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    This is a book my father read It was first published in 1949 Lots of stories, energetic writing, an easy read.PART ONEI These Ideas Lifted Me Out of the Ranks of Failure1 Force yourself to ACT enthusiastic and you ll become enthusiastic2 SEE THE PEOPLE to at least 4 5 people everyday3 Practice public speaking club or organization 4 TAKE MORE TIME TO THINK and do things in the order of their importanceII Formula for Success in Selling5 Find out what the buyer wants, then help him find the best way to get it6 Show the buyer what he wants7 Cultivate the art of asking questions8 Find the key issue,the most vulnerable point, then stick to it.9 Use the word, Why over and over10 Find out the REAL objection Why and and in addition to that 11 Be a good listenerIII Six Ways to Win and Hold the Confidence of Others12 Deserve confidence by showing and expecting it13 Know your business and keep on knowing it14 Praise your competitors 15 Understate, over deliver16 Bring your witnesses telephone, letters17 Look the part of a professionalIV How to Make People Want to Do Business With You18 Convince them you are their real friend19 Encourage young men, show them how to be successful20 Discover what a man s ambition is and help him raise his sights21 Tell those that have inspired you22 Ask, How did you get in business and listen23 To be welcomed everywhere, give and honest to goodness smile from deep down.24 Remember names and faces 1 Get a clear impression of his name and face 2 Repeat his name at short intervals 3 Associate his name with an action picture if possible25 Be brief, don t talk too much26 When you are scared, admit it V Steps In the Sale27 The Sale Before the Sale get the appointment28 The Secret of Making Appointments sell the brief, it could be of great benefit to you to a have another viable option for now or sometime later, on file29 How I Learned to Outsmart Secretaries This is a personal matter 30 An Idea That Helped Me Get Into the Major Leagues learn every aspect of the sales process for my profession 1 rehash the sales presentation right AFTER you make the last one 2 Write it out word for word Drill, Drill, Drill31 Seven Rules I Use in Closing the Sale Get the customer involved in the demonstration give them an Inspection Report 32 Write up the Service Agreement to use at the close and show the prospect VI Don t Be Afraid to Fail33 Benjamin Franklin s Secret of Success and What It Did For Me decide on and follow a plan of personal development34 Let s You and I Have a Heart to Heart Talk concentrate on one sales thing and DO IT

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    Any salesman that hasn t read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie should read this book It has caused me to finally start the program that Benjamin Franklin did of applying one subject each week for 1 4 of the year equals 13 subjects and Franklin s 13 subjects are Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility Bettger kept 6 of these and added 7 of his own Enthusiasm, Order self organization, Think in terms of other s interests, questions, key issues, silence listen, sincerity deserve confidence, knowledge of my business, appreciation and praise, smile happiness, remember names and faces, service and prospecting, and closing the sale action.This caused me to decide to put together my own 13 subjects These are a combination of Franklin s, Bettger s, and many others that have helped me develop my affirmation statements, so here is Bradshaw s 13 Subjects Affirmations 1 I am upbeat, optimistic and positive.2 I passionately pursue productive projects.3 I choose silence speaking only to add value and listening with my whole heart letting the other person do a great deal of the talking.4 I smile especially when my name is called and when I see any living creature.5 I seek knowledge.6 I am enthusiastic I am bright and cheerful and full of energy.7 I remember names and faces.8 I work smart.9 I am sincere.10 I am grateful.11 I ask.12 I contribute.13 I m interested.I got out the calendar and found that it s week 13 in the cycle, so I have been interested the last couple of days, and tomorrow, October 6th, 2013 is the beginning of week 1, so I will be focusing and really working to be upbeat, optimistic and positive The core of this book is in the heart of that as his first chapter and through mentions that enthusiasm is the magic that will make anyone successful.Any book that changes me this much is a 5 star book.

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    Maybe you aren t intending on a career in selling Perhaps your business has little to do with selling The bottom line is that everyone sells something to someone, no matter what If you are a child, you sell getting to stay up late to your parents As a child you may sell going to a particular movie or event or even watching a television program We all sell If you are a preacher or priest or other type of clergy, you sell salvation to your congregation If you are a teacher, you sell education to your students If you are a student, you have to sell your intelligence level to your teacher We all sell something.This book gives you some simple techniques to use when selling One of the tips goes into detail about enthusiasm and why it is important Another area speaks about when to be quiet Don t we all need that lesson sometimes This book won t sell anything for you It gives you some good, basic, common sense methods to use in your everyday life, whether you think you are selling or not.In my opinion this is the most valuable book on my bookshelf I originally purchased a copy of this book from a Friends of the Library sale at the Anderson County Library for 10 Somewhere along the way I misplaced my original copy of this book and I purchased another one through E Bay Now you can purchase copies through .

