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pdf Into the Fire, ebook Into the Fire, epub Into the Fire, doc Into the Fire, e-pub Into the Fire, Into the Fire 2463e1c3268 Suspense Doesn T Burn Any Brighter And Desire Doesn T Run Any Deeper Than When Suzanne Brockmann Takes The Helm, Opens The Throttle, And Takes Readers Along For A Breathless Ride As She Breaks The Thrill Barrier Again And Again With Into The Fire, Brockmann Lights The Fuse On Her Most Explosive Story Yet Vinh Murphy Ex Marine And Onetime Operative For The Elite Security Firm Troubleshooters Incorporated Has Been MIA Ever Since His Wife, Angelina, Was Caught In A Crossfire And Killed During What Should Have Been A Routine Bodyguard Assignment Overcome With Grief, Murphy Blames The Neo Nazi Group Known As The Freedom Network For Her Death Now, Years Later, Freedom Network Leader Tim Ebersole Has Been Murdered And The FBI Suspects Murphy May Have Pulled The Trigger To Prevent Further Bloodshed, Murphy S Friends At Troubleshooters Scramble To Find Him And Convince Him To Surrender Peacefully Murphy Himself Can T Be Sure What He Did Or Didn T Do During The Years He Spent Mourning And Lost In An Alcohol Induced Fog He Does Know He Occasionally Sought Solace From Hannah Whitfield, A Former Police Officer And The Very Friend Who D Introduced Him To His Beloved Late WifeBut Hannah, Still Grappling With The Deafness That Resulted From An Injury Sustained While On Duty, Was Fighting Her Own Battles For Years Hannah Had Feelings For Murphy, And One Painful Night Their Suffering Brought Them Together In A Way Neither Expected And Both RegrettedBut Finally, Murphy Is Ready To Rejoin The Living As Always, He Finds Himself Knocking On Hannah S Door, And As Always, His Longtime Friend Welcomes Him Back Into Her Home Yet Even As Murphy Slowly Rebuilds His Splintered Life, He Continues To Fight His Growing Feelings For Hannah Then He Learned Of Ebersole S Murder And Comes To Believe That The Freedom Network Has Targeted Him And Hannah To Avenge Their Leader S DeathNow Murphy Must Face The Terrifying Prospect Of Losing To Violence Another Woman He LovesAs The Troubleshooters Desperately Search For Him, Murphy Races Toward A Deadly Confrontation With The Freedom Network And The Ultimate Choice Surrender His Life In The Hopes That Hannah Will Be Spared, Or Risk Everything To Salvage Whatever Future They May Have Together

