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    Rep gay mcs Encounter is written as a series of video clips or, descriptions of video clips , documenting the process of a group of friends as they try to prove to people that crop circles are a wholly human phenomenon From the synopsis, it sounded really promising and, since I marked it as to read about 9 months ago, I ve been trying to get hold of it I mean, it s aliens plus LGBT characters What can go wrong A lot, as it turns out.First of all, the writing was bad Like, honest to God bad Maybe it s just me, because if you scroll through the first few reviews of this book, it s been given 4 and 5 star ratings The average rating is than 4 as well though this isn t that surprising given that it s only got 100 reviews, so it won t take much to change the average rating, but I m rambling Back to the point, I was not impressed The plot was kind of everywhere We re introduced to the characters apparently in the middle of their venture, and when Emily, a new member of their group, arrives Now, I wouldn t mind the story starting in the middle if there was some background on what s been going on before, but as far as I can tell, the style of the book as essentially descriptions of a bunch of video diaries was chosen for the express purpose of being able to avoid having to go through all that Again, that would be fine if it kept to that, but every now and then it would jump into what characters were feeling and that s where the line between video diaries and third person from the characters points of view becomes a bit blurred Choose one or the other, please.So, no context, but what about the rest of the story Well.Ricky aka the ringleader and the brains behind the operation is the one designing these crop circles which the group then goes and cuts into a field, while Josh films everything First off, they cut a small one into a field, but it doesn t even make the local news so Ricky decides they gotta go BIGGER AND BETTER and designs another one This time it makes the national news halle fucking lujah , but wait That s not the field they cut the crop circle into That s a completely different field in a completely different state Cue angry shouting and uncalled for accusations of leaking the design, all aimed at Josh, because apparently he wants to sabotage Ricky God knows where that plot point came from So then they decide to take a road trip to the crop circle having, of course, decided that Josh is in fact innocent of any crimes they were blaming him of.At this point, they find out Emily is actually a secret government agent because, why not and she had an alien encounter when she was a kid, and now she s slightly obsessed Just a bit God knows how she found out about the group though You d have thought that, if you re doing illegal shit like trespassing and cutting crop circles, you wouldn t want to be found Unless Josh decided to upload all the videos onto the internet Damnit, Josh We trusted you So obviously, Emily s totally legit first reaction is to arrest Ricky and Josh and drive them somewhere with a bunch of other agents This is where Josh and Ricky confess they love each other Which, to be fair, was clearly coming In this at least, the author made sure it had been mentioned beforehand Turns out, aliens are real and Ricky can unknowingly write in the alien language And Emily can read it Then their prison van what else am I supposed to call it They got arrested is overturned on the road and Josh and Ricky are free But as they re running through the fields, there s this bright light and they have an alien encounter and become Beliebers Then they hike back to the closest city, ignoring the fact that they left Emily and the other agents in a bloody wreckage Way to go, boys.The end is pretty confusing I don t even remember what happened, but it was confusing I think they got kidnapped by the aliens but God knows.Also, there was this random plot point where Josh, thinking that Ricky was interested in Emily, had sex with her in an attempt to put Ricky off her because he liked Ricky Yeah, me too.Okay Rant 90% over.Let s talk characters There are five of them Ricky, Josh, Emily, Het 1 and Het 2 They re not really called Het 1 and Het 2, but I ve forgotten their names and basically all I can remember of them is that they spend 80% of the time they were there being Heterosexual The other 20% was when they were screaming at Josh for apparently leaking the designs I was going to try start of with something positive but I can t think of anything They re boring characters, if I m honest Josh is an arsehole TM and is always irritating Ricky God knows why Ricky likes him , and the only time I sympathised with him at all was when he was being accused of something he didn t do Ricky had a stick up his arse not Josh s though and that didn t really change throughout the book Emily seemed okay to begin with but then once her true identity was revealed, seemed a little obsessed with the aliens Like, okaaaaaaaay Het 1 and Het 2 were just that Hets yawn.In case you couldn t tell, I got pretty pissed off reading this and quite sarcastic reviewing it I m sorry But, on the bright side, I only wasted an hour of my time with it Yes, I know I m being sarky.

