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pdf 死神永生, ebook 死神永生, epub 死神永生, doc 死神永生, e-pub 死神永生, 死神永生 4d60217c6fc With The Three Body Problem, English Speaking Readers Got Their First Chance To Experience The Multiple Award Winning And Bestselling Remembrance Of Earth S Past Trilogy By China S Most Beloved Science Fiction Author, Cixin Liu The Three Body Problem Was Released To Great Acclaim Including Coverage In The New York Times And The Wall Street Journal And Won The Hugo Award For Best SF Novel It Was Also Named A Finalist For The Nebula Award Making It The First Translated Novel To Be Nominated For A Major SF Award Since Italo Calvino S Invisible Cities In Now This Epic Trilogy Concludes With Death S End Half A Century After The Doomsday Battle, The Uneasy Balance Of Dark Forest Deterrence Keeps The Trisolaran Invaders At Bay Earth Enjoys Unprecedented Prosperity Due To The Infusion Of Trisolaran Knowledge With Human Science Advancing Daily And The Trisolarans Adopting Earth Culture, It Seems That The Two Civilizations Will Soon Be Able To Co Exist Peacefully As Equals Without The Terrible Threat Of Mutually Assured Annihilation But The Peace Has Also Made Humanity ComplacentCheng Xin, An Aerospace Engineer From The Early St Century, Awakens From Hibernation In This New Age She Brings With Her Knowledge Of A Long Forgotten Program Dating From The Beginning Of The Trisolar Crisis And Her Very Presence May Upset The Delicate Balance Between Two Worlds Will Humanity Reach For The Stars Or Die In Its Cradle

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    This is one of those rare mind blowing novels of such fantastic scope and direction that words just can t do it justice It s the third book that started with the Hugo Winning The Three Body Problem, continued with The Dark Forest They re all fantastic, but I have to honestly say that I loved this one than the rest.We ve got the scope of some of Stephen Baxter s Xeelee Sequence going on here I m talking universe spanning scope, going straight through time like a hot knife through butter and right on out into the expanding reaches of the imagination The first book dives into the tiniest particles and higher dimensional spaces, the second deals with the apparent macro universe and the ongoing conflict between the Tri Solarans and Humanity, and the third concludes with some truly and amazingly harrowing experiences, from the end of the stalemate, the near genocide of humanity, and the grand realization that it s all gone even wrong.And things only get worse from there.I m properly flabbergasted by this book There are enough fantastic ideas crammed in here for ten books, maybe even twenty And even if it wasn t so idea rich, from the extrapolated sciences, extremely well thought out consequences, and even further extrapolations from there, we even get some of the interesting characters ever written in SF.My appreciation of The Dark Forest only increases when set beside this one, and although I didn t consider that novel quite worthy of the Hugo as the first novel was, it was an amazing set up for this last novel s execution The Dark Forest is an expression of the idea that the universe is an extremely hostile place Any two alien species that meets is likely going to preemptively wipe out the other or face the reality of being wiped out Such conflicts at such huge scales and high technology and physics can be utterly amazing and one sided, from start explosions to local space conversions between dimensions, such as turning a local three dimensional plane of existence into a two dimensional one.Utterly shocking Utterly amazing.We even get to visit, early on, the tombstones of entire alien civilizations that escaped the Dark Forest by hopping into the fourth dimensional frame from the third dimension, only to discover that the great time stream is shrinking, a bunch of big fish already having consumed all the small fish, and now the pond of existence is shrinking to almost nothing.Each new discovery or option or hope is explored and dashed The conflict, the Sword of Damocles, never leaves the tale The Dark Forest is always evident, and it s depressing and awe inspiring and a great story and I was honestly in awe of all the new directions it took.I ve read a LOT of SF I ve never seen anyone pull this off quite as well as this.He builds on every new idea and makes a universe as frightening as it is amazing, and nothing ever stays the same.And best of all, he leaves humanity as it is Hopelessly outmatched Always hopelessly outmatched No matter what we do, how we advance and improve or build upon inherited technologies from our one time friends, dark gods, and demons, the Tri Solarans, there s always a new snag shiver Honestly, there s no way to review this except to tell everyone out there that there s just too many great things to say about it, that it is a monumental undertaking, that it is an endlessly fascinating and impressive corpus of work, and that everyone should avail themselves of this trilogy.It s just that good I m in awe.Some things are just heads and shoulders above the rest Well, perhaps, this one is a whole storey above all the rest, too Correction

