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quotes Hard Evidence, litcharts Hard Evidence, symbolism Hard Evidence, summary shmoop Hard Evidence, Hard Evidence 1d84597f After The Murder Of A Teenage Girl, A Mysterious Man In A Black Leather Jacket Was Seen Lurking Near The Crime Scene Investigative Reporter Tessa Novak Has Him In Her Sights As The Culprit That Man Was Julian Darcangelo, An Undercover FBI Agent Working With The Denver Police He S Closing In On The Trail Of A Human Trafficker And Killer Tessa S Accusations Could Blow His Cover, And He Wants Her Off The InvestigationBut Just As Tessa Has Made Julian A Target Of Interest, She Is Now A Target Of The Killer And As They Are Forced To Trust Each Other, Their Physical Attraction Escalates As Intensely As The Threat From A Ruthless Murderer Who Wants To See Both Of Them Dead

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    3.5 stars

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    4.5 Much Better than book one Stars I enjoyed Hard Evidence so much than I did book one I loved Julian He was just so damaged and sexy He was the perfect combo of asshole and protective sweetheart I also really liked Tessa Although she did some things I thought ditzy and down right stupid she was relatable Her pursuit of the bad guys made sense You could understand were she was coming from even if she did recklessly put her life at risk Julian and Tessa were great together The plot line was intriguing in this book Overall a great read and I am looking forward to the next book.

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    INVESTIGATION REPORT ON HARD EVIDENCETHE ALLEGATIONSThere has been a recent spate of 5 Star reviews of Pamela Clare s I Team series at Goodreads As a result, an investigation was launched into the allegations of how amazing this series is My initial investigation into the engrossing and thought provoking Extreme Exposure has made this investigator think that there is indeed some validity to these claims In an attempt to obtain corroborative evidence and ensure a thorough analysis, I jumped right into Hard Evidence There have been also been claims about a gorgeous to die for tortured hero, who goes by the name of Julian Darcangelo This investigator takes claims of to die for ness very seriously and was especially keen to go deep on this PERSONS OF INTEREST Tessa Novak a.k.a The Heroine Tessa Novak is described as having long, curly blonde hair, creamy skin, big blue eyes with long sooty lashes, and has a Southern accent She is an investigative crime reporter with The Denver Independent and is known for being tenacious, though this sometimes leads her to take some foolish risks She recently witnessed a drive by shooting at a gas station, while in desperate search of coffee She is a caffeine addict As a result of seeing a teenage girl gunned down in front of her, Tessa became personally invested in finding justice for the victim Her investigations led her into extremely dangerous including dangerously sizzling and sexy situations Julian Darcangelo a.k.a The Hero Julian Darcangelo is described as having dark hair, usually pulled back in a shoulder length ponytail He has olive skin, mesmerising blue eyes and a devastating mouth He is usually seen in jeans and a black leather jacket The air of menace about him is magnetically attractive for any bad boy aficionado.Julian is an undercover FBI agent who has been hot on the trail of a heinous human trafficker and killer, and is close to getting his man The Heroine s own investigations, however, threaten to jeopardise all that Julian has worked for This leads to some very heated scenes between the Hero and Heroine It is a good thing these scenes were successfully documented by Ms Clare VISUAL LIKENESS OF THE PERSONS OF INTEREST Facial Composites of The Heroine Tessa Novak A striking resemblance to Emily Procter Facial Composites of The Hero Physical Composites of the torso have also been included This is essential in homage to Pamela Clare s Man Titty Monday Specials MTM Julian Darcangelo A striking resemblance to Raffaello Balzo image error