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    I ve been impatiently waiting to read this book since Brockmann started talking about it in her newsletters, but it was well worth the wait This was a fantastic book However, if you re looking for a book with a feel good ending, this is NOT the one Because even though the main couple, Vinh and Hannah, do get their happy ending, just about every other aspect of this book will leave you feeling ragged and unsettled.There are a lot of storylines in this book, a lot of characters and unless you ve been reading the other Troubleshooters books, you re probably going to feel than a little confused It s easier to keep track of everything if you re already familiar with the characters and past storylines So I d recommend not just randomly picking up this book.The main storyline revolves around Vinh Murphy and Hannah Whitfield Vinh s wife, and Hannah s best friend, was murdered in the book Hot Target and since then Vinh has been on a path of self destruction and Hannah hasn t been doing much better So throughout this book, both must find peace within themselves while dealing with their feelings for each other AND the fact that Vinh might just have murdered someone during one of his blackout moments.There are two other major storylines running through the book One involves SEAL Izzy Zanella, who finds himself mixed up with 18 year old Eden Gillman, sister of one of his SEAL teammates And the second involves many members of the Troubleshooters squad, but has a semi focus on the fact that something very serious is going on with James Nash Flashpoint There s also parts about Sophia Decker, Decker s issues and a whole bunch of other stuff.And, as Sam Starrett would say, it s a major clusterfuck or is it a goatfuck when they all end up in the same life or death situation.There s a lot going on in this book I ve read some reviews that were really negative, but honestly, I really enjoyed all the different aspects of the book It was kind of like coming home to old friends, reading about all the characters And I think Brockmann did a really great job of blending all the separate storylines into one cohesive unit that actually worked I wasn t ever confused by anything, and there weren t parts where I thought things were forced or where I scoffed It all fit to me.I can understand, though, why other readers weren t happy with the ending up this book, about howunfinishedit is Because, as I said, the ending will leave you feeling a bit drained and wanting Unlike some others, though, I m not disappointed in Brockmann for doing it I think the way everything played out was as it should have been I can t see any of it coming out any other way without the book being about 1000pages And I was a bit mollified knowing that the next book isn t too far off Feb , and that, according to Brockmann, it will timeline wise begin the day after this one ended.Even so, there is a lot of this book that left me feeling unsettled And when I finished, I was just like whew, that was rough I won t say so as not to spoil anyone But for the one happy ending couple, Hannah and Vinh, I really enjoyed their story Sure, maybe they didn t get as much face time as focus couples of past books, but I was satisfied with what they got I really liked both characters and was glad to see them get themselves straightened out after all they d been through And I was really happy with the future plans Brockmann gave them It fit perfectly.Other good parts of the bookIzzy just cracks me up He s got such an amusing personality The Nash storyline I was really glad Brockmann revisited whatever was going on with him in the last book or was it the book before that And I also think, even though it s a bit heartbreaking, that what she s done with the character is very fitting Loved the involvement of all the other Troubleshooters, the progression of some of the running storylines relationships I ll be very interested to see where she goes with them.As for Izzy and the 18 year old Hmm, mostly I m pretty ambivalent about the age thing there I know some thought it was rather nasty, but I wasn t really bothered by it It was mostly a non issue for me I thought about how horribly everyone treated poor Eden She is definitely one tragic heroine And I m really curious about her plans for that relationship.Overall, this book just thoroughly snagged me From the very beginning I was completely hooked and had to force myself to put it down and get some sleep Then I picked it right back up again as soon as I could after I woke up Every aspect pulled me and had me wanting to know I ve got really no complaints about the bookI mean, sure there s a lot left open, but that s why the next book will be out quicker than normal I can handle that.So what s the bottomline for Troubleshooters fans I think this is going to be a book with no middle ground for readers They are either going to love it or or they re going to hate it For me, I absolutely LOVED it.

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    How many ways can you say this is an awesome series I m running out of words Murphy Hannah, Izzy Eden, Nash Tess Decker so many complex characters and relationships playing out in this one Brockmann is an expert at giving readers multifaceted characters that feel so real that I hurt when they hurt, cry when they cry, and laugh when they laugh I know the multiple plot lines frustrate some readers, but I love them as it keeps the action high, the drama intense, and the emotions always near the boiling point Into The Fire is yet another Must Read in a Page Burning Series

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    After the murder of his wife, Angelina, Vinh Murphy cut off all of his friends and disappeared Months later, he turns up at Hannah Whitfield s door Vinh and Hannah have always been best friends She even introduced him to Angelina Now the FBI wants to talk to him about the murder of Tim Ebersole, the leader of the Neo Nazi Freedom Network who is responsible for Angelina s death Vinh can t say if he killed Ebersole or not since he has been in a drug and booze filled haze for the last several months Now Hannah and his old team at Troubleshooters, Inc are ready to help him clear his name.The 13th book in Brockmann s Troubleshooters series is a very busy book with lots going on Not only do we get Vinh and Hannah s story, there is also a new romance for Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella This book also shows us progress in the Dave Sophia Decker storyline Overall this book was a little darker than I like with my contemporary romances But, I still couldn t put the book down My rating 4 Stars.

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    Loved it Loved it even the 2nd time

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    Wonderful book Three great plots that all converge in a suspenseful and somewhat heartbreaking ending This is not a stand alone book you should read Flashpoint , Hot Target , and Into the Storm first or you most likely will be hopelessly lost and you definitely won t get the full impact this book delivers Not since Breaking Point has S Brockmann written a book that I was so invested in, I was reluctant to put it down If I could have physically read this book the 10 hours straight it would have taken me to read it, I would have it was that enjoyable for me And who knew that loud mouth and often so annoying Izzy Zanella could be such a sweet guy I definitely enjoyed reading about him and his young bride Eden, and I hope to read about them in coming books, since their storyline was left hanging No one writes characters as realistic, or relays the male POV, better than Ms Brockmann After finishing her books, you feel you know each character personally And for all you J.R Ward fans, check out the hello on page 360 that S.B gives to JR it had me chuckling This was a 5 star read all the way And for you romantic suspense fans who have never read any of S Brockmann s books, do yourself a favor and try this wonderful series you won t be sorry