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    It is a shame that I ve grown up with disdain for salesmen This book along with others like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, and How to Win Friends and Influence People have taught me to love the world of sales.I avoided such books for years because I thought they were books about techniques to get people to do what you want I was so wrong.What I learned from these books is that true sales is about connecting with people and serving them They taught me that integrity, honesty, hard work, and a willingness to overcome one s fears and weaknesses are important that making a sale In fact, they are essential to becoming who God intended we be I feel inadequate as I attempt to scratch down a bit of a review here I recognize that as is true with all good classics, I could put a lot of mileage into rereading How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling and gain immensely from each read through.Bettger faced failures as a professional baseball player and later as an insurance salesman, but he eventually became a huge success, commanding the respect of Dale Carnegie What changed Bettger decided to dig into the WHY Why had he performed poorly in spite of hard work He began to identify the reasons and attacked them with enthusiasm His stories show a readiness to learn from others and implement the principles they taught him He followed the example of Benjamin Franklin and created a system to work on several virtues that would help him succeed as a man and a salesman.The heart of these virtues is genuine concern for others Bettger teaches the reader how to work towards overcoming fear, how to remember names and important details about other people, how to be a good listener, how to be genuine at all times, and how selling when done right is simply gaining the trust of others so they are willing to let you find them the best solutions for their individual situation.I ll end with the counsel he gives in the last chapter He says that when we finish reading a book we have three choices 1 Ignore it we might as well not have read it in this case.2 Try to implement every good idea we ll fail with this approach, because it is overwhelming and unrealistic.3 Follow Benjamin Franklin s example and focus on one lesson at a time this will lead to lasting success.My first point of focus is remembering the names of those I meet To learn about how to master names, read chapter 22 It will be well worth your time.

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    Given the crappy appearance of the cover of the Amway edition, I thought this book would be filled with advice that has been deservedly long forgotten I was wrong.An associate of Dale Carnegie, of How to Win Friends and Influence People fame, Bettger s book is of that standard, but for salespeople He gives you some ideas to change how you think about selling, provides a formula for sales success, shows how to gain a prospect s confidence, offers five things you can do so the prospect sells themselves on you, and closes with the steps of the sales process.Bearing in mind that Ari Galper has recently game changed my ideas around selling his ideas are in No BS Sales Success in the New Economy by Dan S Kennedy , I ve changed Bettger s ideas to conform to Galper s, but even so, it s still filled with dozens of ideas I want to test out More than anything else though, this book has reignited my passion for selling, inspiring me to once again get out there and make a success of it.This book is pure gold wrapped up in a used fish and chips wrapper.

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    Classic advice from at the time the highest paid salesperson in America I have given this book as a gift several times Includes the inspiring poem by Herbert Kauffman which Bettger shared hundreds of times through his professional career.VictoryYou are the one who used to boastThat you d achieve the uttermostsome day.You merely wished a show,To demonstrate how much you knowAnd prove the distance you can go Another year we ve just passed through.What new ideas came to you How many big things did you do Time left twelve fresh months in your careHow many of them did you shareWith opportunity and dareAgain where you so often missed We do not find you on the list of Makers Good.Explain the fact Ah no twas not the chance you lacked As usual you failed to act

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    One of the best books I ve read in terms of attitude towards selling, particularly for people that don t consider themselves as sellers Highly recommended.

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    From the time we first learn to cry to get fed or changed, we are selling This is the best book I ve found to teach how to sell properly.

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    What an incredible story This is one of the most inspiring non fiction books i ve read so far Packed with concrete advice on how to sell and ultimately how to live a fulfilling life Frank Bettger, pronounced Bet cher , has managed to share all of his knowledge in a story so interesting that I actually read this book on a 6 hour flight back home from Dubai This is one of the few books i will surely reread at some point, but for now i m going to make sure that I follow the advice given in the prologue Highly recommend this one

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    I hate the title but like the book Some people cringe from any form of the word sales, selling, etc Anyone could benefit from this book It was originally published in 1947 but so much of the key elements are relatable today I would recommend this book to anyone that is open minded and wants to improve themselves It truly shows how human nature is the same over time, people are people It is important for all people to continue learning and bettering themselves, no matter what their current situation As a small business owner entrepreneur, it is important to me to be motivated, educated and look for ways to always be self improving I consider listening to this book to have been a good use of my time My favorite takeaways from this book are Think in terms of other s interests, ask questions, and be a good listener How many times have you been with a person and all they do is talk about themselves When I was younger I was guilty of this, but I realized that you can be much well rounded if you listen to others and learn about their interests Set aside time to plan how you will spend your time In this current day, I think people would be shocked at how much time they spend er, waste on social media, tv, and other things If you spend the time planning your time you will be efficient and tackle what is important first The importance of continued learning in all capacities One important one is, as Zig Ziglar called it Automobile University I try to listen to audio books when in my car that are motivational, educational, business oriented, etc Many gems in this book, this was a summary of the ones I found useful Some of the info is outdated, but it really is amazing how much of this applies to today 70 years later.

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