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summary Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, series Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, book Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, pdf Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno 9c6c0ba15f De Tienjarige Pin Woont Samen Met Zijn Zuster, Een Prostituee, En Brengt Zijn Dagen Door Op Straat En In De Kroeg Wanneer Hij Het Pistool Van De Duitse Minnaar Van Zijn Zus Steelt Wordt Hij Gearresteerd En Opgesloten Hij Weet Samen Met Een Zestienjarige Verzetsheld Te Ontsnappen En Belandt In Een Partizanenkamp Hier Blijken Alle Kneuzen Uit Het Verzet Te Zijn Samengebracht Zonderlinge, Onbetrouwbare En Misdadige Lieden Het Pad Van De Spinnennesten UitIs Italo Calvino S Eerste Roman In De Manier Waarop Pin De Oorlog Beleeft En De Andere Personages Ziet, Is De Latere Calvino Al Te Herkennen Het Kamp In De Heuvels Heeft Voor Pin Iets Betoverends, Het Bos Is Een Sprookjeswereld Vol Geheimen En De Acties Van De Partizanen Zijn Voor Hem Niet Meer Dan Een Opwindend Spel Waarbij Toevallig Echte Wapens Worden Gebruikt Alle Personages Worden, Ondanks Hun Aardse Banaliteit, Bijna Mythische Figuren

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    This was the author s first book He intended it to be a novel about the Italian resistance fighting the fascists and the German occupiers during WW II, but it ended up as of a story about lost youth a boy who grew up in the streets during the war and never had a childhood The author fought as a member of the resistance In the preface we get a 24 page analysis of the author s thinking about the novel over the years He published the book in 1947 and at times regretted writing it, going so far as to prohibit its re printing How on earth could I have written such things he once said to his students Then he revised the book twice, in 1954 and 1964, each time reducing the amount of sex and violence in the book, revising the political content, and toning down the anti feminist attitude of the young boy who is the main character This review is of the 1964 version Perhaps Calvino was behind the times in reducing the amount of sex and violence lol The main character, Pin, is a unique street smart boy of about 10 His only family is his sister, a prostitute for German soldiers Pin sees everything that goes on in his sister s bedroom through cracks in the walls but, being only ten, he doesn t understand WHY any of this happens He s almost never at home he hangs out in bars, wheedling drinks and cigarettes from men He works occasionally as an apprentice to a cobbler, but the cobbler is often drunk or in jail, so little work gets done Also, being 10, he has never know peacetime his country has always been at war.The boy s real skill is being the clown of his neighborhood, targeting some men for insulting and humiliating remarks to get uproarious laughter and free drinks and smokes from his drinking buddies Most of the remarks are sexual innuendos about wives, sisters, mothers He sings bawdy sons in a high pitched voice and changes the lyrics to target his usually drunken victim He s quick on his feet when they lunge at him Pin has no friends his own age no friends at all who are youths thus the title he longs for a friend his age to share a secret place he knows of where spiders breed There s good writing and the usual shots at priests you often find in southern European Catholic cultures with traditions of anti clericalism Some mascot he brings worse luck than a priest Pin s expression was so sly he might have been brought up by priests Ordinary crimes don t get you anywhere steal a little and you go to prison, steal a lot and you end up with villas and palaces A female cook in the soldiers camp feels their glances slithering toward her like snakes in the straw The dreams of the partisans are short and rare, dreams born of nights of hunger, linked to food which is always scarce and always to be divided among so many dreams about chewing bits of bread and putting them away in drawers Stray dogs much have dreams like that, about gnawing bones and burying them There isn t a lot of plot The men in the bar egg him on to steal a German s pistol from one of his sister s clients He does so and ends up in a camp with resistance fighters He doesn t become a soldier but acts as a camp mascot, up to his old tricks of singing and insulting In the camp scenes we learn a bit about the activities of the resistance fighters and the politics of why these mainly uneducated farm laborers fought against the fascists A fairly short book 150 pages and a worthwhile read Photo of Italian partisans in Emilia Romana from timelessitaly.files.wordpress.comPhoto of the author from Wikipedia