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    I never write reviews, but I will make an exception for this book 1 I read the the Three Body Problem and The Dark Forest in June 2016 back to back and was devastated to learn that the final instalment would not be available in English until September.2 I contemplated learning Mandarin in order to shorten the wait.3 I contemplated Google translating the Chinese edition.4 Death s End exceeded my expectations.5 In the future people will take neuro drugs that will selectively erase memories of this trilogy in order to be able to read them again for the first time.Thank you Cixin Liu

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    Death s End should ve won the Best Novel of the year award at Hugo Award 2017 instead of The Obelisk Gate by N.K Jemisin.I was scared to start this book because in my opinion, The Dark Forest truly felt like the perfect conclusion to the series In fact, I still do However, Cixin Liu outdone himself by showing all his imaginative and brilliant ideas that made the trilogy goes into territories that goes beyond godlike it made this book a worthy conclusion to the trilogy Judging from the first book alone, it felt surreal to see how far and grand the scope of the story has become in this book It s speculatively brilliant and highly imaginative, but most of all, despite how far fetched all the idea seemed, they actually felt possible too Time is the cruelest force of all This is because with every grand concepts and ideas, Cixin Liu backed them up with intricate scientific theories I can t help but be amazed every time the story goes into places that I never thought can be explored here Although less philosophical than The Dark Forest, it s still great to see how well portrayed are humanity s behaviors in the face of extraterrestrial danger and unknown things here Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is When it comes to ideas and concepts, this book and trilogy deserves a perfect score from me But when it comes to enjoyment, I must admit that similar to The Three Body Problem, Death s End is not without its flaws Considering that this trilogy is my first hard Sci Fi experience, I have no idea if this particular situation applied to every book in the genre or not, but there are several times where the science jargon became extremely dense and info dumpy These parts were quite a chore for me to go through, sometimes even boring as these made the book felt like a physics and cosmology lesson I m talking about one or two long chapter in succession that doesn t have any dialogue or paragraph break at all I can t help but feel these parts were aimed specifically for scientists and those who are truly well versed with the topics Also, the characterization of Cheng Xin is so much weaker in comparison to Luo Ji from The Dark Forest It s not as bad as TTBP, but I guess it can t be helped, Cixin Liu s storytelling has always focused on the plot and scientific factors rather than strong characterization The Dark Forest somehow excelled in characterizations and it s also why I love that book the most out of the trilogy.Ken Liu once again did a fantastic job with the translations In terms of translations, I honestly can t decide which one is better between Ken Liu and Joel Martinsen, I feel like both of them did an excellent job translating this trilogy that s full of scientific jargon and theory I seriously wish I can explain about all the other aspects that made this book deserve an award, but I must refrain from doing so It s better for you to experience it yourself, all I can say is that Cixin Liu deserves all the recognition he received Although the Dark Forest remains my favorite out of the trilogy, Death s End is a great conclusion the series and Remembrance of Earth s Past is a series that every Sci fi fans must read.Also, this was the last book in my reading challenge of the year, so, here s a glorious cover porn for celebration Series review The Three Body Problem 3.5 5 StarsThe Dark Forest 5 5 StarsDeath s End 4 5 Stars Remembrance of Earth s Past 12.5 15 Stars You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    I can hardly heap enough praise onto Cixin Liu s great trilogy and it s incredibly breathless ending, fittingly titled Death s End The story is so tightly bound to the two previous books and so surprising and astounding and mind bending that revealing any of the plot here would be a massive spoiler Rarely have I read a book of such vast scope that was able to maintain a