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    Perie Wolford has a way of making me read things that aren t in my usual rotation and loving them I m not a huge fan of YA, but Perie writes it and I love it UFO stories don t usually pique my interest, but Perie writes one and I power read it in one sitting Ricky and Josh are part of a group, led by Ricky, that want to debunk the myth of crop circles by proving how easy it is to make them, no alien help necessary They ve decided to create a vlog about their latest conquest and the story is told, for the most part, through the lens of Josh s camera Encounter has some sweet moments, but I wouldn t classify it as a romance It s a sci fi story with gay main characters If you know that going in and aren t looking for hearts and flowers you ll be able to appreciate the story without looking for what isn t meant to be there.I really liked the snarky friendship between Ricky and Josh, they were complete opposites, but a perfect match as friends, vlog partners, and with a hope of something Josh is model handsome but prefers to stay behind the camera Neither of them are out and aren t ready to be, so the attraction is all in their inner dialogs for the most part Ricky invites Emily to join them in their next project She s an intern from Washington DC doing research into crop circles so she seems like a perfect fit for their group which also includes Ann and Mike, an established couple that Ricky and Josh are long time friends with The addition of Emily causes some serious tension and territorial battles between Ricky and Josh Each assumes the other is straight so the change in the dynamic that the oh so beautiful Emily adds to the mix compounds the stress they are all feeling with their biggest project yet It was interesting to read how they create the circles and the vision that Ricky has before they start As with every good sci fi mystery, all is not as it seems and when Ricky and Josh make a discovery that neither suspected, the action accelerates fast Once I hit this mark while reading I knew there would be no putting this one down until I finished it I can t even really say anything about it without giving the story away, but I will say it was a fun ride and the ending was a pure WTAF moment I wasn t happy, but it was perfect and if it had ended any other way it would have cheapened everything the author had created up to that point I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent creating crop circles, being chased by pissed off farmers and government agents, and reading about new love being discovered Thanks Perie, that was fun a copy of this story was provided for an honest review

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    Original Blog Post Happy Happy Release Day eARC Review Encounter Encounters 1 by Perie WolfordMy Rating 4.5 of 5 StarsEncounter brings author Perie Wolford back to the genre where he is most comfortable science fiction After reading his book, Presence, a story of a woman who got caught in a world where aliens were slowly taking over her planet, I knew I had met someone whose vivid imagination translated well to the written word Then the author left that genre and focused on YA novels that I fell in love with, Turning16 This is an ongoing story of a young gay man and about how his life changed after he turned sixteen Getting to know the author , I found myself wondering when he would go back to the sci fi genre Well, after coming up with M M YA novels, finally, the wait is over Perie has finally come up with a seriously awesome read that is both scary, fascinating and at the same time, bewildering.This is a suspense, thriller science fiction camera footage novel that relates how Ricky and his team of myth busters do some scary stuff in an effort to smash all alien origin concept on crop circles His cameraman is his long time friend, Josh, and just happens to be secretly in love with Ricky Ricky s team, through a blog, attempts to correct the misconceptions about the origin of crop circles by making fake ones Although their blog is followed by many interested enthusiasts, the number of people reached was really just the bare minimum It s time to bring up their game and come up with a vlog How will they reach the maximum attention By creating a fantabulous, but fake, crop circle Joining them is a young woman whom Ricky meets online She is interested in their activity and joins their team to finally prove that what Ricky s team is claiming is actually true and aliens are non existent.It all goes well at first but then there was no coverage In a last ditch attempt to prove he is right, Ricky comes up with a complicated crop circle design and convinces his team that, although dangerous, they could recreate its pattern on a field They did It was seen all around the world But then, they realize there are other crop circles popping up around the world Crop circles that mysteriously, eerily, replicated his original design.As a camera footage novel, this is one fantastic read The scenes flit from one scene to the next with introductory text on the origin of the particular segment It was like reading The Blair Witch Project without the blood and gore Mix in a dash of the mysterious X Files and just to add spice, a little bit of Contact I am a serious geek on the UFO phenomenon and this is one fascinating story that reads so fast, the goosebumps started to rise and but never calmed down until the very end This was one awesome, awesome read that just ticked all the right boxes for me When the end came, it was like a bucket of water thrown to my face That was just wow Just Perie, you are so bad.In any case, as an M M novel, there is no romance too obviously going on here but there is a whole lot of misunderstanding and lack of communication between the two young men When Josh and Ryan finally come together Well Perie says he never writes erotic, but man what a surprise This is HOT Scary Fabulous Mysterious Sci Fi Hot What a combination.