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    4 stars Continuing on with my re read of this series D I adored the first book which I thought was pretty suspenseful, but I keep forgetting that with each new book in the series, the author takes the suspense up a notch so plot wise this was even better than Extreme Exposure And then there s the fact that the author has created this irresistible, protective hero Julian that I couldn t help but swoon over I m half Italian Which half the words were out before Tessa could stop them Was she flirting with him She never flirted with men His lips curved in a slow, sexy smile that made her heart trip From the waist down Hehe So this is book 2 in the I team series and investigative journalist Tessa Novak s story I remember when I was reading book 1 for the very first time and saw that Tessa would be the next I team member to get a book, I honestly wasn t looking forward to it I still thought the same while I read it now Don t get me wrong, she s a wonderful heroine, really mature, and great at her job but there wasn t anything about her that made her stand out from the other I team members She s what I like to call a quiet heroine, and her sweet southern belle personality wasn t something I was fond of I like bold, outspoken, gutsy heroines and while Tessa was strong in her own way, she had a very timid side that the author captured in the romance aspect of the book In short, Tessa is a pretty average heroine to me because she didn t add anything to the story but certainly didn t take away from it either.The main highlight of the book for me besides the nail biting suspense was definitely the hero Julian I ve said this so many times before but it s worth mentioning again this author creates some of the BEST literary heroes ever No matter their pasts, their occupation, their ordeals and tribulations, there is always this core code of honor each of her men have and this innate sense to protect There s no other way of saying it her men are so male. Julian is all the above and I loved him when I read about his dedication to bringing down a huge sex trafficking ring and how that has affected him personally I loved him even when he willingly let his undercover agent persona get compromised if it meant he could protect Tessa So yeahwhile I wasn t a huge fan of Tessa, I do have to admit she was perfect for Julian His ugly, heartbreaking past is slowly revealed as the story progresses, and it made sense that a broken, but resilient man like him would be drawn to and find comfort with a sweet angel like Tessa.Another thing that I have to mention is how amazing this author s attention to detail is Even down to the smallest things, nothing is left out but not detailed to the point where the plot is boring It s obvious that she s done her research and I could really feel the love and passion she has for journalism and the topics she incorporates into the story The writing flowed in a way where I m eased into the story so not everything is thrown at me all at once It s just really well paced For this series, it s especially hard for me to pick favorites because I seriously love each book for different reasons BUT I d have to say that I liked this second book a little less than the others Don t take that in a negative way though because I still really enjoyed it What makes the difference between the really good books which this book was and the stellar, outstanding ones are how strongly I feel about the characters Julian shined brightly but because Tessa was an average heroine to me, the character dynamic felt unbalanced I still recommend it though The suspense, the well researched sex trafficking aspect, and the amazing hero are all worth it And of course if you don t mind a sweet and timid heroine like Tessa I d say you ll like this book just fine As for me, I m beyond excited to get to books 3, 4, and 5 because those were all 5 star favorites of mine DHard Evidence is the 2nd book in the I team series and can be read as a standalone The investigative topic focused on in this story is sex trafficking Series reading order