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    Calvino s first novel written shortly after his wartime experiences as a partisan His prevailing priority seems to be to debunk the myth of the noble heroic freedom fighter I can imagine its somewhat cynical tone would have caused a rumpus when first published in 1947 He states in the preface that his aim was twofold to launch an attack at both the detractors of the resistance and against the high priests of a hagiographic Resistance that was all sweetness and light Personally I saw a lot of the latter and little of the former And that very flimsy all sweetness and light doesn t strike me as a very credible premise against which to launch a counterattack No one s perfect and no one would make that claim for the partisans but they did fight the Nazis and for that alone don t warrant the mockery Calvino heaps on them here We see the war mostly through the eyes of Pin Pin is an orphaned child though far from innocent He lives with his sister who is the town s most notorious prostitute He entertains the menfolk by singing bawdy songs and insulting them Like most of the males in the town he is torn between siding with the fascists and the partisans Pin is like one of Calvino s fairy story characters drafted into a novel that aspires to providing objective realist commentary Often you can feel the strain of Calvino s attempt to anchor his imagination which always seems to be tugging at its leash To be honest I found his preface a lot fascinating than the novel In the 23 page preface he describes how the novel came to be written, mentioning the unease he felt about this book for many years and the difficulties he underwent constructing it, especially achieving the transition between Pin s picaresque village life and his enrolment in history when he joins the partisan band He also mentions books that are written solely to illustrate a thesis of which this novel is a little guilty At the same time he justifies it by admitting Pin was a self portrait, that he dramatized what he himself felt about the war a sense of inferiority faced with the incomprehensible world of adults Calvino s sense of inferiority though stemmed from his middle class upbringing while Pin s centres on his age Calvino calls this a symbolic substitution Anyway, the preface was brilliant the novel itself just okay.

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    What you read and what you experience in life are not two separate worlds, but one single cosmos. Here I go again Another review and my Dearest Calvino.It s been a spectacular reading year for me I got to know some great people, got some great book recommendations and of course read some great books written by great authors Of them I read the following writers for the first time No Kidding Vladimir Nabokov, Haruki Murakami, David Mitchell, David Foster Wallace, Virginia Woolf, Rohinton Mistry, Thomas Bernhard, Nikolai Gogol, Roberto Bolano to name a few But Italo Calvino is someone I m most glad to discover I have never really believed in the concept of my favorite person,book,place,color,etc is but I suspect Calvino is quickly turning into my favorite writer This is his 4th book I read in less than 6 months and I hope he has written enough to last me this lifetime So considering all the points I mentioned, it was important that I dig into the novel that marked the beginning of his magnificent literary career The Path to the Spiders Nests, a book title which according to Salman Rushdie was one of the best in the post war literature, was officially the very first writing of Calvino Written in a few weeks time in 1946 at the age of 23, the novel was published in 1947 and was well received much to the surprise of Calvino himself A reception that made him critically analyse his novel and this time, he rhetorically reacted How on earth could I have written such things It s not his best novel but it was definitely his first, a product of neo realism of that time and Calvino s na ve youthful phase, a novel which later became difficult for him to acknowlwdged as his own He nearly abandoned it until 1954 when he revised few of its exaggerated elements revolving around anti feminism, Political extremism and sexual vulgarity, but it was in 1964, much before writing his celebrated works for which he later became famous for, that he accompanied this book with a 23 page preface with its share of Calvinian elements, which remains his most substantial and revealing self commentary, as well as an indispensable, objective analysis of Italian neo realism The Path to the Spiders Nests, is a story of an orphaned street urchin named, Pin, who lives with his prostitute sister, in a town on the Ligurian coast, Italy during World War II Pin is a troubled little kid, who knows a lot about people and other things for his own good He likes to be around grown ups because they know and do things he wants to do and longs for their respect and at the same time wants to be the part of the group of kids his own age, but can t really relate to them As the story moves, to prove a certain point to amateur Partisans whom he regularly used to encounter in a tavern, he gets into trouble due to stealing a pistol from a German, who used to sleep with his sister But soon got captivated by the deadly weapon in his little hands and hid it in spiders nests, a place only he knew whereabouts of Written as part of Italo s experience as a partisan in The Resistance, the freedom that post war presented to the Italian literary world, inspired Calvino too but he had his share of inhibitions I was a mass of complexes and inhibitions when confronted with all that I most dearly wanted to say.the world of literature did not open up for me like a straightforward and objective apprenticeship, but was like a journey which I did not know how to start Full of these youthful ambitions and anxieties, I lacked the spontaneous grace of youth the symbolic protagonist of my novel was therefore an image of regression a child. As the story moves further, Pin found himself caught by Germans and thrown into jail from where he escaped with the help of another Partisan and eventually landed up in one of the various detachments A detachment consisting of men from various backgrounds and fighting for something they only have a vague idea about This confusion is expressed from the vantage point of a child, who himself is confused as to how to define the bravado or heroism and idealism in the face of war In his preface, Calvino admitted that Pin was to some extent an auto biographical image of his own experience as a Partisan during Italian Resistance Movement I later realized The identification between myself and the protagonist had developed into something complex The relationship between the character of the boy Pin and the partisan war correspond symbolically with the relationship that I myself eventually had with that war. If I talk about the story alone, then it s a 3 star for me in spite of accumulating all my prejudices together for Calvino Notwithstanding my ignorance about the Italian History during WWII, there were many things that intrigued me which depicted a general viewpoint about human nature and its various facets during war time A particular passage that caught my attention was Pin s na ve fixation with killing He too feels that sharp rasping urge to kill, even to kill the militiaman hiding in the chicken coop.the urge is remote, vague, like the urge to love it has an exciting and unpleasant taste like cigarettes or wine,an urge which all men have, he can t understand why, and which if satisfied would probably be pleasurable in some secret, mysterious way. Pin is not lovable in any way He is filthy, obscene and very stupid He uses derogatory language, looks down upon good people and takes pleasure in pain of others but he s just a child, a child born at a wrong place in the wrong time among wrong people But he is someone who could have given an honest account of how despicable people can get during wartime And Calvino cleared Well, I m going to write you a story about partisans in which nobody is a hero, nobody has any class consciousness I m going to portray the world of marginal people, the lumpenproletariat. So Pin was meant to be like that But despite all this I can t overlook Calvino s writing which was in its developing stage at that time It s a short book, not at all difficult and can be finished in a matter of hours But it s not a forgettable work There are various interesting instances that shall stay with you after finishing it off This book is not a example of great writing but it s exciting And Calvino graciously admitted it also it is the book of a very young man.Almost every work of art has various regrets and choices made accompanying it A completed book will never compensate me for what I destroyed in writing it.But every artist also experiences a coming of age phase which confirms his talent not only to the world but to the artist himself too This is the first novel I wrote, almost my very first piece of writing What can I say about it today I will say this It would be better never to have written your first novel.Mr Calvino, I m than glad that you wrote your first, second and various other novels thereafter and kindly excuse if I ve taken immense pleasure from your bitter experience related to this book To my fellow Goodreaders, if not for anything else, get this book for that gem of a preface It s a 10 star for me and my apologies for quoting various extracts from it I just felt they needed to be shared My rating is based on the overall experience this book provided me of reading something written by a young, rebellious writerand also by a mature, wise and extremely talented one.