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    sigh another DNF This book is garbage the writing is terrible, the characters are terrible and the constant switch between POVs with no warning is seriously annoying I had to stop at 20% because I felt like if I carried on my brain was going to melt and fall out of my ears Damn I so wanted this to be good.

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    Excellent read If you are into sci fi, Gay Romance and young adult books then you will not be disappointed with this book Great plot line Believable characters Excellent writing once again from this author.

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    Encounters spins romance and science fiction in a way that stands out from the others.Actual rating 3.5 starsAs good as science fiction novels get, I really wasn t expecting what I got from Encounters It was fresh to me compared to others of the same genre that I ve read over the years One of the influences that drew me into this book was that it had a male lead which is really rare now these days and that it was an MM romance novel, which intrigued me as to how the author could weave it into such a story, especially one about aliens.I could relate to Ricky s character entirely because he does the same things that I would have done if I were placed in his shoes Josh s character was likable, to say the least Although there was the cliche of hot stud secretly gay, I think the development of his character was put together really well.The problems that I had with this book was that One this book was too short for my liking After being drawn in from the first ten pages, I was immediately hooked on it I don t usually finish books this quick, especially in one sitting I finished with unanswered questions and frustration taking over 117 pages is not enough for me.Two I had a little trouble with some parts in the writing Although most of the book was great and enough to keep me interested, I think the author could have done showing than telling There were some instances where sentences were so direct that it refrains me from using imagination, especially relating to describing atmosphere.Three In the Kindle Edition, there are some grammatical and punctuation error, might have been due to a bad editing process But we all experience those from time to time again.Four I thought that Mike and Ann needed closure besides the general descriptions of who they were and why they were there Other than helping Ricky and Josh with the crop circle documentary, I didn t really see a point in their appearance I m hoping that in the future for the next book, they will become important than just side characters just used to fill in the rest of the group to make a credible team My favorite line was probably when Ann became really frustrated in the kitchen where she was all, The fucking tea is ready My Synopsis In an attempt to prove to the world the conspiracy theory that aliens made the crop circles is a hoax, Ricky, Josh, and their team along with Emily, a science student studying abroad that has agreed to assist them, set out to different sizes of crop fields to film a documentary that crop circles are indeed man made The persisting problem follows Ricky and Josh in terms of coming out to each other and expressing their feelings, but the constant bickering over one another has kept them from doing so, especially when Josh sleeps with other girls to cover up his true self After nearly getting shot doing another circle, all hell breaks loose the day after when reports of the exact same crop circle they made starts appearing around the country, and sooner or later around the world In an adventure to find the truth as well as themselves, Ricky and Josh are in for quite a ride when they soon realize that what they re trying to prove will actually prove them wrong.Even though I gave this book a neutral rating, it s enough to keep me going to find out what will happen in the next book I hate being left unsatisfied Kudos to Perie Wolford for making a really interesting and lovable MM romance that I can enjoy.

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    Originally posted at LGBTQVoice This is a story about a boy and his friends.They go out making crop circles to prove they are man made There is a lot of build up in the book that I really enjoyed The book features some major surprise moments that really pulled me in There were times where I really didn t know why Ann and Mike were on the team besides needing the extra hands really or how the If I was a part of a team like this and the team lacked the trust in each other the way that this group seemed to at times I would have been out of there They were just rude to each other at times Nothing would have made me stay Josh does stay and you can see it s for Ricky who he has had a crush on forever The way Josh dealt with his sexuality was a little odd to me but not a deal breaker Josh.Josh and Ricky go through some weird stages in the book and their situation is only complicated by Emily I usually cannot stand love triangles, but I ve gotta say that I enjoyed where this one ended up so I don t mind That ending was really something I m not really sure what to feel.It was like the perfect moment and then last surprise of the book I want to see what happens next I need to know what happens next At the same time it could end right there and I d be happy with it Sometimes you don t get an explanation for everything.

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    Tuve un problema con este libro, se me hizo bastante lento y no entend a mucho al principio, poco a poco le agarras la onda pero todo avanza demasiado r pido y te sueltan la informaci n as a bombardazos.En el final mejor bastante pero a n as le pongo 2.5 estrellas.

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    The falling for each other part of the story was the best But overall not that bad.

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