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    Hard Evidence is book 2 in the suspense filled I Team series This story focuses on one of the most horrific crimes imaginable the buying and selling of human beings It is something that I find so abhorrent, and how anyone can look into the face of an innocent child and think that it s ok to force them into a life of prostitution or worse is beyond my ability to comprehend It takes a truly evil person to be capable of such atrocities, and I ve no doubt that there s a special place in hell just for men and women like the scum of the earth bad guy in this story It couldn t have been easy but Ms Clare gives us a clear, albeit brief, glimpse into the lives of these victims what they endure, how they are physically controlled, emotionally manipulated and ultimately disposed of when they are no longer useful, and at no time did the information seem too intense or too graphic While this story is definitely entertaining, it was also quite an education We are taken from something we just hear about in the news to something I felt like I was actually there for, watching through the eyes of those working this case, and that s why I connected with the victims on a personal one human being to another level They are not just stories, not just words in a book or on the front page of a newspaper They are people. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors they are people who matter and Pamela Clare imparted all of this in a compelling, informative and heartbreakingly real way.Julian Darcangelo is an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver Police Department to help bring down a human trafficking ring He s been on this case for many years and now he s this close holds up thumb and forefinger to indicate about a quarter of an inch to finding Alexi Burien, the mastermind behind this heinous operation and who has managed to stay one step ahead of him the entire time It s not just a job to Julian, it s an obsession It s his life what he eats, breathes and lives for, even in his sleep, is finding Burien and putting him out of business, once and for all Like all the very best heroes across the genres, Julian has a few demons from his past, keeping him from forgiving himself for a mission which went horribly wrong one he fully blames himself for Now, as tragic as that sounds, it makes him all the in need of loving, cuddling and hot sex oh, sorry, did I say that hot sex part out loud Well, whatever It s true, and I volunteer for the job because that s just the kind of selfless person I am But I digress.Tessa Novak is the cop reporter for the Denver Independent newspaper s I Team, an elite lineup of investigative reporters Tessa has some secrets of her own, a past that she s ashamed of, a past none of her coworkers know about She s relentless, feisty, and very, very good at what she does and she s about to have her chance to prove that she s worthy of a place on the I Team While stopping at a local convenience store for her much needed caffeine fix, she becomes an up close and personal witness to a drive by shooting in which a 16 year old girl is the gunman s target What Tessa witnessed, a cold, calculated murder has now become her sole focus She s determined to find out the whos, whats, whys and wheres of this senseless killing and in doing so gives new meaning to the word tenacious Her first mission is to find the man in the dark leather jacket, who she saw hiding in the shadows at the scene of the crime We re also treated to revisits with the rest of the I Team members and their significant others In one of the cutest scenes in the book, Reece, Julian and Will are up working on the roof at Julian s house Julian looked down from the roof to find five pairs of sunglasses staring up at them, as if painting trim were a women s spectators sport Are they always like this Yes, Reece and Will said together, smiling.Reece pulled his shirt over his head, dropped it to the ground below Personally, I enjoy being treated like a sex symbol especially by my wife Think of it as an investment Will took off his shirt, as well, displaying his football player physique You ll reap the benefits in the bedroom tonight Julian grinned Alright then boys let s work it He pulled off his shirt, picked up his bottle of water and drank, letting it spill down his throat and over his bare chest From below, he thought he heard Holly groan.Now, that scene takes place at the end of the book, in the epilogue, after the bad guys are disposed of and life is back to normal Where many authors just wrap up the story and give us an and they lived happily ever after, Ms Clare shows us their happily ever afters which I just love, and is a must for me if a novel is going to earn a 5 star rating It s the attention to detail throughout the stories and these special little moments and finishing touches that, for me, make these books stand out above the rest.The bottom line What we have with Hard Evidence is an amazing story and unforgettable characters who, with the help of an incredible author, have given us a look into the darker side of humanity and have done so with such depth, such a compelling sense of duty, that I literally could not put this book down and as soon as I was through, wanted to pick it up and start it all over again The relationship building between Julian and Tessa was sweet, believable and burning up the pages with steamy hot sex done the Pamela Clare way sizzling hot You ll find yourself on the edge of your seat and you ll stay there from the first page to the last This author has romantic suspense down to a fine art and aren t I just thrilled to have found such an exciting series to feed my addiction of this genre The I Team reading order, so far 1 Extreme Exposure1.5 Heaven Can t Wait a novella found in the out of print anthology Catch of the Day and on ebook 2 Hard Evidence3 Unlawful Contact4 Naked Edge5 Breaking Point5.5 Skin Deep5.9 First Strike6 Striking Distance If you re already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads

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    5 stars Romantic SuspenseThis is a very intelligent, well crafted, intense, smokin hot, edge of your seat romantic suspense thriller Tessa Novak is an investigative reporter who embarks on a crusade of justice after personally witnessing a brutal drive by shooting of a teenage girl at a convenient store It s not long before her investigation and na ve journalistic ideals put her in danger, from both the mafia crime syndicate behind the murder and the attraction she feels for sexy, cynical, hardened, undercover FBI agent Julian Darcangelo.As Tessa digs deeper into the teen girl s murder, she discovers connections to the Russian mafia that makes her the prime target of the human trafficking syndicate s sadistic ring leader, whom Julian has been trying to bring down for three years Now it s up to Julian to keep Tessa safe and stop the violent mob leader killer before he goes further underground, but can they resist the volatile attraction they feel for each other WhewTessa and Julian s love scenes were SIZZLING hot Julian is a cold, hard edged, arrogant, black leather jacket wearing, ponytailed, Latin Italian alpha hottie, tortured bad boy with an attitude, stud in bed, hero to die for who has lost faith in ever having a normal life due to his painful, violent past and the brutal nature of his undercover work Julian doesn t think he deserves a home, wife, kids, and happily ever after, nor does he want those things that is until he spends time with brave, hopeful, innocent, beautiful Tessa, who stirs and twists up emotions in him that he doesn t really know how to handle The romance between Julian and Tessa is explosive, yet achingly sad and tender at the same time, and I wanted so much for them to get their HEA.I highly recommend this for fans of dark, edgy, well written, steamy romantic suspense thrillers 5 stars

