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summary Falling Free, series Falling Free, book Falling Free, pdf Falling Free, Falling Free 6c40b8162d Leo Graf Was An Effective Engineer Safety Regs Weren T Just The Rule Book He Swore By He D Helped Write Them All That Changed On His Assignment To The Cay Habitat Leo Was Profoundly Uneasy With The Corporate Exploitation Of His Bright New Students Until That Exploitation Turned To Something Much Worse He Hadn T Anticipated A Situation Where The Right Thing To Do Was Neither Safe, Nor In The RulesLeo Graf Adopted A Thousand Quaddies Now All He Had To Do Was Teach Them To Be Free Falling Free Takes Place Approximately Years Before The Events In Cordelia S Honor And Does Not Share Settings Or Characters With The Main Body Of The Series

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    4.25 On the sixth day God saw He couldn t do it all, so He created ENGINEERS Evgeny and I decided to read the whole series together It turned out to be a great decision I just closed the last page and needed to get on here and say how much I enjoyed this book It is the first one I read by this author and now I am wondering why I never read her books before After all, I was raised on Sci Fi and Fantasy, this should have been in my radar long time ago However, I think my reluctance of reading books in an unfinished series might have something to do with it So, I end up being the last one at the party most of the time, but I say Better late than Never This book was published first in 1987 and I can recognize many of the style markers for that time, markers which I miss dearly nowadays One in particular is the technical side of the Sci Fi, still heavily relying on the science, rather then fantasy Being raised by two ENGINEERS, and the way my mind seems to like to structure itself, I love the writing in which we take in consideration all physical laws as we know them and build on them, or despite of them, instead of just coming up with impossibilities which defy logic on all levels, and justified by saying Well, it is Fantasy, everything goes Those writers tend to forget that all of us, no matter how ignorant of science itself, live in a physical world in which, no matter how much we might not like it, every action DOES have a reaction Or as the Fantasy writers like to say, there is a PRICE for all magic Don t be afraid of trouble, Silver They re a sign of life We ll deal with them together tomorrow Ms BUJOLD has created a world based on scientific possibilities and has brought it and all of its inhabitants to life in a somewhat linear and minimalistic, but very powerful and enjoyable way There are about 4 5 POV s, but the main characters is Leo, the teaching engineer, who has been brought on board of this space habitat in order to teach the very unexpected young and naive students, the Quaddies, a genetically created new species of humans, designed to function best and mostly exclusively at 0 Gravity environments This experiment has been funded by a mega for profit corporation and is treating them as a biological tool, with no rights, no desires, feelings, or anything remotely acknowledging them as human Thus they reserve the right to use them and discard them as they see fit, especially since the whole 25 26 year old experiment has been conducted clandestinely In the moment I met the first Quaddie, Tony, I was in love They have been raised in with a myriad of wrong ideas, but with some true caring and idealism as well Many things they are made to do, which I found despicable and abhorrent, they did with no issues because they had not been thought they were not right Their distance from violence and intrigues is also what makes them so lovable, loving and I was disarmed by their innocence Contrasted to the cold hearted calculation and pure cynicism of the company management, I wanted to cry, not only for them, but for humanity and the path we seem to be on even now, regular and insignificant humans and environment be damned Were you BORN inhuman or did you grow so by degrees MS, MD, PHD Claire and her baby were adorable, but Silver stole the show This rebellious, but still good hearted young woman braved all the unknown challenges, as terrifying for her as they were, in order to bring on a change for her people and find herself in the process And the nursery supervisor was the heart of all the humans in the book Compelling indeed It s an ancient and honorable term for the final step in any engineering project Turn it on, see if it smokes Overall, I loved the book and found it perfectly balanced, despite reading over and over in some of the reviews that there was not enough action The massage was hefty enough to compensate for all the little weaknesses For a Sci Fi, it is a very pleasant read I wish you all happy Reading and may you always find what you seek in the pages of a good book

