePOV Little Critter sSummary The Little Critter series focusses on a young boy who goes on all kinds of typical adventures that young children can relate to In this book, Little Critter spends the day with his mom The two take the bus into the city to go shopping and look at the museums While in the city Little Critter gets in to all kinds of trouble At the museum he touches things that have signs saying DO NOT TOUCH At the department store he gets lost from him mom Somehow he ends up at a seal show when his mother finds him The book ends with Little Critter and his mom heading home happily The book is very humorous and will easily keep the attention of young children.Classroom use I think young children would enjoy having this book read to him The pictures are funny and hearing Little Critter s point of view makes the books very relatable to young children This book could be used when talking about family.

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    Little Critter goes on a fun filled and very tiring day out with his mother This story goes into detail of the activities the pair do, the areas they visit, and the encounters they have with issues every normal child experiences with their mother Although none of the problematic tasks were intentional, this story does a great job at showing how important making mistakes are Plus, the love that is shared between a mother and child conquer any misunderstandings faced The genres are realistic fiction, folktales, and picture story book The books is developmentally appropriate for children from ages three to seven years And the quality of this story is relevant and relatable to children of all cultural backgrounds I chose this story to be a form of equal representation that all families have bonds that are so strong and everlasting that no mistake can break that connection Also, in relation to my text set s theme, an immigrant family can depend on parents, aunts unclue, or other forms or household leaders to guide the children to make better decisions.

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    This book doesn t work well for a read aloud Or at any rate, it didn t work well for my three year old The pictures sort of finish the story for the text, but my three year old is still pretty literal as most kids his age are and so he needed wanted me to describe what was happening in each picture to finish the text of the story I think he s probably just a bit too young for these Little Critter books I m thinking I ll reintroduce them around the time he starts independent reading.ETA June 2016 Well, I didn t have to wait as long for my son to understand this as I thought I would Less than 6 months after my original review, he asked to read this again He understands it much better now, and is getting the humor in the pictures without me verbally guiding him through them.ETA February 2019 Read this to F for the first time this month She s a baby so doesn t understand it yet, but both big kids 4 and 7 like it now.

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    Critter is such a troublesome child Although in the end Momma never once loses her temper with him a very patient woman Although the story line is skued the whole story is told like if a child was explaining their day to somebody who wasn t there all the exciting parts.The story is cute.The Little Critters series is always a family favorite next to The Bernstein Bears The pages are filled with colors and pictures depicting the actual story line A great book for one on one story time where a child could interact with what s going on A reader could also ask questions and possibly build a game out of the entire book.The copy I picked up from EPL was well used Pages had been torn but fortunately the story was still intact So it proves that the stories are still often told and generally hold a moral to help aide in the development of childhood learning.

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    This book also has an old, probably outdated, disc that included games and a walk through of the book I loved the interactive game with my book The game would read the text and then you could click on the characters and they would do or say something It was a lot of fun and helped to spark my interest in reading All the Little Critter books have wonderful adventures This book is about Little Critter s day with his mom when they go to the city It goes page by page of what they do together, where they go, and even times when they re waiting to get to their next destination Always made me want to go out and do stuff, like in the book, with my mom right away.

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