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pdf Every Piece of Me , ebook Every Piece of Me , epub Every Piece of Me , doc Every Piece of Me , e-pub Every Piece of Me , Every Piece of Me 7cdfc7f7839 Throughout Scripture, God Reveals Himself As The Great I Am He Does Not Define Himself With Reference To Any Thing, Person, Or Trait He Is,and That Is Enough Women Find Themselves In A Far Different Situation When We Introduce Ourselves, We Typically Describe Ourselves In Terms Of Our Relationships The Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Or Friend Of Someone Else Or In Terms Of Our Accomplishments Our Title, Position, Education, Or Accolades When Our Identity Is Wrapped Up In These External Things, We Inevitably And Exhaustingly Strive To Prove Ourselves Worthy Of Love, Attention, Or AffirmationGod Never Meant For Us To Focus On Whether We Are Enough, Whether We Measure Up He Made Us Every Piece Of Us To Be Just As He IsJerusha Clark Discovered This While Exploring Jesus S Seven Powerful I Am Statements Recorded In The Gospel Of JohnShe Invites Women To Join Her In Embracing The Life And Truth Of These Words, Relishing The Freedom Of An Identity Fixed On Christ Alone While Leaving Behind Fear, Bitterness, Busyness, And Toxic Thoughts That Steal Our Joy And Limit Our Power

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    Jerusha Clark s recent book Every Piece of Me offers insight into each of Jesus own I AM statements Although not a Bible study, Clark connects Christ s character to our identities in order to make His statements personal for women in particular Most of the chapters follow a simple but unexpected formula 1 Clark begins the chapters with a basic story 2 Then she shares one of Jesus I AM statements, like that He is the bread of life 3 Next, she offers insight into what that means For example, she describes what bread meant to the world when Jesus spoke those words and the different purposes bread serves 4 Finally, Clark relates her insights into the I AM statement to women s issues In the bread chapter, she explores satisfaction and body image 5 Each chapter wraps up with a spiritual practice that may help women respond to the issues discussed according to their identity in ChristSome of the other topics Clark discusses include Bitterness Sin Fear Stubbornness Rejection Rest SexualityClark s observations are often quotable Just because you have rejected a wrong thought does not mean that you have embraced a right one More often than not, hunger makes us consumers rather than enjoyers No sustenance comes from being an expert on nutrition physical or spiritual Darkness sometimes feels overwhelming, but that s a delusion of appearance More than wanting us to live accomplished lives, God wants us to live available lives Throughout Every Piece of Me, Clark reiterates and reinforces her goal to help women evaluate their thought lives and allow God to redeem them By exploring Jesus I AM statements in light of women s issues, readers are invited to refine their own identity struggles.Personally, as I read this book I found it important to check the ideas against Scripture and to beware of over spiritualizing issues My stance on spiritual disciplines also differs from the author s However, many of Clark s insights were unique and helpful Overall, Every Piece of Me is an encouraging read

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    Clark explores the seven I am statements of Jesus with the aim of showing that He is the answer to all we need and it is in Him alone we find our true identity Questions for personal reflection are given at the end of each chapter as are a couple of books for additional reading.Clark is refreshingly honest about her struggle with depression and an eating disorder She faced postpartum depression twice, was diagnosed Bipolar II, and suffered a subsequent breakdown This is an encouraging section for women who struggle with issues, realizing that Christians don t always get victory over every issue Clark encourages readers to allow their weaknesses to be used for God s glory.Clark has good teaching on several issues particular to women She writes about shame and feeling excluded She has a good section on hearing from God I found her section on spiritual dissonance particularly interesting We can know much about God yet not experience the truths nor live in them.She writes like a teacher might teach I felt like I was in a lecture hall while reading the book Clark teaches truth to readers rather than inviting us along on her transformation journey Because of that writing style, I had difficulty connecting with her teaching.There was one aspect of the book I found disconcerting Before investigating the I am statements, Clark reminds readers that it is important to explore the context of Scripture and to whom the words were spoken Loc 567 3723 I found it rather odd that Clark began her book with an extensive teaching on Isaiah 43 She applied to women today what God clearly said to the Israelites through Isaiah centuries ago She did not explain the context of the passage nor why she applied those descriptions to people other then to whom they were originally directed.This is a book specifically for women There are topics discussed, such as sexual issues, that make this book inappropriate for men.I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher My comments are an independent and honest review.

