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pdf Elder Gods of Antiquity, ebook Elder Gods of Antiquity, epub Elder Gods of Antiquity, doc Elder Gods of Antiquity, e-pub Elder Gods of Antiquity, Elder Gods of Antiquity d40dc852740 The Elder Gods Theory Offers A Revised Account Of Our Past Known Archaeological Findings Do Not Fully Support Conventional Explanations For Earth S Development, Or The Emergence Of Humankind As A Species Archaic Evidence And Ancient Texts Suggest That Extraterrestrial Influences May Have Been Present Since Primordial Times Based On Modern Discoveries And Reevaluation Of Ancient Records And Artifacts, This Theory Addresses A Wide Range Of Topics, Answering Many Mysterious Questions Including The Following Do Ancient Records, Mythological Accounts, And Sacred Texts Reveal The Presence Of Otherworldly Benefactors Did Life Within Our Solar System First Develop On Another Planet Beyond Earth Might Humans Be A Hybrid Creation Combined From Indigenous Earth Species And Extraterrestrial Life Did A Disastrous Celestial Event Around , BC Alter An Advanced Neighboring Planetary Civilization Was Earth Infiltrated By Alien Life From That Neighboring Planet During The Ancient Past Do Certain Archaic Cave Paintings And Rock Drawings Actually Depict Extraterrestrial Beings And Long Extinct Animals Did Atlantis, Lemuria, Or Mu Once Exist Sometime During Earth S Remote Past What Changes Occurred On Earth After The Great Flood Did Giants Once Roam Our Planet Are Earth S Oldest Megalithic Stone Structures The Work Of Extraterrestrial Influences Were Nuclear Weapons Used During An Ancient War Were Certain Gods Of Various Olden Religions Actually Extraterrestrial Visitors

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    If you know me, then you know that the only thing I like better than Ancient Astronaut conspiracy theories is Nazi warlocks flying UFOs powered by Yeti fur and Mokele Mbembe scales.So, this is material in the Von Daniken milieu, presenting evidence for ancient astronauts and long forgotten civilizations I m not saying this book is not whacky, I m saying you should not discount it out of hand due to whackiness After all, not so long ago there was a group of scientist that believed the world was flat and women shouldn t vote I mean, my grandfather rode into town on a horse and buggy, and two generations later I can check my smartphone before zipping around the globe inside a state of the art 777 So I m supposed to believe that it was 1.7 1.6 million B.C from Homo Erectus flint tools to 850 A.D Chinese gunpowder Please, I think not Everyone knows Captain Kirk invented gunpowder to defeat the Gorn in like 15 minutes.So there are probably numerous wars, famines, plagues, and Malthusian apocalypses between ancient and possibly advanced civilizations and now Maybe you should read up on that.

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    Somehow less inciting than the previous volumes I have the sensation that Shorn made grat efforts to finish the trilogy Maybe future editions will erase this unpleasant sensation.

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