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  • Paperback
  • 107 pages
  • Hollow
  • Richard P. Denney
  • English
  • 01 December 2019
  • 9789090909097

10 thoughts on “Hollow

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    I probably shouldn t have started this knowing it was never going to be finished now I want to know how it ends It was pretty good for an unedited manuscript I would have liked to have read the real thing.

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    I just read the excerpt that s available to be read here on Goodreads, and I am definitely interested to read the whole book when it s released D One to keep an eye out for.

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    Oh well since it s not going to be released I decided to read the manuscript and wow, it really got me, I mean the beginning was quite awkward but everything got interesting when Leah arrived at the manor, this manuscript seriously has an amazing potential to be an amazing book, something is definitely off in that manor and what about the creepy raven I mean what kind of old lady that likes to play mommy has a raven as a pet urgh and I m pretty sure Chloe knows something and that Violet is just as crazy as this Cordelia lady oh well I guess I ll never or at least not it a near future know what will happen with Leah, the ghost and the girls.I hope the author can fall in love with this novel and decides to finish and publish it, if I fell in love with the manuscript I m sure the book would become one of my top favorites.

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    Please, Please, Please Finish this bookAt first I was hesitant, first chapter didn t really capture my interest but the book just keeps getting better the that I readPLEASE FINISH It ended on such a cliffhanger and I need to know what happens.

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    SHE HAS MY NAME This is the first book I ve ever seen with the main character having my name sad I know.

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    Well That was interesting So basically, the author decided he wasn t going to publish the book for personal reasons, and released the unedited manuscript if people wanted to read it Out of pure curiosity I read all 107 pages of it, and it wasmeh Decent, I suppose, considering he hadn t edited it fully There was definitely things that I could see being changed had the manuscript been the grammatical errors drove me CRAZY I really would ve liked to see the final polished product because honestly, this is a very cool, unique concept.

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    At first it sounded like a bad unwise choice to read a manuscript which will never be published, but knowing that I read it And it was something new and refreshing unlike all the repeated ideas and similar plots in the recent YA releases It was interesting from the first chapter, but it definitely made me very excited and thrilled by the time I reached Chapter 3 The writer has a good writing style and the flow smoothly develops making the reader so engrossed in the story I think it s a really good material for a novel Exciting, thrilling, and catching

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    oooooooooookay blurb s non descriptive, but the cover s beautiful but what makes me decide to add this on my to read shelf the title. i m kind of a sucker for one word titles D

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    Richard Denney That is all.

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characters Hollow , audiobook Hollow , files book Hollow , today Hollow , Hollow 1745c Welcome To The House Of HollowIn A Dystopian Future, Sixteen Year Old Leah Munro Has Been Sold To A Rich Woman In A Crippling Mansion Soon Leah Discovers That There Is Something Mysterious Going On Around The Home, And With The Help Of Three Other Girls, She Attempts To Uncover What Is Truly Happening What Lies Beyond All Of The Plexiglass Windows And The Hideous Screams In The Middle Of The Night Leah Will Soon Find OutThis Book Is No Longer Going To Be Published

About the Author: Richard P. Denney

Richard Denney resides in Texas He enjoys reading, writing, sweet tea, horror movies, staying on Goodreads until his eyes burn of exhaustion His main Goodreads page is under