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pdf In My Sister's Shoes, ebook In My Sister's Shoes, epub In My Sister's Shoes, doc In My Sister's Shoes, e-pub In My Sister's Shoes, In My Sister's Shoes f87feff1e3a Kate O Brien Is Thirty And Has Very Little To Think About Except Trying To Keep Her Balance As She Totters Up London S Media Land LadderFiona O Brien Is Kate S Responsible Older Sister With A Husband, Twin Boys, A Dog And Now A Life Changing ProblemIt S A Problem That Means Kate Going Back To Dublin Pronto There She Finds Herself Stepping Into Fiona S Shoes And Discovering That She S Definitely Not Cut Out To Be A Domestic Goddess On Top Of That, The Ex She Thought She D Got Over Years Ago Turns Up To Haunt HerWill Either Of The O Brien Sisters Survive And Even If They Do, Can Either Of Them Slip Back Into Their Old Shoes Ever Again

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    I realised about half way in that I d read this book before, and from memory I d rather enjoyed it But as with all things, knowing the ending can be a bit of a spoiler I persisted nonetheless This time round, I actually found some of the characters to be rather annoying but probably not the ones you think I identified with Kate small town girl, can t wait to escape and as a result I found her families namely her father s insistence that she settle down and find a man to lok after her incredibly frustrating Why should she stay in Ireland And why should she have to choose between her career and having a family Yes there must be compromise, but I really saw her side of the situation why did it always have to be her compromise The entire book is centred around Kat becoming less self centred, but really is wanting to make a successful life for yourself selfish You could say it all works out in the end I mean it is chick lit , but I felt a little let down that she didn t stick to her guns Fiona annoyed me too No one can possibly be that selfless What really got me was how she settled for less She was smarter than her husband but she let him have all the glory He seemed to me the kind of man who wanted a wife not a companion I actually really disliked him but then I think you re meant too.Aside from all that, I really enjoyed the book Derek and Gonzo are brilliant inclusions, and probably saved the book for me If you have strong feminist inclinations, maybe don t read it But other than that its fairly light hearted I read it in a day.

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    I didn t really rate this book, I thought it was super repetitive and there were very few likeable characters I didn t like Kate or Mark, I didn t like that the twins were essentially abusive and got away with it, and basically every conversation with her dad was either Derek you ll be sorting your life out when you re 27 or Kate why aren t you married yet Just overall did not enjoy the book at all.

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    Writing is like that of a six year old Seriously made me want to pull my hair out.

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    First of all, I need to say, that I enjoyed this book It wasn t what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it I expected a bit of a heart rendering tale of one sister giving up her life for another sister who has been diagnosed with cancer However although that part is true, it reads like a chick lit, with a large proportion of of it dedicated to relationships.

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    Enjoyable but I felt it couldn t quite decide whether it was meant to be serious or amusing I could ve done without so much medical detail but it was well done My favourites were Gonzo and Derek Their double act brightened every scene they were in.

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    Fairly standard chick lit

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    The book wasn t too bad but I wasn t overwhelmed by it sadly

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