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txt Emma, text ebook Emma, adobe reader Emma, chapter 2 Emma, Emma b65364 In This Play, Historian And Playwright Howard Zinn Dramatizes The Life Of Emma Goldman, The Anarchist, Feminist, And Free Spirited Thinker Who Was Exiled From The United States Because Of Her Outspoken Views, Including Her Opposition To World War IWith His Wit And Unique Ability To Illuminate History From Below, Zinn Reveals The Life Of This Remarkable Woman As Zinn Writes In His Introduction, Emma Godman Seemed To Be Tireless As She Traveled The Country, Lecturing To Large Audiences Everywhere, On Birth Control A Woman Should Decide For Herself , On The Falsity Of Marriage As An Institution Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Love , On Patriotism The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel On Free Love What Is Love If Not Free And Also On The Drama, Including Shaw, Ibsen, And Strindberg This Book Will Be Of Immense Interest To Feminists, American Historians, And People Interested In The Long History Of Resistance And Protest In The United StatesHoward Zinn Is Professor Emeritus At Boston University He Is The Author Of The Classic A People S History Of The United States A Television Adaptation Of The Book Is Currently Being Co Produced By Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, And Chris Moore For HBO Zinn Has Received The Lannan Foundation Literary Award For Nonfiction And The Eugene V Debs Award For His Writing And Political Activism Zinn Is The Author Of The Internationally Acclaimed Play Marx In Soho, Which Has Been Touring The Country In Performance Since Its Release

About the Author: Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn was a historian, playwright, and social activist He was a shipyard worker and a bombardier with the U.S Army Air Force in Europe during the Second World War before he went to college under the GI Bill and received his Ph.D from Columbia University Zinn taught at Spelman College and Boston University, and was a visiting professor at the University of Paris and the University of Bolo

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    For some reason, I thought this was a biography, not the script for a play and picked it up because I wanted to learn about Emma Goldman Instead, I got a dramatization of the most commonly known events in her life A quick read with lots of fluff, little substance The dialog is stilted and none of the characters really develop Too bad, given Emma s interest in good theater I expected better from Howard Zinn.

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    Howard Zinn is decidedly NOT a playwright I enjoyed the introduction and learned quite a lot about many fascinating, courageous people only to be disappointed by flat, stiff characters with all the fire and sensuality of a streetlamp in daylight Skip this, and read a biography of the titular Emma instead.

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    So, this is what happens when historians write plays It s not a good play The characters are flat The narrative is episodic, rushed, disjointed, and difficult to follow However, as a history of Emma Goldman s life and the anarchist movement at the time in America, it s a nice easy little read Howard Zinn does a fantastic job at what he s good at He makes you understand that activists are real people who are passionate, brave, and intelligent They came from somewhere and they make choices that aren t easy This is the problem with writing a play about a person and not an event Real life is made up of a series of events that don t necessarily make a cohesive narrative So, plays like this always turn into and then this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened On the other hand, it s sort of fun to read about people who believed in free love and were against marriage because they were against all institutions that demand subservience in the early 1900s.

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    This play was beautiful and funny I fell in love with Howard Zinn on Tuesday and now I am exercising that love by reading his work His picture of Emma Goldman is exciting and captivating The characters are all revolutionaries and they are working on projects, going to jail, and trying to live On the one hand Sasha is like people in Pittsburgh are losing their jobs and you are at the opera And Emma says things like we need to fight but also find beauty in the world right now Flowers and operas and things She also is pro pro womens rights but at the same time dates this savagely beautiful man who lies and cheats, but she loves him anyway I think these are the things that make her real That make us real That no matter what we fight for there aren t easy answers to life and the world isn t black and white and that we shouldn t have to justify ourselves to anyone ever, as long as we aren t BEING MEAN Memorable Quote Who needs the words when you can feel it in your bones everyday

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    so far i ve delved into emma goldman s official auto bio most of part 1 anyway and read dangerous woman the graphic biography of emma goldman and now this play by howard zinn i love reading so many different artistic representations of one totally fascinating life zinn s introduction to the play does it s job well creating a context of the subject emma goldman and the process of developing a story of her life on stage her dogged passion for change and her compassion for humanity really comes out.

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    I love and respect Howard Zinn and Emma Goldman is a new hero of mine As a play, it is not my favorite piece of dramatic work, but the ideas of it are intriguing and very important It s a glimpse of a person than a portrait, but it s a very important person who we never hear about, so I think the play is worth a read for the sake of Emma herself.

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    Maybe I am not enough of an actor director type to see the problems other reviewers have found with this play I think it s brilliant Just like in his Marx in Soho, Zinn is able to convey revolutionary brilliance over a complex background of all to human shortcomings And he s funny while doing it I wish someone in Balti or New York would put this thing on again, I d certainly go see it.

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    I really liked this play The one note I have is that there are a few moments when I feel that the dialogue is a little overly dramatic a common flaw when writing a piece which takes place in the past Overall, terrific though great historical figure and a great play

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    I could hear Emma Goldman through this play I found it enjoyable to read.

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    The movement needs us to live for it, not to die for it.

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