few primary characters and touch upon nearly every field of human knowledge and inquiry from history to literature to philosophy, from nano science and quantum physics to astrophysics and string theory, from earth sociology to cosmic sociologyand yet, although it gets very,very technical, the author takes pains to explain the concepts in layman s terms and wherever possible provide visual examples Note that sometimes, the explanation will come a little after a new phenomenon and so one must be patient, but the patience pays off in a major way I think that this trilogy is perhaps even stronger and internally consistent than even Asimov s classic Foundation Trilogy and I really could not put any of the books down as I was passionately drawn into the story and surprised time and time again by the originality of the ideas and science fiction aspects but also moved by the characters especially in the second two volumes It is sad for me to say goodbye to Sophon and no spoilers at the end because I wanted this marvelous tale to continue Alas, like all things, Death s End had to end as did a certain character s second guessing of decisions One could find a lot of reasons to call the series quite cynical, but I found it to be quite positive at the very end it left me the feeling that our best quality as humans is the capacity for love of others and I could not have dreamed of a better message 10 stars Still months later, the ideas from this book are present in my mind It is truly amazing.For parents definitely a high school or after book with, however, no sex and relatively little violence.

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    WOW What a way to end the series This is my very first sci fi and it has set such a high standards for me in this genre that whatever I will read in sci fic from now on will be in its shadows Like the previous two books, this book also has a different protagonist, Cheng Xin I was so happy for this female since I was a little disappointed in Dark Forest as it has all the male leads Cheng Xin is a rocket scientist, awakened from artificial hibernation She made a plan which would interfere with the advance of Trisolari s towards earth, ultimately destroying it There are two other important plot lines but I am not giving away any spoilers, one must read the book to know about them because reading them is so much fun and at the same time it gives a very deep meaning to the web that Liu has weaved.If Three Body Problem tells us about a single civilization s existence in the universe Dark Forest about how everyone is being hunted, Death s End tells us about the abundance of new Universes, different dimensions, how everyone is scared of being discovered, how physics is being used to destroy others existence, and finally how scary it is live under the constant fear of being discovered It gave me shivers.Mr Liu has created a world that is beyond imagination in this world It is complex and but somehow he managed it to simplify in a way that is easy to understand He has crammed so much information in these 600 pages that it is hard to take it all at once, but you can just put it down and not know how these people survive This review won t be complete until I mention the fairy tales that Liu has told us in this book They are in stark contrast to the heavy sci fi language of the book Simple yet captivating, these tales hid a deep meaning to the survival of human race Take a bow Mr Liu for so beautifully hiding those messages Highly recommended.

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    This book, like the other two books in the series, is very imaginative There were parts of the book that were interesting and made you think However, unlike the other two books it doesn t really lead anywhere other than increasingly implausible disasters and poor decision making Humanity keeps entrusting its fate to one particular woman, and each time she decides she d rather let everyone die rather than make a tough decision This is why we don t let the hippies manage the nuclear deterrent Everyone in their proper sphere and all that Anyway, she feels bad about it afterwards, and I guess we are supposed to empathize with that Either way, after the solar system, the human race, and the entire universe is destroyed in one way or another the book tries to end on an ambiguous note No thanks At some point the endless stream of disasters just becomes meaningless, and the suffering just seems nihilistic Only the exercise of increasingly powerful and implausible deus exes seem to have any meaning in a universe where God is definitely dead None of the sacrifices or adventures of the previous two books seem to have any point If you are curious read the third book, but otherwise the ending of the second book wrapped up the plot up till then in a pleasing way, so I d recommend just stopping there.