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    Calvino con questo suo primo romanzo, ci racconta com la Resistenza partigiana attraverso gli occhi di un bambino penso alter ego dell autore , la realt nuda e cruda della guerra, le rivolte contro il potere fascista, ma soprattutto com un mondo dominato da guerre, sopraffazioni, violenze, gerarchie immutabili, cameratismo e come i sogni e le speranze di un periodo speciale della vita, quale l infanzia, possa essere distorto, manipolato e reso un cumulo di macerie, che possa rovinare generazioni intere Pin non vede che montagne intorno a s , valli grandissime di cui non s indovina il fondo, versanti alti e scoscesi, neri di boschi, e montagne, file di montagne una dietro l altra, all infinito Pin solo sulla terra Sotto la terra, i morti Gli altri uomini, di l dai boschi e dai versanti, si strofinano sulla terra i maschi con le femmine, e si gettano l uno sull altro per uccidersi Il falchetto stecchito ai suoi piedi Nel cielo ventoso volano le nuvole, grandissime sopra di lui Pin scava una fossa per il volatile ucciso Basta una piccola fossa un falchetto non un uomo Pin prende il falchetto in mano ha gli occhi chiusi, delle palpebre bianche e nude, quasi umane A cercare d aprirle, si vede sotto l occhio tondo e giallo Verrebbe voglia di buttare il falchetto nella grande aria della vallata e vederlo aprire le ali, e alzarsi a volo, fare un giro sulla sua testa e poi partire verso un punto lontano E lui, come nei racconti delle fate, andargli dietro, camminando per monti e per pianure, fino a un paese incantato in cui tutti siano buoni Invece Pin depone il falchetto nella fossa e fa franare la terra sopra, con il calcio della zappa.

