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    In an often unrecognized reality where 1 in 7 new moms are affected by mental health issues, Karen Kleiman s new book, Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts, with powerful, pervasive cartoons illustrated by Molly McIntyre, should be required reading for moms and every single person who associated with them friends of moms, family members of moms especially her own mom and mother in law, pediatricians, OBs, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc should be well versed in the types of scary thoughts a new mom can have as well as how common they are, ensuring that women always have a safe, non judgmental place to admit how they really feel about a role they were taught to believe comes naturally to all women and should be the most satisfying, joy filled role of all time In her book, Karen covers isolation, comparing, hating your baby, wanting to prolong your 6 month OB check up so you don t have to get the okay to resume having sex, thoughts of ending your life, rage, partner resentment, thinking that your baby and family would be better off without you, pretending everything is fine to cover up the pain, and so much to help women realize these thoughts are often a common part of new motherhood and don t make them bad mothers or failures Maternal mental health taboos have been doing an amazing job hiding out in dark places and Karen Kleiman is fighting to turn and keep the lights on Her professional, but warm commentary and advice after each picture is like a friend holding your hand reassuring you that what you are feeling is okay and you are not alone I remember when I had postpartum depression and anxiety with my son and while I desperately searched for other moms stories and experiences, and would have read pretty much anything, I was way to exhausted and overwhelmed to read a long, wordy book Karen has solved this with Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts by using the comic book format And moms reading this book don t just get to absorb the words and pictures, but each page has a space to write, color, and document their thoughts to help ground and calm them I wish this book came out six years ago when I gave birth to my son but, I m beyond grateful this book has come out now It s unacceptable that only 15% of the 1 in 7 women affected by maternal mental health issues receive treatment It s outrageous that suicide is the second largest cause of maternal death We need to do better We need to fight harder We need to do We need to reframe self care Self care is not a luxury Self care is not indulgent Self care is not selfish It s essential and necessary We need to reframe professional care We need to reframe how we talk to knew moms And Karen is helping to do it all.

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    I think every new mom should read this This is real, and validating information.

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    I am so glad I read this book Hospitals should be passing it out to all new parents

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    I wish I d had this book postpartum It s still good to read now, both personally and of course professionally I have seen the cartoons circling the internet and I m grateful there s an awareness campaign regarding postpartum depression and anxiety It s an important topic not addressed sufficiently and definitely not in sufficient detail the anxiety part is so important in our society so I m happy to see it presented in an accessible format.One of my complaints is that it s pretty hetero and cisnormative and I d love to see it expanded in future editions All the partners are male and everyone seems to identify as female My other main issue is that this book seems very targeted towards middle class and above mothers, and even among them mothers of a specific type The part about barriers to getting help and talking to healthcare providers didn t really address the reality that Medicaid at least in Illinois cuts off at 6 weeks postpartum and many psychiatrists don t accept Medicaid or the managed care plans that go with it No one is stressed about having to go back to work at their minimum wage job at one week postpartum I LOVE emphasizing self care but what does that look like when you have no disposable income and no gym membership or money for daycare like in the accompanying cartoon And I love the diversity of skin tones but there are types of inclusivity I wish that, in parts when discussing having than one child, a range of family sizes was depicted Where is the depressed anxious mother who just had her 7th baby The book discusses allowing time for your body to go back to a pre baby weight but where are the mamas who were plus size pre pregnancy I don t want to give the wrong impression I like this book a lot and think it s incredibly valuable I just 1 have a professional opinion as a midwife and 2 think it could be even better and I d love to push it further in a next edition.

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    I wish I could give this to every mom I know I wish I could go back in time and give it to myself earlier I am SO grateful for the Postpartum Stress Center and all the work they do to help mothers.

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    This book made me feel human than I have felt in the last ten months of being a new mother Thank you 3

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    Ich w nschte, dieses Buch h tte es schon vor ein paar Jahren gegeben Als frisch gebackene Mama h tte ich mich nicht so allein und abnormal gef hlt, h tte vielleicht schneller die Kraft gehabt, mir wichtige Hilfe zu holen Aber auch jetzt tut dieses Buch einfach gut und ich hoffe sehr, es wird auch noch auf Deutsch ver ffentlicht inklusive der Kontaktdaten von professionellen Anlaufstellen im deutschsprachigen Raum.

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    Good book in a format that makes important issues for new er moms very accessible.

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    Got an ARC from Edelweiss All thoughts are my own But mothers do have these thoughts Good mothers Scary thoughts erupt without warning and terrorize this sacred space between new mother and her baby It s no wonder mothers have been reluctant to disclose these thoughts, even to loved ones, leaving them to collapse alone in disgrace with no safe place to fall.That paragraph alone pretty much sums up my life as a mother I got three kids before I learned to deal with myself, to cut some slack to myself With that said, I think this book is good for every mother, not just the new ones I mean I m kind of a veteran already with three kids and still struggled with pretty much everything this book contained in it.I really enjoyed this book, I truly did But there still were some parts that felt a little too clear to be in it Something that every Mike and Jo knows without even having kids Though I did try to look at those parts from another perspective and I guess those might make sense at some situations, maybe.Good Mums Have Scary Thoughts has mostly everything in it that these modern days throw in our faces as mothers Google, breastfeeding, commentaries from other people whom you might not have even met before etc Stop googling when seeking clarification regarding symptoms or diagnoses until you have found a reputable resource to lead the way That s what I did, I still do sometimes And let me tell you, when this book says DO NOT GOOGLE Then do not google I mean it I ve diagnosed multiple cancers already for me and my kids just because I GOOGLED.As for the problems that I had, those were only regarding the format I had This ebook was pretty messy Some paragraphs just ended mid sentence and never continued And there were also parts were some sentence just started from the middle, out of nowhere.Some of the illustrations were just empty squares here and there and I couldn t figure out any reason for them, other than stuff the pages and make the book longer Other than that, I did like the illustrations But the texts written in them were really hard to read at times.All in all I think this book is very useful for every mom who thinks is struggling with different dilemmas or thoughts.

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    This book should be handed out to all new moms at the hospital even if you re not prone to PPD PPA etc This book makes you feel seen in your parenting struggles and can assist you in deciding if you need further help if you re struggling too much I love that it has illustrations on each page too because the book is readable in under 2 hours after all what new mom has time to read a book longer than that

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