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files Hop on Pop, read online Hop on Pop, free Hop on Pop, free Hop on Pop, Hop on Pop b2af5b812 This Charming Book Introduces Young Children To Words That Rhyme, Such As Hop And Pop, Cup And Pup, Mouse And House, Tall And Small And Once They Have Learned To Recognize One Word, Children Soon Find To Their Delight They Can Read Another Simply By Changing The First Letter

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    Call me old fashioned but I think that there is far too much pop hopping going on in America these days It s disgusting, revolting, quite possibly illegal, and then they turn around and turn it into a children s book What s next Leaving two unsupervised children alone with a giant cat An elephant wedging an egg in his butt Non traditionally colored eggs and pork products A Christmas thieving scallywag A fox wearing human undergarments Oobleck That just has to be filthy Where does it end

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    And then we might be 22 and 21 year olds and yet we sing in a rhythm invented on our own Mr BROWN Mrs BROWNMr Brown upside down.Pup up Brown down.Pup is down Where is Brown WHERE IS BROWN THERE IS BROWN Mr Brown is out of town Dr Seuss injects the wordplay enthusiasm into the bloodstream Ageless and timeless.

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    It just didn t do it for me no character development, no irony, no existential angst, it was almost like a children s book.

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    At first I thought it was really sad the way the children showed such a great amount of disrespect for their father It seems today many children Hop on Pop as well as mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even friends in a desperate attempt to get attention in a world where so many children are ignored As I read on, it became clear that it was not teen angst or rebellion that caused them to Hop on Pop , but an effort to feel loved and spend quality time with dad I would recommend Hop on Pop to any father who may be having intimacy issues with their children It is not only a fun read, but very inspirational.

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    I am currently reading this book And I ll be reading it again in 5 minutes And 10 minutes after that It is my daughter s favorite book A special thanks to Dr Seuss for making this book tolerable to read over and over.

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    Why I hate theis wonderful book HOP ON POP by Gerard C Smith Come Hop on Pop, my Lisa said And hop of course is what she did Her brother joined in with a jump On Poppa s tum he went crash bump Lisa hopped and hopped some She knocked poor Poppa to the floor Both kids did bounce, each up and down Poor Pop was trounced and he did frown Now he hates that bastard T Geisel And hopes the rotter roasts in hell

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    Full of three letter words in a unique and visually practical graphical format Hop on Pop takes the reader through several humerous story about creatures whose actions are characterized by simple phonetically repetitious words Hop on Pop was different from any of the other phonics readers I looked at To begin with the story makes sense We immediately like the characters whose expressions show an astounding range of emotion Best of all Suess uses vocabulary an emerging reader can sound out independently I haven t read this book in a while Today I realized I ve never fully appreciated the genius behind changing only the beginning consonant An emerging reader can work on one letter changes while confidently following up with the second half of the word which repeats over and over Cup Pup, Pup in cup, Pup cup, cup on pup Even better, the formatting puts words on top of each other so the reader can see exactly where the word is changing and where it is staying the same The illustrations perfectly describe the text and the books can be enjoyed by adults and children alike If I have to sit through a phonics reader please make it Dr Seuss Recommended for children 3 7.I can see this book has been reviewed by both the School Library Media Quarterly A.A.S.L and Library Journal but they must be very old reviews because I couldn t find them.1

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    I love this book and I have read it several times My favorite character is Will Hill, he is the one who goes up the hill For some reason the author felt compelled to rhyme line after line, but I will not whine because this book is so very fine There is danger when the people playing ball fall off of the wall and when they fight all night, and there are some adult themes like when Red, Ned, Ted and Ed are in bed and when Mr Black leaves his wife for Mr Brown Otherwise it is a wholesome read, though it does drag on a bit as you get past page 57 where Will Hill is the focus.

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    An ambitious exploration of social dexterity, Hop on Pop may be the most important book of our time Rather than viewing Pop hopping as rude or cruel, Seuss argues that it is a delightful, possibly necessary act Hop on Pop is the most important, timely book you will ever read Now excuse me, I ve got to find my Pop.

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    You really can t go wrong with Dr Seuss Well, that is, unless you re trying to read this book full of tongue twisting phrases to your infant daughter Luckily she won t remember that Daddy didn t do well the first time out and that was only on the abridged version of the book If you want a book to enjoy being utterly silly with your kids with, this is it.

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