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    Pin sale per il carrugio, gi quasi buio e si sente solo e sperduto in quella storia di sangue e corpi nudi che la vita degli uomini Ma i ragni fanno il nido Pin, lo scanzonato monello dei carruggi dice di s.S , i ragni fanno i nidi e il posto solo lui lo sa Un posto magico che non svela a nessuno perch nessuno fin ad ora si rivelato degno della sua fiducia Non certo sua sorella detta la Nera di Caruggio Lungo, prostituta che si vende ai tedeschi e alla Brigata Nera.Sicuramente neppure gli uomini che vanno a bere all osteria che Pin prende in giro ed offende come estremo richiamo per attirarne l attenzione.Le parole, per , rimbalzano non facendo che aumentare un profondo senso di solitudine E incomprensibile e distante il mondo degli adulti I grandi sono una razza ambigua e traditrice, non hanno quella seriet terribile nei giochi propria dei ragazzi, pure hanno anch essi i loro giochi, sempre pi seri, un gioco dentro l altro che non si riesce mai a capire qual il gioco vero Eccolo Pin a disagio con i ragazzetti della sua et e tagliato fuori anche dal mondo adulto Ogni volta che crede di poter fidarsi vien tradito Cos aggiusta la strada del suo crescere mettendoci delle pezze che coprono un dolore profondo e l umano bisogno di affetto e comprensione.Ma intanto gli adulti parlano una lingua sconosciuta Sten ecco un altra parola misteriosa Sten, gap, sim, come si fa a ricordarsele tutte E poi ci sono le donne perch gli uomini le cercano a quel modo Che mondo incomprensibile quello degli adulti anche in quella scalcagnata banda di partigiani fra i quali per caso finisce.Strane persone eppure cos affascinanti Il distaccamento del Dritto ladruncoli, carabinieri, militi, borsaneristi, girovaghi Gente che s accomoda nelle piaghe della societ e s arrangia in mezzo alle storture, che non ha niente da difendere e niente da cambiare Oppure tarati fisicamente, o fissati, o fanatici Un idea rivoluzionaria in loro non pu nascere, legati come sono alla ruota che li macina Oppure nascer storta, figlia della rabbia, dell umiliazione, come negli sproloqui del cuoco estremista Perch combattono, allora Non hanno nessuna patria, n vera n inventata Eppure tu sai che c coraggio, che c furore anche in loro l offesa della loro vita, il buio della loro strada, il sudicio della loro casa, le parole oscene imparate fin da bambini, la fatica di dover essere cattivi E basta un nulla, un passo falso, un impennamento dell anima e ci si trova dall altra parte Dagli occhi di questo monello dei carruggi si apre uno scorcio diverso sulla Resistenza, epurata dalla celebrazione di eroismi epici.Meravigliosooooooooo Punto.

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    You re only a child interested in spiders nests, what can you do with a pistol 78 This little rascal, this wee imp, will make you laugh and cry A true pariah, Pin mostly hangs out with adults is treated like one So when a German s gun goes missing, who goes to jail I cannot help but compare this to American Huckleberry Finn The Everyboy is a figure that we both love and hate, it s emblematic though, yes, immature Here, because there is a war going on, our wee one has to get his hands pretty dirty which is vastly different than a trip down the lazy river and so his place time are decidedly marked and the novel is truly a big beautiful metaphor for Italy at war.Also, this may be the best novel EVER written by a 23 23 year old

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    Questo, nient altro che questo, la storia.

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    Avevo gi letto questo romanzo in prima liceo, ma sinceramente mi ricordavo ben poco cos ho colto l occassione per rileggerlo.Inizio dicendo che stranamente ho letto la prefazione dell autore, io di solito le prefazioni proprio non le calcolo, ed molto bella, permette di capire meglio il perch di certe scelte e il rapporto di Calvino con la sua prima creazione.Passando al romanzo vero e proprio, mi piaciuto Ho apprezzato soprattutto lo stile, la scelta di raccontare la storia da un punto di vista obliquo, il taglio picaresco e il personaggio di Pin, riuscito, realistico e che non pu non far provare tenerezza Invece, ho trovato gli altri personaggi poco approfonditi, ma non si pu avere tutto Se poi penso che Calvino che ha scritto questo romanzo a 23 anni

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    r mceklerin Yuvaland Patika k sa bir roman, Calvino nun ilk roman , hatta ilk yaz al malar ndan birisi Mussolini ye kar sava an talyan direni ilerini, Partizanlar konu alan bir uzun yk Kalemini ok net ve zekice kullan yor Ger i bu roman n yeni ger ek ilik olarak adland rd bir t rde yazm , bildi imiz b y l ger ek ilik t r nde yazan Calvino hen z ortada yok Bu konuda kitab n ba nda olduk a ayd nlat c , ayr nt l bir de erlendirme de yapm yazar Etkileyici yk s , kurgusu, romandaki karakterleri ve 9 b l mde aniden kar m za kan roman kahramanlar ndan Kim in ruhsal z mlemeleri ilgin bir okuma sa l yor Calvino bu ilk eserinde daha sonra neler yazaca n n ipu lar n veriyor Be eniyle okudum ve adam olacak ocuk diye ba layan atas z n n ne kadar do ru oldu unu g rd m Calvino sevmeyenlere bile neririm.

