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pdf James Bond Encyclopedia, ebook James Bond Encyclopedia, epub James Bond Encyclopedia, doc James Bond Encyclopedia, e-pub James Bond Encyclopedia, James Bond Encyclopedia acc98f0bb54 Created In Full Collaboration With Eon Productions, Producers Of The Bond Movies, This Illustrated Celebration Of The World S Most Famous Super Spy Examines Every Aspect Of S World, With Information On His History, Style, And Tastes, Along With A Z Guides To His Adversaries, Allies, Gadgets, Cars, And, Of Course, The Ever Glamorous Bond Girls

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    Pedia, Encyclo Pedia With Licence to Read THE MOST FAMOUS SECRET AGENT I guess that it s a kinda contradiction to be the most famous secret agent, you know In any case, I was quite thrilled when this Encyclopedia came by chance to my local comic book store they usually have varied type of Pop Culture Encyclopedias and I didn t think twice to buy this one.This edition is updated to the film Quantum of Solace, so evidently doesn t have any info about Skyfall but it s normal in published encyclopedias, specially the ones about pop culture topics that they are almost outdated a day after of its publication.My favorite James Bond is Pierce Brosnan, but also like Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton I can t deal with George Lazenby and God is my witness that I have watched his only film like three times but still I can accept him About Daniel Craig is still a work in progress where also I have watched several times Casino Royale and while I enjoy some elements of the movie, I can t say that I truly like the film, I don t like at all Quantum of Solace and I do really like a lot Skyfall, so I still giving a chance to Craig to full get into my list of favorite Bonds.Some people may wonder what s the appealing about this whole thing of James Bond and nowadays where you have a vast list of blockbuster movies from many franchises, it s kinda easy to see James Bond like just another in the bunch, BUT James Bond films came in 60s when you don t have any blockbuster films and certainly special effects was like a bad joke, so, James Bond films came to fill a need in high budget action films that nobody else has been able to make before, and certainly Bond movies inspired to a whole new generation of filmmakers to do quantum leaps later in the 70s and 80s to bring the cinema to a whole new level of entertainment.This encyclopedia is easily the ultimate guide to the film world of James Bond, while it could be wonderful to have a section about the original novels, they still give some info here and there making comparisons of how certain characters or other stuff was handled in the novels compared to the movies However, the encyclopedia is focused into presenting the movie exploitings of James Bond.You have sections for different major subjects such as Bonds, Bond Villains, Bond Girls, Other Support Characters, Vehicles, Weapons and other Technology, and also a section dedicated to the films.The encyclopedia is fully illustrated in color, with hundreds of photos and posters.And it s relevant to mention that the encyclopedia only covers the Eon Productions films, the ones that are considered as official James Bond movies.

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    Is my geekiness showing P

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    Comprehensive up until 2007 anyway and fully detailed too detailed do we really care about the slightly different planes featured in filler scenes to the point we want to read about them this is insightful and entertaining One of the best exponents of the movie book genre.

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    Excelente enciclopedia sobre el universo filmico de James Bond Lleno de informacion, excelentemente ilustrado y un dise o cautivante Aunque ya quedo desactualizado, sigue siendo uno de los mejores libros sobre 007 que aun puedes encontrar Muy recomendable para los fans.

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    One day in the autumn of 1981, a man and a woman traveled door to door in our suburban neighborhood peddling a new service they called cable TV We were all working outside that day, and I remember wincing in anticipation of the way my Dad was going to send them scurrying Not an early adopter, my dad Not a friend to door to door salespersons either.Imagine our surprise no really, IMAGINE my entire family s jaw dropping, googley eyed surprise when my Dad, instead of brandishing a rake at these two inexplicably suited persons, said something along the lines of Where do I sign What could have induced him to forbear What carrot was on offer, to make him put down his stick James Bond movies They told him that the entire James Bond catalog was to be shown on HBO during the month of November without commercial interruption Angels sang heavenly melismas to my Dad at that moment, right there in the driveway.And I m afraid I have inherited his problem I have all the books, all the movies I ve read criticism, I ve read the rest of Ian Fleming s work , I cannot resist the big dumb money making picture books.Like this one.Does this book, a VERY recent update to The James Bond Encyclopedia, tell us anything that previous gift books about the James Bond movies didn t Well, besides including the Daniel Craig titles No In fact, I get a little cranky when someone has the nerve to call something The James Bond Encyclopedia and NOT include the novels Hmph The novels are the weirdest part.But I ll take it I ll take it for the photos, for the quotes, for the names one might otherwise have missed Minnie Driver, for instance, played Robbie Coltrane s tone deaf girlfriend in Goldeneye Her name was Irina If that is of interest to you, you will want this book If it is not, well, you go get that Vogue book I reviewed yesterday.

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    neatly presented into sections BOND ACTORS, BOND VILLAINS, BOND WOMEN SUPPORTING CAST VEHICLES WEAPONS EQUIPMENT THE MOVIES, with a brief overview at the start this a great A Z of the James Bond Films that spans fromm Dr No to Casino Royale and contains enough nuggets of information to keep any bind fan happy it also references some differences or connectuion between film and book verison of a story and is full of great piccies too.

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    As a reference to all the Bond films through the first Craig film, this is pretty astounding coffee table book characters good and bad, vehicles, and equipment from each film are given an entry This does not have much at all on the Bond books, but as those are almost in a different fictional universe, that is OK.

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    Complet jusqu Casino Royale.

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    A must have for we Bond offciyenado s.

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