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    Update 10 3 17 Re readI think I just relaxed into this read, knowing damn well that it was going to be a novel of revolution against corporate idiots and assholes Understanding that this came out in 88 goes a long way to grooving to the sense of hate and loathing we all felt during that time period Or is that just me Maybe it s just me.Fortunately, I love the Children s Crusade and the RAH feel, from the Can Do engineering and idealistic gruffness to the all out freedom brigade If I had to compare this to most SF in general, I d still have to give it top marks But as a piece of the Vorkosigan universe It s in it and a few pieces carry over That s about it It s fine lolOriginal review Unfortunately for me, I ve already read a number of the Miles books, so when I got around to reading this, I just wanted Miles I was doing an injustice to the novel, although I didn t realize it at the time So, I m going back and reading all of the novels in chronological order to get a better and mature grip on the series that I remember so fondly.Firstly, I like Graf Secondly, I like the quaddies I saw that the quaddies were mushrooms and ripe for the picking, and half expected a Moon is a Harsh Mistress treatment It didn t happen, just a mere run away novel, but I did enjoy the ultimate set up As a novel on its own, I think it might have deserved agency and action, but in the wider scheme of things, I was perfectly happy I am a fan boy, after all.The characters weren t quite as delightful as some by the same author, but they weren t a slouch by any standard It s hard to turn engineers into full blown heroes, but it was fun to see.Oh, wait I do recall reading all of Heinlein Maybe it s not so hard Still fun, after all these years.On a positive note, I think she s better than Heinlein in world building and tight gripped control of technology and consequence Some of her characters are a lot better than his, too I think this is very high praise, by the way I grew up on Heinlein and enjoyed every single page.

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    An Engineer dies and goes to hell He s hot and miserable, so he decides to take action The A C has been busted for a long time, so he fixes it Things cool down quickly.The moving walkway motor jammed, so he unjams it People can get from place to place easily.The TV was grainy and unclear, so he fixes the connection to the Satellite dish and now they get hundreds of high def channels.One day, God decides to look down on Hell to see how his grand design is working out and notices that everyone is happy and enjoying umbrella drinks He asks the Devil what s going on The Devil replies, Things are great down here since you sent us that engineer What An engineer I didn t send you one of those, that must have been a mistake Send him back up right this minute The Devil responds, No way We are going to keep our engineer We like this guy God demands, If you don t send him to me immediately, I ll sue The Devil laughs Where are YOU going to get a lawyer A buddy read with Choko.For those unfamiliar with Lois McMaster Bujold I will give a quick introduction One of the reviewers said that she is to Hugo awards what Meryl Streep is to Oscars I am talking about the time when Hugo awards were about the quality and not politics In my opinion when it comes to women science fiction writers absolutely nobody write space opera better She is also the best counterargument to the idea that there are no women science fiction writers or quality women science fiction writers Last but not least she is a very nice person which should not actually matter, but I consider it as an additional bonus This series is the main reason Ms Bujold is one of the most respected modern science fiction writers Here comes the biggest problem with the series I had There are at least 3 possible ordering of it publication, chronological, and author recommended My usual rule is, if in doubt go with chronological In here we decided not to go against the biggest expect on this, so I we went with author recommended Recommended or chronological, this is the first book to read.This is a prequel which happens way before the main character of the series, Miles Vorkosigan was born Actually it happened way before his parents were born Leo Graff was a good engineer and even better teacher of his profession His next assignment happened to be a Clay Habitat in a far corner of known space This is where he met Quaddies I was shocked by them and there is no way I am going to spoil it Let me just say that if there ever was a time to stand up for little literally speaking people, this was it Leo ended up being the only one who was in the right time and place to do it and he decided he cannot let the matters be A good engineer can successfully solve any problem using engineering methods and Leo was a very good one remember Scotty The first thing I want to say is about engineers Scotty notwithstanding this is a very underrated profession Salespeople sell, managers manage, lawyers make even complicated laws, and do not let me start on politicians At this same time engineers actually build stuff something necessary and useful for all They are the guys building bridges on Federal freeways They are the guys making sure the bridges will stand under heavy non stop traffic providing the upkeep people will not use salt on the pavement during winter time They are the guys keeping the bridge standing even after the said salt has eaten through and began its work on the metal base after all nobody is going to pay for the new bridge This example by the way is taken from the real life and my fellow Montrealers Montr alais know the bridge in question This is one of the few books showing the hard and so much needed work of engineers Even if Leo Graff as a character would be completely eclipsed by Miles Vorkosigan in the following books, he and his work are fascinating On the sixth day God saw He couldn t do it all, so He created ENGINEERS Setting that profession aside the book touched on quite a few important subjects did I mention it won a Nebular Award for best novel among others It is also never boring My only regret is that I have not read the whole series before This is a recommended book and series from one of the modern science fiction masters My special thanks go to Choko for mercilessly dragging gently guiding me into the buddy read of the series.

