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    I read this book in one sitting as it drew me in and I didn t want to put it down It was very well written, drawing pictures in your mind so that you could actually see the Keys I love a good Christmas story and this has it all, complete with a HAE.If I had one negative to say, and it would be a very personal one to me, but I would say that towards the end of the book there are a lot of references to the Christian faith I would expect some as it is a book about a romance that happens at Christmas and, to be fair, it is nice to see the charitable side of Christmas rather than the commercial But as it ended I did feel like I d had it bashed a bit.Overall, a lovely, feel good Christmas story that reminds you what Christmas is actually about.

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    I knew I d love this book from the very first page A good story line isn t enough to create a successful novel A book needs characters that you can connect to, scenarios that you can relate to and a writing style that flows well and Caroline A Godin has achieved all of this I gave this book four stars because I felt that there were just a few too many spelling mistakes typing errors to give it the full five stars but it wasn t far off This book will hook you in from beginning to end and transport you into the life of Callie and Henry A romantic novel perfect for reading at Christmas and any other time of the year A must read.I received my copy of Her Christmas Prince from the author for my honest review.

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    Good book, not a great one Nice, fun read with interesting characters.

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    Her Christmas Prince is a light romance about Callie who owns a cafe in Sunnyside Keys, Florida Her boyfriend dumps her a mere two weeks before Christmas and Callie has waiting to tell her mother hoping to avoid her mother s disappointment as long as possible When the time does come for her to let her mother know, she s sort of rescued by Henry, a vacationer to the area How will the holiday turn out I liked the story overall I thought it was a cute, short story I ll admit, I m used to my Christmas stories being filled with a traditional Christmas setting such as cold and snow, but even though the story takes place in warm Florida, it was still full of the festive Christmas spirit that I m used to reading in any stories that take place during the holiday season Callie and Henry s story was cute, but I almost would have liked there to have been conflict I mean Henry is keeping a major secret from Callie and when that secret is indirectly revealed to her she doesn t get angry or upset, she kind of just goes with it I m not saying that she needed to brood about it for the remainder of the story, but I would have liked of a reaction This goes along the same lines with the fact that Callie is almost a too good to be true character Everyone has flaws and vices They don t have to be detrimental by any means, but Callie is presented as being a very good person who thinks of others first always It s not just Callie, it seems to be everyone in the story, minus the awful ex boyfriend I think that this would have been different if the story would have been longer and we could have explored the character s traits a little .Honestly, I would have liked to have Brian the ex in the mix I m always interested in the stories where a relationship doesn t work out, but our main hero heroine ends up finding someone else who is their true match I always like the tension having the ex causes When Brian does show up again it s far too quick of an appearance Again, this may have been different if the story was longer.Overall, I thought this was a pretty good read Definitely something that was light and fun I can see myself picking this story up again when I need a pick me up from some of the unhappy reads out there Also, definitely a goodread around the holidayt season Really gets me in the mood for Christmas I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    er Christmas Prince by Caroline A Godin is a enjoyable festive romantic comedy Thirty something Callie wishes that her love life went as well as her business life as owner and operator of the Beach Buzz caf Her boyfriend Brian has just dumped her, and her mother, Milly, is expecting him to show up for Christmas Callie hasn t told her of her latest dating disaster yet Milly is a little on the unforgiving and demanding side Callie will get a grilling and a lot of blame when she finally comes clean.Callie heads off to the bar run by her friend Tom for a drink and meets an attractive stranger, Henry He sounds foreign and is rather intriguing but also a touch on the pushy side He wants to know what s bothering Callie but she won t tell However, when her mother marches into the bar and quickly finds out about Brian, Henry pretends to be her new boyfriend as he sees how much Milly is upsetting Callie with her accusations And so he s invited to Christmas with Callie s family If that s not enough of a complication, there s Henry is a prince and trying to hide away from his royal life for a while, but a member of the paparazzi has discovered him, so not only are Callie and Henry s actions under close scrutiny by Milly but by him as well Can any sort of relationship develop under such invasive gazes Is Callie ready for another potential ill fated liaison The author keeps us guessing for a while as the plot twists and turns, but also, amongst the fun and games, finds time to bring out the true meaning of Christmas It s shown as time of families and love and not all about the materialistic glitz and glamor This book is than the light novella it might appear There is plenty to think about family pressures and values, individuality and independence, duty and happiness.This is a clever, Christmassy book that is unusual, atmospheric, very enjoyable.

