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10 thoughts on “Destroy Me (Obsession, #1-3)

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    The complete set of Destroy Me will tantalize readers with its unique multi layered plots and the smoking hot sex scenes will make even the most seasoned erotica fans blush Bailey has a knack for writing the most minuscule graphic details which will make a huge impact on readers Lovers of mystery and suspense will find her work hard to put down, too and the BDSM and gritty filth is just an added bonus Read one, or read them all, either way you ll win.

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    Hot hot and even hot I need a break to cool off Amazing shorts

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    DNF 42%

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    After her husband s disappearance Tara is looking for answers Scared and alone, she turns to the only person she feels that can help her, Damien Lawson, owner of Pantheon Security, and her husband s former boss But asking for help only adds to her problems Damien is convinced that Tara is a conspirator in Michael s disappearance, and Damien is determined to make her pay for her husband s mistakes Luckily, he is willing to take the five million dollars Michael stole from him out in trade Tara and Damien are just the type of characters I like to have in an erotica book Tara is submissive without being a complete pushover and Damien is a sexy alpha male with a hint of a softer side Sexy, interesting, and fun to read, this is a book any dark erotica fan will want to add to their collection.

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    Damien entry in the life of Tara is a raw awakening The intense sexual tension between them leads to explosive scenes The discovery of Mike infidelity and betrayal makes Tara angry and she becomes attached to Damien When in danger Tara is rescued by Damien and he does provide protection and sends her back to London Tara is torn but moves on with an organized life However when Damien contacts her boss for a job exchange Tara is wild and she travels to US to fix Damien He calms her and explains that an inquiry is under process so they should stick together Without any doubt they feels the pull of attraction Damien is injured and before surgery he confesses his love to Tara They are getting married

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    The sex in this book was downright off the charts the storyline was good However, the ending was just abrupt. Needed an epilogue badly If you are in the mood for a semi good story line and smut then this is a good book for you not quite as good as Breach by K.I Lynn

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    Strong , emotional, demanding, dominating alpha male What could be better Sex scenes that are scorcing are very hot.

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    Damien meets Tara when she comes to him searching for her fianc Matt Matt has wiped out their bank account and she has not heard from him What she doesn t know is that Matt has stolen 5 million dollars from Damien and he wants it back He also thinks she may be a part of Matt s plan so he is very cross with her The two are sexually drawn to each other and Damien uses that to his advantage He is going to draw up a contract for Tara to pay him back the money Matt took from him with sex Will she go for it Is she so totally drawn to him that she will offer herself as payment You have to read this book to find outsome really hot and heavy sex scenes pull you in But the danger that is there for both of them is life threatening Will they survive Will they make it out alive Will they become a couple

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    Loved this book Originally released as a trio of novellas, this version has all three parts of the story which I like An erotic story with really sexy scenes and good heart, too The male is a hot alpha emphasis on both hot and alpha The main female character is no wallflower though She s feisty which makes for some great conflict in the novel The author has a great writing style, which you don t always see in the erotic novels Overall, this was a really great read great characters, good romance, hot scenes, and a real pleasure to read.

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    This wasn t the worst book I ve ever read, but it was pretty bad The author has no style and throws in sex scenes to distract the reader The plot is very weak, and the main characters are unlikeable I really can t think of anything positive except there weren t too many grammar mistakes Don t waste your time or money I m glad this was a freebie, so I only wasted time Even then, I read so far and then skipped around to get to the end.

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download Destroy Me (Obsession, #1-3) , read online Destroy Me (Obsession, #1-3) , kindle ebook Destroy Me (Obsession, #1-3) , Destroy Me (Obsession, #1-3) 4b8bcb4074dd Destroy Me, The Obsession Series Books Complete How Can Someone Save You When They Threaten To Break You In Two My Captor, My Enemy, My Everything He Promises To Save Me He Tells Me To Leave While I Can A Man As Menacing As He Is Seductive, A Man Whose Touch Scorches Me, A Man Whose Moments Of Devotion Are Heartbreaking Than His Callousness From The Moment His Eyes Held Mine I Had No Choice But To Surrender To Everything He Was His Dark Desires, His Passion, His Strength A Powerful Obsession And Forbidden Needs Consume Us Both Bound To His Dark Sexuality, We Embark On A Battle Of Wills He Pushes Me To The Edge He Seeks Release In Me, Momentary Escape From The Pain And Loneliness That Fills Him He Carries The Scars Of The Haunting Legacy Of Dark Secrets His Desires Are Undeniable, Our Obsession Inevitable, But He Doesn T Trust Me Whatever It Takes, He Says He Will Protect Me But He Will Never Let Me In He Promises To Save Me He Tells Me To Let Go We Can T Be Together Enemies Are Like Ghosts And What He Does For Me Will Either Bind Us Closeror Destroy Us Completely With Strong Scenes Of An Explicit Sexual Nature, This Is Suitable Only For Those Eighteen And Over An Erotic Haunting Powerful Love Story, With Strong Scenes Of Sexual Acts The Complete Obsession Series, Featuring Surrender To Me , Break Me, And Part Three, Destroy Me