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    engineer encounters hideous situation involving exploitation of a unique group of workers engineer fights against this hideous situation.so this is really a 2 star book, whatever, I m giving it 3 stars because yeah I liked it, and importantly I would never give 2 stars to a friend and at this point I kinda feel like Lois McMaster Bujold is my friend I ve been working my way back and forth through her Vorkosigan Saga and I think that not only do I believe in everything she believes in the points she wants to make and the anger she feels at some things and her perspective on gender race sexual identity, all that but I think that she has been working out those points as a sort of conversation with this series readers about progressive values and fighting against authority, about how different people stand up in different ways but those different ways may amount to the same kind of courage, a conversation about how Bujold herself feels about these sorts of things and how her own viewpoint has progressed well, perhaps progressed maybe she has just become increasingly sophisticated in how she expresses her viewpoint and values so what if the situation presented is a bit maudlin, the villain obnoxiously rote and two dimensional, too much mechanical technical engineering mumbo jumbo, the ending rather on the wish fulfillment side of things, some unnecessary infantilizing of the labor force in question, etc well what of it the novel was for the most part fun, exciting, moving, and thoughtful that s how I like my space operas the central character is great and just as appealing is the major supporting character Silver, whose characterization is surprisingly dynamic Bujold moves her past her race s adorable but limited childlike attributes she eventually displays cunning, insight, leadership, a sensitive sort of ruthlessness, and in the end transcends what could have been a clich d type the ambitious young lady who uses sex to get ahead and the ending well, sometimes I like wish fulfillment, so sue me Bujold would later improve her technique but the awesome person she clearly is, well, that s already present in this early work sister, I really dig you.

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    No fate but what we make.That could be the motto for this story and I loved the concept This is a quite old scifi book, belonging to a quite long series But it didn t show in the way I first thought The story is about an engineer arriving on a space station in order to teach some employees of the company he works for as well When he arrives, however, he discovers that the students are children and genetically altered ones at that The worst, though, is how they are being treated by the normal humans as they have no human rights They are things to be worked and bred And all too soon this is exactly what endagers them all.Hence, this book is about basic human rights, gender equality consider the age of the story, then you can stand next to me clapping at the author , technology vs humanity in a way and what makes us individuals and human.I liked how fun and fast paced this was The world Bujold built here came to life effortlessly and though a lot of ideas where incorporated, each topic was addressed with enough details and they fit together seemlessly too The characters were lively and quirky in their ways though some stood out a bit than others, naturally and many story elements were quite chuckle worthy, at least for people with enough Schadenfreude like myself Most of all, I liked how the author played tricks on the reader myself included I was actually shocked and confused about the supposed sexism I encountered in the first third of the book, but Bujold wonderfully turned those concepts upside down making them fit perfectly with the setting , creating powerful reversals that became equally powerful statements.I know that we won t get to see the people from this story again as the rest of the series will play several hundred years in the future, which actually makes me sad But at least we ll get to see some Quaddies in other installments so in a way the author lets us see what became of them as a society.

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    DNF at 20% Review to come Maybe Then again probably not.P.S Maria, Dearest Wife, I lurves thee, but this series just isn t for me Oh wow, I just made a rhyme A poet is me and stuff Book 1 Shards of Honor

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    Shockingly, my first book by the prolific and decorated Lois McMaster Bujold, but definitely not my last.This was really enjoyable for me I sometimes struggle with older SF, finding it a bit stiff and not as expressively written as I prefer That wasn t the case here I loved the compact story that builds up at the end for an exciting conclusion The characters were quite nicely done, and were an interestingly different combination of both the subtle and the obvious.In a way this book reminded me of those pre CGI SF films and TV shows that put of a premium on entertainment through the telling of the story rather than being essentially a vehicle to showcase special effects This was an entertaining story, and it was very focused, unencumbered by detailing anything extraneous to the actual events I listened to the audiobook of this my library has the whole series on Hoopla , and honestly, I wasn t at first a huge fan of the narrator, Grocer Gardner However, I came to appreciate him a bit as the story proceeded He has kind of a storyteller s cadence to his speech that actually went well with the way the book is written It felt like he was telling me a story rather than reading one, if that makes any sense.In any event, I m absolutely continuing with this series, and have already started listening to Shards of Honor.

