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    HIGH STRANGENESS IS AN EXPRESSION ATTRIBUTED TO HYNEK Whether it is truly extraterrestrial, a strange psychic manifestation of our own intelligence.a higher reality not yet recognized by science She didn t get a college degree, though, she s been there for 2 or 3 years Instead, she had children Back at 7th grade, when 13, she truly was a child prodigy as regards to reading she managed to read one book per day Yes, Laura had an epic curiosity , as someone said This book is about UFO s , but part of it deals with the life trajectory of Laura since she was pregnant at 32, had no UFO contacts whatsoever, but had some life events I would consider marking ones Starting with the death of her grandmother, who made her wonder about deeper questions what happens to a love bond.Her problems in pregnancy delivery led her to get bedridden for months and therefore her reading passion to be fulfilled The contact with the teachings of Gurdjieff made her wonder about the 4 bodies of man.and immortality Of that period she wrote a manuscript entitled Noah s syndrome which she handed to a young man named Frank one who told her that UFO s should have been included in her paper Frank had one ability he could channel Though reluctantly, Laura continued her readings, now about UFOs, despite her health problems She also got into contact with a woman named Pat, who Laura got into trance, in the hope Pat could evoke from an accident she had had Pat used to tell in the sessions They won t let me Over time Pat improved her recollections Laura attended UFO s meetings of MUFON and got really interested in the abduction phenomenon She had arrived at a conclusion, meanwhile, that the God of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, is the Devil I need to read to understand the Cassiopaean connection.After much study of the channeling literature, and training , Laura managed to contact the Cassiopaeans, one would conclude It took two years to prepare This was the work of a group who had access to deep levels of consciousness The book offers many transcripts of those conversations Her thesis is that those Cassiopaeans are not aliens but 6th dimension versions of ourselves we are you in the future She has recourse to the concepts of Kaluza s theory and others Michio Kaku and Einstein included to justify a higher dimensional world Well, as for UFO s and abductions, her thorough skeptical research includes names such as Steven Greer aliens are here to help us , and the Greys of Whitley Strieber.as well as the work of psychiatrist J Mack on abductions etc, etc but also the FBI COUNTELPRO to neutralize the political opposition, as well AS to provide some narrative over the aliens Obviously, Laura prefers the Cassiopaeans accurate predictions Their track record is good I need some time to digest this maybe wait a few years until my future self shows up from whatever dimension In the meantime, I wonder about the distinction between the Cassiopaeans transmissions and those, say, of Theresa Caputo, a medium from Long Island is there any difference I know she, Caputo, charges 50 dollars from WIKI Dr Josef Allen Hynek May 1, 1910 April 27, 1986 was an American astronomer, professor, and ufologist He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research from WIKI In physics, Kaluza Klein theory KK theory is a unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetism built around the idea of a fifth dimension beyond the usual four of space and time It is considered to be an important precursor to string theory.

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    This book should be read by all seekers of truth Actually, everyone should read this book but few are ready for what it reveals It is shocking and frightening but hopeful, too, so don t despair To find out what is really going on in this 3rd density physical reality is jaw dropping but empowering and, as the Cassiopaeans attest Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence Remember knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

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    Favorite Quotes The reality seems to be that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were specifically designed and created just to produce a particular situation that is desirable to someone at a certain point in time, and again, we see the same operation being run on humanity in the present day New Age Human Potential movement It s not that these religions and their prophesies accurately predict the future they were set up so that their followers would unwittingly fulfill the plans of a group that feeds on destruction The manipulation of belief systems by human agents for purposes of political control leads to a system of mass suffering Interestingly, there are ancient texts that refer to this very problem In the book of Enoch, Jesus is recorded as saying Tags interesting

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    Overall the author takes you through many different aspects of the alien phenomena Further, it takes you outside the box and forces questions regarding aliens that aren t raised.If you re a UFO nut or just someone trying to get a handle on the phenomena it s a great read with no fluff Highly reccomended.

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    Offers insights highly ponderable concerning the nature of this reality, and other realities.

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download The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, read online The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, kindle ebook The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction ab9eeaac4ef2 High Strangeness Is An Enlightening Attempt To Weave Together The Contradictory Threads Of Religion, Science, History, Alien Abduction, And The True Nature Of Political Conspiracies With Thorough Research And A Drive For The Truth, Laura Knight Jadczyk Strips Away The Facades Of Official Culture And Opens Doors To Understanding Our Reality The Second Edition Adds New Material That Explains The Hyperdimensional Mechanisms By Which Our Reality Is Controlled And Shaped By The Alien Overlords The Self Serving Actions Of Unwitting Puppets Psychopaths And Other Pathological Types Who May Have No Knowledge That They Are Being Used, Become The Portals Through Which An Agenda That Is Hostile To Humanity As A Whole, Is Pushed Forward High Strangeness Takes The Study Of Ponerology Into A Whole New Dimension