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    I enjoyed this so much than The Dark Forest The science and epic ideas on display captured my imagination And yet.The gender dynamics grated on me throughout Feminity is all about love and motherliness, wut An autistic male scientist wasn t a real man because he d never been with a woman yeah, kinda hella offensive in two ways, there.The final 100 pages were depressing as hell Realistic Dunno Showing that humanity isn t the center of the universe and maybe not really that important Yup Still depressing You betcha.And Cheng Xin The main character is a woman And the story just beats her up over and over again She s smart, but has no agency She gets nothing DONE The plot moves along because she FAILS And at the end of time and the end of the book, she s empty inside and knows it.That s depressing Every single other important person in this book who really makes a difference, who has strong convictions, who makes the big discoveries and big decisions, is male But at least Luo Ji wasn t an ass at the end He was awful in The Dark Forest, and actually tolerable here well, probably because he s a grandfatherly sage who calls everyone child.I m glad I read the whole trilogy It isn t Western sci fi It is radically different from most SF these days because this is SF on the ultimate macro scale Big ideas, big effects, over big time periods No reflection on small settings or the trickle down effect to the normal everyday life of average people The people are ants Humanity as a whole is small, a struggling blip, on the cosmic scale So, I read it for the ideas, not for the characters And yet notice all my complaints are about characters sigh

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    UPDATE All spoilers are now hidden During those few years I m using Goodreads, I ve noticed something curious the better a book is, the less I know what to write in a review Death s end illustrates it perfectly I m sitting in front of my laptop, wondering what should I write, and all the ideas, all my creativity leads to such vast and in depth reviews like Just wow , It s amazing book, nuff said or It s a masterpiece worth ten stars, not just five But I mean it What started in The Three Body Problem as a good, but slightly below my expectations book and continued into The Dark Forest s low pace and still nothing is going on though it s almost 50% of the book already , exploded into outstanding and gripping sci fi, whose grandeur and scale are almost unparalleled What I liked the most about this book, was Liu Cixin s ability to constantly challenge me and constantly win that challenge More than once I ve raised my eyebrows and said to myself well, ok, now THAT is same crappy space mumbo jumbo, I wonder, how you, my dear Liu Cixin, will write yourself out of this Aaaaand he always did More, he always came up with a perfectly simple and perfectly scientifically viable solution Lightspeed Check Teleportation Check Communicating throughout whole galaxy Check Also, this book even had some philosophical insights and considerations and, amazingly, they did not seem out of place here I simply can t tell you what s this book is about, because even some slight plot revelations would most likely lead to huge spoilers, but a few simple facts might do it So, what s the fabula of this book First, we are presented with a couple new characters the book is written from their points of view They are Yun Tianming a sort of a secondary character, and Cheng Xin, the main protagonist of the story Trisolarans are still coming, though Earth now seems to be in control as Luo Ji s Dark Forest theory, which he came up with in a second book, was confirmed, thus leaving Earth in a position of power regarding the Trisolaris remember how I said that Liu Cixin always comes up with a perfect scientific solution Here s a superb sample of it Dark Forest theory profoundly explains The Fermi Paradox Events transpire, and suddenly Cheng Xin founds herself in a situation where she is being responsible for the fate of the whole Solar system.Now here s the moment for a single drop of criticism I was able to think of during the whole book It might be considered a light spoiler, but I cannot write it otherwise So, the situation Cheng Xin happened to be in finally occurred, view spoiler and she failed miserably, letting down the whole mankind hide spoiler

