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files Flipping 2.0 , read online Flipping 2.0 , free Flipping 2.0 , free Flipping 2.0 , Flipping 2.0 566bd4fa5 WITH A FOREWORD BY AARON SAMS If You Ve Decided To Flip Your Class, You Probably Have New Questions How Do I Do This What Will It Look Like What Will Students Do In Class How Will I Create Learning Experiences For Students Outside Of Class What Have Other Teachers Done FlippingPractical Strategies For Flipping Your Class Seeks To Answer Your Questions And It Opens The Dialogue For Us To Continue To Learn TogetherIn This Book, You Will Follow Practicing Classroom Teachers As They Walk You Through Their Flipped Classroom Journey Why And How They Made The Change, What Obstacles They Overcame, The Technology They Used, And Where They Are Heading Next As A Flipped Learning Teacher, You Need Time To Check Out Workable Solutions That Other Teachers Have CreatedLook Inside Their Classrooms And Learn From Their Experiences Watch Flipped Teachers At Work Pick The Brains Of Those Who Ve Been There, And Join The ConversationYou Ll Find Something Useful In Every Chapter And There Is A Chapter Just For You In This BookWith A Chapter On Mastery Learning By Brian Bennett, Two Chapters On English By Cheryl Morris Andrew Thomasson And Kate Baker, Two Chapters On Social Studies By Jason Bretzmann And Karl Lindgren Streicher, Two Chapters On Math By Audrey McLaren And John Stevens, Two Chapters On Science By Marc Seigel And David Prindle, Google Tools For Flipping By Troy Cockrum, Two Chapters On Technology By Cory Peppler And Tom Driscoll Brian Germain, Part Time Flipping By Kenny Bosch, Elementary School Flipping By Todd Nesloney, Middle School Flipping By Nichole Carter, World Languages Flipping By Heather Witten, Co Flipping By Cheryl Morris Andrew Thomasson And Even Flipping Your Professional Development By Kristin DanielsRead FlippingToday And Make Your Decision To Flip A Reality

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    I did not find Flipping 2.0 to be as useful to me The book presents how teachers have implemented the flipped classroom The many chapters are written by the teachers themselves, and the quality of writing is as varied as their approaches to the flipped classroom What they do have in common is the fact that they are all elementary or secondary school teachers Many chapters discuss the technology they use, which I was interested in, but unfortunately it is often quite specific to the level and school systems Flipping 2.0 is supposed to be different from Flip 101 Bergmann and Sams in that it is student centered and targets higher level thinking by the students That is, Flip 101 was basically the notion that we move the lecture onto podcasts that are viewed prior to class by the students at home, while homework and worksheets were done in class with the help of the teacher Flipping 2.0 instead tries to create a better use of the face to face time with students don t do simple homework problems in class but rather introduce problem based learning or other active learning techniques This is good advice, although I already viewed Flip 101 as being designed to address higher level thinking Despite the uneven quality, I did find a few chapters that were helpful.

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    This is a very useful book Now I only read the sections for social studies and the basic flipping chapters but I got a ton out of this Some complain that it is not enough well go on twitter and talk to some of these authors they are than willing to help and their twitter accounts are listed at the end of each chapter I have never flipped a single class but as I begin this year flipping one class I feel confident having read this book.

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    This book gave me ideas on flipped learning the chapters were broken up according to subject type World language, Google Apps for Education, Professional Development, etc , which will help me revisit when I have questions.

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    I m tired of reading these reflective books without any research basis There is some decent information on tools, apps, etc to help you with the process My favorite part was when the secondary English teacher flipped her D.O.L lessons Egads

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    Great book full of practical strategies, but I am biased I wrote the mid level chapter.

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    Learned quite a bit

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    I like that there are sections for each subject area and grade level

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    Great stories from teachers implementing flipped classrooms with examples of their methods and tools used.

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