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pdf Grey, ebook Grey, epub Grey, doc Grey, e-pub Grey, Grey bd7320f962e In A Society Controlled In Large Part By An Elite Group Of Corporations And Characterized By Its Wild Extremes Economic, Political, Sexual, Etc Young Michael Rivers Is A Demigod The Heir Apparent To High Tech Security Juggernaut RiverGroup, TheYear Old Has It All He S Handsome, Fashionable, And Literally Worshipped By Millions Of People Who Monitor His Every Movement Through The Media And His Future Looks Even Brighter His Girlfriend, Nora, The Daughter Of The Head Of A Competing Conglomerate, Is His Ideal Partner They Share The Same Understated Tastes In Music, Clothing, And Philosophy, And Even Have A Private Language Based On Slogans From Advertisements In Their Favorite Fashion Magazine But Days Before The Couple Is Set To Announce Their Engagement And The Historic Merger Of Their Families Corporations An Assassin Almost Succeeds In Killing Rivers When He Recovers From The Attack, He Finds His Engagement Off And RiverGroup Almost Bankrupt Disregarding Threats From His Egomaniacal Father, Rivers Begins A Perilous Quest To Reconnect With His True Love Only To Come Face To Face With The Horrible Reality Of His Existence

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    at first the story was holding up, then it slacked off when it went into cyber punk territory a prostitute with a prosthetic vagina instead of a bellybutton who dies after a run in with the main character who gets over the barrier , but it s back on course this morning while listening to it on the way to work, the characters were eating elephant steaks and drinking cola made from krill.now, here s the thing this takes place in a world where excess like we have no idea of is the expected way to live life.one female character s outfit was described as rabbit ears , beaver tail and cat make up on top of such things as fake pink fur covering her chest instead of a shirt.there are others, though, who follow an esthetic of grey ness and subtlety.but here s the thing, as bad as all the above sounds, the level of detail and confluence of bizarreness is amazing it s also humorous and if you re at all associated with fashion or non clothing design, or if you ve been around fashion victims or designers, or if your grandmother still wore house dresses with crazy colors and patterns on them and you were embarrassed by that, you ll find amazing images in this book.

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    Grey is not a great book, but it s indicative of the ability to write a great book.I admit, I bought this book from Tattered Cover essentially because it has an awesome cover and an endorsement from Michael Chabon Seriously, find a bigger version of that image, it s a stellar piece of artwork But if you read Chabon s quote closely, it or less falls into line with my feeling, he knows what this author has and is suggesting you get in on the ground floor.Jon Armstrong makes all the typical rookie mistakes Great ideas appear too late and without foreshadowing or proper introduction, the plot stumbles and doesn t hold well in the middle, and it comes to an end that stops short of satisfying.But the writing is sharp and it s exploding with ideas, some of them audacious than most people would expect from science fiction of any sort.I described the book to friends as Metrosexual Dystopia In a future where various feudal houses control the world and all the major figures are loud, boorish idiots Michael Rivers rebels against his CEO father by dressing in subdued gray colors, a style he picked up from reading the magazine he worships, Pure H.The biggest issue with the book is that the protagonist starts out at least likable, but about halfway through the book the impression sinks in that he s a useless idiot and hasn t really done much except get knocked around by others This could have worked if played for laughs or emphasized, but it seems like something the writer accidentally realized after finishing the first draft.I predict that Jon Armstrong will write a stellar book in the next few years.

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    It s probably my fault, but I didn t get this book The setting is clever dystopian near future where the ultra rich have become even richer and decadent What s a 19 year old to do in this world Why, reject all excesses and embrace a yearning for monochromatic prints and suits, of course.Unfortunately, the story itself doesn t live up to the cleverness of the setting The story is supposed to be about a love story comparisons are made to Romeo and Juliet, but I think they only hurt the novel The protagonist, Michael, doesn t do much than whine and bitch his way through his privileged life, and his love affair with Nora, fellow adorer of all things gray and somber, feels stiff There s no chemistry between the two, just a vague parroting of their favorite fashion magazine.Worst thing is, Michael and Nora are the characters with the most nuance and color hah in the story The rest of the characters, except perhaps Joelene, are clownish to the point of being satirical Michael s father, the antagonist of the story, is so over the top crass as to be annoying He humps and curses his way through the story, while the entire world around him talks about semen and other bodily fluids.Don t believe me Early in the novel, there s a woman with a vagina in surgically implanted in her belly No, it s not relevant to the story It s just there to show us that this fashion obsessed society is depraved They don t come across as depraved to me, as much as Idiocracy casting rejects Popular bands are called Al min m An s and T xic T sticle F rm Michael s father calls his girlfriends cunt spaceships.So yeah, the story and the characters didn t do anything for me Still, the setting of Grey is a clever one It s haute couture SF, with over the top decadence The competitive ironing idea was cool There s still potential for interesting stories to happen here I just don t feel Grey was one.