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    A dismal, often confusing end to a very grim series There be some spoilers ahead, so be warned.I was not thrilled with this one, largely because I found the main character incredibly annoying and a bit of a Mary Sue No matter how badly she fucks up and screws over the human race in the process, nobody ever seems to blame her or wonder why the fate of humanity keeps getting put into the hands of someone with decision making skills that are this poor The only one who seems to blame the main character for her long list of failings is the main character herself, and this is treated as simple survivor s guilt or depression when it quite literally is her weakness that nearly results in the genocide of the human race Twice.Annoyingly enough, the main character seems all but impervious to death, skipping gloomily over the surface of centuries in hybernation, only waking up to screw up some major event after a bunch of admittedly breathtaking scenery porn Then nobody blames her, she gets made into a madonna figure for no good reason, and so the noble Mary Sue seals herself in cold sleep so that humanity will not worship her I am not kidding, this actually happens, than once Ugh.While some of the glimpses of humanity s future beyond the Solar System are thrilling, the book stubbornly all but ignores the tales of Blue Dream and Gravity except for a few chapters near the front third probably because the contrast would make the MC s blandness stand out even The main character isn t the only frustrating one, as humanity in this story is extremely prone to extremely stupid, irrational and pointless decisions that end up sealing the fate of most of its members The times that we did succeed get skipped over, because this book just isn t depressing enough Not saying this isn t realistic enough, but is it necessary that we make the wrong decision EVERY time Near the end, the author seems to introduce new spots of hope just so he can yank them out from under you before you even fully understand the technobabble behind what you just read We think we re going to get a big dramatic reunion, then everything goes balls up just because it can, and suddenly they ve missed each other by 18 million years Fun By the time the final twist comes through, I ve ceased to care about anything involving this stupid universe and its monotonous paean of sorrow and darkness, and just wanted to see the bloody thing end one way or another I want to state I did enjoy the first two books, but this conclusion surprised me with how dull, dismal and depressing it is, not to mention how utterly unlikeable the main character was Given these gaping flaws, three stars is rather generous, but there are enough cool ideas and good descriptions in there that I would feel bad ranking it 2 or below, despite wanting to beat the main character to death with a live salmon Sadly, I can t really recommend this one, unless you loved Books 1 and 2 and can t stand not knowing how things shake out between Earth and Trisolaris EDIT Upon later reflection, this book really doesn t deserve 3 stars Even 2 is being kinda generous, but since it wasn t all bad, I ll give it that.

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    Death s End Truly epic finale to the THREE BODY trilogy NEW INTERVIEW WITH TRANSLATOR KEN LIU GIVEAWAY OF THREE BODY TRILOGY AUDIO CD SET Listening to Cixin Liu s THREE BODY trilogy reminds me of those graphics on cosmology that illustrate our relative scale in the universe It starts with the microscopic world of individual atoms and molecules or even subatomic particles like quarks and neutrinos , expands outward to individual cells, organisms, and larger creatures, then jumps out further to continents and the planet Earth, zooming back to encompass our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and then pulling out further to an endless sea of galaxies that make up our universe But Liu doesn t stop there He s just gotten started, really After all, there are universes out there, and we ve only mentioned three dimensions so far.The first book, The Three Body Problem, focused mainly on the Earth and communications with the first alien race encountered by humanity, the Trisolarans This book featured sophons, protons unfolded into two dimensions and then etched with circuitry via mesons, creating super powerful computers that occupy almost no space in three dimensions, allowing them to spy on human activities and interfere with scientific development.The second book, The Dark Forest, introduced a new phase in Earth Trisolaran relations, the Crisis Era, in which humanity had 400 years to prepare for an invasion by the Trisolarans after being coldly told You re bugs Humanity reacted in various ways, with some treating the Trisolarans as vengeful gods or saviors of mankind, or descending into hedonism and despair, but the most important project is the Wallfacer Project, in which the Planetary Defense Council selects four important individuals with the power to formulate different strategies to handle the impending invasion.The catch is that the Trisolarans can monitor every move of humanity, so the only way to defeat them is to use subterfuge, trickery, and misdirection It s a very unusual take on the alien invasion theme, and the concept of a Wallfacer is one familiar to Chinese readers, who recognize it from classic Chinese literature The final part of the book has a climactic encounter between the human and Trisolaran fleets, and the brilliant stratagem that Luo Ji uses to prevent humanity s annihilation by the