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    Lions and tigers and Clusters, oh my Book Three in The Old Star Saga I loved this series Well paced and written in clean, unaffected style, this is good sci fi with a nice balance between geeky astrophysics and human sensitivy I grew very fond of the characters by the end of it pirates, sailors, warriors and wild women This book brought the first two together beautifully, with enough information placed here and there to show the whole picture without being repetitive, and to answer some of the mysteries brought up earlier in the story And it kept me guessing right up to the end.

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    It s not very often that I find myself finishing a book with my jaw literally dropped open That s what happened with David Lee Summers new novel, Heirs of the new Earth I flat out admit I was disappointed not with the ending of the tale but the very fact that I had come to the adventure s conclusion Summers carefully breaks up his tale into sections and like a master weaver threads separate story arcs and characters across the galaxy, spinning the fabric of an amazing tale of Science Fiction adventure that kept me on the edge of my chair eagerly scrolling page after page A warning to every reader block off a good chunk of time, pour your favorite beverage and sit down in your favorite comfort space Once you start reading, the story jumps out and grabs hold, drawing you into a world one thousand years in the future where mankind has spread across the universe, contacted other intelligent life and colonized new worlds.Not all life in the galaxy is warm, fuzzy and humanoid This, in my opinion, is where Summers shines like a fiery day star The author creates a palpable sense of awe and dread painting an intricate portrait of a mysterious alien race known only as the Cluster Summers prologue gives the reader a sense of the mysterious alien s , their history in the galaxy and the beings desire to merge with another species to use as Appendages Unfortunately for humanity WE have been chosen Summers intricately dissects the cost benefit analysis of human interaction with an All powerful entity motivated to Help us cure disease and cleanse the Earth for our benefit Sometimes the price for paradise can be too steep and the motivation of a benefactor not always as pure as one is led to believe Summers creates a viable web of intrigue and puts a morality study into play as humanity is unwittingly aiding in its own destruction.Summers takes the battle for humanity into deep space at the Galactic Core with incredible ships such as the Mapping Cruiser Nicholas Sanson led by Captain John Mark Ellis and the refit pirate schooner Legacy headed by the elder Captain Ellision Firebrandt, but he also utilizes cerebral pathways and gateways of the human mind manipulated by the advanced alien intellect Summers brilliant depiction of an ancient sailing vessel navigating interstellar space populated by copies of human brain patterns literally made me stop mid read and ponder the possibility of such an incredible concept Summers goes even further as he creates the final epic space battle to save humanity from its Benefactors It is here that all the story arcs come together, each fabric of Summers tapestry woven to perfection culminating in the final battle to save humanity not only from the Cluster but from itself Again, David Lee Summers shows his story telling genius by throwing a major twist into the salvation of humanity and giving the reader another moment for dramatic pause to consider such wondrous possibility that man may not be the best intellect on Earth In the end it isn t human genius or firepower that saves mankind but something subtle, awe inspiring, yet somewhat terrifying at the same time As the danger for humanity isn t over but may only be delayed as the powerful alien Cluster learns and develops from its new host appendage.It took longer than normal to get involved with the main characters of this tale because it s the third book in a trilogy, and though it s apparent there are relationships established in the first two books that continue in the third, this doesn t detract from the story as the relationships become self evident as the plots cleverly merge together Summers ability to create a unique future for humanity is quite believable as the problems that impact modern day society in the 21st century are still there in the 30th century only exasperated in scale His description of 30th century Earth is as fantastic as it is credible which makes this epic tale about the struggle to preserve humanity that much intriguing and viable to any reader Grab your favorite chips and beverage, curl up in a nice cozy spot and give your mind and imagination the treat of this incredible tale told by a unique, gifted author The only problem I have now is waiting to get book one and book two.

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    This is book 3 in this series and I absolutely loved it In this book, the humans must come up with a way to stop the Cluster All my favorite characters show up, including Ellison Firebrandt and Roberts from book 1.I was intrigued by how easily some of the characters were drawn in easily by the Cluster and others weren t, and by the solutions presented to end the conflict.I couldn t set this book down The book flowed easily even though it kept the reader up to date on different characters in different places and what they were doing I couldn t wait to see how it would all come together, and the ending was a total surprise I will definitely be getting the fourth book.If you love fantasy and sci fi, you ll really enjoy this series.

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    Heirs of the New Earth is a fitting conclusion to the Old Star New Earth saga The aliens and Terrans both human and whale learn to interact on a whole new level One of my favorite characters, Captain Ellison Firebrandt, returns to Earth to help keep the Cluster from enslaving humanity A good mix of action and science fictional ideas kept me turning pages An enjoyable read.

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summary pdf Heirs of the New Earth, summary chapter 2 Heirs of the New Earth, sparknotes Heirs of the New Earth, Heirs of the New Earth 93ecfcc The Earth Has Gone Silent John Mark Ellis And The Crew Of The Sanson Are Sent To Investigate When They Arrive, They Find Vast Alien Machines Known As Clusters In Orbit Fearing The Worst, They Land And Discover That The Once Overcrowded, Polluted Earth Has Become A Paradise Of Sorts The Problem Is Over Half The Population Is Dead Or Missing And The Planet S Leaders Don T Seem To Care As Ellis Works To Unravel The Mystery, Sudden Gravitational Shifts From The Galaxy S Center Indicate Something Even Worse Is In The Offing Can Ellis Save The Galaxy From The Heirs Of The New Earth

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Heirs of the New Earth
  • David Lee Summers
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781885093493

About the Author: David Lee Summers

David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers He is the author of eleven novels including The Solar Sea, Owl Dance, and The Astronomer s Crypt. His short fiction and poetry has appeared in such magazines as Realms of Fantasy, Cemetery Dance, The Martian Wave, Star Line and The Santa Clara Review. He has edited the science fiction an