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    Like a crazy slap in the face with a steel reinforced cummerbund Grey depicts a future world where the corporations are like high tech medieval fiefdoms that promote their products with brutal, ear piercing raves and use arranged marriages to solidify mergers The book presents an interesting contrast between the narrator, 19 year old Michael Rivers, a sensitive aficionado of calm, grey fashion, and his loud, obnoxious father, Hiro Bruce Rivers Michael s favorite sport is competitive ironing Hiro loves the Ultra band Aluminum Anus A very inventive send up of fashion, celebrity, and corporate excess he one aspect that I found off putting were several typos and occasional dangling modifiers the editor seems to have been asleep at the switch I mm looking forward to reading the prequel, Yarn, which has gotten even better reviews.

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    While it contained some interesting near future concepts, Grey absolutely drowned in its own depictions of decadence and consumerist insanity Basically, it goes to far The world isn t convincing and therefore the story isn t convincing.

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    Brilliant high fashion dystopia, and I did the jacket copy Trust me, you want to read this book.

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    A plausible while over the top extrapolation of a certain aspect of the current society of spectacle.

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    Fun, dystopian novel about the cult of celebrity and fashion Like Blade Runner meets Tiger Beat, with some Project Runway thrown in for good measure.

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    This book is awful Simply awful The plot is your basic classic comedy tragedy young people in love, parents oppose their love, hijinks to follow You know, tragedy is when it doesn t work out and people die, comedy is when obstacles are overcome.I enjoy some young people s science fiction I ve enjoyed it since I was about eleven of twelve years old I still find new young person s fantasy and science fiction I can enjoy Which I can read through.This book is a sadgedgy That is to say, the humdrum plot and the irritating attempt at humor social commentary with its highly affected zaninness was to sad to read through The tragedy of a book so bad I wiped it from my storage and devices without finishing it is a sad tragedy A sadgedgy.

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    I finished reading Grey last night before bed, and had a difficult time falling asleep because I couldn t stop thinking about it I suppose that could be taken as a good sign, but my primary concern was trying to figure out if I d actually, y know, liked it.There were elements of the book that I absolutely loved The descriptions of the clothing and people were quite vivid, and I had no problem visualizing the entire book as a movie playing out in my head Grey takes place in a futuristic world where corporate mergers are signaled by marrying off the children of rival companies Competitive ironing is a televised sport, family security assassins are known immediately by their garishly coloured leotard uniforms, one quite literally needs protection when watching a band play live and there s an entire sub culture of those who ve had illegal surgery to burn out the cones in one eye so that they can only perceive the world in shades of grey these are all interesting ideas and visuals that I had no problem getting behind.The thought of your status as a company being determined not by the type and efficiency of the service you provide but by your favourite bands, fashion designers and what magazines you readwell, it hit a little close to home In an era where everything we do can be cast into the public eye and the distiction between classes is greater than it has been at any time since the feudal ages, Armstrong s fashionpunk dystopia seems all too plausible.The commoners live in an extremely poor area referred to as the Slubs, where odd forms of prostitution and drug use are the norm In an attempt to better themselves, they have some seriously weird forms of elective surgery There s a prostitute at the beginning who has had a second set of genitals added to her belly button She charges extra for that O.o , and all aspire to one day be part of the Families The intense squalor they live in is further emphasized when we visit the Family Compound, which is encased in a bubble that keeps carbon dioxide out Hugely intricate carved facades, oxygen gardensjust some really strange stuff but, again, great visuals.Against this backdrop, we follow the semi love story of Michael and Nora They are the children of two of the most influential Families businesses and are set to marry to seal a merger They fall in love on their first date, speak in a code derived from the ads in their favourite high fashion magazine, and gaze lovingly at each other through their cone less right eyes In true dystopian fashion, their love simply cannot be but they will be together, or die trying.So, as I ve already stated I really appreciated the attention to detail in the world building that went on in Grey, that being saidit still needed a lot of work Editing problems aside someone relied far too heavily on spellcheck and had a difficult time maintaining continuity especially with regards to which eye was supposed to be greyed out , the story seemed to kind of fall flat in places It was like the author knew where he wanted to go, but wasn t quite sure how to get there so he just threw in some bizarre descriptions to distract us from the lack of plot Another issue I had was with some of the dialogue There were many times where I felt like I was reading a transcript of an old Speed Racer cartoon This could have been intentional, though the author did say that he started building the idea for this book while living in Japan everyone talks really fast with no pauses for breath haHA Grey could have been great Instead, it reads like a bit of a rough draft with promise I can see where Mr Armstrong was headed and I really like that place I just think it needed some fine tuning and a little time in the editing bay This is one of the few books I ve read that I think would be better as a movie I can see everything clearly in my head, and it would be a spectacularly gorgeous film As an aside if you have issues with strong language there are times when the eff bomb is dropped 10 times on a single page or gore, this really isn t the book for you Heather, I m looking at you.3 5 stars Weird, but in that good weird kind of way If it were a little better paced, and a little attention were paid to the editing process, it would have been a four or five star book.Review also posted here

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