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    ReviewClark s new book Every Piece of Me, Shattering Toxic Beliefs and Discovering the Real you, is a book written for women In her ministry she has found women to have years of unfulfilled dreams, hope and expectations that have turned bitter Every Piece of Me, Shattering Toxic Beliefs and Discovering the Real You, by Jerusha Clark, Baker Books, 2017, p 16 , that are weighed down by messages that say you ve heard and sensed for as long as you can remember not good enough, too much this and not enough of that, broken, needy, worthless, trapped by these lies, and living in cognitive dissonance knowing a lot about God, yet experiencing little of the love, mercy and grace we claim to believe He provides pp 19, 21 She says you may have excellent theology when it comes to God s love and your identity You may believe all the right things But good theology only helps when it controls the inner life p 22 Her goal in writing the book is that women become daughters who know their belovedness, their sharing in God s kingdom, the satisfaction of being near Him, and who can lead others and show them what it s like to live a resurrected life pp 221, 220 She uses seven of Christ s I am statements to provide the spiritual nurture for women and the basis of identity in Jesus Christ Her stories, backed by her own personal experience and work with these women, ring true But all women are not captive by toxic beliefs, an obsession with the perfect body, and a feelings based emotionalism What she is doing is reinforcing negative female stereotypes Three stars.

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    Every Piece Of Me Shattering Toxic Beliefs And Discovering The Real You by Jerusha Clark is written for women who find themselves so caught up in their identity within society that they forget their identity within Christ Yes, you are a mother or a daughter or a sister or a wife but who are you under that mask that the rest of the world sees Who are you behind closed doors, when it s just you and God left in the room Jerusha helps women come to terms with their feelings of not living up to society s expectations, so that they can enjoy the freedom of living under God s vision for their lives Filled with personal anecdotes, scriptural lessons, and scientific research, Every Piece Of Me will help you to learn to let go of your own expectations for your life so that you can embrace God s purpose for your presence.With lots of clear section breaks, questions for personal reflection or group discussion, and recommended reading at the end of every chapter this book would serve well as an inspirational beginning for any woman starting on the journey to finding or rediscovering who she is in Christ For those needing a deeper investigation, this book may leave you lacking But for new Christians or those who feel as though they have strayed and would like to find their way back to Christ s warm embrace It s perfect 4 5 stars Disclaimer I received a complimentary print copy of this book from Baker Books for the purpose of this honest review All opinions are my own.

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    Every Piece of Me studied several of Jesus s I Am statements and linked them to various issues with which women often struggle The author talked about each I am statement, explained the context of what was going on when Jesus said it, then talked about a related issue that women deal with She also suggested some things you can do to shift your outlook into alignment with how God views you.For example, she talked about the I am the bread of life statement Talk about eating led to talk about how women view their bodies and appearance She suggested things like noticing when you think or say self judgmental words and to take a fast on saying them In the section on the Good Shepherd, she talked about anxiety and worry When feeling anxious, she suggested thinking of things that you re grateful for since you can t think anxious thoughts at the same time as grateful thoughts.The book was easy to read and understand She made good points and offered useful suggestions on how to shift your focus over time Overall, I d recommend this book, especially if you feel like your identity is wrapped up in what you do or how you look and that you ll never measure up.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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    Every Piece of Me by Jerusha Clark explores the topic of discovering the real you We, as women, are usually defined as wife, mother, sister, friends, etc Clark shows that are identity is not wrapped up in those titles She also explores other issues that may haunt us, such as fear, bitterness, busyness and toxic thoughts.I appreciated Clark s honesty about the issues she deals with She tells true stories of her own life There are some good tidbits to learn in these pages, however, it got a little wordy and became a little confusing for me, at times I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers www.bakerbooks.com bakerbooksbloggers program The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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    Every Pice Of Me is a book that every women should read Have you ever struggled with doubts about yourself Lived in fear Wondered if you were good enough Have you ever wanted someone to sit down with you and talk you through some things Well, Every Piece of Me is that book It s the book where you feel that you will gain some amazing wisdom It helps you navigate the fears and helps you find freedom It helps you not only identify who you are, but whose you are and your walk with Christ It help changes your thinking and is so POWERFUL I love the practical truth and application in this book I give this book 5 5 stars Thank you to the publisher for providing me a complimentary copy A favorable review was not required.

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    Every Piece of Me by Jersuha Clark is a spiritual growth book for women I really enjoyed reading this book and feel that it is a perfect read for any woman who is struggling with self worth This self help book will open your eyes and allow you to see yourself the way God sees you, as his creation Throughout this book you will find scripture, reflection and stories that will help you to understand that labels are not important The only thing that should matter is that God loves you for you and as long as you see yourself the way God sees you that is all that matters

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    This is a great for someone struggling to love one s own self Clark uses scripture and stories to get the reader to thoughtfully reflect upon God s love A great spiritual pick me up

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