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    This was a sweet Christmas time story of two people from opposite life styles and opposite sides of the world yet they still manage to find genuine love in times when that is so so hard to find This book was sent to me by the author for review so when I got it I had no idea what to expect What I got was something new and refreshing from what my normal tastes in reading are The romance is light, meaning no sexy stuff, but that didn t make too much difference for me I enjoyed the characters and the story, it s very rare to find a book where a huge part of the story is the characters faith in God That played a big part Overall this was a nice sweet read and liked it ok It is a very predictable book though and got a bit too corny during some parts but if you are someone who likes the sweet romances then this one is for you I m not sure that I will be reading another story from this author simply because I like my romance sexy but that doesn t mean other readers wouldn t love this one My copy of this book was provided for me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Callie has just been dumped by her boyfriend, just before Christmas This means just one thingher Mother is going to start nagging again Too down hearted to go home alone Callie goes to the local bar to commiserate with her long time friend And barman Tom It is there that Callie meets Henry who attempts to put a smile back on her face Just as they are are chatting in walk Callie s parentsand the inquisition begins But just when Callie resigns herself to a lecture from her mother,Henry steps in posing as her new love interest Can they both convince Callie s parents their relationship is legit Can they both pretend to like each other And will Henry s secret ruin everything A beautiful Christmas Love Story that will warm the heart of any person that believes in fairy tales Her Christmas PrinceCaroline A Godin

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    Set in the Florida Keys, this Christmas story was cute, clean, and fun, with a royal twist I love a story that involves a prince Callie s boyfriend just dumped her right before Christmas Her overbearing mother is expecting a proposal and before Callie can give her the bad news, Henry a friend of her long time friend , announces that they are a couple now, not realizing how close to the truth he would be I like how down to earth Henry is He s a gentleman and tries hard to lead a normal life and to protect Callie from all the craziness Callie is a strong willed woman, but I didn t like how impatient she is with her mom I can understand how wearing that would be, but her mom really does have her best interests in her heart.Content maybe a swear word or two I can t really remember clean romance Side Note I m not sure if it was my version or what, but the formatting was crazy Sometimes there was only a sentence or two on a page and lines were often interrupted.

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    This is a DNF for me I was looking for a book that was a bit fast paced I think this was written outside of the US, as several European spellings showed up There were instances of obvious misspellings that should have been caught in the editing process Also, the dialogue didn t ring true Cuppa hasn t gone mainstream yet, and I found several American male characters using the word Also, this was too sweet for me Callie, the heroine, runs her own business, volunteers, and goes to church This had a definite Christian slant, while mild, was still annoying since the blurb had nothing about this being in the Christian genre Henry, the hero, had potential He was a perfect specimen of a man, and I didn t read long enough to find out if he had any rough edges or not I suspect not, or they would have shown up by the time I quit reading I would not recommend this book I got it for free through one of s promotions over the holiday season.

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    Sweet feel good romantic tale featuring fictional 4th in line Prince Harry I mean Henry , from a European country who wants to escape the bubble of notoriety and paparazzi to vacation anonymously at Sunnyside Key, FL, with an old Army buddy of his, who served with him in Afghanistan Mmmmmmm Doesn t this premise sound familiar Has a common working girl who meets a guy not knowing he s actually a Prince premise The magic happens and she brings him to her family get together for Christmas Lots of endearing scenes between the two with the climatic chapter of what happens when HIS family, including the reigning grandmother matriarch, finds out Sorry, so spoilers You have to read this book to find out if the couple will forever have the memory of a special Christmas or.

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summary pdf Her Christmas Prince , summary chapter 2 Her Christmas Prince , sparknotes Her Christmas Prince , Her Christmas Prince 2746ab9 Callie Meyers Is In A Mess Her Weasel Of A Boyfriend Dumped Her Two Weeks Before Christmas And She Hasn T Told Her Mother About The Break Up Yet Just When Callie Thinks All Is Lost And She Ll Be Spending Another Holiday At The Kids Table Drinking Margaritas Solo, A Handsome Stranger Comes To Her Aid And Pretends To Be Her Boyfriend, Just Through Christmas Could The Gorgeous And Mysterious Henry Actually Be The One For Callie Things Go Crazy When The Press Finds Out Royalty Is On The Loose In The Florida Keys And That They Could Have Their Very Own American Kate Middleton When Callie Finds Out Henry S Actually An Incognito Prince And Marriage Is Tricky Business, She S Stunned Could A Royal Ever Love A Chef And Cafe Owner Could He Marry Her Even If He Wanted To A Sweet Romance With Inspirational Undertones, Set In The Fictional Small Town Of Sunnyside Key, Florida, HER CHRISTMAS PRINCE Is The First Book In The Love In The Keys Series Of Tropical Flavoured Seasonal Novellas

  • Kindle Edition
  • 167 pages
  • Her Christmas Prince
  • Caroline A. Godin
  • English
  • 09 May 2017

About the Author: Caroline A. Godin

Caroline A Godin is a latch ley kid turned media maven who s spent her career writing, producing and selling television programs Along the way, she s been a bartender which is equal to a masters in psychology in her eyes , a researcher, a tour guide, and has written for newspapers, magazines, and even the occasional board game She learned to read at the age of three and according to her