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    Falling Free Enjoyable early novel, but not quite up to Miles Vorkosigan standardsI believe this is the first of Bujold s books to win a major SF award and bring her name into the spotlight, as most military SF Baen books had not been aiming for major recognition in my opinion , but it got me started on the Miles Vorkosigan series and it s a bit of a mystery why I never actually read listened to it till 30 years after publication Still, better late than never.As most readers and even fans admit, it s a decent and enjoyable hard SF adventure with a no nonsense engineer hero, lovable and innocent genetically altered quaddies with four arms and no legs designed for zero G work, and an evil corporate villain who exploits them and isn t above trying to get rid of them when the profit margin is not sufficient.So it sets up some pretty obvious targets for readers to love hate, and lacks the complex and clever plots and characterization of the later Miles Vorkosigan books, so it mainly suffers from comparison rather than being a bad book by any measure Still, it is inevitable it will be considered a lesser work along with Ethan of Athos, but it s a high hurdle to compete with Miles.Still, certainly a decent read and worth your time if you like this kind of story and want to complete your knowledge of the backstory of the Miles Vorkosigan universe.

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    A pleasantly diverting tale that started out with a bit teeth, a beginning that unveiled a rich ethical and moral dilemma unfolding, leading me to believe it would have substance than it wound up having Bujold writes clever dialogue and warm characters, but her villain in this was too one note and the ramping up of the stakes never really took off as vividly or compellingly as they could have According to the folks who ve read of her Vorkosigan Saga books, this one is a bit of an outlier in many ways I m definitely still willing to give them a go, but I m not as eager to as I am to continue with the sequels to The Curse of Chalion, which I enjoyed quite a bit than this book.

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    Falling Free is the 11th Vorkosigan Saga novel I ve read So far I ve been delighted to give 3 of those 5 stars Happy to give 6 of them a very solid 4 stars Only Shards of Honour has gotten a 3 stars from me before now Despite being a Nebula award winner, I d say this is the weakest Bujold I ve read.That s not to say Falling Free is bad 3 stars is defined as liked it and I certainly did that I read most of it in one sitting in the tub , it s just that I know Bujold can do better than this.So about the book Falling Free is set in the same universe as the stories about Miles Vorkosigan, but waaaay earlier in the timeline, and nothing to do with the planet of Barrayar so none of the familiarity of shared characters or locations from the main series which reminded me of Small Gods within Pratchett s Discworld series The hero is a level headed engineer which reminded me of Clarke s Fountains of Paradise, which I read a few months ago called Graf Graf is assigned to teach space welding on a secret project space habitat When he gets there, Graf discovers the habitat is populated by a genetically engineered new breed of humans calls Quaddies, with extra arms instead of legs adapted for permanent life in zero gee This is a great, visual concept Win FROM HERE BE SPOILERS When news of a scientific breakthrough artificial gravity hits the secret project, the decision is made by evil senior company execs to kill the project, sterilise the Quaddies and imprison them on a planet Graf decides to throw in his lot with the Quaddies and rescue them Cue space habitat rebellion which reminded me of parts of Vinge s Deepness in the Sky So what s the problem What usually makes Bujold s sci fi sing is her superb characters Loveable, unpredictable, proactive, dynamic and exciting but flawed, error prone, egotistical, etc If you ve never read Bujold and you re just checking out this title, you re in for a treat because she s ace, this just isn t her best In this book I can t believe I m saying this all her characters felt flat.Graf is too perfect.Van Atta is too bad.Claire and Tony are too nice Silver is the only characters with a bit of complexity ambiguity, but everything she does is driven by someone else sleeping with Van Atta because he wants it, helping Claire and Tony escape because they want to, leading the rebellion because Graf suggests it, etc.The adventure skips along at a good pace, and I was never tempted to put it down, but once the character types had been set up, I spent the rest of the book waiting for someone anyone to break from their type to do something unexpected All the big moments are foreshadowed in multiple ways this is structured, engineered storytelling but it makes the whole shebang feel like it s running on rails there was no suspense regarding if things would work out OK, but plenty of curiosity as to how the obstacles would be overcome Falling Free is a good addition to the Vorkosiverse but it s like a bread roll in the middle of a great meal nothing wrong with a tasty bread roll, but in context it s a palette cleanser to set you up for the complex tastes to follow More Miles please. After this I read Diplomatic Immunity

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