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    Hard Evidence was an excellent book It quenched my thirst for good romantic suspense, that s not just about a hot hero and a cute, likable heroine scratching an itch while dodging bullets, and ultimately falling in love No, there s nothing wrong with that But it s great to read something that goes deeper and touches on issues that are real and meaningful in the world today while I get my high octane romance fix.Julian is a man who has spent most of his life in the dark He started out with a less than ideal childhood, a truly heartbreaking childhood, and channeled that into undercover law enforcement He s seen only the worst of people And while he believes that this has barred him from the possibility of a good, normal life and a good woman, undeserving of both, he is a very good man He has put his life, soul and sanity on the line everyday to help the helpless That made me love him He s a gorgeous, sexy man in every way, but it was his heart that touched me the deepest.Tessa is a crusader in a different way She works as an investigative journalist to use the print media to bring positive change Some of the risks she takes makes my hair stand on end And knowing that the writer, Ms Clare taps from her own experiences in journalism makes it even harrowing Sometimes I wanted to ask her if she was crazy But I also understand her need to help others, to use what God gave her to effect change in a world where too many people either don t know, don t care, or look the other way.These two together make sense in a beautiful way It was a pleasure to read their emotional, highly sensual, and meaningful love story I started out reading this slowly around my other review read , just taking it all in, enjoying the leisurely visit with Tessa and Julian, and soon I couldn t put the book down because I was so compelled to see what happened next.Hard Evidence does hit hard with the realism of this world in which underage teenage girls are abused, brutalized, and treated as objects and commodities It makes me upset and angry to know that this is really happening, and it made me cheer for Julian who is so well named, for he is a Dark Angel , and Tessa, who is an angel of justice from a whole different direction to do what they could to help those girls Sometimes it seems as though the good guys don t win nearly enough, and it s too easy to give up the fight But reading about heroes in these books like Tessa and Julian, that they represent the many unsung heroes, and knowing that there are those in real life who sacrifice and strive to make this world a better place is hugely encouraging Some dark subject matter, but ultimately hopeful A beautiful love story in which the light of love shines into places where most angels fear to tread, but not these in this book Highly recommended Heads Up In preparation of the November release of Striking Distance, The Pamela Clare Fan Group will be hosting a group read of the series, starting with this book If you haven t yet read Pamela Clare s I Team series, you re missing out on some truly fantastic stories.So what are you waiting for Grab a copy of this book and join us on June 25th We d LOVE to have you Extreme Exposure Group Read If you re already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads

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    Una novela completamente adictiva esa mezcla de romance y thriller, junto a la fluida pluma de Pamela Clare, hace que casi sea imposible despegarse de sus p ginas.Esta segunda entrega me gust m s que la primera en cuanto a la trama policial, pero con lo que no logr enganchar nunca fue con sus personajes principales, o mejor dicho, con la relaci n de ellos Por un lado tenemos a Tessa, una periodista de investigaci n, que si bien naci y vivi su infancia en la extrema pobreza y con un entorno familiar bastante desarticulado, logr salir adelante y en la actualidad oculta sus or genes a su c rculo laboral Por otro lado tenemos a Juli n Darcangelo, un agente especial del FBI, tambi n con un pasado bastante oscuro y con duras cargas tanto en lo personal como laboral, que vive exclusivamente para atrapar al l der de un imperio de tr fico sexual que por a os se le ha escapado por los pelos.S lo por estar en el lugar y momento menos oportuno, Tessa es testigo del asesinato de una adolescente, experiencia que le hace abocarse a investigar qu hay detr s del suceso y, por ende, cruzarse a cada rato con Juli n Como los intereses policiales y period sticos normalmente no van de la mano, los conflictos no tardan en aparecer Y es a partir de ah que el personaje de Tessa me empieza a caer cada vez m s mal, actuando como una ni a malcriada e insistiendo en meter las narices en un caso que escapa a su comprensi n, poni ndose en peligro constantemente y obstaculizando la investigaci n de Juli n Tambi n me molest su doble est ndar, acusando a la polic a de no cumplir a rajatabla ciertos procedimientos, cuando ella se saltaba todos para avanzar en su art culo Y a pesar de todo eso, la relaci n comienza De verdad no pod a entender cuando Juli n aduc a a ciertas caracter sticas de Tessa que yo no v por ninguna parte para justificar sus sentimientos valent a vive muerta de miedo y llorando por los pasillos , astucia en sus deducciones andaba m s perdida que una hormiga solitaria y ternura s lo hab an discutido.A ver, igual quiero aclarar que me gustan mucho los personajes complejos, con esa dualidad tan propia del ser humano, pero no que me los vendan como conos de valores al llegar a las ltimas p ginas, sin que el lector pueda establecer cuando ocurri la m gica transformaci n S lo por eso una estrella menos y no le bajo m s porque, a pesar de que en lo emocional la pareja no me convence, su qu mica era realmente explosiva