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    Folsom Lake, Ca.4.5 stars And Murphy realized, with a sudden sharp shock of awareness, that his and Hannah s were not the only lives that had been permanently damaged by Angelina s murder There had been a ripple effect from the tragedy And his friends, like Dave, had lost than Angelina They d lost Murphy, too Into the Fire is the 13th book in Suzanne Brockmann Troubleshooter series If you thought that the past books had you at the edge of your seat then honey hold on tight because this book takes it up a notch Yeah, I thought we d see all that Ms Brockmann had to offer in suspense but she has little up her sleeve and it s so fun Into the Fire Is not just the story of Murphy and Hannah Murphy and Hannah He wanted Han with a sharpness and desperate immediacy that no longer existed when he thought about his wife Okay, so I have to say that this was not my favorite part of the book I love Murphy, he s amazing The man loved his wife and his grief comes off the pages of this book He s handsome, stronge, committed but a darkness is inside of him and he has to work that out I have to commend Suzanne Brockmann for writing this character because I think that it taking Murphy years to get over the pain of loosing his wife was spot on Murphy and Angelina s childhood friend, Hannah is also hurting Also numbing the pain of loosing her best friend and living with the guilt of being the one the survive She takes pills to numb the pain and one night she and Murphy collide and in a way it s the beginning of the end Deeply layered, fast moving and always fun to read, Hannah and Murphy s story takes them from San Diego to Sacramento in the hopes of clearing Murphy s name You said you needed me And maybe that was just part of the crazy talk, but If you need me, bwee, I m there Whether it s Sacramento or San Diego or or London or, shit, the tenth level of hell I m there You know, you were the one who had the problem with us having sex, Murph Not me If it were up to me, we d still both be using each other shamelessly Twice a day And three times on Sundays Izzy and EdenUmm I m officially a card carrying member of the Irving Zanella club Membership in this club comes with lots of ohh s and Ahhh s and many side aches from laughing so much because Izzy is sexy, funny and honorable Regina and Wendy, also card carrying members can attest to the Zanella love He s amazing but in this book we get to see Izzy head over heels infatuated with this girl women who ends up being Danny Gillmans little sister Yeah, if it couldn t get any stranger Eden Gillman walks into the Ladybug and right into Izzy and from that moment forward the world changes for Mr Zanella and he doesn t even know it Eden is a mess She s just turned 18 and warning signs are flashing and Izzy cannot walk away Their attraction to each other jumps off the pages and we find ourselves as readers, wanting I wanted this to be their book, for every moment to come back to Izzy because he shines in Into the Fire You get to know about him and see him not just as funny but caring and committed This is a story line I cannot wait to read about and this is not the end for the Zanella s there was something about Irving Zanella s quick smile There was something, too, that gleamed in his dark eyes amusement or intelligence or probably both that made him good looking Charismatic That was the word for him He had crazy charisma Dave, Sophia and DeckBrockmann, I beg you please put me out of my misery I cannot take this love triangle any There has to be a resolution soon I love these crazy kids but dang it s been several books and each person is still torturing themselves for past transgressions At the end of Into the Fire we get a little snippet of something that might be a resolution I don t want to ruin it for avid fans, but be on the look out for that To say i m ready for this madness to end would be an understatement In the end, I just want Dave, Sophia and Decker to have some happiness and maybe some babies just saying.As for the location of most of this book, the Sacramento area, Folsom and the hills just past there That s where I grew up It s not very often that you have a book based in an area you know so well It was fun to imagine where all these hideouts where and maybe a little fun to imagine these fine Troubleshooters running around my hometown In Conclusion Into the Fire was a solid example why Ms Brockmann is a renowned author Her ability to weave these complex characters into these nail bitting story lines makes me come back for each time Flawed, lovable and wildly addictive are men and women of the Troubleshooter Series I ll be sad when this wild ride is over but grateful to share the journey Hannah of the wolves, she reminded him I don t care, he said Maybe we should write that into our wedding vows Through richer and poorer, through three days without a shower Hannah just sat there, her heart in her throat

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    At first I thought, Arg, I ve missed too many books in the series, I ll never catch up Then as I caught up I thought, Thank God I didn t read the other books or Tess pain would be excruciating But, then I kept going And, wow Loved it So, no matter how many times you want to throw the book across the room, hang on You ll be glad you did.

