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  • Kindle Edition
  • Finding Redemption
  • Emilia Finn
  • 18 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Finding Redemption

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    I swear to God, the first two books in the series were like a vacation compared to the following ones this is getting and painful.

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    Rest now, Leo I ve got your back Holy shit This bookholy shit.Up until this point, I believed that Tink and Jon were fuck buddies But, oh my god, the truth gutted me They went through so much shit They started as friends, went to friends with benefits, back to friends, then strangers, then accidentally married without anyone realising anything Tink had to go through miscarriage alone, thinking that she wasn t good enough, and then Jon was carrying all this guilt about his past, his abusive parents For God s sake, they both deserve so much better But they found each other, in the end Jon realised what an asshole he was and truly made up for his bullshit behavior He pursued Tink the way she deserved to be pursued I love them.

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    Each Roller has a story Some of them are worse than others As I read thru the survivor series, then on to the Rollers I realized one thing this author can write her sickerdoodles off Jon s story is one of the harder ones Not only did he get the crappy end of the stick with parents he got The Kincaids literally saved both him and Izzy, but no one has been hurt by his childhood and the results than Tink, his Sunshine This is an emotional read that will take you to the dark place Jon s head resides as his number comes up Now he not only has to battle his past but he has to battle the demons that have transferred and dulled Tink s shine His hurtful words and his abusive past have him seeking, needing and finally finding redemption, not only with Tink but with his past Another amazing read from this author who takes ordinary characters and brings them to life They aren t just characters in a book they are friends Their pain becomes your pain and you become part of the Crew The Rollers are expanding and soon there will be another generation and that means this author gets to come up with ways to torture me and my emotions.

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    Ugly cryThis bookno, this series is a must read I know I ve said on my reviews on some of these others in the series about how it plays on all of my emotions This one right hereI ugly cried than once I laughed a little got really mad several times This one brings tears from events that happened from earlier books, but seeing them from a different perspective changes things I was warned by Emilia that it would be emotional She didn t lie, she didn t disappoint

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    Every book in this series continues to get better than the one before Finding Redemption was a breathtaking journey filled with heartbreak, passion, love, and laughter I think I experienced the full range of emotion while reading Jon and Tink s story Written so beautifully I was fully immersed into their world I sobbed with both Jon and Tink, I laughed hysterically with Tink s sass and the sarcastic humor that runs through the entire Rollin family, I cried tears of happiness when the love between them was so powerful it almost hurt The entire Rollin On series is phenomenal, but this book, it blew me away We go back to the very beginning with Jon and Tink in Finding Redemption All the way back to that very first night when Kit and Bobby met We get to follow what we didn t see in the rest of the series Being one of my all time favorite series I thought I knew everything like the back of my hand I was so wrong You won t believe what was happening behind the scenes with these two You re treated to a whole new view of characters you thought you knew and a new perspective on things that happened before Spanning from childhood all the way to the present, you learn so much about the man Jon really is And what an amazing and incredible man he is I ve made it very clear I have a favorite man out of this bunch I m looking at you Jack XOXO but Jon, sweet, hidden, misunderstood, Jon, he gave my favorite a run for his money Jon and Tink both shattered my heart than once throughout their journey but it made their happiness so much beautiful when they got it This is an absolute MUST READ I would shout it from the rooftops if I could READ THIS SERIES READ JON AND TINK

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    Spoilers aheadNote to self.from previous book in the series Never, she declares easily, shrugging her shoulders as though she doesn t care at all He s not looking for commitment He told me from the beginning He doesn t want me forever, so we hook up casually I m okay with that Does that mean he hooks up with others as well Izzy asks and I turn, interested, even as I dismantle my camera and secure all the small pieces away Yeah He never made promises He hooks up with other girls Since your first time together, he s been with others Iz clarifies Yes, Tink replies, losing patience And I ve been with others too It s not a big deal We re just friends who sometimes have sex My brother is a dic doodle head, Iz corrects herself quickly, if he thinks either of you hooking up with others is okay That s not okay Kit nods It s definitely not okay, Case If you re not it for him, then he needs to let you go So you can find your forever Jesus, Kit I m not some damsel idiot I know my options He doesn t need to let me go I m not stuck I live my life, most of the time we argue and are mean to each other, the rest of the time, like twenty percent of the time, we don t argue and we hook up instead This is fine, it works for us I just figured you re better than that, Kit tells her best friend casually You re not usually some desperado who d hang around waiting for scraps.

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    An angsty and emotional loveFinding Redemption is the fifth book in Emilia Finn s Rollin On series It is technically a standalone romance, but Jon and Casey s story started way back in book one of this series We ve been waiting for the answer to the will they won t they question for a long time now This book takes us back to the beginning and weaves its way through all of the stories from Jon and Casey s perspectives So there are definitely spoilers for all the previous books if you have not read them yet This is a friends to lovers, slow burn, angsty love story Jon has a dark past and feels unworthy of love Casey falls in love anyway and struggles to let him go if he can t give her what he needs I struggled with Casey s character in this book She is so strong and feisty, never takes crap from anyone, and always ready to stand up for those she loves But in this book we see things from her perspective instead of what she lets everyone else see and I struggled with seeing her as weak But I think that was the point, it s a pretty real view of a relationship and a difficult love.

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    Book Review Finding RedemptionI am an independent reviewer This book is the 5th book in the Rollin On series and ends in an HEA This story deals with the Kincaid family s BFF, Jon Jon s backstory is one of terrible abuse Jon spent his childhood protecting his baby sister from the same abuse Jon would go to the Kincaid s home to recover Jon doesn t ever want to marry or have children because he doesn t want to pass on his tainted genes His plan works well until he meets Casey Throughout the previous 4 books, Jon and Casey seem to be together, but of a friends with benefits kind of way In this story, we see some of the previous scenes from Jon and Casey s point of view The scenes really look different when you are in the headspace of Jon and Casey This story has a lot of miscommunication and heartbreak, but the HEA is so worth it The previous characters are all here and the second generation is growing up This book is appropriate for an adult audience I am giving this book 5 stars Casey is so much likable in this book.

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    Finding redemptionSo for book 4. I thought it was so hot and steamy with Aiden s story with Tina I didn t know how I d like Jon s book since I wasn t crazy about him He was probably the least liked character for me during the series He seemed like a jerk Super overprotective of Izzy And then of course we think we see him being not so nice and not committing to Tink through out the series Holy crap.I cried like a baby during this book My heart broke for both Tink Jon I laughed out loud whenever I wasn t crying I love this series More than I have enjoyed a series in a very long time It reminds me of Kristen Ashleys rock chick series You LOVE the huge bunch of characters You laugh You cry You freak out Some of it is a bit scary There may be a kidnapping in one book Maybe a baby or 2 or 5 And at the end of the series you wish you were a part of a group of friends like that This is exactly how I feel..going into book 6 Jack s book The final book in the series..Im heartbroken by the way

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    Books must be read in order, having said that on to the review.I so very much liked Jon and Tink s story I love when a writer is able to spin a web so engrossing you can visualize the scenes as if your a fly on the wall Emilia Finn did that especially towards the end of Part 2 My heart broke for Jon and the things he went thru, it made me understand him and his philosophy so much better and because of this I understood Casey s point of view on certain things I wished I could give him a hug I also loved the funny moments sprinkled throughout the book When i can laugh out loud, I know im going to have a fun time reading a book Please do yourself a favor and read this series, I have read all the books so far and Jon s story is my favorite so far.

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