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    Ragni e luccioleCom era generosa e affascinante quell epoca frenetica della litt rature engag e che investiva l autore non solo con l autorit di diventare la portavoce della Storia ma anche con la capacit di influenzare le masse Com era seducente e quanti scrittori l hanno corteggiata, tra cui Llosa, Calvino e tanti altri Anche se dal loro giovane entusiasmo non sono nate capodopere, ci hanno regalato comunque qualche opera rimarcabile, lontana dall ideologismo assurdo che proliferer sotto il nome di realismo socialista nei paesi communisti dopo la Seconda Guerra.Certo, Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno non espressionista nel senso sartriano della parola, ma neanche troppo neo realista lo , e lontano del senso peggiorativo del termine Nella prefazione, l autore lo chiama, pi adeguatamente, neo espressionista, ma gli aggiunge una dimensione magica quando sceglie la perspettiva di un bambino, Pin, quello che d alla narrazione quel tono fiabesco rimarcato da Cesare Pavese, spiegando nello stesso tempo l inclusione dell Isola del tesoro, di Stevenson, tra i modelli letterari che hanno influenzato il romanzo, accanto a Per chi suona la campagna, di Hemingway, L armata a cavallo, di Babel e La disfatta, di Fadeev, libri che ad un primo sguardo sembrano pi appropriati, siccome evocano sia la Guerra di Spagna sia la Guerra civile di Russia.Detto questo, ammetto che ho trovato difficile e frustrante aggiungere altro all autoanalisi estensiva e pertinente del romanzo che Calvino fa nella prefazione, soprattutto visto che, di solito, mi fa un enorme piacere provare che l interpretazione che d del solito l autore alla sua opera incompleta e a volte anche di sbieco Beh, non il caso qui tutto coperto, dalla motivazione scrivere un libro sulla Resistenza come non mai stato scritto , fin alla spiegazione della sua scelta dei personaggi e della trama da una parte rispondere a quelli che credevo che la Resistenza abbia fatto crescere la delinquenza e mostrare che anche i peggiori partigiani si sono gettato nella lotta con sincerit , d altra parte polemizzare con la cultura di sinistra , il suo eroe positivo e le sue immagini normative, pedagogiche e di condotta sociale.Dunque, che si pu dire di pi Forse che la scelta di Pin come narratore indiretto ha una seconda motivazione oltre all identificazione con l autore, che confessa di essersi sentito alieno e troppo intellettuale tra i partigiani, il mondo di cui gli pareva tanto incomprensibile quanto il mondo dei grandi a Pin E questa seconda motivazione, sostenuta dal leitmotiv della nebbia che pi di una volta avvolge paesaggi e personaggi, suggerisce che le azioni dell uomo catturato nel vortice della Storia non hanno mai una spiegazione chiara in quel momento critico che solo dopo il suo sacrificio guadagna valore, bench non necessariamente un valore politico o sociale che piuttosto una giustificazione per guerre e violenze future , ma almeno un valore letterario come in quell immagine finale della Casa in collina in cui si riconosce solo ai morti il diritto di parlare, giudicare per mettere fine alla violenza E cos , le due visioni apparentemente opposte sulla guerra di Calvino e Pavese, l una attiva e l altra passiva, portano alla stessa conclusione che non esiste altra evasione dalla crudelt della contingenza e dall assurdit della Storia che la trasposizione in illo tempore , dove le azioni e gli uomini ottengono valore esemplare, dove nascono e si muoiono gli eroi, dove si pu mantenere un illusione di grandezza, dove le lucciole, come le colonne di Partenone, si contemplano sempre da lontano per non spogliare il loro ineffabile splendore C pieno di lucciole, dice il Cugino A vederle da vicino, le lucciole, dice Pin, sono bestie schifose anche loro, rossicce S , dice il Cugino, ma viste cosi sono belle E continuano a camminare, l omone e il bambino, nella notte, in mezzo alle lucciole, tenendosi per mano.

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