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    These books are seriously addictive What a FABULOUS book Once again, I was a wreck and loving every minute of it Onto the next one YAY

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    Izzy Zanella There that s my review Those two words should sum up the fact that this book rocked, lol Izzy Irving Zanella, yummy extraordinaire.I m not going to write a big huge review for this one, because I was so caught up in the book that I completely forgot to mark quotes and points I ll just say that even though this review s tagline is Izzy Zanella, it actually wasn t about him primarily It was about poor sweet Murphy who lost his wife Angelina a few books ago I like the route that Brockmann took with Murphy s future much better than how Ward handled Tohr s in BDB after the loss of his wife Wellsie Sorry, since Ward and Brockmann are friends and since the storylines are kind of similar, I can t help but compare I enjoyed this story.Um, about Izzy s well yeah, it just about kicked ass Every scene with Izzy is dynamite We also got of Deck Dave Sophia and even some Nash and Tess We also got an introduction to someone new that I feel will end up making an impact, a shrink named Jo There were way too many little details, like the color of her silk nightie and the kind of novels she likes to read, for me to think she won t play a part going forward Here s how I hope that plays out, and I m sure I m alone in this view spoiler Sophia has started to realize that she thinks she s in love with Deck because she knows that they can t be together and so it kept her from having to move on from the death of her husband Having feelings for Deck wasn t really a danger to Dimitri s memory because it would never be This was monumental for me, because it always bothered me a bit that she met Decker only weeks after her husband was beheaded right in front of her She was already ready to move on Especially when she says she was madly in love with her husband It just didn t fit to me It seemed like hero worship Her epiphany felt right Loving Deck was safe BUT, I was going to go along with it even though I wasn t maybe as interested in the two of them as I was supposed to be But then here s poor Dave who is so in love with Sophia, and he s trying to push her and Decker together because he just wants her to be happy, and he wants DECK to be happy because he looks up to Deck, admires him, and he s in love with Sophia He s waited, supporting her, loving her, protecting her for years Giving her time to heal and look forward to a real future, telling her how strong she is, how admirable, every step of the way THIS is the man that Sophia should realize that she loves Dave is a GOOD man He deserves this love, and it feels right to me Not a rushed love that Sophia felt just weeks after her husbands murder One that grew and built Back to Deck, there is some fire between Decker and Jo She doesn t take his shit, and while he doesn t think he s attracted to her, I think he is And she s attracted to him It s brand new, this book only, but I felt something between them when she was treating him and now she s resigned from being Troubleshooters therapist The hatred and animosity between them, plus the scene when he broke down in front of her and she held him when he cried The mix of violence and vulnerability it s hot.So, in closing, Wendy F hopes that Dave wins the heart of the fair Sophia and Decker finds himself drawn to the enigma that is Joe the straight laced therapist who wears pink silk nighties and reads Vampire romances hide spoiler

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    Another whirlwind entry into Suzanne Brockmann s Troubleshooters series This is without a doubt the most enjoyable long series I have ever read, of any genre.One of the great things about this series is that you get story arcs and relationships that traverse multiple books This allows you become attached to and invested in characters before they are featured in their own book, as well as staying in touch with the characters you have come to love from previous books.And Brockmann can write a character like no other I just love the men in this series, and she has turned me into quite the fickle tramp I can t choose just one Into the Fire sees the return of Vinh Murphy, who tragically lost his wife in Hot Target We are also treated to a storyline featuring my favorite SEAL Izzy Like Jules before him, Izzy steals every scene, and although this wasn t technically his book, it was great to see his character shine with than just his incomparable irreverence The depth and strength of character hinted at in previous novels really comes to the fore He is amazing.We also have an additional lesser storyline where we find out what s going on with Jimmy Nash, along with from Decker, Sophia and Dave All this is tied together with an action suspense plot involving the Freedom Network, which leads to an explosive finale.So yes, there is a lot going on in Into the Fire, but it is never overwhelming or confusing nor did I feel shortchanged in any of the storylines However, I daresay the same could not be said if this was read as a standalone You really need the history and knowledge from previous books.There were a couple of characters who I didn t find particularly likable this time around Unfortunately one of those was Murphy s deceased wife Angelina It is a strange thing to actually feel bad about not liking someone who is deceased, even though it is a fictional character.Also, Danny Gillman will have to do some pretty fancy footwork in future books to redeem his behavior in this one No doubt we will be seeing of him and his sister Eden Which means, yay, Izzy too

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