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pdf Devil's Gate, ebook Devil's Gate, epub Devil's Gate, doc Devil's Gate, e-pub Devil's Gate, Devil's Gate 879b2e49c53 A Japanese Cargo Ship Cruises The Eastern Atlantic Near The Azores When It Bursts Into Flames A Gang Of Pirates Speeds To Take Advantage Of The Disaster When Their Boat Explodes What Is Happening In This Part Of The World As Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, And The Rest Of The NUMA Special Assignments Team Rush To Investigate, They Find Themselves Drawn Into The Extraordinary Ambitions Of An African Dictator, The Creation Of A Weapon Of Almost Mythical Power, And An Unimaginably Audacious Plan To Extort The World S Major Nations The Penalty For Refusal The Destruction Of Their Greatest Cities Filled With The High Stakes Suspense And Boundless Invention Unique To Cussler, Devil S Gate Is One Of The Most Thrilling Novels Yet From The Grand Master Of Adventure

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    Since Clive sold his name, and now sits back and lets others write his schlock, I am done with him Sorry Clive You made good money when you wrote, now you are fooling people with your crap Look at the cover Almost legal small print for the actual writer Buh Bye

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    I have nothing bad to say about this thriller It is my first book by Clive Cussler and it is fabulous with interesting and kind of original plot, charming heroes, very, very bad villains, interesting popular science and lots and lots of action It reminds me very much of the Sigma Force series by James Rollins I don t know who started first, but now I get why Cussler is so respected among fans of thrillers and adventures Five stars.

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    Devil s Gate Someone threatening America with a super weapon along with the tiny mentioning of one or two other countries to be fair The usual single American hero middle aged, well built, single, good looking bloke A random but a cute girl with brains a Russian ex Olympian surprisingly not a blonde Last second sabotage of a massive attack on America Hero gets the girl spices Romanov family, little Asian adventures, kidnapping of scientists, destroying vessels, pirates, etc In other words,Devil s Gate A well written Hollywood movie

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    Clive Cussler has always written fast paced, interesting thrillers, and he is one of a handful of authors in the action adventure genre who I really never tire of reading Somehow, he manages to keep his novels fresh even as he uses the same formula time and again a historical incident involving bad guys as a prologue, then a flash forward to the present where somehow, the historical incident becomes ensnared with present day bad guys and the National Underwater Marine Agency, or NUMA characters Unfortunately, like James Patterson, Cussler has farmed out and, of the novels he releases Like Patterson, Cussler provides the synopsis, and another author writes the novel Whenever you see Cussler s name paired with another author s name in smaller print, you can be assured the name in smaller print is the person who actually wrote the novel I will give this to Cussler however he does pick authors who are faithful to the Dirk Pitt NUMA series and the personas he has created Most, if not all, of Cussler s books over the past 5 10 years have been spin offs from the original Pitt NUMA novels, and again, most have been written by authors other than Cussler.The Devils Gate is the ninth book in the NUMA series featuring Kurt Austin and Joe Zavalla as the main characters In this novel, Kurt and Joe stumble across a plot by a African dictator to use a scientific breakthrough in particle beam technology to create a weapon capable of mass destruction With ships, aircraft, and even cities vulnerable to total destruction, Kurt and Joe leap into action, ably helped by a beautiful Russian agent.A good, fast moving read and one worthy of the Cussler NUMA franchise Three very solid stars

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    A solid but not outstanding input into the NUMA Files series as created by Clive Cussler I find these books to be a lot of fun, but this is not the best Onto the next in the series

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    A hohum thriller novel Didn t grab as others have from this author.

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    We start in the Azores with Hudson Wallace great name and his Lockheed Constellation and the adventure quickly goes into high gear Then starts the story of the Kinjara Maru and where we first see our main character Kurt Austin about to embark on a journey, he thought, to join his friend Joe Zavala for a submersible race in their prototype Barracuda and some much needed RR Of course if they actually GOT their RR we wouldn t have a story, would we We travel all over the world in some very interesting manners what could be terrifying or cool than the Lunatic Express We also get a story that includes the realism of life and death situations that don t always turn out quite the way you expected them to causing injury and emotional turmoil, even the good guy gets hurt sometimes.We go through explosions, near drownings, being shot at, a hair raising car chase, sinking ships, boa constrictors, underwater landslides, an ultralight escapegood lord, it s exciting even reading about all the excitement in this book The NUMA gang is all here, Kurt, Joe, Paul Gamay Trout, we even get some serious input from our beloved Dirk Pitt and Admiral now Vice President Sandecker This book was a great adventure from beginning to end and I loved it I can really say that I didn t feel like I was reading a Dirk Pitt adventure with a younger, silver haired Dirk but I could actually see the differences and similarities between the two characters, they are similar enough that they can easily understand where the other is coming from but they are two very different men My favorite quote in the book is actually made by Dirk Pitt to Kurt and Joe view spoiler As I ve gotten older I ve learned a few things, he said One of them is you get what you pay for You and Joe are like one of my cars Expensive, bad for the environment, and often a pain in the backside But you re worth every penny hide spoiler

