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pdf Emasculating Her Husband , ebook Emasculating Her Husband , epub Emasculating Her Husband , doc Emasculating Her Husband , e-pub Emasculating Her Husband , Emasculating Her Husband a2e944753c0 To Marry Patrick, Theresa Suppressed Her Natural Need To Dominate Her Relationships She Believed This Was What Patrick Wanted But Deep Down, Patrick Craves Submission And Feminization, He Just Can T Admit It So When Theresa Catches Patrick Cross Dressing, She Decides It S Time To Remake Their Relationship The Way It Should Have Been, With Him As Her Feminized Submissive Emasculating Her Husband Is A Tale Of A Wife Who Strips Her Husband Of His Freedom, His Wealth, And Ultimately His Masculinity

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    I do have a weakness for these stories Ms Dixon is one of the authors I go to for a sexy fun time reading about a man losing himself Is this a healthy BDSM femdom story Probably not Is this true to reality Doubtful Are all Femdom s like this Most likely not But boy is this fantasy HAWT There is pegging, cbt, forced sissification, humiliation and lactation What is not to enjoy in panty wetting goodness here There is just the right balance between story and sexy porn There is also a delicious balance between the humiliation and sex Although honestly, graphic sex is always appreciated Poor Patrick is a naughty husband Overcompensating by being a dick macho man to his wife and niece ends him up in hot water when his secret sexual desires are revealed This is a fast story of sissifying decent for Patrick Megan is a minx and not really someone I liked in the story She s a bit of a cunt I could have done without her Theresa, the wife is still okay because she does love her husband She continues to love him as he comes under her power It s sweet in some ways.Ms Dixon takes it a bit further than some authors by bringing in fantasy legal power of attorney and the financial aspect It s an emasculation from a physically and psychological front Well done Recommended for sissification lovers who like both mind and ass fucking.

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    In this story a wife named Theresa comes home unexpectedly, and finds her husband in lingerie and in self bondage Theresa is a dominant, but she has suppressed these feelings because Patrick had seemed resistant to her taking control in the past.She is angry at him for lying to her, and for hiding this side of himself from her Patrick s macho exterior stemmed from his inability to deal with the humiliation of what he truly wasa submissive little sissy Theresa sees him in a new light, and she sees it as an opportunity to reinvigorate their marriage She will make all of the decisions in their lives together, and she will strip Patrick of his power and authority.Enlisting the aid of her college aged niece Megan, who lives with the couple while she finishes school, she feminizes and humiliates Patrick, taking control of all of the finances, putting everything in her name, and leaving Patrick completely dependent on her or on Megan when she s not around.This story is heavy in humiliation, which is well handled, and features pegging, enforced chastity, and even some lactation, in addition to the feminization Patrick craves the humiliation he suffers, and abhors it at the same time, and Theresa gets wetter with each shred of dignity she strips from her husband.It s a very erotic story, especially if you like humiliation mixed with your dominance.

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    With Emasculating Her Husband, Domina Dixon begins by taking one of our greatest fears and turns into one of our wildest fantasies Patrick is horrified to be caught indulging in a little crossdressing and self bondage, but as angry as she initially is about his lies and his secrets, Theresa soon recognizes an opportunity to take complete control of their relationship.That is, of course, where the feminization comes in but it is with the involvement of her niece that the emasculation begins Betraying your sissy urges before your wife is one thing, but having her college aged niece actively participate takes the humiliation to a whole other level.What I loved most about this story is that it is done almost entirely without cruelty Even in their darkest, wildest, kinkiest moments, Theresa still loves her sissified hubby She takes total control over him and their life together, forcing him into chastity and pegging him mercilessly, but it is all about the erotic thrill of the power exchange Where the cruelty comes in is with Megan, but it makes sense given her temporary place in the house.As for Patrick, I loved the fact that he was not instantly broken or magically revealed to be the perfect submissive He knows, deep down, that he is a sissy, so he overcompensates by being a macho jerk When the emasculation begins, he fights his urges, resents it, and despises himself for allowing it to happen, but he also wants it, needs it, and enjoys it His wife takes him farther than he ever dreamed and even introduces a few fetishes I was surprised by but it all makes for a well written, sexy, powerful story As reviewed by Sally at Bending the Bookshelf

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    Don t try to be something you re not, especially when your wife is struggling to contain her dominant tendencies A silly husband is caught en femme by his wife, who seizes the opportunity to seize control Soon, she s in charge and he s in skirts And when her lovely young cousin gets into the act, will this once dominant husband ever get his pants back Great story, with excruciating humiliation, including total status loss, feminization, and Highly recommended

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