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    This started out okay, but by the third or fourth chapter it was clear the heroine was TSTL and every reason I hate journalists as main protagonists She got in the way of everything, refusing to listen and jeopardizing all the people the investigation was hoping to save in the end And somehow her mantra of I m a journalist, I have a responsibility to tell the truth I m trying to save people by outing your entire investigation on the front page is not only accepted, but admired by characters with a heck of a lot sense.Julian would have been a pretty great hero except that I can t respect a guy who falls in love with such a TSTL, monkeywrench heroine He s broody, angsty, and verra sexy Terrible taste in women, but who s perfect And yet, I have to admit I finished the book and found it hard to put down after a certain point I suppose I accepted that it was going to be cheesy and let myself enjoy the nonsense And, yes, I ll be reading the next one Why OCD, no doubt.Pamela Clare is a good author, but her contemporaries are simply junk food If you want something all around good, go with her historicals But, if you want a quick fix of steamy sex and hot heroes and let s face it, we all do sometimes , the I Team will scratch that itch.ETA someone just gave me a like thank you for this review and brought it back to my attention While I still don t like Tessa a bit and I ve never reread this one, I want to amend what I said about PC and her contemporaries After this one she totally found her groove and I now count her as one of the best if not THE best romantic suspense authors writing today She s also quite good at straight contemporary.

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    If I could give this book than 5 stars I would It was that good This is the second book in Pamela Clare s I Team series, and while all three were excellent reads, this one is my favorite by far Tessa Novak is an investigative reporter for the Denver Independent newspaper While stopping for coffee her secret vice at a gas station convenience store, she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing the drive by murder of a teenage girl After the murder, Tessa notices a mysterious handsome man in a black leather jacket lurking near the crime scene Could he have something to do with the young teen s murder The mysterious man is Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent working with the local police He s trying to track a notorious, sadistic Russian crime lord, who is a human trafficker and killer If Tessa accuses Julian of having something to do with the teen s murder, she could blow his cover He needs her away from the investigation.Not realizing the reason for the murder, Tessa writes an eye witness account for her newspaper, endangering her own life and possibly Julian s too The killer wants any witnesses dead, and that means Tessa Julian feels obligated to protect her he can t bear the thought of losing one innocent person to the sadistic Russian mobster.But Tessa won t stop her own investigation She can t get over what she has witnessed, and she s determined to seek the truth and justice for the young victim Was this a gang or drug killing, or something even sinister Julian ends up saving Tessa s life a number of times, and what starts out as a powerful sexual attraction between a good girl and bad boy , develops into much when they are forced to spend a lot of time together Both have a lot of issues with their pasts, and it seems a lot of differences Tessa has problems with her mother Julian never had a mother Tessa is sexually inexperienced Julian has experience than men twice his age Tessa worked hard to get a formal education Julian s education came from the streets But both have never experienced love Tessa longs for it, but doesn t believe it will happen for her Julian just doesn t believe he deserves it This story was well plotted, had excellent character development, was highly suspenseful, and had a hero and heroine who were scorchingly hot together Tessa and Julian s love scenes bordered on the erotic, yet were also sweetly romantic And Julian needed someone to love and care for him so much and not just in a sexual way , and Tessa was perfect for that role I was hoping all the way that Julian would realize that he did deserve that white picket fence ending and would let Tessa into his heart I was not disappointed I can t wait for book four of this wonderful series

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