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    This is a book about magnets, and all the power therein Hardly do principles of superconducting, particle acceleration and inexplicably powerful compounds make for compelling reading But add some stock paper thin characters and a mildly interesting, albeit totally impossible, storyline and there s enough inertia to drag dear reader to the finish Mercifully That s Devil s Gate a totally linear, non texturized progression through 474 pages of pseudo scientific, vanilla coated meh The novel itself is akin to an analogy referenced by the title Sunken objects get magnetically pulled through a rocky entrance into a narrowing undersea corridor, with the channel s other end pinched off, leaving no hope for egress Essentially, that resembles the experience of reading this Cussler adventure Readers will find their eyes gazing through the pages ambivalently, as opposed to the usual immersive experience of thriller fiction, yet for some reason may opt to stay with this yawner.Cussler resorts to his usual dramatis personae, with a few non compelling throw ins, both butressed by cardboard cutout bureaucrats and villains The characters inspire no reader investment whatsoever.The plot, of a deadly particle beam capable of bending across the globe and causing destruction to U.S and enemy cities alike however farfetched proves powerful enough to keep the reader page turning in a very passive, non vested way.Things don t go off the rails enough to earn a slam worthy review, and the ending actually ratchets up to a brisk, replenishing level, hence the three star bailout But several characters sort of drop off or are left dangling along the way, re emerging at the end as mere afterthoughts Again, nothing to sink your teeth into here or savor until the next book in the series.After this experience, the reader may opt to keep the NUMA file cabinet closed.

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    This is another Kurt Austin adventure from the NUMA Files, and it s not bad As a matter of fact, it is pretty darn good, considering that, as with all of Cussler s novels, it features an extraordinarily unlikely situation with wholly unbelievable action, based on science that just won t happen But that has been true of all of Cussler s books, or books with which he is involved in these end of life pairings, and we still get the books and read them, because they re great fun to read I really don t know why Hollywood does not make films out of of Cussler s books.Kurt Austin and his sidekick, Joe Zavala, just happen to be nearby when some bad guys start their plan of taking over the world this time by stealing a mysterious cargo off a cargo ship off the Azores Kurt leads the rescue effort and becomes marked by the bad guys as someone to dispose of You might think he is gong to become romantically involved with the widowed captain s wife that he rescues, but instead the romance blooms when an attractive Russian scientist, who happens to be a former Olympics skating star, shows up to investigate an implausible physical anomaly that the our heroes discover while they re throwing a submarine race in order to rescue someone else only she does not seem all that interested in the actual anomaly Of course, we know that Kurt is going to save the world, but he has to go through some tough sledding in order to do it.

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    Confesso que n o sou um grande apreciador de livros de aventuras, tipo James Bond e afins, em todo o caso gosto de ir intercalando as minhas leituras e, durante o ano, acabo por ler livros de g neros muito diferentes O presente livro captou me a aten o por ver envolvido o nome dos A ores e tamb m porque o nome do autor j me havia despertado alguma curiosidade, decidi ent o empreender a leitura do livro.E de facto a ac o estonteante de princ pio ao fim, numa aventura cheia de perip cias que mete assassinos contratados por um ditador que anseia dominar o mundo, os bons que, para al m de transpirarem charme por todos os poros, t m jeito para tudo, inclusivamente para comediantes, a bela sedutora ao servi o secreto de uma na o que tem interesses no que se est a passar, os habituais norte americanos e porrada de princ pio ao fim, com muitas mortes, atentados e acidentes Novidade, falar se v rias vezes de Portugal e de portugueses.Mas, em todo o caso, n o pensem que n o gostei um livro que entret m, apenas e s , mas cujo tempo n o mal empregue Gostei da escrita e da forma como a estrutura do livro foi trabalhada, sempre com pequenos cap tulos cheios de suspense.Para quem aprecia o g nero, penso que encontrar nesta obra uma leitura prazeirosa que o levar a v rios cen rios, onde a ac o, a viol ncia e a intriga andam alegremente de m os dadas.

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