enemy.The third book, Death s End, begins by detailing the birth of the Staircase project, another response to the Tri Solaran Crisis It introduces the main character of the book, Cheng Xin, a highly intelligent young female aerospace engineer Despite her lack of experience, her innovative ideas about creating propulsion systems that approach light speed gain the attention of her superiors When the project head demands lighter payloads to launch an individual human envoy toward the approaching Trisolaran fleet, she comes up with an innovation that will require the ultimate sacrifice, and finds the perfect person for the mission.Thanks to Luo Ji s genius, humanity and the Trisolarans have entered a stalemate known as the Deterrence Era Luo Ji is the Swordbearer, ready to push a button that will almost certainly lead to the destruction of both Earth and Trisolaris at the hands of unseen but powerful aliens by revealing the locations of Earth and Trisolaris to the galaxy This is an extension of the Dark Forest concept, which likens the universe to a dark forest filled with different species Nobody knows if the others are hostile, but if they naively assume they are friendly they will likely be destroyed first, so the only logical response from a game theory perspective is to strike first and destroy your opponent, whether they appear friendly or hostile It is an interesting metaphor for the Cold War on a galactic scale, and a pessimistic solution to Fermi s Paradox.Eventually, when Luo Ji gets too old to remain the Swordbearer, it is decided that Cheng Xin will take over his duties To reveal the following events would constitute major spoilers, but suffice to say that the Deterrence Era rapidly transitions to the Broadcast Era and then the Bunker Era due to a series of dramatic double crosses, brinksmanship, and momentous decisions This portion of Death s End is very exciting and fast paced, fulfilling the build up of the first third of the book.The Bunker Era makes up the bulk of the remaining half of Death s End Humanity remains under constant threat of destruction at the hands of unseen, advanced species, the proverbial Dark Forest Strike So they take refuge behind the larger planets of the solar system, in case a strike targeting the sun destroys it and the surrounding planets But there are other factions that would prefer a different approach, such as the Black Domain strategy of using black holes to slow down the speed of light in the solar system, thereby blocking external strikes but isolating humanity from the rest of the galaxy There is also the Curvature Propulsion strategy, which seeks to create light speed capable ships by manipulating the curvature of space However, those that wish to avoid the attention of other alien species are concerned that light speed ships will invite a Dark Forest Strike So once again humanity struggles with itself, facing choices that may determine the survival of the species.The final portion of Death s End has so many mind boggling set pieces and events that describing them will certainly ruin your enjoyment of the book Liu s descriptions of multi dimensional space and massive galactic events are incredible and even beautiful at times, as is the translation job done by Ken Liu Kudos also go to the audiobook narrator P.J Ochlan, who gives the characters the requisite attention amid the events that threaten to engulf them The Dark Forest concept takes front and center in the closing movements, as we finally see humanity from the perspective of aliens so advanced that we indeed seem little than bugs What those aliens have in store for humanity is stunning, humbling, and deeply tragic.Which brings us to the Galactic Era, as the remnants of humanity learn exactly where they stand in the galactic pecking order hint pretty far down, in case you didn t guess already The characters theorize what the most advanced alien races are like, and what their plans for the universe are, including multi dimensional warfare, trying to outlive the heat death of the universe, creating mini universes outside of time, and the Big Crunch that awaits all sentient life at the end It s mind expanding and terrifying in its implications.In my interview with Cixin Liu after the publishing of The Dark Forest, he indicated that his favorite SF authors include Arthur C Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and Jules Verne, and their influence can be clearly seen, especially Clarke He is also deeply influenced by George Orwell s Nineteen Eighty Four, and the dark tone of much of the THREE BODY trilogy is certainly dystopian, in a galactic sense, though there are elements of hope in the ending of Death s End and the story centers on the heroes that valiantly strive to save humanity The overwhelming impression is not of a cold, uncaring universe, but rather an actively hostile one in which humanity are indeed bugs scurrying across the floor, hoping to avoid getting stomped on.

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