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summary Guess How Much I Love You, series Guess How Much I Love You, book Guess How Much I Love You, pdf Guess How Much I Love You, Guess How Much I Love You c4552d5f5d Guess How Much I Love You, Says Little Nutbrown Hare Little Nutbrown Hare Shows His Daddy How Much He Loves Him As Wide As He Can Reach And As Far As He Can Hop But Big Nutbrown Hare, Who Can Reach Farther And Hop Higher, Loves Him Back Just As Much Well Then Little Nutbrown Hare Loves Him Right Up To The Moon, But That S Just Halfway To Big Nutbrown Hare S Love For Him

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    This is THE best bedtime story, in my opinion It was a nightly ritual for my first daughter, and it holds a very special place in our hearts When it says that the dad bunny leans down and kisses the little one s head, Leah would always lean down and kiss the picture The page became a little scummy from kiddie goo, and it s PRECIOUS I will forever cherish my little girl s kisses in the book.

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    This is one of only three board books that continuously survive the purge because I simply can t bear to move it out I see tiny, invisible handprints all over it, as it was a favorite of both of my children I received this as a baby shower gift and have easily read it hundreds of times That it is still occasionally requested at bedtime makes my heart happy Beautifully illustrated, this story is so sweet that I have never been able to read the ending without a lump in my throat and a hitch in my voice How much do I love this book To the moon More importantly, how much do my children love this book To the moon and back 5 stars.Update 2018 This once again has survived the year end, post holiday purge I tossed my beloved camouflage print Vans, my 1992 Cure concert T shirt and several little monuments to my past that no longer serve me, but I simply cannot release this 11 year old, tattered board book So on my shelf in the living room it remains, where it continues to make my heart happy.

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    Someone wanted a story before bed, but someone isn t listening I wonder if that someone could be Indy boy And I wonder if that was to put off going to bed Of course it is This is a great little book One that is a physical story as we do the actions along with the little hare, and the big hare Our arms stretched wide or high, to show the love This is a good little book for my son as he does not sit still for a story, but as it s about what we do at home ie., I love you to the moon and back or I love you , I love you 10, I love you 20 yes this is what we say between bed and closed door as a way to say goodnight anything that creates harmony around here is a good thing Recommended book for 2 s through to the moon and back of age groups.

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    Can t the parent just let the kid win one Even after kid falls asleep, the parent has to one up the frustrated, exhausted child Go pick on someone your own size

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    Okay this is my favorite book in the whole wide world, so I was surprised to see the number of less than favorable reviews.To the guy that thinks and I use that word liberally that this book is a allegory for socialism, really I mean really Really To everyone else that thinks this book is about a game of one upsmanship or it has a undercurrent of competition between the parent and the child , You guys could not be wrong.Is upsmanship even really a word This book is about the nature of the love that exists between parent and child, no matter how much your children love you, I assure you that it will never be as much as you love them That s what this book is about.I read this book to my daughter just last night and I ve read it to her at least a hundred times Every time I do, when I flip that last page and read the final sentence, I nearly cry That s why this is my favorite book in the whole wide world

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    One of the only books I can read to my daughter where the adult in the book is a male Most of the books have no men or relegate the father to support staff roles Having said that, the book is really a testosterone fueled look at the competitive indoctrination of little boys Paraphrase of text Kid I love you as million.Dad I love you a billion.Kid Can t you let me win once Dad Only when you surpass my strength, then I will live vicariously through you Despite this shortcoming, the illustrations are great My daughter loves it.

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    Really nice bedtime book.

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    Um livro cheio de ternura para ler aos mais novos, dos 3 aos 6.

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    This may be my least favorite children s book that I ve read to the kids Even worse than the highly commercialized children s books devoid of any value which are made for nothing but the tie ins to TV shows and toy sales Guess How Much I Love You turns loving each other into a competition and one where the child can never win against the parent I like the idea of parent and child loving each other a lot, but this is so, so wrong of a way to communicate that theme I found it unpleasant and saddening It just made me uneasy to read it And not just me Ms K only had to read it to her kids once, before she got rid of it She felt the same way about it that I did Yuck On a positive note, the illustrations are good.

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    I love you right up to the moon and back I remember reading this book with my mom when I was little I found it on sale at my bookstore and bought to so I can read it to my future kids 35 5 stars

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