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    Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at history fanatics hold specific eras close to their hearts and I am no exception WWII is one of the periods I can t get enough of The title reference to Frank Sinatra didn t hurt either That being the case, I anticipated liking this book a lot than I did Perhaps I expected too much going into it but I found Mayhew s work mediocre at best Juliet, a divorcee with a grown daughter of her own, is rattled by her mother s deathbed admission Angry and confused she struggles to accept the truth of her paternity and understand the circumstance of her existence Eventually, curiosity proves too much Left with only a sketchbook, an unmarked photograph and fragmented memories of her mother s war experiences, Juliet sets out to discover what she can about the man who stole her mother s heart As the granddaughter of an American solider and an English woman, I feel like a hypocrite for saying I found this story overly romantic and unrealistic Daisy s story was fine though there wasn t a lot of information regarding her position with WAAF and I never felt the intensity I know exists when your significant other is on the front lines Howard s story was flat out laughable The entirety of his twenty plus missions are wrapped into a mere thirty pages, the bulk of which focus on his concealed tenure in a French barn Boring doesn t do it justice Juliet s story had a lot of potential American soldiers fathered than 37,000 children while overseas, many of whom were never acknowledged Several organizations exist to aid these individuals but the vast majority have little luck locating their fathers American privacy laws are difficult to work around but time is biggest obstacle I think this is why I found Juliet s story so difficult to swallow She experiences a few hiccups but she completes the puzzle in a matter of months Mayhew wrapped everything up in a pretty little package that is too improbable to be realistic I ll Be Seeing you is a sugary novel with little to no action sequences and limited historic detail Sadly, not my kind of book Recommended to fans of light romance.

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    This is about a woman who finds out when her mother died that her natural father was an American flyer pilot during WWII The father was shot down over France, leaving the WAAF mother pregnant Fearful of her future, she married the boy next door who pretended Juliet was his own child Naturally, the father survived, and returned to find his sweetheart had forgotten him very quickly Unlike most books, however, he returned nobly to America and Juliet s mother made the best of things with her husband, leaving only a note and photo to clue Juliet in, after she is gone.

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    Sweet as sugar candy I didn t want to put it down This has to be the best of light but smart World War II English romance novels.

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    Memory LaneMargaret Mayhew writes wonderful evocative stories that leave you feeling as if you had shared in the experiences of her character s I also like the conclusions that both wrap up the story in its present sense but leaves something open in your mind so you can personalise the epiogue.

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    I ll be seeing youReally enjoyed reading this book couldn t put it down I feel like there should be a follow up book to it If there is could somebody tell me what the title is please

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    This is the book I have enjoyed the most for some time The characters are really believable and the conclusion was believable A really good read

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    Nice WWII story.

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    Well this wasn t exactly the Romance novel that I was expecting when I bought this book, but it was a nice, well written sentimental WWII novel about a woman s search for the American airman who fathered her.There were just a couple of nit picky little things that jolted me out of the story for a minute but they really are minor I just couldn t figure out how Mrs Leighton managed to serve all the food she did when food was rationed so strictly Maybe she had an agreement with the quartermaster on the base shrug The other little thing that bumped me was how unmannerly both Juliet and Jose were on the phone Other than that, it was great.

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    It was an okay kinda book Its the type of book you would take to a beach to read nothing overly traumatic happens in the book kinda reminds me of a Harlequin romance kinda novel This girl s mother dies.and leaves her a letter stating the father she grew up with was not her biological father Her Mother had been in love with a pilot during the war and that is this girl s father She left a photo of him plus his sketchbook and nothing Now the hunt is on to find himwithout even a name thats rather difficult.

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download I'll Be Seeing You, read online I'll Be Seeing You, kindle ebook I'll Be Seeing You, I'll Be Seeing You 7da19629b7ea When Juliet Porter S Mother Dies, She Leaves Juliet Some Old Letters And A Photograph Which Shatter All Her Previously Held Beliefs They Show That Her Real Father Was An American Bomber Pilot In The Second World War, Some Forty Years Before, And That He Had Met Her Mother While Serving In England Armed Only With This Photo, Juliet Sets Out To Trace Her Real Father, And Eventually Finds The Airfield Where He ServedIn , Juliet S Mother Daisy Is In The WAAF And Stationed At The Airfield Which Is Taken Over By The American Airmen At A Moment S Notice She Falls In Love With A Bomber Pilot Who Is Then Posted Missing, Presumed Dead Pregnant And Grieving, She Marries A Long Term Admirer Only To Discover, At The End Of The War, That Her Pilot Had Survived